Wednesday 31 March 2021

In memory . . .

. . . of a very lovely lady I was proud and fortunate enough to call 'Mum'.

19-10-27 to 31-03-19


 Good morning.  Yesterday's weather was gorgeous and today looks like being similar.

Two pieces of good news from yesterday.

The first is that I have tiny baby tomatoes - plants, I mean, not fruit!  I'm trying seven different varieties this year, different colours and types.  I should have room for three of each kind at home and definitely one of each kind at the allotment, more if there are convenient spaces for them.  Any spares can be given away to neighbours and friends.

The second is that from April 12th the Heart and Sole local walks resume.  There are a few restrictions - distancing, masks at start and finish, but how great is that!  I will have a good look at the new timetable and see what I can fit in.

I have a new project (apart from the jumper, that is).  Beth sent me over a photo of a cat cushion and asked if I could make it using more of my stash.  Here's the photo and there's also a couple of YouTube clips showing some of the finer details of making up.
I want Beth to buy the pattern anyway, which is from Etsy (supporting small businesses, etc), and I will have a go.

At the allotment yesterday, I got the strawberry plants into the raised bed, added the mulch mats and even remembered to put the netting over.  They're all ready to go now and those perky birds should be frustrated (not to mention the cat!).

I also spread some of the contents of a bag of chicken poo which is supposed to be great for feeding the soil.  Later on in the week I want to give all the dug over beds another digging, but to keep it nice and 'ready'.
I did a spot of weeding as well - never ending, that is.

In the afternoon, I had an unexpected visitor.  First of all Chris came round as planned and we had a grand time together over a cuppa.  I was just carrying the mugs in after Chris had gone when who should turn up unannounced but Jackie!  So another cuppa tea later, I booted her out (nicely) and logged on for my planned online chat with Dad.
Seriously, I don't think I have spoken so much since the first lockdown started and I ended up quite croaky.  It was lovely though.
I've arranged to go over to Jackie's on Friday morning so something to look forward to.

Today is another busy day.  
Today's allotment task is mowing and strimming the grass.  It does need doing again - the rain and the warmer temperatures have caused a growth spurt.  That's before breakfast.  The time change means that I now wake up just before seven - absolutely perfect for me although it does mean that I'm not getting my blogs up super-early any more.
Then I'm going over to Lindsey's new home for the first face to face personal training session since October.  Should be good and I'm longing to see her new house (from the outside).
And finally, in the afternoon, Val is coming over for a face to face garden chat.  I'm so looking forward to that too.

So, as I said, a busy day but a very pleasant one.  Lovely!  Wishing the same for you too.  xx

Tuesday 30 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  As expected, once the clouds disappeared, yesterday was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm.  Today is supposed to be the same - bring it on!!!

I changed yesterday's plans a little bit.  I waited until after lunch to go to the allotment, thinking that it would be that bit warmer and it was.  I had a nice (distanced) chat to the chap two along before setting to.

I got four of the six bags of potting compost out of the car and emptied two into each of the raised beds, which was just enough.  Regarding those beds, we were going to replace them but the ones I ordered haven't arrived yet and I want to get sowing in those beds, not to mention planting out those strawberry plants.  When the new beds do arrive, whenever that will be, they can wait until autumn.  The near bed is for the strawberries - the three already there are survivors from last year and the move.

The other bed is for carrots, beetroots and spring onions - not loads, just a couple of rows of each.  In fact, I must start sowing some soon.

The rhubarbs have finally been weeded!  I tried to get up as much invasive root system as I could but I know I will never get it all up so it's a regular task.  It looks nice now and the rhubarb certainly looks happy and healthy.  I was able to pull some and gifted part of it to Chris over the cul de sac.  Sharing produce is lovely.
I will want more for Sunday lunch with Beth and Alex but by then there will be loads more.
We talked of splitting the crowns a few months ago and the one second up on the photo seems to have done it for us.  It's in three very distinct sections already.  One will be for our friend, Julia, one stays there and I'm not sure about the third.  Maybe Chris or Val would like it.

The trees are budding up nicely.  From top left, clockwise, they are the plum, the pear, the laxton apple (we think that is what it is) and the redlove (which is such a picture when it blossoms).

I must get some fleece to lay over the plum if a night frost is predicted as it's very vulnerable.  Allotments really are a bottomless pit at times, aren't they?

The autumn fruiting raspberry canes are now coming up nicely.  Some have travelled to the side of the ground cover but we don't mind that at all.

There are some gaps.  We have holes in the ground cover for nine plants and I think five are coming up so yesterday I went online and ordered some more.  We like to have them fruiting in the autumn so I got this:  it's thornless, resistant to disease and might actually crop a bit this year, depending on how well they grow.  Beth or I will have any spare ones.

And - great excitement - we have a baby broady!!  That means some of the others in the first double row will be popping out soon.

Thankfully, they have now turned the water on at the site so I was able to  give things a good drink - the pansies, the strawberries, the rhubarb and where the broad beans are sown.

So that's the allotment update!

I have to laugh - I've just checked my mailbox to get the link to the raspberries and those raised beds are arriving in a few days.  Now I have to decide - I think I might replace the front one, the one without the little strawberry plants, and see how it goes.  I can shovel all the soul to the middle and build the sides up round it.
I'll hold off sowing those seeds until after it has arrived.

Today, the plan is to get the housework done before breakfast, pop to the allotment between breakfast and lunch and then, after lunch, Chris is coming over for a distanced chat in my garden.  Most exciting!

I think today is going to be a lovely day.  Have a good 'un and stay safe.  xx

Monday 29 March 2021


 Sorry this is so late - I slept a bit late and had planned to do an early morning shop.
It's still a bit dull here but the sun is trying to break through and it's a bit milder than it has been.  We're supposed to have some sunshine today and for the next two days as well so fingers crossed.

Yesterday was a lovely day with Beth and Alex over for lunch and an nice lazy afternoon/evening.  I didn't get any ironing done and I didn't do any weeding, I was just lazy.

It's just as well I am feeling fairly energetic today.  I've been to M&S and Aldi and am now stocked up with necessities for the week ahead.  I then stopped off at Homebase and got several bags of potting compost and some canes plus, as an extra, a little tray of baby leeks.  I'm not sure whether they will go in the garden or down the allotment, I'll have a think, but I do know that, while leeks are not hard to find and are fairly cheep, the fresh pulled from the garden variety is a wondrous thing in both taste and aroma.   Dad had some last year and it was a pleasure to pull them up and cook with them.

After I've put away the shopping, I have to pop out to pick u[p some Easter cards a young friend has made for me and then I'll stop off at the allotment on the way home to unload the canes and the compost and, with any luck, to get that weeding done.

Then the rest of the day is my own so ironing, knitting and general housework is on the cards.  If the sun really comes out as promised, there may also be a bit of sitting out in the garden too.  Wouldn't that be great!

So I'd better get going.  Thanks for all your comments yesterday; I have replied to them now.  Have a lovely day and wishing you sunshine.  xx

Sunday 28 March 2021


 Good morning.  Did you remember to put the clocks forward.  Thanks to Diane's timely reminder yesterday (and others too) I was prepared.   Longer evenings - lovely!
It's a dull start to British Summer Time though.  Not damp, just dull and there's a stiff breeze at times.

I ended up making a list of what I wanted to do yesterday.  That's the trouble with being a bit the worse for wear - things don't get done and they build up.

I got all the washing and all the drying but the ironing is now mountains high and I will need to tackle that this evening.
Still, happiness is . . . 

. . . a line full of whites on a sunny day!

Happiness is also arranging a face to face get together with dear friends (one at a time) in my garden next Tuesday and Wednesday - the weather looks great and we are allowed to from tomorrow.  It feels so good but I am hoping people will be sensible and not bend those rules too far.
I've done my best to remain cheerful and appreciative of things like Messenger and Zoom but being able to do some face to face has lifted my spirits immeasurably.

And happiness is planting seeds/bedding plants.  Six of the strawberry plants are now in their home and I've pinched out a few early flowers so all their strength can go into settling into their new home.  And I have not fifty but sixty baby corn seeds planted.
The growing total at the moment is the same as before:  four cucumbers, six courgettes, loads of sweet peas!
Today I think I will sow the mange tout.  It says sow where they are to grow but I know you can get mange tout bedding plants from the garden centre so I'm starting them off at home - partly to foil those voracious pigeons and partly because I can!

Today, being Sunday, is support bubble day.  In other words, Beth and Al are round for lunch.  I'm doing a roast chicken today with some posh dried stuffing that ought to be used, some cranberry sauce made with frozen cranberries and the usual - roasties, roast parsnips, sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and a med veg bits and bobs sort of thing - leek, onion, red pepper, courgette, mushroom and chopped tomatoes, all simmered together with garlic and seasonings until good and thick.  A sort of ratatouille, I suppose.

I'm hoping Beth will take a trip down to the allotment with me this afternoon.  That rhubarb bed so needs weeding!  If not, that's tomorrow morning's task.

Have a lovely day, whatever your plans.  Stay safe and be happy.  xx

Saturday 27 March 2021


 Good morning.  It's lovely and sunny right now and this is what Beeb predicts for today around here . . 

Nice morning, a bit dull this afternoon.  No complaints.

But just look at Tuesday's forecast - summer!  March is definitely going out like a lamb.  Lovely!

Today's great news is that I have a hair appointment.  On the 12th April.  How fantastic is that!  That's means I won't be chopping my fringe in frustration, I can wait for Sharon to do it for me!
It's very odd how a bit of sunshine and the hopes of a hair cut have lifted my spirits.
It helps that the sore throat is pretty much gone and the aches are minimal.  

Things are waking up in the garden.

The flower bed has been lovely this spring but the snowdrops have finished, the daffs are starting to wilt, the hyacinths are in full flower and the summer stuff is starting to emerge.  It's going to look pretty tatty for a few months now before I get bored and cut down the wilting bulb leaves.  I know one is supposed to let them completely die back but I get fed up of them by mid-May.
Last year's new strawberries have survived.  They are a very lovely deep pink blossom and fruit pretty much all the way through summer.  I have some new plants to add to these, not to fill the whole bed this year but just some.  The majority of the new strawberries are for the allotment.

I'm not sure whether to move the ones in the top photo to the pot or the ones in the pot to the bed - or just leave them all where they are.  I suspect the last is what will happen - this year anyway.

The autumn fruiting raspberries are starting to do their thing now, both here and at the allotment.
The clematis ooh la la is shooting really well again.  It was glorious last summer.
But the rosemary has had its day.  Jeff had it out yesterday and it took him ages to get some of the roots out as well.  I felt so sad but it was woody and messy and bits kept dying - and it had fallen sideways and was putting pressure on the wall of the bed.
I took some cuttings but if they don't take I will get a new plant from the garden centre.  I might possibly have a wigwam of runner beans there this year, just so there's not a wasted space.
Inside, we have three cucumbers, six courgettes and numerous sweet peas.  In the other trays the tomatoes and bread beans are still sleeping in their blankety bed.

The baby corn will be started off in the trays the pansies came in.  Thirty singles and ten with two seeds as the seed pack says there are fifty.  We won't need fifty plants but there's always a few failures.
I'm doing the baby corn and some mange tout today.

As it was raining hard yesterday afternoon, Beth and I didn't get to the allotment.  Instead, she sorted out all her dolls' clothes stock and made up parcel for friends who said they would like some.  To be fair, people offered to pay but Beth, bless her, told them to make a donation to charity instead which suited everyone.
So the amount of charity shop stuff is a fair bit reduced, charities are going to be better off and some little people are going to be happy.  Excellent!

I've finished my bigger knitted squares using aran yarn and then just need sewing together and edged.  It'll be a 5x8 rectangle but each square is a fair but bigger than the other blanket so the whole thing will be bigger.
My fingers got twitchy though, so I rootled in my still considerable store of yarn and found several balls of some DK that I started something with and then didn't like it so undid it all again.  I think I have enough for a jumper for me using this pattern that belonged to my mum.

She adapted it into a jacket type thing, very comfy and warm, but I'm just knitting it a bit longer.  I'll know, once I have done the front, if I have enough yarn so fingers crossed.

The yarn is a lilac colour and will be nice to pop on if the evenings get a bit chilly, I think.

Whether it gets made or not in the end, it's keeping my fingers busy.

I have no reason, but plenty of yarn, to make another little nativity set.  I might do that and, come the winter, donate it to the school for their Christmas Fayre.  There will be one, either real life or online, so it's a possible.

A question for anyone who knows.  You know those columnar fruit trees, the small ones that grow up, not out?  Do they grow naturally like that or do they require special pruning?  I'm just pondering as I gather they do pretty well in largish pots and I have a few suitable corners in the garden.

I've waffled on enough.  Have a great day and I hope the sun is shining where you are too.  xx

Friday 26 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  There's a very 'watery' sun shining at the moment, if you know what I mean, and the forecast isn't great but you never can tell with our weather.
Thank you for the kind comments yesterday.  I'm continuing to feel better and I think it's just been a cold plus some hay fever symptoms, combining to create misery < grin >.  One always thinks, 'is it covid?' nowadays but I'm convinced it hasn't been that at all.  Anyway, this morning I am well enough to wash my hair and feel all the better for it!

The main event of yesterday was meeting Jeff down the allotment.  He gave the shelf the once over and agreed with what Beth and I thought needed doing.  A new roof covering, a bit of patching up, repair the door and take and inch or so off the bottom of the door.  He is sure he can use some of the old wood at the back to mend and patch up.  Everyone's sheds on our allotment are battered and worn, make do and mend and something new and shiny might attract unwanted attention.  Ditto for a fancy lock or big padlock.

Slimming World was good.  Jen has been attending some training by SW and was very keen to share it with us so it was a lively session.

Today, Jeff comes at 8:15 to start his fortnightly attacks on my garden.  Today, sadly, he is taking out my huge, overgrown, very woody rosemary bush which I intend to replace with another.  I've taken cuttings but, if they don't come to anything, it's easy to find plants in the garden centres.

Beth is round again but I'm not sure we will get to the allotment.  While I've been typing, the sun has disappeared and it's looking very like rain.
However, she wants to make up dolls' parcels to send to friends who responded to her 'would you like some . . .' Facebook message and she can get that done.

That's really about it.  I have housework and must get a neglected home ready for the cleaners so I will get started on that as soon as my hair is dry.
I hope your day goes well for you and that you stay safe and well.  xx

Thursday 25 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  There's more sun this morning and the sky is lovely and clear.  Great promise for the day to come.

Thank you for your kind comments yesterday.  I did, indeed, take care and look after myself and, if sleep is anything to go by, I'm doing OK.  On Tuesday evening I went to bed before eight and was straight to sleep.  I woke up around six, I think, yesterday, had a sleep in the morning before Beth arrived, had a sleep in the afternoon (about an hour and a half, said Beth), went to bed early again, slept solidly through the night and woke around half six-ish.  I haven't slept so well for ages!  This morning the throat is much better and there are virtually no aches.  Definitely on the mend.

Beth came round yesterday.  I helped her  sort out the stuff in what was her office in the morning, making decisions about what to keep, what to donate and what to chuck.  What's being kept is pretty much collectively owned so we can both go at it - lots of thread and other general haberdashery, some useful lengths of fabric, etc.

Beth posted on Facebook asking if friends were interested in a package of 18" doll clothes and accessories (free) and got plenty of response, so tomorrow she will be sorting that stuff into parcels to send out.  The intention was to donate all that side of stock to school fairs but they are just not happening and neither of us are keen on holding on to stuff until they are happening again.
The rubbish is all bagged up and will go into the bin as soon as possible.  My bin is almost full and they don't collect until this week so I must keep some space for my own rubbish.  Beth's bins are collected on Friday so, hopefully, she will be able to dump most of the bags then.  At the moment they are all in the garage!

Also in the garage are (or will be) the donate things.  What's left once the doll stuff has been posted out will go to charity shops when they open and, at the moment, it's all in the garage too, or still upstairs.  I had flagged and Beth's back was playing up so today, each time I go upstairs, I will come down again with another donation box and get it into the garage.  By the end of today, they should all be out of the house.

Today, I intend taking the morning easy.  It's such a nice day that I will do some washing and get it pegged on the line and the kitchen is a bit of a mess.
This afternoon, I am meeting Jeff at the allotment (allowed) so he can have a good look at the shed and say what needs repairing and, maybe, how much.

In the evening it is the Slimming World meeting.  I'm not going to weigh this week, which is fine and allowed. 

So that's me and my day.  What does yours look like?
Take care and be safe.  xx

Wednesday 24 March 2021


 Good morning!  Yesterday was another gorgeously sunny day after the early frost melted and the early cloud vanished.  Working outside in garden and at allotment was an absolute pleasure, it really was.

Thankfully, the new loop style 'headphones' work a treat on the PC and, I would imagine, with the laptop too.   The only problem is that the cable from the gizmo to the headphones socket isn't long enough so I've ordered an extension that should arrive today.
I tested it in my chat with Dad (because he would understand what I was on about) and it worked fine in that I could hear him really clearly, but I couldn't hear myself all that well as my aids were on the loop setting so not reading external sounds.  That's not such a problem though.
All in all, I'm very glad I have this particular gizmo.

Down the allotment, it took me about an hour to do the chipping work and now the back of the plot looks an awful lot better.  It should keep the weeds down much more too, always a good thing.

The back of an allotment plot is rarely a picture postcard view and the poor shed is sadly in need of patching up but it looks so, so, so much better with the chippings down and when the cover on the table has been cleared of the winter mess, we can sit there, pour coffee out of the flask and feel - well, amazing.  So good for mental health.

Sadly, the chat with Jackie didn't go ahead, and I probably can't do Friday (must ask Beth what time she will be over) but the following week, government and weather permitting, I can go over to hers and we can chat face to face in her garden.
That will be very pleasant.

More seeds have been planted - the tomatoes and spare broad beans to act as row fillers for any that don't come up in the allotment.  

I've woken feeling a bit meh - more sore throat and a lot of aching which might be connected or it might just be all the spading up of chippings and dragging from pile to plot on repeat.
I'm going to stay in and feel sorry for myself.  No, I'm staying in but Beth is round and we will start to tackle the front room.  I've cancelled personal training, it seems the sensible thing to do, and I will take it easy.

It's a nuisance because I had planned to weed out some nasty invasive stuff from around the rhubarb but I guess that can wait until tomorrow now.

Well, the sun is shining and it is warming up outside so that's cheerful.  Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx

Tuesday 23 March 2021


 Good morning!  Yesterday turned out to be beautifully sunny pretty much all day.  The afternoon felt so warm, Beth and I took off our top layer.  Because of the clear skies, we have had a frost overnight (it's gone now) and it's quite bright although Beeb seems to think the sun won't shine so much today.  Tomorrow looks promising.

It was a lovely day in other ways too.  In the morning, after doing the usual kitchen preparations, I went into the garden and got on with sorting the fruit and veg bed out.  A few white bells are still trying to grow there so I had them out first before taking out the structure for the tomatoes and spreading some lovely compost from my compost bin and forking it in.  I rebuilt the tomato support cage thingy and now that bed is ready for some strawberries, beetroots, radishes and maybe carrots.  Not a lot of anything, just short rows, I think.
I also left some compost in a bucket to mix with potting compost for seed sowing.

Then Beth arrived and we had lunch before setting out to the allotment.  We spent two and a half hours there, pretty much, and I guess we could have worked harder but we didn't, we plodded along, talking and just pottering really.

First of all, we got the lawn edging around the flower bed.  We didn't do a very good job of it; it isn't evenly laid so some parts are higher than others but, as a principle, in the short term it will do and, at some point, we can dig round it and lower the higher bits.  Not now though because the next thing we did was put the pansies in, all round the edge.  This was so satisfying!

Then we moved to the back and set to tidying around the shed.  We sorted out the canes and found some were now very brittle.  They got tossed into the thicket behind the shed to rot down in time and replenish the earth.  We still have enough, though, so that's good.
Then we laid some ground cover across the back and staked it down well.  That actually took ages but it was worth it; it will keep those weeds down and won't get muddy now.

I didn't take any photos - we had nipped the flowers off the pansies to give them a good start and the plastic cover is just - plastic cover!!  Nothing very exciting.

When we got home, my loop hearing thingy had arrived.  It works with my tablet fine so today I will try it with the PC.  The lead is a bit short so I've ordered an extension which should arrive tomorrow.  There was a bit of crackling at times but I can cope with that.

First thing today I'm going back early to start moving chippings from the communal pile to the ground cover.  I reckon it will take nine or ten barrow loads (we have a small barrow and it requires more than one would think).

After that, it is (hopefully) the delayed chat with Jackie.

Then I'm going to garden and sow seeds.  I want to get the tomatoes started off and I think I'll start the mange tout off in little pots as well.  I now have three baby cucumber plantlets and eleven sweet pea shoots so it's all most enjoyable.  

Then it is my weekly chat with Dad and after that I reckon I will be done for the day so reading, knitting and telly are on the agenda.

No Beth today but she'll be back over tomorrow and we are tackling my smallest bedroom that used to be her workroom.  I'm really not sure what it will end up as - not a bedroom, that's for sure.  Maybe a sewing room - that would be fab.  Once it's cleared of all Beth's stuff, I will have a proper think.

So today is going to be fun and I'd better get started!  Have a great day too.  xx

Monday 22 March 2021


 Good morning.
Yesterday was such a dull and chilly day but today has started beautifully with easily sunshine.  What a difference a bit of sun makes to my mood!  

Thanks for all the comments about HIGNFY.  

If anyone is interested, there are still audience spaces for the last show, May 13th.  Here's the link, click on 'current shows', find the HIGNFY link, click on that and fill in the form.  They got back to me really quickly, within a day.

The neck loop thingy should arrive today so plenty of time to road test it and discover any quirks.

Yesterday was lovely with Beth and Alex round for Sunday dinner.  It's always a good excuse to splash out a bit on a roast with all the trimmings.  It's worth it for two (Beth is vegetarian) and there's always just enough leftovers for during the week.
Yesterday was lamb, which I dearly love slow roasted.  In a fortnight, it will have to be lamb again, won't it, for Easter.  Dear me, what a trial!!!!
After dinner, Alex decided to walk home and Beth and I settled down to watch the last Pottery Throw Down episode which neither of us had seen.  It was great, I loved the art deco sets and so pleased about the winner.  I also love the way they show, right at the end, what the potters have been doing since the end of recording.  Both Beth and I sighed for our own pottery classes but the chances of us going back in the near future are pretty small.  Neither of us would feel that confident in such a small, comparatively crowded room.
Maybe in five or six years, when things really have settled and a new normal has been established.  Maybe . . .

It's very off but in the last several days I've not been feeling 100%.  Some sneezing, some aches, a sore throat, especially overnight, and very, very weary.  I'm wondering if hay fever is starting early for me and I think I'll take my usual tablets for a few days to see if they make a difference.  Fingers crossed.

Something rather nice - a few of the seeds I planted last week are coming up.  Two baby sweet peas and a cucumber.  Woo hoo!  I love it when the baby plants emerge.  New life is always a happy thing.
Some of the strawberries I bought have flowered.  Too early, I'll pinch them off, but it's so encouraging for the future harvest.

Today starts off gently with the usually pottering around doing this and that.  Beth is round for lunch; it's her week off and we're having lunch together, going to B&Q to get some bags of potting compost and then working together on the allotment.  There's edging to put down, pansies to plant and a table and bench cover to clean.  I'd also like her to help me put down some cover in front of the shed and then I can chip it.  It does help to keep those weeds down.  Under the bench itself is fine, it is chipped and sheltered so isn't all that messy at all really.
I'd also like to go through the garden canes, sort them into sized, put cover where they lie and then put the canes back.
And if we have time (which we probably won't), we could build the supports for the runner beans and the mange touts.  Rather early, I know, but it will look as if we are doing something!!

I imagine that, by the evening, I'll be too tired to do much else really except to watch tally and catch up with recorded programmes.

While I've typed this, the sun has disappeared.  What a nuisance.  Never mind, it'll be back, I am sure.  Have a super day, whatever you have planned, and stay happy.  xx

Sunday 21 March 2021


 Good morning!

Yesterday's plans seemed to work out OK.  I got to the allotment, mowed, strimmed and weeded, got chilled to the bone so decided to stay inside when I got home rather than work on my own garden.   Quite apart from the early rhubarb, the other three crowns are doing very nicely now.  Loads to p[ick in a fortnight, I think.  I hope the neighbours have some.

I just love how crumpled those baby leaves are at first.

I received an exciting email.  A few days ago I applied to be part of the online audience for a recording of Have I Got News For You, one of my favourite shows and, guess what, I have a ticket!  It's for May 6th and the email contained all sorts of info about connections, etc.  

Just one problem - Because of feedback problems, one has to have the sound turned off and use headphones.  Not so easy when one have hearing aids so I did something I've been intending to do for ages and have ordered a 'personal inductive neckloop' that I can plug in to my PC (or laptop, phone, etc) and which one wears around the next as a personal loop system (as the name says).  If it works, it should help me with Zoom chats and meetings, etc, as well.  If it doesn't, I'll have to think again.

Fingers crossed, eh?

Today, being Sunday, Beth and Alex are round for Sunday roast.  I'm looking forward to that.  Apart from this, I have no other specific plans so I'm looking forward to a gentle, lazy late afternoon and evening.

I'd better go and start prepping those vegetables for lunch.  Have a lovely day and stay safe and well.  xx

Saturday 20 March 2021


 Good morning.  It's a bit early to tell what sort of a day it's started out to be but it's dry and it doesn't feel too cold.  That's fine by me.

I didn't have my chat with Jackie; she wasn't feeling all that well so we have rescheduled for Tuesday.  We're both looking forward to a face to face meeting the week after next.  That would be so very lovely.

It was brilliant down the allotment in the sunshine.  It was peaceful and there were very few others there - I would say around eight of us all found plus two who were having their daily exercise jogging round the perimeter (what a good idea).
I tackled the weeds - they never give up - and set up some more 'structure'.

This is the front bed.  From right to left, there are three double rows marked by canes with squares between That's for the broad beans.  The first two double rows now have seeds sown (although a pesky cat had clawed up at least one bean that I could see.  Then there's a gap before the last pair of squares - that's for the tomato cage but there's no point setting that out yet, it might get nicked.  The remaining space, which is bigger than it looks at this angle, is for the baby corn, probably planted 5x5 or 6x6.  The canes aren't for the beans to grow up, they are just for support if it's windy and I will run twine around them in due course.

All the fruit trees now have buds.  This is the plum which, as mentioned before, is on its final warning!

There's also more rhubarb to pull which I forgot to photo.  I've looked on t'Internet and found a delicious recipe for rhubarb fool - totally evil as far as calories are concerned but definitely something Beth and Alex would love.

Then I came home, finished getting the house ready for the cleaners and had an online chat/meeting with Leonie, who is my Thermomix consultant (I think that's what they call them) about a new Thermomix addition called a Friend.  I've decided to get one (it works alongside the main Thermomix) but need to wait for a little while because they won't be selling the base on its own until April.  As I already have two bowls, there's not way I want, need or have space for a third.  Not a problem.  Leonie will let me know as soon as it becomes available.

And the sun shone all day long.  Lovely.

Today is somewhat similar but without the chats.

First of all, I'm off down to Morrisons to get what I need for the rhubarb fool plus sundry other bits and bobs that have come to mind.

Then I will load up the car with the mower and get me down to the old allotment to give the grass a haircut and the edges a strim, not to mention the regular hoeing of any random weeds that dare to show their faces.  Must remember to pull the rhubarb before I come home.

After that, the day's my own.  I'm going to spend some of it sorting out some of my garden pots and getting some compost from the bin onto the veg bed.  I might also pop a few of the pansies into the little front strip too.
Then I want to sow some broad beans in pots, to act as spares for any spaces where they don't germinate.  The soil is definitely getting warmer so I'm hoping there will be signs of growth soon.  I'm itching to get the tomatoes sown too but am wondering if it's a bit early as they will have to go straight outside when ready.  No half way greenhouses on the estate!

After that, I expect I will be glad of a sit down and snooze!

What do you plan to do today?  xx

Friday 19 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  It's a lovely, sunny early morning; there are clouds in the sky but the sun is shining and the wet paving is drying out.  Will it stay nice all day?  Beeb seems to think so.

Sadly, yesterday was dire - the weather, I mean.  It started raining during my chat with Chris and hardly stopped for the rest of the day.
However, nothing daunted, I drove around town to Abercorns and grabbed a trolley.  However, when I looked at the pansies, while they were in beautiful condition, they were also shockingly expensive for the number I wanted.  Ditto for strawberries, although I was glad to see that they are now being sold.  I went in, found the tomato cages (cheaper than Amazon), got some metre long canes (useful for the mange tout and the broad beans) and another pot.  I also got a packet of roma plum tomato seeds and, for Beth, some climbing French bean seeds.

I then decided to cut back through town and go to B&Q to see if they had any more reasonably priced pansies.  I'm glad I did because they did plus strawberry plants, half the price and, to my fairly ignorant eye, they looked just as good.  

RHS advises me that strawberries can be planted in 'early spring', i.e. now, more or less.  Where they will go in my garden is a nice and sheltered spot so that's on next week's list.  The allotment isn't quite so sheltered so I might wait until mid April.  It tells me that a fleece for those colder Spring nights might be a good idea so that is now on the shopping list.

I also got a sturdy looking dustpan and brush for the allotment shed.  I thought we had one but it appears not.

Once home and unpacked, as it was still chucking it down with rain, I really didn't fancy the allotment at all so spent the rest of the day inside knitting and reading mostly.

Today I think I have a chat with Jackie at eleven and another Zoom thingy at three.  In between those two times, I may very well do the allotment stuff I had planned for yesterday.  That, plus clearing the week's clutter for the cleaners, should take up most of the day.

All the best for your day - may it go well for you.  xx

Thursday 18 March 2021


Good morning, everyone.  It's nearly the end of another week (as in Monday to Friday) and, for the life of me, I can't see where the time has gone.  One more week and it's the Easter holiday for the children, less that two weeks and it is April.  Three more days and it is officially spring, however you count the start date.  Eleven more days and we can meet in gardens again under the 'rule of six -  how I hope for some sunny, mild weather as a few proper, face to face chats would be lovely.

It all seems awfully close and my fingers are crossed that there have been enough vaccinations to avoid another spike.  There probably will be a bit of one but, hopefully, no deaths (I know, that's not going to happen, there will be, but one can hope).
I'm still going to be so, so careful though.

Looking at the 'road map', all being well, it looks as if I will get my long delayed Southwold holiday as it is in UK, self contained holiday accommodation in the middle of May.

All reasons to be cheerful!

Yesterday went fine.  I got to Beth's just before nine and got her back area cleared and ready for whatever she's going to put in there.  She reckons a few yellow courgettes as she dearly loves them and also some climbing French beans.  Down the allotment we're having runner beans and, later on, dwarf French beans but she'd like some earlier ones.

When I was in Abercorns the other day, I saw that they have a good range of pansies.  We both like pansies so I think I'll go back and get a couple of trays, some for the front of her little patch, some for the front of my house and some for the little flower bed down the allotment.

After clearing up and disposing of the rubbish and weeds, I came home and whizzed around getting ready for personal training with Lindsey.  I thought I'd be tired after the gardening but, actually, I felt more energetic than usual - maybe I'd had a good warm up!  Anyway, it was good.  I felt it later, mind you!

The chat with Val was, as always, lovely.  We've decided to leave it for a fortnight as next week Beth is off work and we will be doing things together.

The saga of the PIN machine is pretty much over.  My phone will, indeed, act as a substitute, giving me the code I need to get into my online banking on my PC.  I'm still getting a new one but there's no urgency now.  I will have to pick up a prescription at some point next week so I can do it then. 

Today is a bit easier.  I have a chat with Chris this morning and after that, weather permitting, I want to pay the allotment a visit to hoe any naughty weeds and to lay a couple more of those stepping stones around where the runner beans will go.  It's nearly time to pop in the second lot of broad beans but I'll do that next week.

In the afternoon I will go back to Abercorns to get those pansies, maybe another plastic pot and some garden canes of various sizes.  Some of ours are in a poor way and we were getting a bit short last year.  They also do a kit that makes up into tomato supports and I want to build a kind of cage at the allotment like the one I have at home which supports the tomatoes beautifully.  It's surprising how heavy they get in the summer months and one cane just isn't enough support.

The only other thing on the list for today is the Slimming World Zoom meeting early this evening.  Last week was great fun so I'm looking forward to this week's.

It's my brother's birthday today.  Finally he is old enough to join the noble clan of family pensioners so I'll be sending him an online card to that effect.

Have a great day and enjoy the smaller pleasures of life.  :-)  xx

Wednesday 17 March 2021


 Good morning, all.  It's too early to see how the day is likely to turn out but at least it's dry!  Yesterday turned out very variable; one minute it was sunny and then pouring rain, all with a gusty breeze.  Beeb says today should be dry but not much mention of sun.  Oh, well, I don't really have time to go out anyway and maybe the wind will dry out the grass so tomorrow I can give the allotment a haircut.  There is other stuff to do there but I'm keeping most of it for next week as Beth is off work next week and wants to come and help there as well.

I trotted off into town at around half nine and queued outside the bank.  Spoke to the lady filtering waiting customers who said 'change the battery'.  When I said I couldn't get it open, she asked if I had the screwdriver with me.  Er - no, not something I usually bring on shopping trips.  She suggested I try again (grrrrr) and come back if it really was stuck (grrrr) and, in the meanwhile, there is an online PIN sentry gizmo on the app.
Not terribly helpful but she did it so nicely!
When I got home I had another go and no luck.  However, I did get the app up and running and now have access to my account.  I wonder if the PIN sentry code I get on the phone will then work to open my account on the PC.  Must try it at some point.

While I was there, I had a walk around, not that there was very much to see, and went into Wilkinsons as Beth had mentioned that she was getting some slate plate mats and I was sure I had seen some in Wilko's.  I was right, there were some, so I got them for her and I also found some water retaining crystals (for the tomato pots) and some nice, strong garden refuse sacks.

I finally actually got round to getting my hands dirty and sowed the sweet pea, cucumber and courgette seeds.  More than needed of each because some don't ever germinate and it's nice to have some to give away, either to friends or to leave by the shop at the allotment for anyone else to take.

I'll sow the tomatoes next week.  Usually I stick to just a couple of kinds, always sungolds and something a bit bigger and redder but last year I had a greater variety and it was lovely so this year I'm trying:
sungolds (always)
gardener's delight
golden sunrise (large, yellow)
candy tots (sweet cherry
and I realise I don't have anything plummy so I must pop back to the garden centre and have a look (oh, the hardship)

I'll do the baby corn next week too.  

I had a short but reassuring chat with Dad.  Maybe it is only a couple of months before I can drive up and see him again - I think we are both looking forward to this no end.

Today, being Wednesday, is quite busy.  I might pop over to Beth's this morning and get going on her back bed - she doesn't have a garden as it's flats but she has a little patch of soil which needs a bit of work.  Now she's working full time she is either busy or very tired so I've offered to help out a bit.

Just before midday, it is the weekly personal training session with Lindsey.  I enjoy these to much, not only because of the exercise but because we have a jolly good chat at the same time.

Not long after that, it's the weekly chat with Val.  I'll be all chatted out, won't I?

Well, better get the day started.  Another coffee, I think, and some kitchen work.  Take care, everyone, be good and stay safe.  xx  :-)

Tuesday 16 March 2021


 Good morning. 
It's horrible and wet again this morning.  One nice day at a time is all we seem to get right now which is a right pain.  I was rather hoping to fit in a high mowing of the grass down the allotment today but that won't happen.  Yesterday was quite pleasant with some periods of sunshine and some cloud and, on a couple of occasions, a thread of rain which came to nothing.
Oh, well, it is what it is!

I managed to get plenty done.

Not a pretty sight yet but it will be.  I cut out and dug up what will be a flower bed, just to look pretty and add colour.  That area has been covered for a couple of years and I expected it to be extremely hard work with loads of nasty weed roots in the soil but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to dig/fork over and how few root systems I found (and removed).  The soil felt in great condition too - not as much clay as I expected.

We've changed our over-ambitious plan for raised beds for now and, as time goes by, we will cut out more beds of a similar size for vegetables, edge them and have chippings on the cover for access pathways.

But probably not this year!

Access isn't really something we had thought about all that carefully and, for a while, it wasn't a problem, but now we have dug up where the strawberries were (or tried to be), it's become a bit more of an issue so I've set out these 'stepping stones' which should help considerably.
I'd love stone really but that would be too heavy and too expensive (and maybe a bit vulnerable to theft).

Where this bed meets the cover, where the raspberry canes are just starting to send out some growth, it was very shabby and the cover was fraying and looking horrible, so I have tucked that under and staked it firmly down to make a neater boundary.

I went to Abercorns and get a couple of rolls of cheap, plastic lawn edging which, we have decided, we are going to try out.  The wooden sleepers or whatever are very nice but they rot down and ours are starting to be not fit for purpose in several places.  We're going to try lawn edging for the interior borders first and see how it works.  I strongly suspect it won't work all that well or otherwise why aren't more holders using it?
But we will see.

And finally, the obligatory full frontal photo!  I feel quite proud of it all right now.  

Beth has a week off next week so we will meet there together.  We're going to sort out the back together, clean the table and benches, tidy and sort the canes and maybe build the support cages for things like the runner beans and the sweet peas, weed round the shed, put chippings down (it's so helpful to have them provided free) and put in that lawn edging.  We reckon four hands will be a lot better than two for that job - it won't be hard, just maybe a bit awkward so one can hold in place while the other backfills with soil.

Fingers crossed for some fine weather.

As mentioned, I went across town to Abercorns and spent a happy half hour or so strolling around the plants and garden stuff.  I bought the edging, some seed pots and a nice, big plastic/stone lookalike pot for my garden.  Some of my wooden pots are looking manky and, although I dearly love those heavy stone pots in various glazings and sizes, they are totally impractical for a single lady of my age.  So plastic it is - and at least it isn't single use!

When I got home, there was a parcel on the doorstep which I'll talk about some other time.  I sorted out seeds, wrote plant labels, inserted sowing trays in larger trays and generally did everything except for the mucky part - actually planting some seeds.  That's for today, in-between showers.

Providing I am dressed in time, I need to pop into town.  My card reader thingy has stopped working so I need to get to the bank to order another one although I really ought to check online and see if I can do it that way first.  The trouble is, I can't access my account and I do like to keep an eye on my balance.

The only other scheduled event is the weekly chat with Dad this afternoon, which I am looking forward to very much.

So that's my life at the moment.  What are your plans for the day?  Whatever they are, start safe, dry and positive.  xx

Monday 15 March 2021


 Good morning!  Well, here we are, pretty much halfway through March already.  Where on earth is the time going?  

These weren't a gift, I bought them on Saturday to treat myself.

As expected, yesterday's morning sunshine turned into afternoon and evening rain.  Today is supposed to be nice and sunny this morning and fine and cloudy this afternoon.

I had a lovely day yesterday.  After a lazy morning getting the seed potatoes into trays for sprouting (they are now in the shed where they will stay for a while) I worked out the schedule for sowing and planting,
I'm going to save any plastic egg boxes I get for a while - all the other potatoes are crammed into another tray but these boxes keep them apart really nicely.  Not a new idea, of course, just new to me!  

I pootled over to Beth's, stopping off at Dave's on the way to drop off his birthday present.  Beth had made a lovely noodle and veg dinner and the rhubarb and strawberry crumble went down a treat.  I've been a bit reluctant to go to hers for a meal because her cooker had broken and it would have been difficult for her to organise, but she now has a lovely new one so we might very well be alternating.  My turn next week, anyway, and Alex has requested lamb.

Today the diary is empty.  I will definitely be down the allotment in the morning to cut the flower bed, dig it over and hoe down any adventurous weeds anywhere else.  I think I might also take a trip to a garden centre to get some plastic lawn edging and give it a go to mark and keep the edges of the new bed as we don't have any proper wood edging thingies.  Worth a try anyway.
(I really haven't explained that very well, have I?)

In the afternoon, I might start on some of the seed sowing, seeing as I bought a bag of compost on Saturday morning.
I'm looking forward to a day in the fresh air, anyway.

What are your plans?  xx

Sunday 14 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  The sun is shining and the wind has died down considerably, thank goodness.  There's still a breeze but nothing more.  According to the Beeb, this morning will be lovely and sunny but this afternoon it is likely to cloud over and rain.

Yesterday started off sunny, clouded over fairly early and by nine it was drizzling.  There was a strong wind and it felt so very cold in that wind.  It took me ages to warm up after I got home from shopping and I decided to stay in for the rest of the day and keep warm.  I seem to feel the cold so much more than I used to - not so much insulating blubber and getting older, I suspect.

I got the shop done and, yes, found a couple of things.  A navy top with appliqued butterflies and quite a nice skirt - both size tens, yay!!!
On the way home, I took a detour to the allotment for this . . .

. . . the first fruits of this year.  It's now stewed with strawberries and, as I type this, is in the oven with a crumble topping to take over to Beth's to be warmed up again there.
it was that stop off that convinced me to stay home for the rest of the day.  It can be breezy in that open space and, boy, was it cold!

The thermo demo was good.  While I wouldn't actually make anything that they made, it gave me some good ideas.

I finished the blanket.  It has ended up looking a lot better than I thought it would;  rustic, yes, but I knew it would, it's a rustic thing.  If I had an olde worlde cottage it would be perfect!
What do you think?

It's sideways in this photo.
The edging was three rows of single crochet and then a double crochet scallop.  The purpose was to keep my hands busy and to use up some of my huge stash of dk yarn and it has certainly done that.
What will I do with it?  I'm not sure but I will find something.

I didn't do any seed sowing but I did pick up my first bag of potting compost and, with some compost from the compost bin, have plenty to get started when I finally get round to it.

I did finish the ironing, thank goodness.  I have a load of whites to do and will start them off very soon so that I an get them dried outside this morning, before ant predicted rain starts.

No allotment plans.  I will start again tomorrow as Monday is always pretty much a free day.

Well, I'd better check the crumble, get the washing in and make myself a coffee.  Have a great day, one and all, whatever you have planned.  xx

Today is Mothering Sunday, of course.  I'm going round to Beth's for lunch (taking dessert with me as mentioned above).  Apart from that, I don't have any particular plans.
I have a couple of birthday gifts to drop off on the way

Saturday 13 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  It's a pleasant start to the day - the skies are pretty clear and it's going to be sunny.  There's still a brisk wind but nothing too worrying.

Yesterday passed happily.  I ended up not allotmenting as everywhere was wet and I may work hard there but only in fine weather!

The dental appointment was just to check that I'm brushing my teef properly.  It seems I am, there was virtually nothing to be seen when she used the disclosing stuff so I got a metaphorical pat on the back which made me feel happier than it should really!  
So that's the dentist done for a month and a half, more or less.

As it was such a blowy day, after the rain died down I managed to get two loads of washing out on the line where it dried beautifully.  I now have some ironing to do.

Today I am whizzing off for an early morning shop to Sainsbury's.  I don't really NEED to shop but there are some things I want that only Sainsbury's sells.
While I'm there, I'll check out the clothes, of course.  There's bound to be some new stuff in and I need some more longer tops to wear with my jeggings and cropped leggings come the finer weather.  Well - I say 'need' but . . .

At eleven I have booked into a Thermomix demo run by the local team.  They are very good at doing these demos, asking only for a voluntary charitable donation, which I am always happy to do.  Today's is meals for Mothering Sunday, not that I am cooking for anyone but they are always interesting and one gets good ideas.

And I MUST allotmentate today.  Apart from anything else, I need the exercise!

Eileen kindly gave me a link to a site that does online talks and demos and I am really looking forward to trawling through it for some future online entertainment.  I may do that today.
And I still haven't got round to working out my seed sowing schedule.  Dear oh my, I will be late with the plants again if I don't get a move on.

And finally, I'm on the last lap with the hexagon blanket.  I decided to crochet round the shapes rather than knit fill-ins, mostly because there would be so many and I just couldn't be bothered!  I should get that finished at some point today.

So what with planning, digging and weeding, ironing, knitting, cookery demo and shopping, it should be a great day.  I hope yours is as well.  Be happy and stay safe.  xx

Friday 12 March 2021


 Good morning, all.  After a nice sunny start, it is now lashing with rain although Beeb tells me that it is just a shower and the late morning and afternoon should be lovely and sunny.  Hope so - it was really nice earlier.

Yesterday also turned out very pleasant indeed and I got down to the allotment and finished off the chipping of the paths and so on; I was so pleased as I hated to leave it half done.

It looks good and ready now, doesn't it?  I just (just!!!) have to keep those pesky weeds under control now.
And mow the grass!

In the back garden, the bulbs are looking very pretty indeed, brightening up the space beautifully.

Everything went according to plan.  I had a great chat with Chris and the Slimming World Zoom meeting was really good fun.

Today there's nothing in the diary this morning as Jackie can't make our chat today.  In the afternoon I have my return visit to see the dental hygienist and I have no idea what they will entail.  No needles, no drilling, so I'm OK about it.  I will just make sure I use my toothbrush and little flossing brushed to great effect beforehand.

Assuming all is well and the weather plays ball, I will probably stop off at the allotment on the way home and put in some time on the weeds at the back, around the shed and the table and benches.

Have a lovely day, everyone, rain or no rain.  Keep safe and be happy.  xx

Edited to add - the seed potatoes arrived yesterday, three cheers!   I will get them all out in trays today or tomorrow.  They're going in the shed for now.

Thursday 11 March 2021


 Good morning!  It is truly wet and horrible out there today.  The heating is up and I'm keeping the curtains closed for a while longer.  Beeb says that we should get sun between the showers this morning - it's a bit hard to tell right now so my fingers are crossed that they are right.  I have an unfinished task down the allotment and would like to get that completed.  

Yesterday went according to plan.  I got the important email written and sent off and feel an awful lot better and easier in my mind now.  I've had a positive response so that's all to the good.

Although the picture was a bit 'wavery' and the sound wasn't great, a number of people managed to access J's funeral yesterday morning.  They hadn't been sure because it was an old church, poor internet connection, etc, but I was so glad to be there.  I had a little chat with Dad afterwards - he was OK.

Personal Training was great.  Each week Lindsey pushes me a bit more and every five weeks we have a discussion about where we should go in the next block.  Next week is week five so I need to have a think.  It won't be long before L is able to hold these sessions in her garden and then, eventually in her new inside gym.  They move house a week tomorrow after five months plus of on/off that has been very hard to cope with at times, bless her.  That's the trouble with finding your perfect house - you start investing in it right away.  It's been a rocky road and I'm so glad it's nearly over.

Then it was my weekly chat with Val which is always lovely and this week is no exception.  I always think that, in this quiet life we now live, it is great that we manage to find enough to keep us talking solidly for a good hour plus!
We are old friends so I guess that helps and, certainly, our chat is a highlight of my week.
Before lockdown, we were meeting up once a month.  I wonder if that will resume or whether it will become more often.  She lives about half an hour or less away (depending on traffic) so it is do-able.

The rest of the day was spent the usual way as the rain kept on and the winds grew stronger.

Today is, again, the same every week.  A chat with Chris first.  As she lives just over the cul de sac, we could chat (online) and wave through our front windows (we don't).  Last summer we met f2f weekly so I guess that will continue, weather permitting.  I'm fortunate in my friends, I really am.

Early evening it is the usual Slimming World Zoom meeting.  I do enjoy these.  We have lots of laughs as well as sharing hits and tips.  I always look forward to them.

I'll be spending a lot of time at home today and I thing I need to go through some of my clothes to see what I really am not likely to wear in the future.  It's an ongoing process really because I'm always a bit soft hearted and keep things that, really, don't need keeping.  I'm not sure why, I'm just soft, I think.
Maybe I will, maybe I won't.  We will see.

I hope the weather isn't too bad your way and that you have had no wind damage.  Take care, have a great day and continue to be safe.  xx

Wednesday 10 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  What a change this morning.  It is dull and wet and likely to stay that way through today with strong winds joining the party around lunch time.  At the moment tomorrow looks a bit better, the morning does anyway.

Yesterday was a gorgeous early spring day.  None too warm at first but that sunshine!!!  Wonderful.  I spend a good couple of hours doing the usual down the allotment and got the rest of the chipped beds cleared of weeds so it now looks ready for action.  I didn't get the new chipping down, there wasn't time, but intend doing that tomorrow.  There's loads of chipping in the communal pile so that's not a problem and the going back and forth, spading them into the barrow and wheeling it all back again is great exercise!  The blossom is now out down the far end of the plot and there are visible buds on our little fruit trees.

From the front.  Just look at that sky!!
From the back.  That covered area in the foreground is where the raspberries are.
And the area under the plum and pear trees that I finished off yesterday.

The weeds will come back, of course, they never give up, but it is nice to have just one time when it looks unweedy!
It doesn't show in the first photo, but that blossom is a picture.

So, after finishing off the chipping, there are two - no, three - other things on the 'do now' list.
1.  Uncover a strip of ground and dig it up ready for some bedding flowers, just to look pretty and colourful.  We're thinking geraniums, lobelia, that sort of thing.  Just annuals.
2.  Properly weed and chip the pathway between the back of the raspberry patch and the shed/table/benches
3.  Mow the grass.  I was hoping to do that tomorrow but it will be too wet now so maybe Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather,

And then two longer term things:
1.  Get Jeff to repair the shed
2.  Replace all the edging which, frankly, has seen better day as you have probably noticed!  Talk about patched up!  We're looking at something more permanent but it's quite expensive so would have to be done in dribs and drabs.

My chat with Dad was short but lovely, as always.  Today we are both going to (online) the funeral for his next door neighbour, Jacquie.  I think we will both find it hard today and I wish I could be there but that's covid for you!

After that, I have an hour of personal training with Lindsey, which will make up for not doing any allotment work.  Despite the back hold up last week, it's all going well and, while I would not say I am all that fit, I'm loads fitter than I was and my recover time is much faster.  It's definitely worth the effort and the cost.  Once we can go back to face to face sessions, they will be held in her new home and I'm really looking forward to that.

Following that is my weekly chat with Val.  It'll be great to catch up again.

The rest of the day will be spent the usual way - housework, knitting, etc.  The patchwork blanket is coming on.
I have one more strip of hexagons to sew on and then I need to decide whether it needs another strip.  I do have spares as I made too many.  Then I need to decide whether to knit loads and loads of little fill ins to straighten up the edges or whether to just crochet around and keep the hexagonal shaped edge.  Decisions, decisions.

Well, time flies and I need to stop blurbing on.  Have a great day and I hope the weather isn't too extreme where you are.  xx

Tuesday 9 March 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  Thank you for your lovely allotment comments on yesterday's post.  
We had rain yesterday evening but not, I think, all that much as the ground is dry this morning and it looks as if we might have some sunshine today.  That would be nice so fingers crossed.

No photos of the allotment today.  Clearing under the plum and pear trees took for ever and I only managed to get half of it completed before I had to head off home.  I'll get that done today first of all and then start on the chipped patch round the low beds and the bins.

I got the shop done and am now well stocked with fruit and veg.  I will eat well this week.

And that was about it as far as yesterday is concerned.  

Today, I am off to guess where again but, before I set out, I am going to spend ten minutes or so on my front patch as the weeds are having a party.  Fortunately, so are the bulbs so it should look much better once I've finished.

The only other thing in the diary is the weekly chat with Dad which I am really looking forward to and I need to fire off an email that needs thinking about first.  But first, coffee and bath - not together though!  xx