Thursday, 23 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's only half past five and already it is getting light.  Next week, we early wakers will notice such a difference!  It's also very wet out there: it must have been raining quite hard overnight at times.  It wasn't so bad yesterday so a bit of a change.

Apologies for yesterday.  The internet connection was down.  I knew it would be as I'd received notification about it but it was still frustrating, nonetheless.  I popped into town to get a few things and then went on to Aldi to get a few more things and when I got back it was still down.  I am far too dependent on it really but it does make life much fuller for me.

I had tuition which went well and then I was at a full governors' meeting which also went well.  I thought it was going to be a very long one but it wasn't, not at all, and it was interesting too.  I shall be sorry when I have to stand down (not for some years to come, I hope).

Today I already have a load of washing on, not that I think I will be able to dry it outside this morning but never mind.  I think I'm also going to make some lemon curd using my microwave recipe but in Thermione which makes it totally trouble free and 100% successful.  Some will be for Beth and some for my parents.

Then it's into school for Y2 and after that it is more tuition!

Should be a busy and satisfying day!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Ooops, it seems that yesterday was the first day of spring, not today.  Well, all I can say is it seems much more spring-like this morning: the sun is shining and the skies are blue!  Yesterday was miserable for most of the day with some very heavy rain at times but then it cleared late afternoon and we had the most beautiful sunset.

I enjoyed yesterday.  It was the last Knitter Knatter of this term as next week is the last week and I fear there was more knatter than knitter about it all.  It will continue next term as it has been a quiet but resounding success.  No-one has dropped out and they all knit away furiously as the chat (usually).  They've made little containers and one girl has made a long, chunky scarf.  They have learned how to cast on and off and some can purl as well as knit.

After several efforts and prototypes, I have nearly perfected my pattern for a Barbie jumper with raglan sleeves.  I say 'nearly' because the one I made yesterday is right in every detail except that it was a bit of a struggle to get it over the head.  However, that's easily sorted.  The problem is, you can't really tell until it's finished and sewn up!
Once I have the basic design right, I can start making variations!

Yesterday morning I took a deep breath, bit the bullet and opened my wardrobe doors.  Everything came out, everything was looked at, sorted, dealt with and now I have a much smaller but more usable collection of clothes.  It's not perfect, far from it, and I need to get rational with things more, but there's a huge difference.
Then, on the way to school, I put some of the discarded clothes into the Salvation Army recycling bin and there's an armful of stuff for the Hospice Shop which I will take down there this morning.  I was sad about some things but there were two questions to ask - will I ever wear this again and do I actually want to wear this again (which are not the same thing at all!)?

I am still avoiding the cupboard under the stairs but I must be bold and brave and do something about it.  It is such wasted space at the moment.  I need to apply the same principles - will I ever use this again and do I want to ever use this again?
Wish me luck!

Today Beth is over so that means plenty of chit chat.  I have planning to prepare so we will both be busy.  Later on I have ironing that I've been putting off for a few days.  Unfortunately, it doesn't vanish when I do that so I need to grit my teeth and get going!

I got an email yesterday from the decorator who made such a good job of my bedroom.  I had asked him to quote for the living room, up the stairs and the landing, which he did and gave me a date which wasn't convenient.  It's not been set for the beginning of July which gives me time to clear some decks of junk because everything will need to be got out and put in the middle of the room on my gopak tables so he can move the furniture.  All I can say is that it'll be worth it when it's done - and to start saving!

The kettle has boiled and it's time for coffee so I will stop rambling and get going.  Have a good day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing and love to my friends who are struggling right now.

Monday, 20 March 2017


The start of another new week and, officially (I think), the last day of winter!  So, of course, it is raining.  Not cold, just wet and dismal.

Mind you, yesterday turned out quite nice with sunshine at times and a refreshing breeze that persuaded me to open the French windows to air the house.

Beth came round and after lunch (jacket potato, etc, and very nice too) she got going with a bag she is making for someone and I got my knitting out.  We had a jolly good chat about this and that and the afternoon went quickly.  I spent the evening also knitting and watching things like DIY:SOS before snuggling up in bed with Scarlet Feather on my Kindle.

Today is a school day.  By that I mean Knitter Knatter, then Foundation Stage.  I've already done most of the meal prep for the day and hope to spend the morning continuing with a clothes sort out.  But first it is time for another coffee and than I must wash my hair before showing my face to anyone else.  It's getting a bit shaggy (hair, not face) but Sharon (hairdresser) is coming on Friday so that's good.

Well, better get going or nothing will be done.

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Oooops - just look at the time.  Really sorry this is so late.
I have been doing stuff though - baking bread, prepping lunch for me and Beth, knitting, sorting stuff out and - er - chatting on Facebook!

Yesterday was a pretty sleepy day.  I kept nodding off over my knitting and ended up not doing an awful lot.  I still slept like a log all night, thank goodness.

Today Beth and I will be crafting after lunch and later on I will carry on sorting out stuff!  That's about it really; not terribly exciting really.

I hope your day has more ooomph!

Saturday, 18 March 2017


Hello again!  There's been a bit of a change since yesterday.  It's now quite chilly, dull and with a bit of a breeze.  Interestingly, I have checked BBC weather and it's not cold - it just feels cold!  It looks as if rain is on its way but not according to the BBC - we will see, won't we?

To balance that, Spring has well and truly started to sprung and things are growing madly in my tiny patches of soil.  I've just been out to take a few photos (brrrr).

This is in the garden opposite but look at that fresh green!

The hyacinths are sending out a lovely aroma.  Such a shame it's not the weather to sit out and wallow in it.

The Japanese anemone is growing strongly.  It was a picture last year and  is sending out babies in all directions.  I shall have to be ruthless, I can see, but maybe I will replant one baby round the front where there's a bare patch.

The aquilegia always brings a splash of early colour.

I need to clear the dead leaves from the strawberry patch and then give it all a good feed.

Here's the front - the nice bit.  Just in front of this is where I will plant the anemone, I think, and I have some bulbs in pots to put there too.  MUST get round to it.

Also, in the next few weeks, it will be time to plant some seeds inside, for bringing on before planting out.  Runner beans and tomatoes, especially those Italian ones I salvaged from some tomatoes a friend gave me.  I'm going to grow tomatoes up against the fence again but I need to get some much larger pots for them.  I guess a trip to the garden centre is in order soon.

Enough garden rambling.
Yesterday was such a restful day: I stayed in all day apart from some time in the garden and when I went to put the chain on the front door last night, it was still on from the night before.  

Today is more homey stuff really.  Cleaning, tidying, creating, watching rubbish telly . . .
And very nice too.

Friday, 17 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's Friday and, while not quite as sunny as recently, it's fresh and fine and bright outside.  I know the weather is due to change but, hopefully, there's time for another load of washing first!

Yesterday was lovely.  Restful, calm, peaceful and when I went into school everyone was bustling around, getting things ready for consultations with the parents, reminding me that although I loved talking with the parents, I did NOT love the rest of the package one little bit.  Another reminder of how lucky and happy I am now.

Once home, I managed to stay awake until a sensible bedtime, fell asleep over my kindle and, apart from a couple of trips down the landing, slept soundly all night, not waking until well after six this morning - which is a great lie-in for me.

Today I have kitchen stuff to get on with, some washing, drying and ironing and I need to rationalise my wardrobe which is chokka with things I am most unlikely to ever want to wear again.  The Sally Army recycling bin will be fed, I think.

So that's today.  I'd better get moving, seeing as it is half past nine and I'm not yet dressed.  Enjoy your day.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Phew.  Life returns to its now normal sedentary pace.  The last three days have been fun.  Lots of children, lots of music, running up and down stairs, making coffee, etc, etc, etc, but it is over now apart from the post mortem, and we helpers were surprised and thrilled to be given some flowers as a think you.  So kind.
I now have a number of free days in the next week that I intend to keep free so I can catch up with my own bits and bobs.

I couldn't crash when I got in as I had to go out for tuition.  There's just one session this week as it is Termly Learning Conference week at school.  They used to be called 'Consultation Evenings' but the name and the style has now changed.

However, after that I crashed and, apart from making dinner, I stayed crashed.  It was lovely but a shame there wasn't all that much on the telly.  Never mind, I social networked, knitted, read and generally relaxed.

Unfortunately, I had some upsetting dreams overnight so it is just as well I'm at home this morning.  I can catch up on sleep if I want, although I would like to get out into the garden to do some clearing.  It's a fair old mess out there at the moment!  Then I'm in school pm.  I reckon by this evening I will be more than ready to sleep soundly!

Better get moving.  It's early but I like an early start and, anyway, I need another coffee.  Have a lovely day.