Saturday 11 December 2010

Saturday evening

So much for plans. I've spent the whole day, more or less, either falling asleep, sleeping or waking up. Precious little has been done (apart from the kitchen, of course, and a bit of washing) and I'm still feeling very dopey now and ready for bed. I guess I really needed a day off. and taking one was a sensible thing to do.

Wasn't Strictly great this evening? I loved all the dances but, for me, Pamela and James have that little extra something that marks out a winner. I suppose I'm biased. Her age, the fact that she was an OU student, the way she's losing all that weight and looking so wonderfully healthy all count, but most of all, she is a dancer from head to toes, inside and out, and is just gorgeous to watch. I do so hope she gets through.

Photo: I remembered to take a few photos of those snowmen - aren't they lovely?

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