Sunday, 19 February 2017


Yesterday was a quiet day.  Reading, knitting, chatting and catching up on lost sleep.  Today looks like being similar.

I've finished the Maries and now I've started the Josephs!   Getting there.

Wasn't it mild yesterday?  Today looks like being the same - sunny and spring-like.  Bring it on!  I stepped outside after dark yesterday and thought I could almost have sat outside; there was absolutely no chill whatsoever.  It was lovely.

The cold still seems to be trying to land so fingers crossed that it flies away!

Have a good day, everyone.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Saturday . . .

. . . and all I can say is 'better late than never'!

It's a bit of a dull and gloomy day, mild and still.  I gather there's more mild weather heading towards us but maybe Scotland will get more of it.  It really is very nice being able to open the windows and breathe in the fresh air after so much chilly weather.  As for pegging out the washing, it's a pleasure!

I know I keep saying that yesterday was a good day and I apologise for being boring but, again, yesterday was a good day.  It was great to go out for a meal in the evening (and even better not to pay for it).  I waffled (mentally) between three menu choices but finally went for the chicken burger which really was jolly nice, as were the chips and the house slaw.  I managed to finish nearly all of it too.

A shame I had a bit of a broken night, not from indigestion but from aches and pains and when I woke this morning I realised the cold I managed to hold back a week ago was trying another offensive.  I'm under the influence of meds now and hoping that will convince it to go away!

Today is quiet.  I've not dropped off yet but what's the betting I will this afternoon?

A few days ago I said to Beth that I must get some more T shirts.  I am not a posh dresser and tend to survive in T shirts and skirts for the most part.  It's neat enough but the T shirts are getting extremely tatty after a number of years.  Yesterday I happened across a Cotton Trader catalogue and guess what - they had simple, ordinary T shirts in a variety of colours, not too expensive, so I've ordered some.  That should sort me out for another x number of years.

Better go.  It's nearly lunch time!  Enjoy your day, however you are spending it.

Friday, 17 February 2017


Good morning.  Wasn't it a beautiful day yesterday?  Sunny and so very mild.  It doesn't look so promising outside yet today but it's mild and the snowdrops are flowering like crazy.

Yesterday was quite a productive day in that I got a number of things sorted out and I made some lemon marmalade.  Not from scratch, that would be too much like hard work, but I used a can of MaMade that someone gave me a while ago which is dead easy and tastes lovely!.  So I have jars to share with Mum and Dad, Beth and Jane and some left for myself.

In the end, Beth didn't come over, but I still made the tomato and lentil soup - one for yesterday, one for today and a portion for the freezer.  Lucky freezer!

I was a little bit naughty.  You see, I get quite frustrated when slicing my home made bread when it is very fresh - if you make bread you will know exactly what I mean.  I like to make, slice and freeze - when you live alone you don't necessarily get through enough bread, even a small loaf, before it goes stale.

So I looked around for some sort of slicer.  I looked at electric meat/bread slicers but no, too complicated.  I don't need another appliance that will fill the inside of a cupboard after the first few weeks  I looked at manual slicers but no - they all looked either fragile or not adaptable enough.  I wanted something that would do thin, medium or thick slices.  Then I found this . . .

. . . and ordered one.
I hope it's not a pup.

Today is going to be a nice day.  I have some housework and some ironing, then I can do some crafting and later on I am out for dinner.  Splendid!

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Good morning.  It's a clear, starry early morning with a bright moon and no frost.  It was a pleasure walking out to the shed to put some things in the freezer, although I was glad I didn't have to stay out long.  I'm starting to look forward to the mornings when I can sit out, sipping my first coffee and enjoying the morning freshness.  The very warmest times tend to be June/July and I was always in a rush to get to school.  Last year it was lovely and anticipating this year is a pleasure.

Beth was round yesterday.  She came before lunch and then stayed all afternoon to craft.  I got on with the owls while she quilted the sides of a bag we are making to order.  It was all very pleasant indeed.

Later on I went off for tuition and it was a good time.  So good, we went on beyond the time, not realising.  That's the only tutoring I have this week as it's half term.

Then it was back home for dinner and a sleepy evening.  Nice.

Today Beth is over again and I shall make tomato and lentil soup for lunch.  I am umming and ahing about going into town this morning but I'm not totally sure whether I will or now.  There's some ironing to do so maybe it would be better to get that done first.  After all, neither will go away but one is better done sooner rather than later!

Thanks for the comments on Body Shop and Lush.  I am pretty sure we have a Lush in town and I might just take a peek and even treat myself at some point.  And use it too.
I don;t know if any of you read the blog 'The Frugal Family'; recently Cassie did an entry on 'Life's too short: use the good stuff' all about using your nice things and getting pleasure from them rather than tucking them away for a 'special time' that probably never comes along.  That resonated with me as I am prone to doing exactly the same thing and the number of times I have had to chuck something that has lost its fragrance, texture or whatever is absolutely daft.  What a waste!
Here's the article:

Well, if I am going to get anything done, I'd better stop rambling on and get started.  I'll leave you with a couple of photos I took yesterday.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Welcome to a very much warmer morning that we've had recently.  A mild evening yesterday too - I didn't even think of the hot water bottle and my toes were warm.  Very nice indeed.

Yesterday was great.  I popped into town, had a good reccy of the whole foods, f&v and meat stalls in the market and bought some chicken, some fenugreek, some bits of fabric and some polyester batting.  The fabric is in the washing machine at the moment to get any shrinking over and done with and one or two bits are so nice I think I might have to go back there next week to get some longer bits for summer skirts.
I had a parcel to post so got that done too.
Then I took a look in the Body Shop.  I used to love it in there and treated myself to some of their hair shampoo and conditioner which was not cheap but left my hair beautifully soft.  Sadly, it has changed a lot.  Gone are the refill facilities and they've got nothing now that I would particularly go for.  Very sad.  It doesn't even smell as nice any more.

Once home, I pottered around and then washed my hair so it would be wet when the wonderful Sharon came round.  An hour later I was neat and tidy again - it does feel good after a wash, cut and blow-dry!

Then I did more boring household stuff - washing, drying, ironing and so on.

Further Back in Time was really good again.  Somehow, they get a real atmosphere into the programme.  Last night it was the thirties and I was almost in tears when they listened to the broadcast announcing that war had been declared.  I am really looking forward to the next one which, I think, will be the last one, as the original series started in the 1950s.

Today, Beth is round for lunch and then Sharon is back to do Beth's hair.  Apart from that, I'm not sure how it's all going to play out.  More washing, etc, I know, and a kitchen tidy.  Oh, and I have some bread dough rising so that will make the house smell wonderful later on.

Have I ever said - I love this retired life!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


. . . and good morning.  It doesn't feel too chilly this morning and, checking BBC Weather, it's possibly going to hit a comparatively tropical 9C during the day  I'm glad; yesterday evening I felt very shivery when I went to bed so, for the first time, made use of a Christmas present from Alex which was a hot water bottle with an owl cover.  It was remarkably cosy and comfortable and I shall remember this for future chilly nights.  Thank you, Alex.

The sleepy theme continued yesterday.  I woke up at my usual sort of time, got up, did stuff such as starting off a wash, tidying the kitchen, etc, before going up for my bath.  Then I felt sleepy so snuggled back into bed and woke again at nearly eleven!  I don't think you could call it a lie in exactly but it must have been needed and it was certainly welcome.

After wake up no.2, I took the washing out of the machine and, to my delight, hung it out on the line.  It was sunny and breezy and altogether delightful so I though I'd make use of that.  They didn't properly dry, of course, but they freshened up and ironing them later was a doddle!

Today I have no chance of extra sleeps.  I have a little parcel to post and then I'm off to the market.  Once home again, I shall be waiting for Sharon to come and work her usual magic on my hair.  She's a very busy lady and this time she's doing my hair today and then coming back to do Beth's hair tomorrow.

This evening it is Further Back in Time for Dinner on the telly which I am thoroughly enjoying and looking forward to.  This week it is the thirties so it will end on a down note.

The kettle has boiled and coffee is calling so I will close this and wish you all a very good day, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Monday, 13 February 2017


Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Monday!  It's still jolly cold but the air is dryer, the clouds are higher and we might even get some sun, you never know.

Yesterday was a much brighter day - no outside, that was miserably cold and damp but inside.  Beth came round to lunch and I made the macaroni cheese that we both love so much.  Then we got going on stuff we are making for others.  Two owl cushions and two bags.  We needed to check colours for the bags but now we have received confirmation, that's what I'm going to finish off today.  For the bags, we measured, discussed, drew out plans and finally cut out the fabric.  One is going to be quilted so I can make the quilt sandwich today and maybe even get the quilting done.

After tea I put on a DVD I hadn't watched before.  It was the second Independence Day film.  I enjoyed the first one and I also enjoyed this one - even though it was remarkably similar to the first film in too many ways.  It was escapist nonsense with a bit of a message and very undemanding!

Today, apart from sewing and planning, I shall knit and hope to finish off the Maries.  I might have some ironing this evening too.  It feels odd not to be going into school for Knitter Knatter and reading - I've definitely got a pattern going there, haven't I?

Just to remind anyone who is looking for my menu that at the moment I am posting them on another blog, My 30-30 Challenge.  If you're interested in frugal food, you might like to take a look.

Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing.