Friday 31 December 2010

Friday: New Year's Eve early morning

. . . and looking ruefully around, what I see reminds me that I didn't get much of what I'd planned done yesterday. I've really slowed down this holiday, partly, I think, because I've been a little under the weather for quite a lot of the time. Nothing major, nothing to stop me doing things, but enough to be a bit miserable. I woke up today and felt 'bright'. I wasn't aching at all and I have been for most of the time, down my arms, back and legs. Again, nothing much, just a niggle and a nuisance. Sometimes you're not really that aware of having felt a bit off colour until you start feeling better again - that's how it's been, I think. Anyway, it's rather nice to feel a bit more on top of things again!

After all the cooking creativity of yesterday, I have just a bit more to do today. When I was in Tesco yesterday, they had some nice stewing steak and I bought some to make a sort of goulash type thing. I'm not following a recipe as such - after all, the word originally meant 'mishmash' which sounds about right to me - but I am using onion, herbs, paprika (of course), red wine, chopped tomatoes, red peppers (should be green, I gather, but I prefer red) and beef stock, plus other herbs/spices. Several recipes I looked at stated caraway seeds and I have some so may as well use them. I might also add some root vegetables towards the end of the cooking time to make it into a complete meal. It won't be at all 'authentic' but isn't that just the way with these soup/stew type things. There's as many different versions as there are people making them. I was going to use the slow cooker but I think maybe I will use the big pot instead and bung it in the oven for long, slow cooking. The house is going to smell delicious, isn't it?

I'll need to take a drive over to DD at some point with the moggy chicken and I MUST remember to put out the bottles for recycling! The rest of the day will be taken up in doing what I intended to do yesterday but didn;t get round to - housework!!

Better go and put those bottles out now, before I forget!

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  1. It's true, isn't it, that once we are of an age to retire, all those niggles and such to increase and expand, and become more noticeable I have never tried goulash, yours sounds delicious. I do stews and soups, with jalapenos and such, but not paprika. Anyway, I've just stumbled upon your blog, and here it is ten years later. Wonder how the aches and pains have multiplied or subsided. I am also a retired teacher, among other things, and finding penurious retirement absolutely boring. I've done my gardens, and orchards, a dabble at soap making, more crocheting (I'll never master knitting), online cribbage but not even one other set of hands to do a F2F game. That's not just the pandemic effect; that's been my life since I finally stopped being a wage earner three years ago. Best wishes.