Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day and it looks as if today is also going to be very hot.  At the moment it is cloudy and breezy and it is close to sunrise time so colour is just emerging from the shadows.

As expected, yesterday was busy.  Once I got home, there was plenty to do and I was thankful that the house had been well cared for and was lovely and tidy (thanks to Beth and S) and the garden was in good nick!  Loads of strawberries to pick (delicious), the runners are coming on well (some flower stems emerging), some of the tomatoes are flowering and the blueberries, raspberries and tayberries are all looking good.

In the afternoon, I had a visit from my financial bod and now the Lasting Power of Attorney thingy is further on the way and I have shelled out an exorbitant amount!  It's worth it though, for peace of mind, and may save a lot of hassle later on.  After that, I set to and got up to date with my finances which have been neglected this month.  Everything is done automatically but I do like to keep on top of what's gone out and in and how much my balance is.  To my horror I was overdrawn for part of one day earlier this month but it was a matter of a few hours in the same day so maybe they will ignore it.  I HATE being overdrawn, even by pence (which this was).

It was also nice to get back to tuition.  We had some laughs and learning happened as well.  All very satisfying.

This morning I bit the bullet and stepped on the scales.  Oh, deary me!  Actually, I may have said something slightly stronger but won't reproduce it here.  Thank goodness I am back on the old wagon again although today is a bit problematic as I'm out to lunch followed by strawberry picking (must find a suitable container) at Lathcoats Farm.  I've looked up the menu and, while it all looks great value, it's hardly liver-friendly, so to speak!  Oh, well, I will do my best.

Before then, I have various household chores, a bit of planning and some shopping to do.  Having been away for ten days, there's precious little fresh stuff in the house so my list is mostly stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, etc.
And I have to upload and edit my photos.  I forgot to do them yesterday!

In the evening, Beth and Alex (who is now home from uni for the summer) are over for dinner which will be absolutely great.

So another busy day but it should be a very satisfying one.  Is your day a good-un too?

Monday, 18 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After a very dull and occasionally wet day yesterday, it is really too soon to say what  today might be like so fingers crossed!

Reading the Sunday Times yesterday, I discovered that iPlayer is showing all - yes ALL - the Doctor Who programmes from the start of the 2005 revival to now and they will be available for five months!.  That's my summer viewing sorted, isn't it?  How brilliant is that?

Yesterday was very quiet, very gentle, a sleepy sort of day really.  I finished off my ironing and then watched a Miss Marple on the telly.  It wasn't the Joan Hickson ones, it was an ITV production and, if I didn't know the title and recognised one or two of the characters' names, I'd never have known.
Why?  Why take an author's name and book title and then change the plot so hugely that it is virtually unrecognisable?  It was actually quite enjoyable in its own way as a story but Agatha Christie/ Miss Marple it most certainly was NOT!
There is no-one to beat Joan Hickson when it comes to being Miss Marple and the BBC versions are supreme!

The other thing I did was look at the forthcoming week's schedule (busy, busy, busy) and then go on Amazon to buy a new cable - two new cables, in fact - for the laptop.  They're arriving today, or should be anyway.

Today I travel home after breakfast, unpack, tidy, deal with any post, etc, and then do some planning.  This afternoon I am looking at my re-written will and then it is tuition before dinner.  There's not a lot of spare time so I'm glad I did all my washing, etc, over the weekend.
Hoping your day goes well too.

Sunday, 17 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.
It's still somewhat snuffly and pollen-y and my throat and sides ache a bit (coughing and sneezing) but never mind, it's so nice to have continuous fine weather and next week is supposed to be the same.  Lots of allotment watering, by the sound of it.

I gather everything is doing nicely down the lotty.  The leftover tomato plants are now down there and then only thing not doing great is the runner beans which is weird but never mind.  The ones in my garden should be doing great!

I got stacks of washing, drying and ironing done yesterday.  I usually tend to do a load when there's enough to make it sensible but after a week it had really built up.  All done now and airing in the wash room which means when I do get home I can just put it all away and not have to fuss with more washing.

Today I need to get everything out and organised so things are together again.  All the stuff I brought with me has got mixed up and muddled and it will make unpacking a lot easier if I sort everything out rather than just chucking it all in the case.

It's been a nice break but it will also be nice to get back home again.

Saturday, 16 June 2018


I'm back from Center Parcs, full of hay fever (yes, I take the meds but it is very bad at the moment), very worn out but very happy, the only problem being that the laptop cable hasn't turned up.  Goodness knows where it is but never mind, they are easy enough to replace (might get two, one to keep here at Mum and Dad's) and I am using Dad's PC in the meanwhile.

Obviously, I won't be uploading my photos until I get home but it has been a really lovely short break.  I was lucky with the weather, the apartment was great, swimming every day, way too much food and drink so it's back on the wagon as soon as I get home.

Today I will be washing, drying and ironing a pile of clothes so I don't have to do it all when I get home.  I promised Dad I'd do an early morning shop so better get going. 

Have a lovely Saturday.

Monday, 11 June 2018


The power cable is still at Mum and Dad's.  It forgot to come with me!
Back on Saturday.


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't yesterday glorious?  Once the morning clouds had vanished it was wall to wall sunshine.  Hopefully the rest of the week will remain the same.

As predicted, yesterday was a lazy day.  Even making dinner was lazy as it was cottage crumble and once you've done each part it's just a case of assembling and baking.  So Mum and I say out in the garden and chatted!

Today will be a bit more lively!  I have to sort out what I'm taking and pack, do a bit of shopping, get there and unload.  Then I'm hoping to go on a stroll around the 'village' before settling for the evening with my dinner and a nice glass of wine on the balcony, Kindle to one side and cross stitching to the other.  I'll get there before I'm allowed to enter the apartment so I shall wander down to the aide of the lake and have my picnic - ham sandwich, apple and a drink.

I might have a swim today and I might not - I'll see how I feel.

Sunday, 10 June 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's a dull start but it's dry so my fingers are crossed for nice weather.  Here's hoping anyway!

Yesterday morning was a bit hectic.  I overslept.  I never oversleep so why yesterday???  It wasn't a disaster, it just meant that I had to bustle around a bit, that's all.  It was a good journey over with very little traffic and only one hold up behind a group of cyclists where I had to wait until we got to where I knew there was a safe passing place.

And when I arrived, I realised I'd forgotten something.  Fortunately, it wasn't something I had to bring, it was setting off the dishwasher!  Equally fortunately, Beth will (probably already has by now) go over and set it off for me when she waters my indoor plants.  You know how you always have this uneasy feeling that you've forgotten something?  Ooops.

I had a chat to my dad about the self seeded 'Sungolds' and he said because of the type of seeds they are (F1 or something, which means racing cars to me!), they won't grow true to type so it will be interesting to see what, if anything, I do get from them.  I don't mind providing they are sweet and delicious!

I've just looked up F1 and this is what I found.

"F1 hybrid seeds refers to the selective breeding of a plant by cross pollinating two different parent plants. In genetics, the term is an abbreviation for Filial 1 – literally “first children.” It is sometimes written as F1, but the terms mean the same."
So now I know!

I've brought way too many clothes with me.  I can see that now I have unpacked.  Fortunately, I can leave anything I don't want to take here with Mum and Dad so the case won't be too heavy and it IS nice not to have to worry about needing to wash anything (except for swimming cossies) while I'm away.

I've looked up the route and even I am not worried.  It's an absolute doddle, the only question being regarding any road repairs/hold ups on the way.  The roads have changed somewhat since we went several times when the children were little but that's not a problem.  It's still very simple.

Today will be an easy day, I hope.  I'm doing a savoury crumble for dinner and, because I don't have to rush off tomorrow, I can leave the selective packing until tomorrow morning which is good.  It won't matter if I oversleep!  Living the easy life is very pleasant from time to time.  I recommend it.