Tuesday 31 August 2021


 Good morning.  Yet another dull, dreary start to the day.  Where has the sun gone, I'd like to know.  We could do with just a little bit around here.  :-)

Oh, dear!  Because it was raining after tuition yesterday, I decided I really didn't want to go to the allotment so I took a good look around the garden instead and it's just as well I did because . . . the dreaded blight has finally landed.
I have removed five plants in their entirety, taking off any usable fruit first.  For the others, I have removed pretty much all the leaves, just leaving a few at the top.  I'm not sure if I have left enough but as they are what catch the blight spores (or whatever they are) first, it seemed the most sensible thing to do.  Also, ventilation will be better so the leaves and fruit can dry off quicker when it rains.  I will soon find out if I have gone too far, won't I?
The last time I had to deal with blight in the garden was when one could still use Bordeaux mixture which tended to knock it on the head pretty well.

I looked really carefully and the remaining plants seem unaffected for now but I'll be keeping a close look out and I doubt I'll still be picking tomatoes in October as I often do.  It's been a remarkably short season this year but with the cold and the damp I suppose I'm not really surprised.

Poor old plants.  They're not at all pretty now, are they, all stunted and deformed?  However, there's still loads of fruit waiting to ripen so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes open.

This is what I have salvaged.  Quite a lot of fruits were showing signs of being affected and went straight in the brown bin.  Some will undoubtedly ripen but some won't and anyway there's loads outside still, some of which won't turn this year (unless we get a glorious end of summer and that's most unlikely).

It's a long time since I made green tomato chutney but it is definitely on the cards this year.
If any of you lovely and knowledgeable people have trusted and tried recipes you could share, I'd be extremely grateful.  Or any other ideas for using green tomatoes.
Thank you.

Today I have an empty diary.  That being so, I'm going to have that postponed swim.  Yes, I am, definitely.  I need to take the plunge again (sorry!) and restart.  Also I have heard that B &M have some Chr*stm*s stuff in and you know what a sucker I am for festive tat so I may visit on the way to the gym!
Apart from that I have washing with the resulting drying and ironing and I have another tuition session tomorrow so need to prepare for that.  Also, I have a chutney recipe to research.

An empty diary doesn't mean a lazy day, thankfully.

Have a good one and stay happy.  xx

Monday 30 August 2021

Monday - Bank Holiday

 Good morning and a happy Bank Holiday to all of us who have one today.
It's dull outside and Beeb doesn't promise us much in the way of sunshine or summer-warmth this week, sadly.  Not much in the way of rain either so no sun and one has to water.  Hey ho!

I had a good old day yesterday.  When I was ready, I popped down to the allotment and spent longer there than I had planned.  I picked runner beans, raspberries and sweet peas, dug up another row of potatoes for Beth (one row left now), weeded, watered, sprayed the sweet peas because of greenfly and generally pottered around.

The August sown bread beans are doing well and I am hopeful that these late cropping plants will give us some fresh stuff in October/November.  The first sowing of seeds is all up now and doing well while the second sowing is just emerging.  I think they would have been faster had it been warmer but that's not something we can control.  I'm glad they are up.  Because we lost the tomatoes, that particular area was looking very bare and it's nice to see returning productivity.

I nearly cut a courgette but decided to leave it for a few days.

The runner beans are doing their collective best, producing absolutely loads of veg.  I'm picking a big load every other day and doling them around to family and friends.  They're doing great this year.

The sweet peas are still flowering but are looking rather aged now.  The leaves are turning yellow and the stems of the flowers are shorter and thinner.  We won't have them up yet but their time is short.  They have been brilliant and we are definitely doing the same next year, this time sowing straight into the ground rather than in pots.  They have provided both of us with flowers throughout the summer.

The middle patch is also looking a bit sparse as we dig up the potatoes.  Because the courgettes were so late, they are not covering the ground as they usually would and there are big gaps in the rows of French beans but, dear me, we live and learn and it is still producing something!

The apples are starting to drop - it's not going to be a very big crop of apples this year, sadly, although the pears look more hopeful.  Most of the dropped apples are not fit to be picked up and I am going to dig them into the soil for compost.  However, I picked up one yesterday and brought it home, cut it up and tried the good parts.  It was absolutely delicious.  The first allotment apple of the year.  Lovely!
The raspberries are going to spurt soon, I can see it coming.  At the moment it's just a few each time and they are all going into a bag in the freezer.  When there's enough and nearer to Christmas, I will make some raspberry gin or vodka for us to enjoy over the festive season.

So - today.  I have just one scheduled thing - early tuition.  After that, the day's my own.  Beth is resting at home and I don't fancy a swim on a bank holiday (too many people) so I will do the usual allotment trip and have fun getting my revenge on the weeds that still dare show their faces - that's the main thing that still needs doing.  I'll probably give the beans and baby corn a picking too and encourage the courgettes < grin >.

And then home, to rest and relax, be thoroughly lazy, maybe watch a film or two on YouTube, enjoy the nice meals I have planned and generally have a lovely day.
I hope you do too.  xx

Sunday 29 August 2021


 Good morning and Happy Sunday to us all.  The sun is starting to shine and fingers crossed it will stay around today after the rain we had yesterday.  Only a bit but it was a nuisance.

As hoped, yesterday was a do-not-a-lot day.  I did the necessary, of course, and spent a considerable time thumbing through some recent foody magazines to identify the recipes I want to make.  I could just cut them out but I hand on my mags to Val so I don't want to do that.  I will use my printer to photocopy.

Apart from that, it was a gently, lazy sort of day.

I left some gammon ham in the slow cooker to  cook overnight and when I woke this morning the house smelled amazing.  It's all cooked now and cooling.  I might be able to slice it, I might not, either way is really doesn't matter, it tastes great and will be a good centre point for the roast dinner Beth< Alex and I are sharing later on.

I'm off to the allotment first thing (the usual picking, digging up, possibly watering and so on), then back for breakfast.  After that I will prep dinner and B and A are turning up just before two.  When they go, I have to prep tuition for tomorrow morning before having another lazy evening.

I took a few photos in the garden half an house ago.

Over the arch is the passion flower - not that it's flowered yet - that was a bit of a miracle as it came up several years after it was planted and, seemingly, died.  This year is the first year it's done anything much in the way of growing and I'm tying it up and over and down the other side.  I know plants don't grow down but it has no choice!
I don't think I will do any pruning this time as it's fairly 'thin' as you can see, but once the structure is there, I will prune as necessary to keep it under control.  And if that doesn't work, it will come out and I will think again!

I put my hand behind the flamenco apples so you can see how big they are growing.  Lovely jubbly!  I wonder when they will be ready - I looked it up and it said mid October.  It'll be the size of a melon by then!
They do turn a deep red in colour (it says) so these are nowhere near ready yet.
The cucumbers are coming to the end of their lives.  The fruit is now all at the top and while I can see seven fruit (two are titchy) on this bit, the rest is now just carrying leaves that are turning yellow, the fruit is taking longer to grow and the skins are becoming rough and marked.  They've been great this year and I will be sorry when they finish.

Finally, the dwarf French beans are coming along nicely.  There are now some flower buds emerging and, if we actually had some consistent warm weather, it would help a lot.  Still, I should get some sort of a harvest from them.

(you can see a couple of very ancient cucumber leaves on the left hand side)

Time to get going.
I've had my coffee and need to wash my hair before getting dressed and heading to the allotment.  I'm not doing anything noisy there so I can start as early as I like.
Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.  xx

Saturday 28 August 2021


 Good morning, everyone.
You can tell the year is creeping on.  I woke at my usual time (around five) and it was still pitch dark until the street lights came on.  A few weeks ago it would have been getting quite light.  I actually quite like waking in a cosy, dark bedroom, it's snuggly and comfortable.
Beeb tells me that today is going to be dull, dry and not as warm as yesterday, which was beautiful.  I'm definitely noticing the lack of sunshine in the tomatoes.  They taste lovely but sunshine would make them even better.  They haven't got that extra edge of sunkissed sweetness about them this year.  That's not a grumble, merely an observation.
I wonder if we will get an Autumn summer before the daylight hours get too short for the plants to cope.

Yesterday started off with the Slimming World group where I did the weigh ins this week as Sarah was away.  It is great fun, doing that, really nice to have a few words with everyone.  I was relieved that my downward and back to target journey travelled a bit further this last week after some annoying plateau weigh ins recently.

Then I came home and whizzed around tidying up and making things ready for the cleaner.  I got an email from Alex, asking if he could come round and do some printing.  He stayed for a food old chat before I drove him to drop off a job application.  he then came with me to the allotment to help pick beans and I took him home with some of them for his and Beth's dinner.

So I never got to have a swim but I'm OK with that - Alex was better than a swim any day.

Today I want a less cluttered day.  There is nothing in the diary which is nice.  I have the usual visit to the allotment, of course, but that's usually a very leisurely activity.  There's watering and weeding and I want to dig up some new potatoes for Beth.
I have a clean house so no pressures that way and the washing basket isn't full.
Sounds nice, doesn't it.  I can browse through my new magazines including the new SW one which I get free because of helping on the social team and I also have some of the new foody mags including a Good Housekeeping recipe collection which is always worth a good read through.
What a lazy day!  Bliss.

So - I have a pot of 'proper' coffee, a full mug and some food prep for today's meals.  Better get going.  Have a great Saturday and, as covid cases rise again (will we ever be free of it all), stay safe and well and, please, don't take risks.  xx

Friday 27 August 2021


 Good morning.  Friday, last day of the working week, nearly the end of August, Autumn peeping around the corner and it looks as if we might get some sunshine today after a damp and drizzly day yesterday.

I drove over to Sainsbury's first thing yesterday morning and got my 'bit' (ha ha) of shopping done, home and away before popping over to Chris, bag of runner beans in hand, for coffee and a chat.
We braved the patio chairs for around fifteen minutes before deciding that it really was just that bit too chilly and moving inside.  As always, it was a great hour with lots of chuckles and catch up.

Then I came home to sort out a rather muddled email.  I have a very dear friend who, sadly, has early onset Alzheimer's and is currently in a very pleasant residential home.  What with her moving there, the issues with Dad's illness and so on and various other things, I haven't seen her for months and months. 
At first I thought she was inviting me to her home (it was very muddled!) so I turned up at the designated time, only to find it empty.  Luckily, I had my phone with me - I don't always - so I looked up the address of the home, set the Sat Nav, and headed in the right direction.  I was pretty late by that point but not to worry.
However, when I arrived and spoke to reception, I was told that they had found two diagnosed cases of Covid 19 in the home so were in lockdown.  They do have a visitor's lounge but my friend gets very distressed at the transparent screen between her and her visitor and doesn't understand the need so it wouldn't be helpful to use that.
So I left my love with her and wished I had brought some flowers or something with me although, thinking about it, maybe they wouldn't have been allowed either.
So I came home again.  At least now I know how to get there.

So that was my day.  Three things which is quite enough!

Today it is the Slimming World meeting first so fingers crossed.  Then I will be sorting out a few piles of clutter before the cleaner arrives.  When she does, I think I will pop off to the gym for the first time in absolutely ages and have a swim.  I really fancy that and it will get me out from under their feet while they work their usual magic.

If there's time and inclination, I could pop off to the allotment for some picking but, if not, that's top of tomorrow's list!
The sun is still doing it's best to shine so let's hope for the best.  Take care, I hope you have pleasant weather and a very happy day.  xx

Thursday 26 August 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  Now that the morning light is getting later and later, I can't tell what it's like outside except to say it is not wet.  (edit:  I was wrong, it is wet, we have had rain!)  Yesterday turned out beautifully with warmth and sunshine but Beeb says today isn't likely to be so great with cloud and temperatures a fair bit lower, not reaching 20C.  We will see.

The allotment was very pleasant yesterday morning.  It's definitely a happy place for me picking and generally harvesting is very restful and satisfying.  I came home with the usual and took some of the runners to Lindsey's, with some for Chris this morning.
I mowed the grass and it is a sign of how wet this summer had been that it is still lovely and green, as are the hedgerows around here.  Usually, by the end of August, they are brown and a bit parched but they are very much 'England's green and pleasant land' right now.  Ditto for my little square of grass out the front.

I forgot to take some paracetamol before going to PT so one of my ankles was aching rather.  It was because I'd already done exercise through what I did at the allotment.  Never mind, I did my best and when I got home I rested it and it was much better.
I need to restart swimming - that should help a lot, I think.  Maybe after SW tomorrow morning?

Today is a quieter day.  I'm popping over to Sainsbury's first thing to have a look at their clothes and get some bits and bobs and then, being Thursday, I am off round to Chris, bearing gifts in the form of runner beans, for our chat.  I think it will be at hers although it might be at mine . . . it depends on how much of a breeze there is.  Her garden is a bit of a wind tunnel whereas mine is more sheltered.

After that I'm allotment bound and there are just two things on the list - harvesting and weeding.  The rest of the day is the usual homey stuff.

I'm definitely going online later on to order that pear tree.  I feel quite excited about having a mini container orchard in my pocket handkerchief of a garden and am planning where they should go, whether together in a sort of clump or scattered around.  What do you think?

Well, it is time for a coffee so I will say goodbye, have a lovely day and, as always, be safe.  xx

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Wednesday, 25-08-21

 Morning, everyone.  Where's that sunshine?  It's hiding again, bother it, and, sadly, the forecast doesn't encourage me to think we will get much sun today.  < sigh >

Yesterday was OK.  I got lots of washing done and line dried and even ironed which was very satisfying.  I had two loads out on the line before I set off for the dentist where I was right, it was just to take an impression in order to make the implant.  

However, it was nothing as simple and soft plasticky stuff shoved on the area.  Dear me no, it was all high tech with a sort of clicky think that took readings and translated them into a 3D picture on the screen that could be turned and swivelled, rubbed out with a finger and generally manipulated.  They seemed to have a few problems with the shape of my mouth and took ages to get all the info they needed but it was OK, not at all sore, just rather boring.
Back in a fortnight for the last bit - and to pay the bill!  I checked on the way out so I know exactly how much I need to have in my account.

That was the excitement of the day.  The rest was the usual stuff.

Today starts with allotment, then moves on to personal training with Lindsey.  The usual Wednesday stuff, in fact.
It's rather nice that life seems to have settled back to normality again.  I just need my calves and ankles to get back to full fitness now, that's all.  They're OK, just not right.

Well, better go and do stuff or half the morning will be past and wasted.  Have a goot day, stay happy and positive and be safe.  xx

Tuesday 24 August 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  It is lovely outside.  Clear skies, sunshine, hardly any breeze - just perfect.  I've already got a load of washing out that did overnight and there's another lot in the machine as I type.  May as well make the most of it.

Yesterday turned out quite busy in the end.  I headed off for tuition at half past eight and had a great hour with my student.  Then, after breakfast, I decided I really fancied a bit of retail therapy, something I haven't done for quite a while.  There were a lot of little things I wanted to look for so I set off for the Riverside retail park and wandered first around HomeSense, then Matalan and finally Home Bargains.  I got a whole load of bits and bobs in HomeSense, including a new bath mat, a little stand for holding cookery books, some posh pasta and some nice coffee.  Oh, and a candle called 'apple pie' which smells absolutely wonderful!

Matalan surprised me - there were a lot of empty or nearly empty areas but I gathered they were in the middle of getting out the old stock and putting out the new season's clothes.  Even so, I've never seen it like that before. I managed to get some reductions, especially a couple of pairs of light weight pyjamas and some slippers.  I'm finding that the nights are a bit cold for just a nightie but it's not cold enough for my warmer pjs so these are ideal.  I also got some undies, a T shirt, some trainer socks and a couple of 'bags for life'.
I slept in one of the pairs of pjs and they did just what I wanted.  Kept me cosy but not hot.  I didn't have an hour awake in the middle of the night which seems to have become a bit of an unwelcome habit recently.

I didn't get much in Home Bargains, just some baby talc and some wax melts.  By that time, my ankle was aching badly and I knew I still had to do the allotment, so instead of exploring the pound shop, I went back to the car.

At the allotment, there were loads more runners (and I remembered my little step) plus some baby corn, some raspberries and plenty of sweet peas.  I dithered over cutting a courgette but decided it was just a little on the small side.

With the morning tomatoes from the garden, here's my little harvest today.  It's nothing amazing but it does my heart (and my healthy) good.

Dave is having some of the runner beans, as is my friend down the road.  There will be loads more to pick tomorrow!

On the way to the allotment, I drove past a local row of shops and noticed a drop in vaccine centre had taken over an empty shop.  I also noticed (it was hard to miss) quite a lot of teens/young adults outside, patiently queueing for their vaccines, a sight that did my heart good.

Then, later on, as I was locking the French window, I saw that one of my flamenco apples had fallen off or maybe it was pushed off as they are very tightly bunched - I should have thinned them really but didn't have the heart when there were so few - and growing quite quickly.
I thought 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' so I cut it open (I have learnt from bitter experience never ever to take a bite into a home grown apple as they are noted for their hospitality!), cored it and had a taste, not expecting very much from an immature apple.  However, apart from a slight lack of juice which another month would have given it, it was absolutely delicious.  Sweet and firm textured.  I'm looking forward to the others now - and next year's offering - and ongoing.

While I'm on the subject of fruit trees, the new Ken Muir catalogue came yesterday and I noticed there's a columnar pear called 'Beth'.  Well, I HAVE to have that, don't I?  I can't not.  That means another pot and more tree compost but that's OK, I can do that.  It also means I might have to do a bit of artificial insemination with the pear blossom from the allotment as it isn't self pollinating but that's OK, I can do that.  I'm going to end up with a mini-orchard - two apples, a plum, a pear and a fig.  All I need is the partridge to go in the pear tree.

I know it looks as if I'm spending a lot of money on the garden this year but I decided it would be a really nice way to use some of the money from Dad's estate and, as he was a very keen gardener, it seems appropriate, doesn't it?  And trees are, hopefully, a long term thing.

First thing today I have a visit to the dentist.  I *think* it is just to make the mould for my side implant but I am taking my pain killers, just in case.
After that, the allotment will need watering and there's plenty to do at home so it won't be a lazy day.
What are your plans for the day.  Whatever they are, have a good 'un and, as always, be safe.  xx

Monday 23 August 2021


 Morning, everyone, happy Monday to you all!
It's still a bit too gloomy to see what the weather is going to be like but Beeb says it's going to be a lovely day with sunshine and a gentle breeze, not too hot but no cool either.  I hope they're right; that would be delightful.

The highlight of yesterday was popping round to Beth's with a bag of runner beans, having offloaded some (plus a cucumber) onto Neil and Elaine next door.  I will go and pick more today and must remember to take a step with me to got to the higher ones.  Must also remember to get shorter garden canes for next year's crop or, more sensibly perhaps, cut the existing ones back by about a foot.  The tops of the beans (where loads of the flowers are) are tantalisingly just out of reach!

Anyway, we had a good old natter, made some arrangements for our two girls' days (week after next) and it was all very pleasant with Freddie the cat purring on my knee.

Today, after two weeks off, I'm resuming tuition with one of my students this morning.  The planning is all done and the resources are all ready so we're good to go.  Then it is a usual Monday with lots of housey things to do, meals to plan and prep, etc.  I've started off well by making some passata for my meal this evening with some of my tomato glut.  It's made the house smell wonderfully savoury/sweet.
There's allotment to do, garden to tweak and it's all sounding very nice really.

So fingers crossed for some sunshine, both for me and for you too.  Stay safe and have a lovely day.  

Sunday 22 August 2021

Sunday and a bit of allotment

 Morning.  We've had more rain overnight after rain yesterday that stopped me mowing - not that it takes much to do that, it really isn't my favourite activity.  To be fair, it's not so much the mowing, it's the lifting in and out of the car that I dislike.

Anyway, as you can see, I got to the allotment, minus mower and took some photos.

More autumn cropping broad beans coming up . . . 

. . . including this one.  Can you get albino broad beans, I wonder?

You never know, we might be eating fresh broad beans in November.

I just can't keep up with them.  I came home with loads.  Luckily, Beth will take some and I'm going to ask Jenni next door if she'd like some.  By the time I've used what I already have in the fridge, there will be a whole load more to pick.

Yum.  That says it all!

My happy plants . . .

It's just not our allotment without yellow courgettes.  ;-)
A couple of general views.  You can see the covered space that we're planning to dig into beds in the right hand photo.

Today, being Sunday, is another pretty quiet day.  I am popping round to Beth's with some runner beans this afternoon but she isn't meeting me at the allotment today.  She was on duty for the NHS at yesterday's Pride Festival in Central Park (getting a day in lieu which is nice) so needs today to rest and recover.
I may or may not go down - it depends on the weather and how I feel.
There are a few bits of tidying up, etc, that need doing in the garden so maybe I will do some of that.  I have washing, drying and ironing to do and some meal plans to put together.  That should keep me out of trouble, I think.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.  xx

Saturday 21 August 2021

Saturday and garden photos

 Good morning.  Yet another really dull start but the clouds are high (at the moment) although the forecast is for light rain showers.  Oh, well, it saves me having to water so much!

Yesterday ended up as a very quiet day.  Slimming World was good, as always.  We had a different leader as Jen is on holiday, and I think I'm getting the hang of the booking in and paying thing now.  It's just when the unexpected things happen that I need help.  I was a bit upset that I hadn't lost as I felt I deserved to but it happens!  Got to take the slightly rough with the smooth.

Apart from that, I ended up just doing homey things.  That means I really MUST get to the allotment today.  Apart from anything else, there's runner beans to pick and baby plants to talk to (not really - just in case you think I'm slightly bonkers!) and I'll probably do a watering in case the forecast is wrong.

I'm really happy that the dwarf French beans are all doing well, even the four that I thought I'd lost have recovered.  It just means the cropping time will be staggered across more week which can only be a Good Thing when one cooks just for one!

The cucumber has been amazing.  There are two that must be cut today in this photo and there's still more coming.  They have definitely paid back their initial cost and some!

The Autumn raspberries have started to ripen.  Not so many this year as one of the plants seems to be stunted and isn't producing fruit.  No idea why.

I need to remove the netting, strip the ripe berries and leave what's left for the birds, I think.  I'll pop some in the freezer (blueberries, not birds!).
Then I've got to work out how and when to prune it.

The flamenco apples are getting huge and are colouring really nicely too.  I'm looking forward to finding out what they taste like and even more to how the plant will produce next year.

All three baby rosemary cuttings seem to be surviving happily.  I will have two of them out at some point and pass them on to friends, I think, but I will wait until winter is over before doing anything drastic - rosemary doesn't grow all that fast.
I don't know if anyone can help - this is the passion flower that came up unexpectedly a few years ago after several years when I thought it had died after being planted on out of its pot and into the ground.  I'm training it over the archway, as you can see, and it's looking nice but . . . when does a passion plant actually start flowering?
Does it have to be a certain size, thickness, age, should I prune it at some point before it flowers?  I just don't know but there's no hint of buds and it would look so fab if it did flower.
It is supposed to be suitable for our climate so I don't think it is that.

I'd better stop and get the day started.  Have a good day, whatever the weather throws at you and be safe and happy.  xx

Friday 20 August 2021


 Morning, everyone.  It's dull yet again outside but maybe the sun will come out later, as it has the last three or four days.  It's cool but not chilly and there's a bit of a breeze.  I'm not complaining - better than extreme heat any day of the week.

Yesterday turned out fairly active, in the morning at least.  It started with an early morning shop, firstly at M&S for lots of lovely, healthy fruit and veg plus a few other things, and then across the car park to Aldi to get some of their produce.  I usually treat myself to some sushi from them; I've come to sushi late but I do like it and it makes a great lunch with salad on the side.

After driving home and putting everything away, Chris came round for our weekly catch up and out came the sun!  Perfect, just at the right time.  We laughed a lot and set the world to rights, as you do.,

I'd fixed with Beth to swap a bag of tomatoes for a courgette so, after a late breakfast, I drove round, filling up with petrol on the way.  Goodness, hasn't it gone up - I couldn't believe the price but there's not a lot one can do about it, is there?

I handed over the tomatoes but, to my dismay, there weren't any courgettes.  Well, there were but they were either babies or, sadly, had rotted.  Beth's going to cut back some of the leaves to allow the fruit to dry out better - that might help.

On the way back, I took a slight detour to the allotment, strimmer in the boot.  The courgettes there had a couple that were really too small to cut but OK so I had them.  There's more to come.  I also came home with loads of runner beans, some for Chris, some baby corn and a bunch of sweet peas.  I strimmed all round so today it's ready for a mow.

This morning, I managed to fill a bowl with ripe tomatoes so later on I will make passata with some of them, for the freezer.  I will also prep the runner beans and freeze some of them as well.
Before then, it's Slimming World.  It's a different leader this morning as Jen is on holiday.
The other main task is to tidy up downstairs for the cleaners - that really won't take long at all this week.

So that's my Friday - what does yours look like? 
stay safe and happy.  xx

Thursday 19 August 2021


 Good morning, all.  Another dull start to the day but it is pretty mild so the French window is open to freshen the place up a bit.  I've already picked a bowlful of tomatoes and hope to swap some with Beth for a courgette later on.

There are a few from yesterday too . . .

Yesterday turned out to be quite nice - intermittent sunshine and cloudiness and no rain.  Did I get to the allotment.  Nope - I didn't.

It was a fully old day, emotion-wise.  I went with the flow and feel so much better today.  I did get some things done - I have an empty ironing basket, for a start, and piles of things to take up and put away.  

As I didn't get to the allotment yesterday, I really must today.  I'll take the strimmer and do the edges and them I can do the grass tomorrow.  
Last time I went, something bit me something chronic so I have itchy spots in several places.  I don't usually get bitten so I don't know what happened there.  I need to get some repellant spray and some apres- nibble cream - I'm uncomfortable!

First of all though, I'm going to do some f&v shopping at M&S and then pop into Aldi for a few other bits and bobs.  After that, Chris and I are having our weekly natter (gossip?) over coffee.  Then I can go to the allotment.
A nice, busy day.
You have a good one too . . . xx

Wednesday 18 August 2021


Morning, everyone.  Another dull start with dampness in the air.  It's more like October than August at the moment.
Here we are, another day further down the week and, thankfully, I slept loads better last night.  I forgot to say yesterday that Monday night was not good; no idea why, just one of those things.

It was a chilly start to yesterday.  The heating actually clicked on which was a surprise, but I didn't turn it back off, I let the place warm up a bit.
Then it started raining which put paid to the scheme of going early to the allotment so when it stopped I headed straight off and I'm glad I did, it was so pleasant.  No sun, but mild and fresh and it was nice to let the wind blow through my hair and get rid of the cobwebs.

I did some more weeding, picked loads of runner beans, munched on a few raspberries and then set to sowing some seeds.
I decided to fill the gaps in the French beans with more seeds.  Yes, it's late, but last year they were still cropping well when I had my holiday second week in October so I reckon it was worth it.  As soon as they come up, I will protect them from slugs and snails so fingers crossed.

Then I sowed another row of the Autumn cropping broad beans.  Some of the first sowing are emerging but I don't remember them being a slug target so I'm not so worried.  I'm watching though, just in case.

And the courgettes are looking pretty healthy too.  Cheers!  Better late than never.

Then I came home, just as it started raining again, and did some loads of washing, etc.

A useful sort of day but I do hope the weather is better today.  There's nothing in the diary but, weather permitting, I want to take the strimmer and mower down to the allotment and tidy that all up.  It's not long but will be if I don't get it sorted.  Then there's the never ending weeding and all that sort of stuff.

We have finally decided what we want to do with the still covered part of the plot.  It was plagued with horrible pervasive weeds and years ago we decided that covering it and letting them all die out as much as possible was the best way to go.  It's about time we did something with it and have decided to cut another bed the other side to mirror the one with the sweet peas and then pretty much a square in the middle with chipped pathways all round.

It's a bit hard to describe so I did a diagram - not very good one; for a start the pathway around the beds will be more or less equal width and it really isn't in proportion, but you get the idea.

So, to the north of that area is a strip from side to side that has the pear and plum trees, not that the plum will be there much longer.

To the south (nearer the front) it is another side to side growing strip that this hear had the broad beans, tomatoes (RIP) and baby corn.  In front of that are the two apple trees.
Back to the diagram, the bed on the right is where the flowers are this year but the rest is still covered.  The idea is to cut the new beds in the Autumn and dig in some manure for working in over winter.  Next year, we plan to use that middle square for potatoes as they do seem to be very good for soil, breaking it up well and leaving it in better condition.  No idea why, they just do.
And we need to consider what else we want to plant in the additional space.  Not more of the same as we feel we have the amounts just about right really.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.  Have a super day, whatever the weather and I hope you achieve what you plan for today.  And stay safe  xx

Tuesday 17 August 2021


 Good morning.  Another dull but dry day, although we did get some rain yesterday that stopped me going to the allotment.  I intend making an early visit today to get it done.

I had a very enjoyable and successful personal training sessions over the lunch break.  It's nice to feel I am getting back into the vibe again.
Before then, Matt came and serviced the boiler.  No problems, everything working fine and I am just waiting for his online invoice.

And that was about it apart from the usual homey sort of stuff.  Very quiet.

Today is the same apart from a bit of unwanted excitement in that one of the tomatoes is looking a bit suspicious.  Following Dad's advice relating to tomatoes and blight - 'If in doubt, have it out' - I will be tackling it after breakfast and once dressed and then keeping my fingers crossed - and eyes open!

That's it really, very short and rather dull.  I hope your day is more exciting (in the nicest possible way).  xx

Monday 16 August 2021


 Morning, everyone.  The sun is sort of shining and I'm sat at the PC waiting for Matt the Plumber to turn up to give my boiler its annual service.  He knows I'm an early starter and always books me in at eight so it doesn't intrude into the main part of the day, bless him.

The highlight of yesterday was going to the allotment with Beth - which I guess says much about the rest of the day!

We drove down, expecting to get very hot, but at that point the sun decided to go behind high clouds so it really wasn't so bad after all.  

We started by picking the baby corn - there were five ready but I had picked six yesterday so that wasn't bad at all.  Alex doesn't like it so Beth was happy with five.  

The photo is just of the top part because, frankly, once you start pulling off the little cobs, the stems get more than a bit raggedy.

Then we moved on to the runner beans and you would not believe how many more were ready for picking.  Enough for two meals for her and Alex plus some for the freezer.
Now they really are coming in, picking is going to be a daily job alongside the watering, for a while.  No complaints from me although I will need to take some sort of stepladder for the highest ones!

Next, we admired the courgettes for a while.  They seem to have got over their unhappy phase and are coming on a treat.  A bit late, certainly later than the two at Beth's, but there are fruits coming and they will be fine.  Another thing to keep an eye on because one moment a courgette is too small, you blink and there it is, ready to pick!
I'm so happy they have decided to make an effort.  :-)

The sweet peas are doing so, so well.  It was Beth's turn to have them but there were so many we shared them so I have a vaseful making the living room smell delightful.

The five French beans that have survived the slugs and snails are doing fine.  They look a bit lonely but never mind, we will get a small harvest from them.  The ones in my garden will compensate and next year I will know better.

We then had a nice time sitting at the table at the back, talking about future plans.  We have definitely decided to have the plum tree out as, frankly, it is just too huge for an allotment (we will ask the ever helpful Jeff to do it for us); and then wait for a couple of years to see how the columnar plum does in my garden before we think about replacing it.

So, all in all, it was a lovely afternoon and we finished it off sitting in my garden with a chilled diet coke each, chatting about this, that and the other.

Beth had a friend to stay over Saturday night and on Saturday they went to a spa in Colchester for a bit of chilling.  Beth said it was lovely and we're planning to go together at some point.  So that's two mother and daughter outing planned, both very girly and self indulgent!

Today, as mentioned, it is Matt the Plumber first thing and later on I have my personal training, changed from Wednesday.  No tuition today but there is the allotment, of course.  A nice, satisfying, purposeful day really.  
I hope yours is too!  xx

Sunday 15 August 2021


 Hi, everyone.  It's another lovely start to the day with sunshine and a breeze.  I've been out and around the tomatoes, etc, looking carefully and picking where I can and I'm looking forward to breakfast al fresco.  Delightful!

Yesterday stayed fine all day and was quite hot at times.  I did a stint down the allotment, coming back with runners, baby corn and raspberries.  The courgettes are finally picking up and there are several little courgettes coming along.  Must keep an eye out - once they get going they can get big so fast.
I started weeding around them and will carry on this afternoon when Beth and I go down together.  She wants to dig up some more potatoes and there are lots of sweet peas to pick plus a few more baby corns, I expect; they're another that grows so fast once they start.
Less than half the row of dwarf French beans has survived being nibbled back by snails, which is disappointing, but those that have come through are looking strong so I will definitely get some results from them while the ones at home are also coming in well.
I was pleased to note that the autumn cropping broad beans are starting to come up too.  I don't remember snails being interested in them so fingers crossed.

Today is a quiet day apart from Beth coming down this afternoon.  Hopefully it will be a sit-out-in-the-garden-and-chill kind of day.
There's a bit of washing to do and all the usual daily stuff but apart from that, lovely!

Happy Sunday to us all.  xx

Saturday 14 August 2021


 Morning, everyone.   It looks brighter and more promising now, at around six o'clock this morning.  Yesterday was what I would call a sludgy day - all dull and grey/beige - until late afternoon when the sun appeared and it was really lovely!  More of that today would be most appreciated.  :-)

Eileen made a few comments after yesterday's post that I'll answer in here.
I think it is the blueberry's fourth year, could be fifth, one forgets.  Last year the yield was so poor I almost threw it out as a waste of space.  I'm glad I didn't.  Now I am hoping the other younger one, the pink blueberry, will take the hint and do something apart from take up space too.  There weren't even any flowers this year!  I've taken a good look at it and decided to have some of the stems out at the base and leave the ones that are growing up rather than out as they look healthier as well and being more convenient.  I also ought to refresh the soil - I have some ericaceous compost with which to do this.

As for the Japanese anemone, the leaves stay generally at around eighteen to twenty four inches but the flowers grow up to between fifty and a hundred cms (mixed measures here, I know).  
I'm sorry but I can't remember the specific name and the plastic tab has long since vanished.  I've taken a photo and inserted it here in case anyone knows.  If so, could you post in the comments, please?  Thanks.

After picking and washing today's tomatoes, they looked so cheerful in their bowl (apologies for the colour clash) that I took a photo.
I'm getting to the point where I'm picking more than I can eat each day so other things swing into action.  Family and neighbours are first port of call and then I start processing them for the freezer.  Nothing too complicated - I make passata with some and some I skin and freeze whole.
I tend not to make chutney nowadays but everything is so late I have a feeling I will be left with loads of green tomatoes (for the first time in years) so Christmas presents would be a good way to go!

Yesterday was a more gentle day after several busier ones.  The Slimming World meeting was, as usual, good fun.  The cleaners turned up at a more reasonable time (I don't call finishing at half past six reasonable as I should be making my dinner at that point) which made me happy.  The house is now much more presentable which always make for a happier Joy.

Today, as it was pre-retirement, is a gentle day.  I have washing and all the trimmings and some pottering in the kitchen plus a drive to the allotment to pick and water but between times I will rest, watch telly and generally chill.  I like Saturdays, even though any day could be Saturday nowadays.  
I hope your Saturday is really pleasant too.  xx

Friday 13 August 2021


 Morning, all.  It is another dull start to the day, rather like yesterday which turned out OK with a little bit of sunshine and high clouds.  Again, a few drops of rain in the air, seen on the car windscreen but not on the road!

I waited and waited for the car pick up.  I checked my mailbox every five minutes or so.  Did anyone come - no!  When Chris came round, I put a note on the door about going round the side to the back gate.  Still no sign.
At twelve thirty, I decided that I must have goofed again so I drove into town to find out what the date really was - I didn't want them turning up today.
When I walked in, there was a look of relief on their faces.  The girl said they had been emailing me several times as they always confirm pick up before actually turning up on the doorstep.  Odd?  Not really; they had been emailing some other random address, totally different from mine.  I have no idea how that happened as they have emailed me in the past but it explained why . . .
At their suggestion, I left the car there, they gave me a lift home and the car was back just after five, all shiny (they always do a complimentary valet as past of the service) and MOTd thoroughly.
So that's that for another year, I sincerely hope.

I've not been great at posting photos in here so I popped out into the garden a few minutes ago.  The light isn't great but they're OK.

The cucumbers are going great guns now.  Apart from those two, I counted twelve others in different stages of development.  I've certainly been given my money's worth.  It's lucky I like cucumbers.

At last, the tomatoes are ripening more than one or two at a time.  I've never known this so late!  They are very tasty though and I just hope we get a nice long autumn.

For the very first time, the blueberries have been amazing.  There's still plenty to pick too.

Better late than never with the strawberries.  These are not supposed to be late fruiting!  Fingers crossed for next year which will be their second year.

This makes a nice focal point and hides the ugly bin behind a bit.

The Japanese anemones are doing well now.  Very pretty and a nice bit of height too.

I have no idea what these will taste like but they look great and give me real pleasure each time I walk past.

The makeshift slug protection seems to have worked.  The only one that's still looking very feeble now is the top right one but that's OK.  I should be picking by the start of September, with any luck and a good following wind.

Today there's just three things.
First of all it's the weekly Slimming World meeting which is great fun and a good laugh.  We'll see if I can remember how to book people in this week - it's complicated!
Then I need to wander down to the allotment to pick runner beans (yay) and to talk seriously to the courgettes.  Probably I need to water too.
Finally, I need to do a tidy up before the cleaners come.  It's mostly superficial mess so really should not take too long.

It's going to be a nice day, I think.  You have a good one too and stay safe and well.

Thursday 12 August 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  Round here, yesterday was such a beautiful summer day.  Warm, sunny, a bit of a breeze.  Perfect.  Here's to today too although it looks as if it's going to be less sunny and more hazy.  It looks that way right now but it's early so you never know.

I rather goofed yesterday.  Before PT, I got everything set up.  The bike was ready, the step, the weights, the balance thingy, the balance ball, the things over the door and I messaged Lindsey with 'ready when you are'. 
Back came the reply 'where are you?'
It only turned out that her need to isolate is next week, not this, and I should have been at hers!
Fortunately, it doesn't take long to get there and I didn't lose much of my time.
She's changed my time next week to Monday so it can still be face to face.
She also told be of a new scheme she has, now that she has a little 'studio.  She's staring small group circuits, between four and six at a time, forty five minutes a sessions.  I've put my name down!

Of necessity, I am staying local today.  The garage is coming to pick up my car for its service and MOT at some point and dropping it back later when it's all done.  I know the brakes need some attention and have moved some cash over in expectation of a larger than usual bill.

This won't stop Chris and I having our weekly chat though.  Ten o'clock in my back garden.  Looking forward to that.

Well, the car is cleared out, the service book is on the passenger seat, so that's all ready.  Better go and sort out the kitchen and my coffee mug is looking empty so I'd better refill.  Have a great day, everyone.  xx

Wednesday 11 August 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  As hoped, yesterday was such a gorgeously sunny day, warm and sunny apart from just one point where there were a few drops of rain floating around.  They came to nothing and if I hadn't been in the garden at that point, I'd never have noticed.
Today, the forecast is good and I'll take that with gratitude.  It's not just the tomatoes that need the sunshine - we do too!

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy and useful day.  I got everything done that I wanted to get done and a few other bits and bobs too.
It took longer than I thought to clear the pantry.  It doesn't look enormous but there was still plenty of stuff to go through and sort out.  Sadly, a fair amount went into the food recycling as it was just very out of date.  I used the dishwasher three times to clean emptied containers and the recycling box (collected today, thankfully) was almost full by the time I had finished.  Gail will give the shelves a good old scrub tomorrow and then it's a case of just working through the remains and keeping everything wiped over.

Then I tackled the wash room and it was sort of ditto although there's a certain amount of stuff that Gail uses.  She had very thoughtfully sorted out all the cleaning stuff she wants/needs so I knew what could go.

I got the old records out and onto the shelving in the car port and ditto with random piles of old magazines, some of which went in the paper box (also collected today) and some in Ann next door's box, bless her.  The rest can go in a fortnight.

Colin the boiler man came in the afternoon and now everything has been checked and it's all in good order.  While he was doing that, I wandered down the garden and picked some runner beans, the first of the year.  Some went to Ann, some are for me and some for Beth and Alex.

By just past five, I was home and unpacking.  I did bring loads back with me and need to find homes for some things.  I now have enough Lakeland poly bags, cling film, parchment and so on to last a decade at least.  That's all in the garage with the supplies I already have.  
I brought back the Ninja that Dad bought after Mum's first stroke when he thought he would have to be blending food for her.  As it happened, I don't think he ever used it.  I used it when visiting, for making soups and so on; it's not something I would get for myself but it's a nice bit of kitchen kit.
I brought back the rest of the china for Beth and am taking it over to her at some point today.
And I brought back sundry pantry thing - stock pots, for example.

Oh, I was so tired!  But I got a lot done and I'm very pleased I went.

Today is another busy day.  I need to do an early shop at Morrisons for things like milk.  I also want to go to the allotment this morning, to check the runner beans and courgettes, pick some baby corn for Beth (there will be some) pick sweet peas and water.  
Then it's personal training, online this week as Lindsey has a hospital appointment tomorrow and has been told to isolate.  Very awkward when you are in her line of work so thank goodness for the Internet.

In the afternoon, I'm off to Beth's to take the china, the runner beans and baby corn and I am writing it here so that I don't forget!

I had a very happy memory yesterday while picking the beans.
Because I was a teacher and my children were at school, inevitably we visited Mum and Dad more in the summer.  It was a standing joke that we only went for the runner beans, nothing to do with wanting to visit Mum and Dad.  We're/you're only here for the beans, we would say.  It makes me smile to think about it.

Well, time to make another coffee and get the day started, I think.  Have a good one, everyone, and stay safe.  xx

Tuesday 10 August 2021


 Good morning!  It's a lovely, sunny start to the day here at Mum and Dad's.   The sky is clear with just a few wispy clouds and, while it isn't that warm yet, it will heat up during the morning, I am sure.

The journey over was smooth and easy.  There wasn't a lot of traffic about, considering it was mid/late afternoon and even going through Little Hadham was far from crowded.  When I got here, I noticed that Gail (Dad's former cleaner - he called her his 'housekeeper' with a twinkle in his eye) is keeping the house lovely and clean and fresh and Colin is doing the same for the garden, although I haven't looked too closely yet.

I've got myself a little list of things I want to achieve today, mainly based around the kitchen.  The pantry needs a good turn out, as does the wash room and I want to start taking Dad's records (musical ones) into the car port on the shelving there, ready for whatever fate has in store for them.
There's some very, very old 'dry goods' in the pantry which I am pretty sure will need to be chucked and I can stack anything useable on the lower shelves for convenience.  There is a step ladder in the pantry but why keep things up high if there's space lower down?  No point.

At some point, I'm going to take a wander down the garden to take a look at the veg area.  I remember Dad got Colin to plant some runner beans and there might possibly be some to pick.  If so, I will.

I'm pretty sure I will be home later on today.  It's a big lonely house now - it's people that make a house into a home, isn't it? - so it's all rather lonely and sad.

Well, I had better get started.  There's plenty to do so no excuses.  Take care, stay safe and have a happy day.  xx

Monday 9 August 2021


 Good morning!  Once again you have proved what a lovely lot you are.  Thank you, thank you for your kind and understanding comments.

Yesterday's sunshine didn't last, sadly, although it didn't rain all day and I think it feels a bit warmer, which is nice.  It's raining steadily again at the moment so not an auspicious start to the new week and I feel for the children on holiday from school (and their parents/carers).
At least I don't need to worry about the allotment!
Every now and again, I go out and give all the tomatoes a good shake to get off some of the dampness, something Dad taught me years ago.  Does it help?  No idea, but it makes me feel I am doing something to combat blight anyway!

It was a much happier day, thank you.  I pottered around in the morning, doing bits and bobs and generally just keeping busy and then drove over to Beth's mid afternoon.  We had a lovely time - well, I did and I think Beth did too.  

Neither of us are make-up girls but, as Beth is being a chief bridesmaid (not exactly a bridesmaid but you know what I mean) for her best friend next month, she decided she needed to do something so she went to Boots and one of the ladies there gave her a make up 'lesson' and sold her the appropriate products.  We had a good look at them and Beth had a go on me which was great fun and - well, I was very surprised at the difference it made.  All very girly and Alex retired to his room in disgust, poor chap!!

Beth has a few days off at some point soon and we have decided to go back so they can do something similar for me and then we can go over the road to a nice pub and have lunch together.  Or lunch first and then Boots, depending on when Beth can get going.
A real old fashioned mother and daughter day and I am so looking forward to it.

Today, this afternoon, I am off to Dad's, partly to do some more clearing and also because the boiler is being serviced, things checked over and certificates of whatever written for when the house goes on the market.
So, this morning, I am sorting stuff out, packing, getting food together, emptying the ironing basket, washing my hair and generally getting everything on order before I leave.
It should keep me out of trouble anyway!
I don't have to worry about tuition because it's off for a couple of weeks.  The family is not going away but they are having a holiday at home.  What a shame about the weather but it is supposed to be getting better - at some point!

Well, it's still pouring and even darker looking than when I started.  Most unpleasant and I must remember to pack my umbrella into the car.  I bet the ducks are happy!

As R L Stevenson said:
The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.

And here's another little ditty!

Rain rain everywhere,
It soddens grass and rocks,
seeps water in your underpants,
and mould into your socks. 

Rain rain lashes down,
a torrent from the sky,
come on sunshine, show yourself,
or I will surely cry.

Stay dry, warm and safe and have a great day, whatever the weather.  xx

Sunday 8 August 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  It's a much nicer start to the day and it would be helpful to get some sunshine, wouldn't it?
Yesterday wasn't a good day - I think sometimes things just hit, don't they, and yesterday things hit.  I won't impose my misery on you though so, moving on . . .

Today I'm at home in the morning but after lunch I'm going round to Beth's which will be nice.  I'm looking forward to that!

Have a good day, everyone.  I hope the sun shines on you.  xx

Saturday 7 August 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  It's not so bright this morning - it's been absolutely chucking it down for over two hours which has rather put paid to working down the allotment.   At least there's no need to water.


Really must get the extension guttering sorted - there's water pouring over in one place, giving the top cucumber leaves a jolly good bath.

Even the poor old pigeon is all fluffed up against the rain.
He sits there every day, hopefully eyeing up the blueberries but unable to work out how to get to them.

I didn't do an awful lot yesterday.  I went to Slimming World and tried to get my head around booking people in for the meeting which is flippin' complicated.  Then I did a bit of a shop round Morrisons so now I am set for the weekend ahead.

Apart from that it was just a case of tidying up for the cleaner and generally chilling.  I could have done some ironing but decided not to!

Today it looks like being a day inside unless things clear up, which they might, I suppose.  I've been eyeing up my spice shelf which needs a good clear out and also my pull out floor to ceiling unit could do with a go through.  I'm sure there's out of date stuff in there.
Apart from that, I have ironing (how nice!) and there's always something to watch on the telly, isn't there?

What's it like your way?  Stay dry anyway, be safe and enjoy your day.  xx

Friday 6 August 2021


 Good morning.  Yesterday was very much a day of two halves as far as the weather was concerned.  The morning and early afternoon were both beautifully warm and sunny but then the clouds rolled over and the rain started.  Right now it is too dark to tell but it doesn't feel too cold, thankfully.

Chris and I had a lovely chat in her garden yesterday while the bees buzzed and the birds sang their little hearts out.  I do love these chat hours with her - it's always good to laugh.

After breakfast, I decided to focus on the garden first as it was starting to irritate me whenever I looked out.  So I hacked and snipped and dug and weeded and planted and moved soil and pots around and by the end I was very happy.  I wish I had taken some before photos to show the difference, but here's some snaps anyway.

I completely cut back the oregano because there was new growth underneath and the old stuff was smothering it.  It's to the left of the chives and can't be seen in the photo all that well.  I dug out some spreading chives, planted a sage and trimmed the thyme.  I was ruthless with the mint because it will all grow back just as thick and young and fresh again.
The bin smells lovely!
I had a lovely big rosemary bush.  Too big, in fact and Jeff dug it out for me but not until I had taken some cuttings which have been rooting merrily in a jug for ages.  
I don't need three, I only need one, but just in case . . . I will eventually just leave the strongest one and have any other survivors out.
Tomatoes - just because . . .
The flower bed which was just totally overgrown and messy.  It's much nicer now.
Not a clear picture but in the bed there's a new dianthus and a penstemon while the alstroemeria is now in its own little pot (thanks for the idea, Eileen).
The fig also has its own little pot and, sadly, some of the emerging French beans were getting nibbled down so I've covered them with those half bottles I used to protect the strawberries from frost damage earlier on, for protection.  Hope it works.
I took this because the black bamboo has more or less doubled its height since I bought it earlier in the year.
More 'just becauses' - because . . .
One of the apache chillies - spot the fruit!  They should start turning red soon.

After lunch, I ummed and ahed about going to the allotment but decided to see what the weather did first.  The main point of going was to water and, as it turned out, it would have been a waste of time.
So that was yesterday and I'm so glad I got the garden done.  It's not perfect but it is so very much better and I like looking at it again.

First thing today is Slimming World and I'm looking forward to that.  Then I need to get the house in order for the cleaners and I have just a bit of shopping to do for the weekend.
Depending on weather, I might honour the allotment with my presence but I'll decide about that nearer the time.
Have you had rain too?  Stay safe, dry and well.  xx