Monday 20 December 2010

Monday morning

On the iGoogle page, it informs me that the current temperature around here is minus 11 C. Even if that's a couple of degrees out, it's still bloomin' cold. The heating was on when I meandered down the landing in the middle of the night, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but, my goodness, that's c-c-cold! It also forecasts more snow, but I doubt we will get much here, if at all.

This morning is upstairs time. Guest rooms, landing, bathroom - all will get a good going over in preparation for arrival on Thursday and Friday. None of it is too bad, it just needs a general freshen up and clean. If I have time, I will also tackle the living room which seems to have unravelled itself since the Chinese and Chat.

Lunch is at the Flyer, meeting with Liz for a natter. Depending on the roads, I might take the car and go into Morrisons for so-called 'last minute' stuff. I'll have to check the dates carefully, but it should be possible to get cream, etc, now that will be OK until after Christmas. I will also get a bag of sprouts, if possible - they will keep fresh in the shed too. If the roads seem too dangerous, I will walk, and lug back what I can.

I'm not sure about the afternoon - I'll see how I feel after the morning's activities.

Must remember to put the bin out. There's no collection next Monday, of course, so I'm hoping they will get here today. At least it's so cold that the smelly veggies must be totally frozen and are not smelling!

Stay safe!

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