Wednesday 29 December 2010

Wednesday morning

. . . and what a damp, dull, misty-almost-foggy day it is, to be sure. It's so depressing, especially after the whiteness and brightness of the snow and frost. To be sure, the snow has virtually all gone now, only a little bit remains where it was piled up when I cleared a pathway to the shed, and that's a great blessing. I'm hoping very much that it will clear a bit in the next few hours as I have to drive DD to Braintree this morning and I'm not looking forward to driving in such heavy mist.

After my shopping in town yesterday, I had to pop into Morrisons to pick up a few things and ended up buying (don't laugh) a rather nice looking full turkey leg! The whole portion, not just the drumstick. There's a lot of meat on it and it was very good value. As it can be quite hard to find turkey at other times of the year, I was rather pleased to buy it and it's now in the freezer until such time as I fancy a bit of Christmas out of season!

Reading Diane's blog has reminded me - it's bin day today, thank goodness. The bin is full to the point at which I cannot get one more think in without it overflowing. I will put out some black bags of rubbish too, in hopes, but they don't have to take them, of course. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't: - I expect it depends on how far around their route they are as well as more general things like weather and overall mood. I'm not complaining - I think they do a grand job and life would be a lot tougher without their services.

Well, I have a full day ahead, what with one thing another, including this drive to Braintree, so I'd better get started!

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