Friday, 20 September 2019


Good morning, everyone.  My fingers are crossed for another day as lovely as yesterday.  I'm loving this warm, bright weather, aren't you?

Yesterday proved to be a really pleasant day.
At Vals, we went out to the Blue Egg ( ) where we both had a simply divine goats' cheese salad which was by no means low calorie but was packed with good things.  I did enjoy it!
On the way back, we stopped off at a great wool shop as we were both wanting to start knitting something for the winter.  Val bought a cardigan pattern and I bought a jumper patters (which we will swap when we're made the garment) and we found some lovely yarn, Brett's double knitting with merino, which felt gorgeously soft and good to work with.  I gather it's quite new out; I've not seen it before anyway.

It was a bit of a rush to get home for tuition but I made it with about five minutes to spare.  I was glad I'd got everything out and ready and I just had to fire up the laptop.
It was my last session with my eleven plusser so good luck, J, on Saturday.  They are looking forward to it very much which is a great attitude.  It's so positive when a youngster loves learning so much.
I was given a lovely card and a thank you gift which was super kind of them.

Then I whizzed around, getting stuff done, picking tomatoes (all my large tomatoes have decided to ripen at the same time) and so on before setting off for SW.

Weigh-in was, as expected, not good news (3.5 on) but it wasn't as bad as it could have been so that's OK.  I'm fired up and back on track again so no complaints.

Today is starting with a swim.

Then, after breakfast, I will deal with those big tomatoes (skin, chop and freeze) and do some general tidying up before the cleaners arrive.  At midday, a friend is coming to pick me up and we're off to Robyn's Nest for lunch and a chat.  It's been quite a week for meeting up with friends and very nice too.

After that, I think it will be time for a sit down and some reading and knitting before making dinner.

And that's today.  Nice and social.
What do you have planned for today?

Thursday, 19 September 2019


Good morning!  The sun is shining and it promises to be fine all day.  Lovely!

Yesterday was a weird day.  Personal Training was great, the governors' meeting was long but fine and I got sheets changed, washed, dried and ironed too.
But I had an eating crash which I won't go into in any detail except to say I'm climbing back on the wagon now!

Today is another busy day.
I'm meeting a friend for lunch, then I have tuition and then my SW group.  It's all go.

Better get started.  Planning calls!
Have a good day!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't yesterday lovely?  Not so warm until the afternoon but such gorgeous sunshine!  Long may it continue.

Well, yesterday may have been busy, but it was a good day.

I met up with my friend at Robyn's Nest, a nice little cafe in Writtle and we talked and talked and talked over two large coffees (each - I was bursting by the end).  It was good to catch up on things after a couple of months of no get together.  And the coffee was good!

Then Sharon turned up and now both Beth and I look half human again.  I find it very relaxing and restful, having my hair done, not to mention the feeling that I look a lot better afterwards.

And then my parcel turned up.  It was an actiftry (yes, extravagant and unnecessary and bloomin' expensive but, dear me, what's a saved lump sum for, eh?) so I spent the next hour or so getting it all out, wiping it all down, reading the minimalistic instructions and making a batch of chips (well, you have to, don't you) for Beth and me to share.  And they were Very Good Indeed (and SW friendly)!  I used it to make dinner too - a sort of cajun chicken and veg - and that was also good.
I dearly love a new toy!

I had to rush off after that to tuition and had a good time there too.
The evening was spent getting the ironing done and, after airing overnight, it's all ready to take upstairs and put away.

Today there will be more washing as it's time to change the sheets.  They can dry on the line which makes them smell so wonderfully fresh and 'outdoorsy'.

Over lunchtime, I'm off to Lindsey's for the hour of personal torture training.  I'ver been doing a bit each day and really do think I'm toning up a bit, not to mention being fitter.  Not so sure about the weight though as I'm still working off the damage done by the weekend at Dad's.

After that the bedding might be dry and I can get it ironed before Governors' Meeting at six.

So it's all go on and off today but it should keep me out of trouble, shouldn't it?  I hope your day is good too.  xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Good morning, everyone.  It's another early start for me after a great night's sleep and it feels decidedly chilly - a dressing-gown-and-slippers kind of morning!

After a good drive home, I got the washing all done and now have a pile of ironing to rejoice my heart this evening!!
I wandered out into the garden and picked some bits and bobs.  The tomatoes are still coming thick and fast but it's just about the last picking of runner beans which is very sad as I do love them and it's been a good year for them.  The chillies are still producing and, while there was no cucumber to pick, there are four baby ones and one medium one although I don't know whether they will mature.  The pace of growth has definitely slowed down.  As you can see, I had to cut off one tomato truss as the stem had snapped.  They will ripen indoors, I am sure.

I took a walk to the shops the long way round and foraged a couple of apples from under a tree beside the road.  The one I had yesterday was lovely.
Tuition went well and the time just whizzed by.
And I did some cooking, enjoying the results for dinner.  I love meatballs in spicy tomato sauce!

So that was yesterday.

Today feels a bit packed.
I'm having coffee with a friend first thing and then whizzing back for the lovely Sharon to sort out my bird's nest hair.  Then it is some tuition and in the evening I have that stack of ironing to deal with.
I'm hoping to receive an exciting parcel as well.
It's all go today!

Time for another coffee so I'll stop now.  Have a lovely day, whatever you have planned.  xx

Monday, 16 September 2019


Good morning, everyone.  A new week and a bit of a change in the weather round here.  Much cooler, cloudy - a bit dismal really, especially after such a gorgeous day yesterday.
It truly was gorgeous, wasn't it?  Wall to wall sunshine and cloudless blue skies pretty much all day.

The day revolved around a visit to Diana and Tom's for lunch.  Diana is (was) Mum's half sister.  Before we left home, I made a quick dash to Bickerdikes for a couple of nice little 'thank yous' to take with us so that was my half hour of exercise for the day.  I was glad to get that in because the weekend, as with all my Dad weekends, was very food-naughty!

We had a great time chatting and catching up on all sorts of stuff over a delicious lunch of salmon and salad, followed by a tropical fruit salad.

When we left, before we set off back home, Dad took me on a tour of  Kettering streets with family history.  Both Mum and Dad's families were Kettering folks, born and bred, both sides were in the boot and shoe business in different ways, both grandads (mine) had small boot and shoe companies and both families lived very much in the same area.  So we went in and out of very narrow roads - Digby Street, Bath Road and others, locating all the old homes where Mum, Dad and grandparents were born and/or lived, past the house where Auntie May used to live, finishing off down Kingsley Avenue where Dad's parents finished their days, first in a lovely house and then, after Gramps died, in a smaller house that was built to the side of the property when the big house was sold, where Nanna lived until she passed on.
Diana and Tom live in the house that was Mum's dad's home, the other side of town pretty close to Wicksteeds, so goiung there was also memory packed .
It was all very lovely, happy and nostalgic.  I have very fond memories of childood visits to Kettering.

Today, I'm off home after breakfast.  I'll have some washing and some shopping to do before a bit of tuition and a nice, easy evening.  It should be a really nice day, whatever the weather decides to do.

And there might be tomatoes to pick!  xx

Sunday, 15 September 2019


Good morning, everyone!  It's still too dark to say but they tell us today is going to be as warm and as sunny as yesterday was, which is lovely!  It was such a gorgeous day, wasn't it?

In the end, I had no problems locating the Letchworth Nuffield Gym and it was an easy drive.  The pool is slightly smaller than the home one, I think, and was divided into three lanes - fast, medium and slow.  No prizes for guessing the one I chose!

When I got in, there was only one person in each lane, including me.  A few came and a few went in my half hour, including a middle lane equivalent of my lovely 'gossip girls' but it was never crowded.

There was a sauna and a steam room but no hot and bubbling spa - I missed that as it is lovely to relax and 'chill' in the warm bubbles before having a shower.

The locker system is very different though.  Instead of inserting the membership card and getting a key, you have to key in a 4 digit number (of your own creation).  That means not only do you have to remember your locker number, you also have to remember your code!  Guess who forgot both!!!
A very kind lady went out to get one of the people on the desk who unlocked my locker (I did remember that after some thought) and we had a little chuckle about it but it was embarrassing, all the same.  I felt very vulnerable too because, of course, my hearing aids were locked away so it was very hard to catch the gist of what people were saying.  I do wish someone would invent waterproof aids!!!
All my own fault, of course.  I really should have used a more familiar code and next time I will.

The rest of the day passed peacefully.  Dad came home from his exercise class, we both had some home made soup and then he crashed out for a good sleep in his recliner. 

I investigated Parkrun as two members of our SW group went and sent back photos to prove it!  It looks interesting so I have registered (which doesn't commit me to anything) and may give it a whirl next Saturday, although it will be more a case of Parkmeander than Parkrun or even Parkjog.  I just hope I can do 5K!  Maybe I ought to practise! (not entirely serious there)
It seems to be quite a sociable event, is another reason/excuse for getting out and about and it is totally free as I can use my bus pass to get there.  A freebie is always a Good Thing, surely!

Today Dad and I are out to lunch.  Mum's much younger half sister has invited us over for lunch so that's where we're going.  Dad has been slowly going through old photos and has some to take and show, including some of his and Mum's wedding, with Diana as a bridesmaid. 

It will take around an hour to get there, maybe more if the A14 is awkward, so it will take most of the afternoon, one way and another.  I'll get dinner made before we leave and then it's just a heating up affair later on.

And that's today.  It's half way through September, would you believe?  Where is the time going?  In three week's time, I'll be typing this at Center Parcs before going out for my early morning walk!

Have a great day and enjoy the lovely weather.

Saturday, 14 September 2019


Morning, everyone!  It's a simply gorgeous morning here; the sun is shining and it's warm but not hot.  I'd love a few more days of this, for sure!

Yesterday went well.  The journey over to Dad's was good and all's well at both ends. 

This will be a quick entry as I have located the Nuffield Gym here and am going over for a swim as Dad is out and about.  As a member, I can use any of their gyms, you see, so I'm testing that one.  :-)
I'll probably sleep the afternoon away after that!

Have a great day and enjoy the lovely autumn sunshine.