Sunday, 22 October 2017


It was a lovely day yesterday.  A family gathering to celebrate the birthday of a very special lady in our lives.  It was just a happy time.

Today is back to normal.  All the clearing up (there wasn't much) was done yesterday so no hassles.  I think I will rest as much as I can.

Have a lovely day.

Friday, 20 October 2017


Yesterday my lovely Mum had her 90th birthday.

It was a quiet but happy day and tomorrow we're having a family gathering!

That's about it as far as yesterday is concerned.
Today I'm going shopping and that's about it too.  That's the good life!  Have a great day yourself.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Good morning!
Wasn't yesterday dreary.  It was here anyway.  Drizzle and mist all day, very damp indeed.  TOday looks to be better but time will tell.

I had to pop to Aldi and Lidl yesterday so I seized the opportunity to buy butter.  I dearly love butter that has salt crystals and a friend told me that there was some West Country butter in Aldi that was cheaper than Morrison's ordinary and had the required salt crystals.  I'd tried some and it is, indeed, delicious so I stocked up.  Then I saw that Lidl had similar and the same price so I had to try that too.  So now my freezer is stocked with nice butter to infinity and beyond!  The way dairy is going up, it'll be a butter investment than ISAs or Funding Circle!  (sorry!)

Today is a Very Important Birthday so I'm looking forward to that very much.
I might not be around much over the weekend but should be properly back afterwards.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Apart from a bit of a 'weird sky/light colour at one point, the weather yesterday was pleasant.  Not too cold but not too hot either - not that I noticed anyway.  It's still mild this morning but the first frost cannot be too far away, can it?

For the first time in ages I woke feeling energetic yesterday so I set to and got all my planning done for the week.  One of the things I rejoiced over when I retired was No More Planning.  Now I have walked voluntarily into more - and it may not be so many children but it needs to be detailed and individual so does take a while.
So now that's off my mind I can enjoy life.  Tuition went well yesterday and, as it's half term, there's none next week.  Maybe I can get ahead with resources.

Beth invited me over for a take away Chinese last night.  Chinese is one of those things I find hard to fake.  I can manage a curry, a pizza and fish and chips is a doddle but not Chinese.  I really enjoyed it and it looked as if there would be plenty of leftovers for today for her and Jane which means no need to cook.  Gotta love the microwave!
Thanks, Beth.  Happy Birthday, Jane.

Over the weekend my order of the Duchess of Duke Street DVDs arrived so I've been watching them at spare moments.  It's as good as I remember it, somewhat formulaic but well done.  Most entertaining and visually attractive.  Today I have a great pile of ironing that absolutely HAS to be done so - perfect!

I also have a very untidy home so guess what the other main task will be today.  Housework is like death and taxes - it can't be escaped!

The morning coffee is made and spelling fragrant so I'd better go and pour myself one.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


I missed yesterday, I know.  So sorry.  Back now.

On to happier things - well, sort of.  I do hope all my readers are safe and sound after the strong winds that have travelled across this part of the world.
In 1987 I totally missed it, slept right through it and looked out of my window with complete and utter amazement the next morning, took the children to school (just round the corner) to find it closed until the afternoon and spent the morning catching up on what had happened.

This time, it's not been too bad here in the south east although we had some very strangely-ominous skies yesterday afternoon followed by one of the most incredible sunset it has been my privilege to capture on my simple little digi-camera.

Good, isn't it?

A strong wind is something I find exhilaration, like high waves, providing I am safe and sheltered.  However, many people had serious difficulties with yesterday's weather and my heart goes out to them.  Schools are closed and there's been a lot of damage further north and to the west.

I popped round to Morrisons yesterday and I was so glad I did.  A while ago they had long cardigans for sale and I bought two of them and have worn them on and off (mostly on) ever since.  They fit, they wash well and they have worn well too.
Yesterday they had the same thing in four new colours at a tenner a go and I bought all four.  That's me set up for ages to come.  So pleased.

Today is planning, housework, sewing and then I'm having a takeaway Chinese round at Beth's.  Should be great!

Sunday, 15 October 2017


Just a quickie to say I'm fine, just rather busy and feeling a lot better.  Thank you for your kind messages.
Back tomorrow.

Friday, 13 October 2017


A mild niggle has developed into a banging headache.  Today is cancelled and I am back to bed after telling the cleaners not to come