Sunday, 16 January 2022


 Thank you for your comments, everyone.  I'll be back properly some time tomorrow.  We're having a lovely time - well, I am and I expect Suzanne is too.  We're making happy plans!


Friday, 14 January 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It's a very cold and frosty morning today but, so far, lovely and clear.  The threatened mist never developed yesterday and we were treated to a beautifully sunny day that felt almost warm in the direct sun.  It would be lovely to have more the same today.

I had my chat with Chris - as always, it was lovely.

Then, after breakfast, I drove down the the car valeting place and sat in splendid idleness while they washed and wiped, polished and dusted, swept and shone until the car looked an absolute show model (apart from sundry marks, etc, that won't come off - it is about eight or so years old, after all.

Then I came home and stopped off at Morrisons to get my meds and, fingers crossed, some lateral flow tests, only to be greeted by a sign saying the chemist was shut for an hour over lunchtime, apologies, etc.  My slight irritation was thoroughly swamped by my pleasure that somewhere still had a lunch break, just like the olden days!  I suspect it was more covid related, but never mind, it gave me a little jolt of reminiscence.  When I was little and went home from school for lunch, I knew that if Mr Beresford had opened his shop for the afternoon, I was likely to be late.  The number of times I ran from Berro's to school . . .
And it wasn't a problem as I am there again this morning after Slimming World, to get a few things for the weekend.

Today, I've fixed with my cleaners to come a bit earlier so they are finished before Suzanne arrives.  They are very obliging in things like this so I don't like to take it too much for granted or mess them about too much.  I don't know when they are actually coming so I need to leave for SW knowing that the place is ready for their ministrations, bless them.

Then it's just a case of getting stuff ready for the weekend. My LFT was negative, as was Suzanne's, so we're on for a pleasant weekend, I hope.  I've planned a couple of outings.  One is to Greensted Church (I'm pretty sure Suzanne hasn't been there) which is the oldest wooden church in the world (it says) and the other is to dear old Hyde Hall, weather permitting, on Sunday and we might possibly have lunch there.

We will take things as they go though so nothing is tablets of stone.

I have a leek and potato soup bubbling away nicely in Thermione and smelling very good so I'd better close now and soo how it's doing.  It is most unlikely that I will be in here over this weekend but I should be back later on Monday.
Have a good weekend too.  Be safe and stay warm; it could get quite chilly.  xx

Thursday, 13 January 2022


Morning, everyone.  It's a typical winter early morning - frost, clear skies and a light mist to the air that might or might now develop into something thicker.  Beeb says it won't, it's going to be a lovely day, cold and sunny.  Bring it on!

I'm very happy to say that I went online yesterday and paid off the rest of my holiday in May.  Southwold once more; last year things were pretty restricted because of the big C and I missed out on Sutton Hoo because it was closed due to high winds.

It means I can take another trip to Framlingham - I really love Framlingham - and maybe look around the lovely church next to the castle.  It was closed last year.
See - holiday planning already!

My pillows arrived, oddly in two separate boxed delivered by two separate companies.  They feel great and I road tested one overnight.  Very comfortable.  It's nice to know that my guests will be more comfortable and I am now umming and ahing about some for myself.

I so enjoyed personal training yesterday.  All the hard work and the squat challenge each day it making such a difference.  There is still a slight residual weakness in calves and ankles but the rest of me is stronger and fitter than before Dad was ill and I had to stop for a while.  It's really odd that I am enjoying it so much because I've never been a sporty person.  Show me a competitive game and you'd be surprised how far and fast I can run - in the opposite direction!  This is different.  It is personal and the only competition is myself, Lindsey listens to me, take what I say seriously and adapts things accordingly.

I have a List for today.
Pick up meds and LFTs - I have a collect code for the latter but the chemist may not have any, of course
Tidy out car - I have a whole load of stuff from Dad's in the back - garden chairs mostly - that I haven't got round to moving to the garage.  It's time to do it.
Take car for wash and clean out.  A treat for me and they do a really good job.  The car will end up shining!
Make bolognaise - that's for the weekend when Suzanne visits.
AYWMC - get back on it again!  I'm devoting an hour or so to it because I'm a bit behind.

Before all of that, I am popping round to Chris' for coffee and a chat.

What a nice day!  I hope you have some good things planned too.  Whatever they are, stay safe, warm and positive.  Love to all the recovering 'invalids' < grin > - I am very glad things are looking up for you.

Wednesday, 12 January 2022


 Morning, everyone!  What a good night's sleep I have had.  I woke once overnight, my bladder not being what it was, but managed to get straight off again and it was light before I came to again.  I feel so, so much better this morning!  And, just to add to it, we have sun this morning.  Sun and a good frost that makes everything look brighter.

I got loads achieved yesterday.  It started off with a food shop in M&S and Aldi, quite a big one (for me) after using up Christmas leftovers, etc.  Goodness, aren't the basics expensive nowadays.  I suppose we will get used to it in time but even so . . .

Once home and with everything sorted out and put away, I had breakfast, sat down and promptly dropped off for a short time.  When I came to, I went up and started in on the tip that is the blue room.  Several hours and two mini accidents later (bumped head and bruised knuckle), all was done.  The Christmas things are now away neatly and logically, there's both shelf and hanging space for visitors to put their stuff and both beds are made up.  Mind you, I hadn't quite realised how manky some of the pillows are so I have ordered some new ones from Amazon which should arrive before the weekend.  Did you know that pillows costing over £100 each - EACH - was even a thing?  No, I didn't, I went for middle range ones and am hoping they will be OK.

I've just realised the one thing I didn't do was sort out the bedding.  Not to worry, it can go on the list.  When I do get round to it, I also need to think about 'upgrading' some of it.  It's really the blue room - one bed has a single duvet and the other has a double duvet - Beth and I both prefer doubles, me since divorce days when I took most of the bedding with me and that included the double duvet which I used on my single bed.  I'm thinking I will get another double for the other bed, keep the single in case and either get new covers for both or use the plain white ones I pretty much always use.   But that's all for the future and needs thinking about and looking around first.

Then I went into my room and gave my clothes a proper sort out, discarding any I haven't worn.  Inevitably, this included some of the clothes that were Mum's and it was all a bit emotional at times, but it had to be done so I'm glad I did it.  There's now several black bags to take to the Sally Army drop off point.

That took pretty much all day but needed doing and it's a relief to have done it.

Today I'm taking it easier.  There's a few more things on the list but they depend on other people doing something first so that's OK.  My bedroom still needs attention and the kitchen drawers could do with a bit of a sort out but, generally, things are good.  I have personal training around midday so I think I will stay in PJs until I need to change into my gym wear.  I might then go on to the-shop-that-used-to-be-Wyvale (I can never remember what it is called now) as I need to buy a few gifts and that's a good place to find 'pretty' things.  That's about it really - the rest is the usual bits and bobs things that happen all the time.

I'm so glad Cherie and Diane are both feeling so much better now - Rachel, I hope you are improving too.   Love to everyone - have a good day and keep safe.  xx

Tuesday, 11 January 2022


Morning, everyone.  I seem to be in another phase of not sleeping terribly well.  It's half past four and I've been awake for quite a while.  There's no point fretting about it - it doesn't help and only makes things worse - but it's a bit of a pain, all the same.  I think I need to start something one usually does for toddlers - a consistent bedtime routine.  They say it helps, don't they.

I was very pleased to get all the decoration boxes and bags into the garage yesterday morning.  It took a bit of huffing, puffing and pushing, especially the Christmas tree bag which is very big and pretty heavy, but I got there in the end.  So that's all tucked away for another eleven months-ish now.  The way time is flying, it really won't seem very long at all before it all comes out again!

Circuit training at Lindsey's was brilliant  The whole group - all six of us - turned up and Lindsey pushed us through a variety of stuff, all designed to get the heart rate up and the blood flowing.  I was particularly pleased because I've been working for a long time on calf and ankle strength after I damaged them last June - do you remember - and was hobbling around for ages afterwards.  Lindsey always suggests low impact versions of everything which I have always chosen but yesterday I decided to try a bit of the higher impact versions and managed some without any discomfort.  I'm not sure things will ever be quite as good as they were before June but they're definitely very much better, to my great relief.  
That gives me a good personal target for these Monday sessions when we do higher impact stuff and I'll continue working on the specific strengthening exercises at home too.

It was also nice to start the tuition sessions again after a longer break than usual.  My student very proudly informed me that they had a different teacher because, and I quote, 'Mr T has just had a baby'.  Very nice for Mr T and I am sure Mrs T had something to do with it too!!

Today starts with an early morning shop.  However, the biggie is the blue room which is a very posh name for the guest room that happens to have blue curtains!
By the end of the day I want to have sorted out sundry big cupboards, have all the Christmas fabrics (cushions, tablecloths, etc, etc) tucked neatly away, the bed made and everything ready for my weekend guest.  I have 'bin bags' on the shopping list!
If I can get all that done, I will be a happy bunny.

Have a lovely day, whatever your plans.  Stay safe, well and happy and much love to anyone feeling less than 100% today.  xx

Monday, 10 January 2022


 Good morning.  Round here, yesterday was lovely with sunshine pretty much all day.  A shame the low sun shows up how dusty my windows are but not to worry!  It could be worse.

Thanks you for all your lovely comments about the document I was looking for particularly.  It turns out I didn't actually have it so that's a great relief but I didn't actually find that out until I had gone through every single blessed folder in the filing cabinet!
I don't mind though.  The thing needed a good clear out anyway, especially the middle and bottom drawers, and I found several things that - well, I knew they must be there but I didn't know precisely where.  Now I do.
I've also reorganised it so the the top drawer is 'personal', the middle one is 'house, car and possessions and the bottom drawer is 'finance'  They were a bit higgledy piggledy before.
I've also started copying what Dad did and the first folder in the top drawer is marked 'Read This First'.  In it I have put my funeral plan documents (not being morbid, just sensible), info as to where the LPA documents are kept plus my will and I will also put in any letters of intend I might wish to write and info like access to various financial stuff - basically, anything that Beth and Dave might need to know straight away, should the LPA need to be enforced and after my passing - plus a sheet listing what's actually in the cabinet.  It was so helpful to have that after Dad passed away and the least I can do is the same for Dave and Beth.
How do you organise all that side of things?

All that took quite a while and I was rather worried for a time about this document I couldn't find, emailed to the person who asked and got the reply that it was OK, he had the most important one anyway, the rest was not particularly crucial.  I still think I don't actually have anything else, I seem to remember sending it all off earlier in the year. 
I couldn't be cross as it had made me get everything cleared, sorted and properly organised, something that has been niggling at me for some time.  I certainty wouldn't have sorted everything if I hadn't needed to search.

Then I set to and dealt with the Christmas tree.  I deliberately didn't turn on the lights in the morning because if I did, I knew I wouldn't want to dismantle it - I love those pretty lights.
Anyway, it is all down, away in sundry containers and waiting by the back door.  I just didn't have the energy to take it all to the garage which is behind the house, away from the garden.  It does look nice and uncluttered again now.

And finally, ironing, and I was really glad to get that all done too.  Not that it will stay done for long, of course.

Phew!  I was shattered come the evening which makes it all the odder that I haven't slept all that well.  I think the brain is too active.  Not to worry, one of the very nice things about being retired is that I can sit and relax pretty much when I want to.  Good, isn't it?

Today there's two things in the diary.  One is Lindsey's circuits session at midday and the other is tuition after school.  However, I also have a List!!  I'd like to get all the Christmas stuff down to the garage this morning, weather permitting and I need to start in on the blue room, the guest room.  That's a priority because I have a friend coming to stay over next weekend.

Cherie and Rachel, I hope you're felling loads better this morning.  Everyone - take care, stay safe and be happy.  xx

Sunday, 9 January 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  Yesterday felt like one of those do-not-a-lot days, what with the wall to wall rain, but I managed four loads of washing, mostly dried, but not ironed.  So guess what is on today's list!

I also started took for a document that I thought I would find easily.  However, it wasn't where I thought it would be which was extremely annoying, so I started turning out my filing cabinet to find it.  My goodness, what a load of old stuff.  I did a sort out of the top shelf after retiring but I didn't really do the other two drawers.  Long overdue!

Today I MUST get the Christmas tree down.  It's nearly a third of the way through the month and it's ridiculous to still have it up.  So, sadly, today it goes.  If the weather is better than yesterday (and it is at the moment, it's lovely and bright), I will see if I can get all the Christmas boxes carried out to the garage too.  That would be great!

I need to continue looking for that document

Then there's the ironing while I watch the telly.

And finally, tuition starts tomorrow again so I have a wee bit of planning to do for that.

And that's about it!   Enough to keep me out of trouble, for sure.
Have a great day and ongoing love and healing vibes to those of you still feeling rotten.  Stay safe and well, everyone.  xx