Thursday, 16 August 2018


Good morning.  Half way through the month and time is accelerating away.  It'll be September in a blink or two.

The first part of yesterday was lovely.  Tuition was great and then, after sorting out lunch and dinner, I went off to the gym for a good swim in an almost empty pool.  Bliss.

When I got home, I set my soup to warm and checked my emails while I was waiting and things moved up several gears!  A message from Dad, asking if I could come over as he was poorly and Mum needed looking after.  He'd been trying to get in touch by phone but I was out of course and one doesn't tend to take ones mobile into the swimming pool!

Of course the house was half way through its day so it was a bit manic putting things together and sorting out stuff.  I gobbled my soup and popped the rest in a plastic container to take with me as it was hot, otherwise I'd have frozen it.  My dinner also went into a plastic container and that did go in the freezer as it was cold by then.  I cancelled a day out planned for today (church visits and we can reschedule), set off the dishwasher, forgot to empty the bin and also to deal with my wet swim stuff but Beth's popping in today to sort a few things out for me and water the garden.

So here I am, unexpectedly away!  Dad's OK, it was a nasty tummy upset, but he will be weak and wobbly for a few days and in no state to care for Mum so I'm glad I am here.

I should be OK to keep posting but if I don't, don't worry, I'll be back.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Good morning.  It's dull and gloomy out there but not wet (yet).  It doesn't matter, the windows are wide open as usual and the fresh air is pouring in.  It feels good.

Yesterday was a fine day; not always sunny but quite pleasant and I got a good load of washing dried on the line which made me happy.
Tuition went really well, my hair feels a lot better now, Alex loved his bangers and mash and it was lovely to see Beth after work.

Something very cheering - in the early evening, Beth and I went down to the allotment to see what, if anything, there was to pick and found loadsa stuff.  We came back with baby corn, runner beans, tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, plums and a few apples but they're not really ready yet.

All in poly bags because some of it was a bit muddy.

We have to keep picking the baby corn now as they go woody very quickly.  As soon as the silver tassels appear, they are ready to pick.

It sounded like a very busy day on paper yesterday morning but, in fact, it all rolled along very pleasantly and I had time to just potter.

One very good thing.  As I've mentioned before, I have blood pressure issues and am on medication for it.  For the last two days my readings have at last been in the 'normal' banding - maybe I'm on top of it now.  It's been gradually going down for a while so it's not a fluke (I hope).  Long may it stay that way.

Today I have the other tuition session of the week and then the day's my own.  I am pretty sure I will ruin my just done hair by going swimming (worth it!) and I may potter down to Sainsbury's as they have 25% off all their clothes until Monday.  Worth a look anyway.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Good morning, everyone.  The sun is shining and it is fresh and cool.  A perfect English summer morning and I am making the best of it with the windows thrown open to welcome the refreshing morning air.

Yesterday was a sad day, of course, and I ended up staying at home in the afternoon, partly because it kept raining and partly because I wanted to deal with the washing that was cluttering up my kitchen and drying racks.  I managed to get one load dried outside, mainly thanks to the wind; it certainly wasn't thanks to any sun!

Today, in contrast, is very busy.
First of all it's tuition, a bit longer as the 11+ draws ever closer
Then Sharon comes round to work her six weekly magic on my hair.
Alex is round for lunch - those bangers and mash that we planned last week if we couldn't get to Hyde Hall.
And Beth is round for dinner tonight.

In between times, I need to do a bit of clearing up and a bit more washing, drying and ironing.  At least the allotment doesn't need watering.
Better get started then!!!

Monday, 13 August 2018


Good morning, everyone.  We've had more rain overnight and it's dull right now.  Maybe it will brighten up later.

Not a lot happened yesterday really.  I went swimming when the gym opened at eight and that was good even though the 'gossip gang' were out in force, slowly walking (or swimming) up and down, nattering to each other and blocking the lanes.  Never mind, they seem pleasant ladies and obviously enjoy their time together.  To avoid them in the spa (lack of room, not them as such), I did an extra 15 mins of swimming so that was good for me!

Once home I did washing, drying (one load managed to dry outside) and ironing although there's more to do and it was a drizzly day, on and off.

This morning is a sad time.  As I've mentioned before, I'm part of a little group of friends who meet now and again for a meal at the Hare.  One of the friends, who only came very occasionally, died a short while ago and it is her funeral this morning.  We're all going along to remember her and pay our respects.

After that I might get the bus into town and look around the Cathedral; it's not a hard and fast date, just a maybe.  I'll see how I feel.  It's all a bit sad at the moment, not just for this friend but also other things that are going on too but, as I always say, it's not my story to tell so I won't say any more.

I hope you have a happy day and that the sun shines.

Sunday, 12 August 2018


Good morning, everyone.  We've had a lot more rain overnight (three cheers) and more showers are predicted for today and tomorrow.  Nature certainly is catching up and the ground should be well soaked again soon, right down deep.  No allotment today although as soon as the ground dries the grass will need a good mowing and the edges a good strimming!

I popped down there yesterday and picked some tomatoes and a courgette for Beth.  There are now some runner beans nearly ready to pick and now the weather has moderated, the beans should stop shedding flowers and produce some fruit instead.  Hope so, anyway.  And I noticed that the baby corn is starting to produce - er - baby corn!  :-)  Three cheers!

Today I'm hoping to go swimming when the gym opens at eight, after which I intend plan next week (very roughly and subject to change) and to get a great load of Beth and Al's washing done and my own ironing finished.  I hope there's something OK on telly.

Just an ordinary day.

Saturday, 11 August 2018


Good morning, everyone.  I woke to a surprise - the central heating had clicked on.  I know it was going to be a cool night but really, what a change from only a few days ago.  The sun is shining and the skies are clear, no rain is forecast until this evening and my little patch of grass is green and growing again and needs cutting.  Nature restores itself very rapidly when the conditions are right.

Yesterday morning was lovely and sunny so Al and I made our way to Hyde Hall as planned.  After a drink and snack, we meandered our way up to the top taking the longest way to look at something quite new since the last time I visited, the Global Growth Vegetable Garden, saying hello to the willow woven dinosaur on the way.

The sun kept coming and going and I loved its effect on this little group of trees.

The global garden is lovely.  It's an octagonal greenhouse with maze like pathways around and lots of vegetable beds with plants from around the world and boards giving information.
Here's an aerial shot, found on the RHS site and, obviously, taken much earlier this year.  Quite an allotment, eh?

And this is my photo.  The sky is looking very ominous, isn't it!

And a few photos of the outside fruit and veg - they've obviously been well watered!

Then it started raining so we took shelter in the greenhouse and chatted to the tomatoes, chillis, melons, etc.  Rather better than my little selection at home!
 See the hammocks for the fruit!

When the rain stopped, we meandered around again, chatting as we visited the lower and upper lakes, talked to the ducks and generally had a very pleasant time.  It was really lovely.

Lunch was lovely.  We had the soup which was a most delicious tomato - proper tomato, not cream of - and I had walnut bread with mine.  Al also had a slice of victoria sponge and the taste I had showed me it was a very good sponge.
After a bit more meandering around, we had to dash to the car because it started raining quite heavily.  We were lucky, we really did get the best of the day because then it continued raining on and off for a few hours.  No complaints!

I have to go back there very soon because Al wasn't as interested as I in the information and it will change from month to month anyway.  I wonder what, if anything, they will plant over the winter months and I wonder if they will be doing anything with the seeds.
There were plenty of places we didn't see.  There's a winter garden that is new and also  and annual bedding area (which used to be the vegetable garden with the wonderful pumpkin display in the autumn) and we didn't go anywhere near the herbaceous border which is always a treat.
Sadly, the wooden man had disappeared.  I suppose he just rotted away after a while.

I'm glad we made it there eventually.  They've improved things considerably - the cafes are now better organised and there's an education centre as well as plenty of space for exhibitions and so on.  Al and I think we will go back in September when it should be quieter and less crowded.  There were lots of families which did my heart good to see but Al prefers quieter places really.

The new buildings.

Today I'm hoping to go over to Beth's to help her sort some stuff out and we will go food shopping together.   I also have some washing to do which means ironing this evening.  I really don't mind, it keeps my fingers off the food!!
Have a great Saturday, everyone.

Friday, 10 August 2018


Good morning, all!  Well, what a change in the weather yesterday.  At first BBC weather said sunny with light showers.  That turned into 'heavy rain; and so it stayed all day  Perfect for the garden and the allotment and it's is so gorgeous and cool now.   Everything looks so much greener and happier again.  It wasn't enough rain, of course, we need several days of it to really soak the ground, but it will certainly have helped

Of course, it meant that Alex and I cancelled our trip to Hyde Hall as it would not have been fun in the rain.  We might go today and it looks much more hopeful; cool and fresh, sunny blue sky, just perfect..

Instead, I did a small shop for some essential items and got the ironing done earlier than planned.  I'd have had a swim but I hadn't washed my swimwear, thinking I wouldn't need it yesterday.  Never mind, maybe it was wet enough anyway!

So today it should be Hyde Hall, providing Alex can get up in time and make his way over.  If not, no problem, he doesn't have to be back at uni until the end of September.  There's plenty of time.  No need to worry about the allotment although I may just pop down later, note pad and pen at the ready to make a list of next week's jobs.  Also to pick, of course.

Well, better get started or I won't get finished.  Have a lovely day.