Monday, 22 October 2018


Good morning, everyone!

Yesterday was glorious - sunny and breeze free and, in the sun, warm.  It's supposed to start getting colder this week which is only to be expected really.

It was a pottering sort of day.  I seemed to be busy all the time but it was all low key stuff.  I made meals, did a bit of sorting out and some washing, drying and ironing. 

Today, after breakfast, I will be driving home and then the day's my own.  No tuition this week as it's half term and I've decided to keep it clear.  In fact, I don't think I have anything in my diary at all this week which suits me down to the ground.  In reality, I have a lot of gardening to catch up on and I want to do some sewing and general crafting stuff as well as getting my swimming schedule back on track again and I must be ready for next weekend and two nights in Norwich.

I think it's going to be a very pleasant week, don't you?

Sunday, 21 October 2018


Another gorgeous day here.  The sun is shining, there's no wind and there's a lovely Autumnal feel to the air.  I hope I can find time for a walk at some point; that would be lovely.

Have a great day.

Saturday, 20 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.
A quick one today as I overslept.  I can't remember the last time I slept until half past seven - I must have needed it!

Yesterday went well.  A good journey although a bit slow at times, and the sun was shining for all it is worth.  It's jolly chilly this morning so I'm hoping that means another sunny day.

I hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you are doing.

Friday, 19 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday, sunny and colourful with a beautiful sunset.  Very cheering.

I got some washing done and just have a bit of ironing to do this morning which won't take very long at all.  I did quite a lot of knitting but am finding I have to be careful as the yarn splits rather easily and I have a few slight 'loops' so I think what I am doing will be the back!  I can hook the loops through and some are so slight I can snip them but all the same, it's a bit careless and because the yarn is just slightly 'fluffy' it doesn't undo all that well.

At SW I found I had lost the holiday weight and another pound as well so it was four pounds off.  I was happy with that!

When I was out on Wednesday, at the Blue Egg shop, they had some Advent candles and it took me right back.  When I first started teaching, every Christmas, I had an advent candle in the classroom and each morning, after register, we would have a time when I lit the candle, we learnt or practised one of the songs for the Christmas Show and, on Mondays when there was more candle to burn, I also read them a Christmas story of some kind.  It was such a happy time.

As I am looking for some new personal traditions to start, I think this will be one of them - an Advent candle.  I also think I will do the Advent thing in here too, as I did two or three years ago, with links to some of my favourite Christmas music.

Today I have plenty to do.  Housework again, a bit of ironing, some shopping and so on - just ordinary little things, nothing major.  I'm looking forward to it.
I hope to be able to post over the weekend but, if I don't, please don't worry - I will be back!

Thursday, 18 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

First of all, before I forget, here's a couple of links to Stranger's Hall (not 'house', sorry).

Yesterday was all go but everything slotted in nicely.
The first thing was the hearing aid check.  I had a couple of niggles about my new aids which they managed to sort for me and once that was over I popped to the market to look on the rather good haberdashery stall.  Oh, dear, that had the Christmas fabric in.  How can a girl resist? 

Once that was done, I drove straight over to Val's and we went, first of all, to Blake House craft centre where I invested in some more fabric although this time I know what I am doing with it, unlike the market fabric, and then some yarn and a pattern for a jumper for me.  The style is simple - a crew neck with raglan sleeves (I prefer raglan to dropped shoulder for fit) and the yarn is lovely.  It's called Boho Spirit, a man-made fibre, and, conveniently, knits up as double knitting.  When I've done enough to show, I'll post a photo.
Here's a link to the site.
(I've just looked at the site and there's a free download pattern for a gorgeous Aran hoodie that I want, need and crave.  So I have printed it off!)

Then we drove on to the Blue Egg centre which isn't a craft centre but it does have a few interesting shops plus a play bard round the back and a most delicious looking restaurant where I had a Tuscan bean soup that ticked all the right boxes with me.  It was piping hot, flavoursome, packed with goodness and didn't compromise my SW plan in the slightest.  It kept me satisfied until dinner time.

Then it was home, sweet home, for tuition and finally, as an extra and unexpected treat, Beth turned up for an hour for a chat and to pick up some stuff. 
It was such a lovely day.

Today is the only day this week that I have a clear page in my diary (apart from a little bit of tuition) and I intend to make the most of it by being 'lazy' and staying in.  I washed the new fabric yesterday and it dried overnight so I have that to iron.  I do have some tidying to do and the house has been sadly neglected this week.  I shall knit and sew and plan for the little bit of tuition and generally chill before weigh in at the SW club this evening (fingers crossed).

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Good morning.  After a very damp start, things cheered up again yesterday and it was both sunny and mild by the afternoon.  Very autumnal and colourful.

Just before 9:30 I set off for the bus stop where lots of people were already waiting.  'Oh, good,' thought I, ' there must be one on the way.  Dear me, no, there hadn't been one for at least half an hour and I waited another forty minutes before deciding to go back and take the car or I'd not make it in time.

Thankfully, I was in time - just.  Now I have two shiny new pairs of glasses plus the older pairs that would do at a pinch as my sight hadn't changed all that much.

After tuition, Beth turned up for supper and we booked two nights of cheap accommodation (Travelodge) fairly close to the Uni Alex goes to.  So we're off on a Norwich jolly the weekend after this coming one.  I'm turning into a right gadabout!

One place we really want to visit is Strangers Hall, a Tudor merchant's house used as a museum of local history.  It looks absolutely fascinating but is only open on Wednesdays and . . . Sundays!  Perfect.  There are lots of other fascinating places too, packed with interest, so I can see myself coming back a good few times.
And it will be lovely to spend some time with Beth.

Today is another jolly.  AFter popping back into town (by car) for a hearing aid check, I'm off to a friends.  Together we are off to Blake House Craft Centre to browse round 'And Sew On' and I want to find a pattern and some yarn in the lovely wool shop to make something for myself.
Then we're off to the Blue Egg, another centre, for lunch and, most likely, more spending.  I've never been there before so am really looking forward to it.

Then it will be home for tuition!  So a busy day but quite a pleasant one.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After a very damp start yesterday, it all dried up but remained dull and a bit chilly all day.  There was lots of standing water on the roads as I drove home but I had no hold ups and made good time.

Clearing everything away took ages and by the time I'd finished, I really wasn't ready for a swim so I walked to the shop, which was pleasant.  There were more tomatoes ripe on the plants so I'm glad I didn't pull them up before my holiday.  The ones in the pots have given up but the ones in the ground are still going on so I guess the allotment ones are the same and I must go and check on them later on today.

It was great to be getting back to tuition again and it all seemed to go very well.  There's only this week and then it is half term so that's another week off.  I'm sure the students appreciate that as much as I do.  :-)

Today there's still no time for swimming, now will there be tomorrow.  I must make up on this over half term.  However, I'm doing loads more walking around than I used to so that will have to do, won't it?  I have an appointment with the optician to pick up my new glasses first thing, I need to look over my tuition plans and there's some more washing to get done and dusted.  Amazing how quickly it builds up, isn't it?  I ought to plan my food for the next week too.

This evening Beth is round for supper and I am looking forward to having a good chat with her.  So all in all, a very nice day.
I hope the sun shines.  :-)