Friday, 24 January 2020


Good morning!  So here we are at the end of another working week (almost).  It started out gloriously sunny and frosty and is finishing up dull, dismal and damp, which is a real shame as that bright, cold weather was very cheering and invigorating, I found.

Yesterday was all about family with the family lunch.  To my delight, Dave (son) and Anna turned up.  Apparently, Dave had said they were coming but I had picked up that they weren't!  Silly me.  It wasn't a problem - I just got some broad beans out of the freezer to add to the veg-fest and decided that if the paprika chicken seemed to be going too quickly, I'd stick to vegetables.  However, there was no need for such self-sacrfice as there was plenty to go round with enough of the casserole and rice to make up two lunch-sized portions for the freezer.

It was a lovely time.  Lots of chat and laughter as we ate buffet style as my table really isn't big enough for seven!  All too soon, Dad left to get home before gloom set in and others left for their traditional pub crawl in London while Beth stayed around for a little while before she also went to do her shopping. 

It was a very happy day and, in a funny way, I was glad pottery was cancelled as I was pretty tired.

Today is back to normal, whatever normal means.
First thing, I am setting off for the surgery to p-p-pick up my p-p-prescription and then to Aldi, a hundred metres down the road, for my weekly shop.  On the way back, I might stop off at Hobbycraft as I go more or less straight past it.  Just for fun, you understand!

Then it's home to prepare for tuition, changed from yesterday, and to make sure the house is tidy for my lovely cleaners.  I'll definitely do some sort of exercise today as I missed yesterday's.

So not a very exciting day today but pretty pleasant all the same.  I hope you are having a good one too.  xx

Thursday, 23 January 2020


Good morning, everyone.  First of all, thank you for the lovely comments yesterday; they were truly appreciated.

Sharon came round as expected and an hour later I felt a new person.  Although I have never done this, I can understand why some people have their hair done more regularly.  It is such a good feeling and a very relaxing time.

Beth was round too as Sharon does her hair at the same time.  She couldn't stay for long afterwards biut we did have time for a chat and to arrange my Christmas present as Beth is taking me out to dinner.  We've decided on Prezzo - we both like Italian, it's easy to get to in town, it has a really great vegetarian menu and it's not outrageously expensive.  I'm so looking forward to it!
(woo hoo!!!)
We have decided that we really ought to have a mum/daughter meal out together once a month.  Nothing lavish, just local, but there's some nice little eating places around here that don't cost a bomb so we're spoilt for choice.

Just before twelve I popped off to Lindsey's for my hour of personal torture - I mean, training.  I'm well into the swing of it now and she's starting to introduce more challenging elements.  I can certainly feel my arms this morning!

I rushed home again for a quick lunch before my friend, L, turned up for a cuppa and a chat and we talked pretty much non stop for over two hours before she had to go.  It was lovely and we will repeat the experience but maybe at the Flyer next time.

By the evening I was so, so tired.  I kept nodding off so, in the end, I went up to bed at just after eight and slept the clock round until just before five this morning.  I rarely sleep as long as that and now feel most refreshed!

Today was going to be a very busy day!

Some of my family are coming here for lunch.  Nothing posh but it will be lovely to have them all round and I've made a big casserole which, with rice and veg, will fill us up nicely.

Then it was going to be tuition but, because I wasn't sure of timings, I have moved that until tomorrow.

Then it was going to be pottery but I had an email saying that because of tutor availability (I presume they meant unavailability really) there would be no pottery this week.  That's disappointinmg because I wanted to see if I could have another, more successful go at the candle stand.  However, they've tacked an extra session on the end of this term so that's OK.

As it turns out, I could have done tuition today after all, but I'm not going to mess the parents about by changing it again.  Anyway, it means I can get properly cleared up after the family has left rather than shoving it all in the kitchen and shutting the door.

I'm really looking forward to today.  You have a good one too, OK?  xx

Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Good morning!

Yesterday's walk round Roxwell was really lovely.  Bright sunshine and, as I was well wrapped up, it wasn't cold despite the fact that there was frost and ice in shadier spots at midday and beyond.

I parked in the village hall car park by the village sign and set off first right, then back another way, then through the churchyard and up
where I used to live and then back another way to the car.  All in all, it took about an hour, longer (and further) than I had expected.

I took photos, of course.

The village sign, new since my day, but then I did leave in 1985, over three decades ago.  In a way, it's remarkable that so many things have remained the same.

I think this is called the Mill House.  Roxwell brook runs past it so it could have been a working water mill at some point.  Something to find out.

There's a whole row of fenced off paddocks and the 'official' walk that I didn't do goes along the side of them.  There are stables there too.

The building in the middle is Duke's Farm.

Taken just because it's pretty!

Where I used to live.  It goes back quite a way and the garden is to the side (left).  It's had quite a lot of work done to it since then.

This used to be a fantastic restaurant called 'The Farmhouse Feast'.  It's very old and inside the floors were uneven, the stairs rickety and the beams at head level so you had to be careful.
It was such a treat to eat there.  Five courses for a set price - hors d'ouvres, soup (served in a tureen), main, dessert, petit fours and coffee, all for a set price and wonderfully cooked.
Such a shame it is no longer there, although the building is still called The Farmhouse Feast.

I was very sad to read this.  The village has a school, a village hall, a scout/guide centre cum reading room, a pre-school and a church but, as from the end of last week, no village shop.  I hope it does reopen again soon.

I rewmember I used to take my two, as children, down to spent their pocket money.  They never had any problems with numbers that total ten!

And finally, St Michael's and All Angels.
I got it wrong.  G. wasn't buried there, he was cremated but there was a memorial urn.  I couldn't find it; maybe when C left the village, it went with her.  Fair enough, I have no problems with that at all.
Or maybe I just didn't look in the right place.

I was able to sit and think for a short time - it was a good experience.

Today is another busy day.
At half past nine the lovely Sharon comes to do my hair and make me feel human again.  Then I have personal training from twelve to one and at two a friend is coming round for a cuppa and a chat.  I should sleep well tonight, don't you think?

Have a lovely day.  xx


Morning, everyone.  There's another hard frost outside and it's jolly cold so fingers crossed for another lovely and sunny winter's day today, just like yesterday.  It's so lovely to get some settled weather again.

Yesterday was a good day.  I got my indoors walk done plus some of Lindsey's workout as well so that started the day off well.  At knitter knatter club, one of the girls had got her huge ball of yarn into a right tangle so I spent the time unravelling it for her, something I always find strangely satisfying and very relaxing.  You have to be patient and take is slowly and gently as any hasty tugs will result in a tighter tangle.  I remember when I was little, Mum used to buy her yarn in hanks which I had to help her roll into balls.  I enjoyed the actual winding but found holding the hank between my two little hands made my arms ache.  Anyone remember doing this too?

After that and doing my bit in Foundation Stage, I popped over to Morrisons as I'd forgotten to get peppers in Aldi and can't manage without peppers!

Then it was tuition which went well.

So, as you see, a good day!

Today is a thing sandwich.  The bread and butter is SW group first thing and tuition late afternoon and the filling will probably be a walk in Roxwell.  It won't be as long as the Writtle walk because Roxwell is a smaller village and it's a road through village rather than set inside a surrounding road/roads.

I actually know Roxwell - I lived there for two years between London and moving where I am now and that's where my marriage finally cracked and broke so, in a way, not all happy memories, but it broke my heart (again) to leave as I'd always wanted to live in a village.   It's pleasant enough with a pretty church (hope it is open) and enough parking outside the village hall.  I just need to check that I can actually go a certain way - it might be a public footpath but it goes right through a farm so I need to be sure.

I borrowed this view from Google Maps (thanks, Google)

There is a set four mile walk online that looks really nice but it will be terribly muddy at the moment so I will save it for later on in the year when things have dried out properly.  Today I can start off on that walk and cut it shorter by turning right instead of left at one point.  Or do an even shorter walk and spend some time in the church/graveyard where my ex is buried.  I haven't visited there for ages now so it's about time I did really.

It looks like being an interesting day, doesn't it?  I hope yours is good too.  xx

Monday, 20 January 2020


Good morning!  It's another chilly morning so the heating is up!

Yesterday was lovely.  I did some housework, prepped meals, sprinkled beeswax and generally pottered around until midday when I set off for Writtle, armed with my map (not that I needed it) and camera, well wrapped up against the elements.  I just walked the route around the outskirts of the village, more or less, which took about fifty minutes of reasonably brisk stepping out.  In the winter sunshine, it was delightful and so thought a number of other folk too, doing more or less the same thing.  It was cold though.  The frost lingered in shady spots all day and I was glad of my extra layers.

Houses on one side and this on the other.  

Today is quite busy, once it gets going.  It's Monday so knitter knatter club followed by helping out, home for a late lunch and, finally, tuition.  I don't think there will be an opportunity to walk outside so I will do a half hour with youTube.  I want to look up other villages in the area (there are plenty) because it really was lovely walking around Writtle yesterday.

There's a way into Hylands Park from Writtle too - I might do that some day and spend some time wandering around Hylands.  That would be pleasant.

Have a great day and enjoy the fine weather while it lasts!  xx

Sunday, 19 January 2020

A week in pictures

Wednesday:  Boy, did it rain!

Thursday:  such a lovely splash of colour.

Friday:   beeswax wraps kit arrived

Saturday:  a visit to Galleywood Common on a cold, sunny day.

Sunday:  making beeswax wraps . . .

. . . on a cold . . .

. . . and frosty morning.

A lovely walk around Writtle at lunchtime - the pond had started to ice over.

Monday:  I just caught the last glow of sunset.

Tuesday:  A dive into the past - where I used to live.

Saturday, 18 January 2020


Good morning.  Yesterday was a jolly chilly day with a frost that lasted well into the morning and this morning looks like being the same as far as the frost is concerned.  I hope there's some sun as well; yesterday was a beautiful day.

After going on about it for a few days, I finally did get to Galleywood for my walk.  It was, unfortunately, very, very muddy so I stuck to the proper paths but it's rather lovely and will be beautiful in the summer when all the little pathways through the trees and on the grass are dry and negotiable again.  There's woodland and grassland, ponds and heathland and, while it's not huge, it's big enough for some good walks.
 I took some photos - here's just a few.

The church of St Michael and All Angels is on the common.  I had a walk around the outside but couldn't go in as it was locked.  I don't think there's really anything special about it in terms of architecture, windows, brasses, etc, but it looks like a busy and friendly church, serving the community.

On the way there I stopped off at Aldi and on the way back at Tesco so now I'm all set up for the coming week.

Today, I'm hoping to drive out to Writtle and have a stroll around what is a very pleasant village.  I've looked on the map and worked out a route that will take me around the outside roads of the village and a shorter on in case I don't feel like doing the longer one.
Apart from that, I have no real plans, I'll just take the day as it comes.

What are your plans for today?