Friday, 25 September 2020


Good morning, everyone.  Today's font is 'Artifika' and it's a bit like a handwriting style that used to be taught in schools (apart from the a and the g); sort of slightly italic-y and very 'square'.  I rather like this one but, please, do shout out if it causes any problems with clarity.

It's raining at the moment but much of yesterday was gorgeously sunny although really rather cold.  I opened the French windows to let in some sunshiny air and didn't keep them open very long, sadly.  Maybe today will cheer up later on.

I had a lovely chat with Jackie over lunch yesterday.  The soup (tomato and sweet potato) went down a real treat and there was none left.  We had a good look at the Warner's site and agreed that a holiday there together would be a Very Good Thing indeed.  You can ask for rooms next to each other, for a fee, of course, and there would be plenty for us to do.  So here's hoping!

Tuition was super.  My student was in a very cheerful mood and had brought some homework spellings so we could work on them.  By the end, they were all learnt so fingers crossed for the Friday test!

Then it was Slimming World group.  A pound on this week but that's fine - last week it was half a pound below the target, this week it is half a pound above.  I'm more than happy with that; slight fluctuations are normal and natural.

Today, amazingly, there are no commitments whatsoever in the diary.  It's a relief; I've been feeling very tired this week for some reason and a few days 'off' feels wonderful.  The cleaners are coming at some point, but that's not the same thing.  The place is reasonably tidy so they can work their magic without mess getting in their way.

There are, of course, Things To Do and maybe I will do some of them (I will make a list, gotta love a list) but the thought of a day doing not a lot feels, right at this moment, absolutely wonderful.  No plans for today, precious little for tomorrow and just a swim booked for Sunday.  Bliss.

Goodness, aren't I a lazy so-and-so!!  And you know what - I don't care.  I feel like I've been let out of school!
I have no idea why I feel like that because life truly isn't that hard at the worst of times, but it's rather nice.

Hoping you all have a lovely day too.  Stay dry, safe and happy.  xx

Thursday, 24 September 2020


 Morning!  Today's font is called 'oxygen' and it looks good and clear - if it were not for the 'a' formation, it would have made nice display cards at school.

The weather broke, didn't it?  After some early rain yesterday, it cheered up and we even had some sunshine but there was more rain in the afternoon, evening and overnight.  I can't sleep so I'm getting this written now (and it's still raining!) so that when I do get back to sleep and when I sleep longer in the morning (I can hope!), this will be all done and dusted.

The sleep patterns aren't great again but this is the first sleepless spell in the night I have had for a while.  I've been waking stupidly early but that's OK.  Middle of the night is not!  Oh, well, I'll feel tired shortly, go back to bed, turn on the electric blanket for an hour and I should be out like a light!

Yesterday all went according to plan.  Personal training was fun and so was tuition.  I got bits and bobs done, including the ironing, dug a few things out of the chest freezer and have put them into the next several days of menu planning.

Today there's three things:
Jackie is coming round for lunch and a good chat.  I am so glad friends can still visit under certain guidelines.
Then I have the last tuition session of the week.
Finally, it is Slimming World group.
I need to do a bit of tidying up before Jackie arrives but that won't take long, and I must just read over the planning and make sure everything is in place.

OK, I'm starting to feel sleepy so I shall finish this and go back up again.  Have a good day (when you wake), enjoy what you're doing and, as always, be safe.  xx

(Later edit - I slept like a log until 6:30ish.  Lovely!)

Wednesday, 23 September 2020


Good morning!   Today's font is called 'calligraffitti' and I just hope it is readable.  I find it so, so fingers crossed.

It's been raining a bit overnight.  I went out to the freezer earlier and the ground was wet.  I felt a very few drops but no more but  Beeb says there's more on the way although nothing all that heavy.  I hope they're - I want to go and pick allotment beans!

Yesterday felt very busy but it was also a very enjoyable and satisfying time.  

I popped to Morrison's first thing, to get some essentials.  Definitely NOT panic buying, just one more of things like loo rolls, bleach, that sort of thing.  It's good to know that the over 60s are not being told to isolate (yet) but I like to be prepared and now I feel so!

Once all that was sorted and put away, Christine came round.  We weren't able to find a slot where both of us were free last week so we had two weeks of gossip to catch up on.  Put it this way - we made the most of the opportunity!

Then it was a quick breakfast before I rushed off to the gym for the aqua class which, as always, was great.  All the 'distancing' issues earlier have been sorted out and everything is now done in a safe and orderly way.  We clean our own float weight things but they watch to make sure we do and offer us the wipes so no-one slips through without doing the necessary.  Everyone keeps a safe distance and - well, no worries..

Once home, it was shower, dry hair, hang out washing, have lunch, go over planning, get the table ready and wait for students to arrive.  I'm mentioning to each parent that I'm keeping an eye on the situation and, if tuition has to stop, then I will let them know immediately.  They're all fine about that and I'd be most surprised if they weren't..

Once that was all over, I was a bit shattered really and most thankful that dinner was more or less ready apart from actually cooking the vegetables.
I slept well!

Today is a much easier day, thank goodness.  There's nothing timetabled in until personal training at midday.  I will be popping to the allotment to pick - there will be tomatoes (plenty of them), beans and, maybe, courgettes so I will be well stocked with those plus what I got from Morrison's yesterday.  

The other scheduled thing is more tuition.  It's all prepared but I want to go over all the planning and make sure everything is in the folders.  There's nothing worse than starting a session and finding something essential is missing.  It was always a recurring nightmare of mine just before lesson observations and OFSTED inspections, a bit like that dream where you're sitting in an exam room and find that either you've studied the wrong curriculum or the wrong subject!  

In between PT and tuition, I have things to do, obviously, but plan to take it easy and not rush around too much.
I have a stack of too-big clothes to bag up and take to the Sally Army recycling point, I want to explore the dark and chilly depths of the chest freezer as I've totally forgotten what's down there and I have a messy kitchen to sort out (sadly, an ongoing situation although easily remedied!).  Also, there's a basket of ironing to get on with but I can do that and watch telly at the same time.

I almost forgot - look what arrived yesterday.

I've had this on order from Amazon for over a year and they have been sending me messages to say they were still looking, still looking, no luck yet, etc.  And now it's arrived.  It's a personal-social-historical account of wool's history and its influence on our landscape and customs (paraphrasing the blurb here).
I'm dying to get started but I think I am going to be strong minded and put it away for my holiday (which is still on so fingers crossed).  Also, I'm devouring Bill Bryson's 'The Body' at the moment and very much enjoying it; I have no wish to leave it half unfinished for something else.
I think it was Sue who mentioned it on her blog so thanks very much, Sue (or whoever), for the recommendation.  It looks brilliant.

Well, enough rambling.  I'd better wind this up and brave the kitchen clutter!  I get so tired of an evening, I can't get motivated then.  I really should, it will make the mornings easier.

Anyway - have a great day and stay dry, safe and well.  xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2020


 Good morning, everyone.  Today's font is called Margarine and I think it's rather nice, although the name could be nicer.
(and thanks to Sue for the fonts info - I didn't know there were so many available fonts now)

The journey home from Dad's yesterday was fine.  A bit slow with lots of road works and traffic lights but nothing too bad.  Just one idiot who overtook an oncoming lorry, forcing me to brake rather suddenly.  He made it but if I hadn't slowed . . .
The lorry driver just shook his head - I suppose he sees a lot of terrible driving!

I stopped off at the allotment and picked a load of beans and tomatoes plus a few courgettes.  The tomatoes are getting blighted now, all over the allotment site, not just in my patch, so I need to deal with ours fairly soon.  The courgettes are small because this year, if we leave them, they rot from the blossom end.

Then I arrived home and got these from the garden.  I know some are a bit green but they will ripen in a few days (a few already have) and I feel it's a bit of a race against time now so I get them in early!

I did mean to plant the crocus bulbs Eileen so generously sent me, but by the time I had sorted everything out, dealt with the garden produce and the bags of shopping I got in Tesco's on Sunday, had breakfast and lunch and sorted out dinner and looked over my planning, it was pretty much time to set off for the tuition session.  It won't get done today either but there's bags of time so no panic.

I was looking online for some freezer baskets.  Once I get my over abundance of freezer food sorted out, it would help to keep the chest freezer in order if I had a few more baskets.  I searched and searched and found plenty but they were possibly just marginally too big to fit.  The freezer is a Bosch and the official replacement baskets cost an eye watering £105 each.  Not. A. Chance.
I think what I will do is order one of the baskets that are possibly a bit too big and just see.  After all, we are talking mms here not inches.  Amazon is pretty good for returns.

But £105!!!!!!!  Blimey!

Today is busy again.  I've started it off by making a soup like the one I made for Dad on Saturday.  Thermione is loaded with leek, carrot, sweet potato and a shedload of tomatoes, simmering away nicely and making the house smell great.  I've also added chicken stock, seasonings, fine herbs, tomato puree and garlic puree.  Once everything is soft, I will blend it and push it through the mouli to get rid of the tomato seeds.  The main reasons are that I have so many tomatoes to use up and that Jackie is coming over for lunch on Thursday.  I think things like this improve as the flavour develops so it should be good by Thursday.  I'm also hoping there will be a few portions left over for colder winter lunches!

At ten, Chris is popping over for coffee and a catch up before I whizz off to the gym for aqua.  Then it's shower, dry hair, check planning and my two students will arrive.  All go today so I'm very glad the day has started early when I can just ponder and potter and generally get things organised for the day.

I say it's a busy day but it's all self chosen stuff, none of it has been imposed on me in any way so no complaints.  What do you have planned for today?  Whatever it is, fingers crossed it's good and goes well.  Take care and stay safe.  xx

Monday, 21 September 2020


 Just a quick one today as there's precious little to write about after a quiet weekend.  I'll be leaving after the milk run this morning and goodness knows if I'll be able to come back in a fortnight, the way things are going at the moment.

Fingers crossed!  

Just playing with new fonts (sorry).  Back to normal waffle tomorrow, but not necessarily normal font.  😉xx

Sunday, 20 September 2020


 Good morning, everyone.  How's your weekend going.  I'm having a very pleasant time here at Dad's, as always.  The sun is shining - well, not right now, but it has been and will be - his garden is still producing and the squirrels are going nuts for nuts in the back garden.  Letchworth has a very rare colony of black squirrels, based on Norton Common which is only five to ten minutes' walk away from here, and they visit the garden every day.

Yesterday was quiet and pleasant.  I was up early and pottered around before Dad came down and the day started.  There's nothing to report, it was a restful day.

Today looks like being exactly the same.  Dad has his days organised so that there's very little to do, just the occasional bit of washing or mending or maybe a bit of clearing out.  

Things will be back to normal tomorrow so I'm going to make the most of the gentleness of today while I can.  I hope your day is just as satisfactory!  xx

Saturday, 19 September 2020


 Good morning!  I've woken very early here at Dad's, been down to make my coffee and empty the dishwasher and come back up, coffee in hand, to get on with my social mediating!

Yesterday went well.  I got everything done that I intended to do, including sorting some kitchen clutter and getting the ironing done.  I picked some tomatoes but they are finally starting to slow down and, although there were some, there weren't bowlfuls, thankfully.  I picked some that were just starting to turn so they should ripen on the window sill by Monday.  I noticed that some of the plants are now pretty much all picked out and I can deal with those next week before the green bin collection on Thursday.

When I set off, I detoured to the allotment and came away with a bagful of green beans, another bagful of tomatoes, three little courgettes and some nice apples, all of which came with me to Dad's.  I'm going to make some tomato soup with the tomatoes as Dad has his own as well so there's plenty.

It was a good journey over, sunny and warm and, while the roads were a bit busy, the traffic was moving and the only holdups were the usual ones.

I find Dad very well and it's nice to be here.  He loves the dried pear so I will leave it all with him and get going on a new batch when I get home.  Goodness knows, I have enough pears!  I also want to make some apple and pear leather and I am wondering about tomato leather too.  I've bought the book with me so will look it up and, probably, give it a go and see.

Today will be a quiet day.  I'm thinking maybe I will take a walk down to the Garden Centre to look around their plants and packets of seeds.  I'm nearly all prepared for the spring planting but might see a few more bits and bobs.  Apart from that, I have my kindle, books and knitting, plus the meal prepping so the day should pass very pleasantly.

Stay safe and have a good day.  xx