Friday 31 December 2010

Friday: a little later on


It's already smelling delicious and it's only just gone into the oven. Of course, there's all the preparation, which does take some time - the slow frying of the onions, the adding of the paprika being careful not to let it catch, etc. It's in a slow oven now, simmering away gently with foil over the top of the pot as well as the lid so there's no loss of liquid. I shall give it a couple of hours without disturbance, then see how it's doing. I think I will add the potato then, and maybe some carrot and parsnip: I will have to taste it first and see what the taste buds say. Perhaps just potato and maybe sweet potato would be better. There's also a few chestnut mushrooms left over from last weekend and they may as well go in too. And the red peppers, of course! Decisions, decisions!

I haven't made goulash (or goulash-variant) for decades (shame on me) but I do remember a recipe for something called 'chicken paprikash' which must be more or less the same recipe/method. A real blast from the past, that recipe - right back to early days of teaching and marriage. I wonder if I still have the recipe somewhere . . .

When I get back on the healthy eating, I shall certainly be eating well, that's for sure!

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