Wednesday 22 December 2010

Wednesday morning

Great excitement - the tracking page for my turkey delivery is up and running. Ooooooooh!!!!! I'm going to have to make sure there's a clear run in the kitchen before it's delivered, so I can deal with it and then get it wrapped and out in the shed, which is working wonders as a chill room at the moment, thanks to the cold weather.

Apart from that it's kitchen, sweep upstairs, bathroom and loo - and then it's just about ready really! I always worry about not having enough food in. Despite the knowledge that I have plenty, there's no way we'll go hungry and anyway the shops, some of them, are open on Boxing Day, I still get this last minute feeling of panic! I gather there were queues to get into the Morrison's carpark yesterday. Morrison's? My goodness! I'm not getting stuck in that. I have a few things to get yet - things like salad veg, crisps, alcohol and some more stamps - and I will go to the 24 hour Tesco very early tomorrow morning.

IGoogle says it's snowing in Chelmsford. It isn't snowing here, but it's jolly cold and the pathway I swept to the shed is glistening with ice. I must be careful, it looks pretty lethal at the moment.

Take care!

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