Friday, 5 June 2020


Good morning!  It's been cold, we've had a bit of rain (yay), the clouds have rolled away and, right now, the sun is shining happily.  Lovely!

Yesterday was a pretty dull, boring, nothing sort of day apart from a lovely chat with Val and so chilly that I turned up the heating.  In June!!!  Definitely something to be grateful for, the central heating (and the wherewithal to run it).

I've just been out to take a few photos in the sunshine so here they are - a garden update!

Looking right:

Turning left a bit:

The flower bed is looking pretty:

and the pinks smell wonderful morning and evening:

The clematis is trying to cover the fence with flowers and there are some really big buds waiting their turn across the top.

The tomatoes are coming on well:

So are the mini cucumbers:

Good old garden, giving so much pleasure!

Today, being Friday, is cleaner day so I must make sure everything's ready for them.  When they come, I generally disappear to the allotment so as to be out of their way.  I didn't go in the end yesterday so phew for the rain.  Today I need to do what I didn't do yesterday.

Apart from that, there's very little on.  Beth and I had thought about a lunchtime barbie but we have decided it's not really warm enough and maybe next Friday would be better when we can celebrate the end of his exams with Alex.

I'm getting a bit lazy, I think.  Maybe I will look online and see when there's a space to visit Hyde Hall.  It would be super to visit and have a good walk around.  It will be very different from when I last went at the beginning of March, won't it?
Have a lovely day!  xx

Thursday, 4 June 2020


Morning, everyone.  It's a dull, cool, windy start to the day but, as yet, no rain, darn it.  Beeb thinks it's not going to be all that warm but doesn't predict rain so I think an early visit to the allotment is on the cards, just to water, to weed around the baby corn, remove the pigeon barrier from the runner beans and weed around there too.  I also 'encourage' the bean plants towards the canes.

Yesterday was a lovely day because Beth came round while Alex was doing his first exam.  Before then, I had done my shop for the week so that was off my mind and I even managed to find some SR flour so I got two bags, one for me and one for Beth.
Beth and I both said how lovely it was to be under the same roof again.  We maintained distance, of course, and sometimes we chatted and sometimes we did our own thing but it was just really nice.

Personal Training was outside at Lindsey's (she calls it the Garden Gym!) and it was lovely.  No sun and a breeze so one didn't get too hot.  It's now a week until the next session (I now have two half hours per week) so I need to up my game between times!

Then, in the evening, I bit the bullet and wrestled with my tablet which I ought to use more than I do.  I managed to get the Slimming World app downloaded and then tried to download the new magazine (it's free to SW members at the moment but online only) and got all hot and irritated.  It turns out, I had the wrong password for it!  All done now, phew.

I gather Alex was happy with how the exam went so all in all it was a pleasant day!

Apart from the allotment, I have a video chat with Val this afternoon and that's it as far as organised things are concerned but it's Thursday so time to tidy up all the little piles of clutter that have magically appeared all round the house so the cleaners have a clear run tomorrow.  By this evening my home should be as tidy as it ever is.

That's about it really.  I think it's going to be nice - I hope so, anyway.
Take care, stay safe and be happy.  xx

Wednesday, 3 June 2020


Good morning.  No sun this morning; what a shame!  No rain either which is also a shame.  It'll probably hold off until after we've watered the allotment!!
I've checked the good old Beeb weather page and it looks as if we can expect iffy weather for about a week before the good stuff comes back.  Not a lot of rain expected (round here, anyway)..

Yesterday was gorgeous!  Perhaps not quite as warm as previous days but still sit-out-in-the-garden stuff so I made the most of it in-between other chores.

SW meeting was really good, as usual.  Not so many of us this week but that's OK.  Then Chris came round and we had a legitimate, out in the garden, six feet away natter about all sorts of things.

Wrapping these two things around was all the other stuff.  Housework, garden, allotment, ironing (nice, empty basket now) and so on.  Two of my order of pyrex bowls arrived which was impressively quick.

Today has started on an up-note.  Look what I saw when checking the plants half an hour ago.

Yes, my first baby cucumber.
I've had flowers but, as happens, they have all been male flowers.  This is the first little fruit so fingers crossed.  All being well, I shouldn't have to wait long as they are mini-cucumbers (gherkins).
Very exciting.  Better start feeding them now.

Beth is coming round today.  Poor old Alex has his first end of year uni exam (he has two more next week) so Beth wants to be out of his way.
The other events are a Morrison's shop first thing and personal training at twelve.  Hopefully it's in Lindsey's garden, but we will see.
It's Beth's turn to do the allotment, so that's OK!

Well, time for another coffee so I will stop now.  Have an enjoyable day and be safe.  xx

Tuesday, 2 June 2020


Good morning.

I've started using the new 'Blogger' and immediately hit a snag.  How do you start a new entry apart from opening the previous one and clicking 'new post' (or whatever it says)?  It took me ages to work it out, just because the (admittedly big orange) button was at the bottom of the page, not at the top.  Oh, well, I will get used to it.

Yesterday was another truly beautiful day.  Warm, sunny, breezy, absolutely delightful.

At quarter past eight, I set off for town feeling more than a bit anxious.  Apart from not knowing which car parks were open (they all were, as it happened), the whole 'stay at home/stay safe/stay alert' thing is now so ingrained that deviating from it is enough to create anxiety.

I should have known better; it was perfectly OK.  It was the easiest drive into town I think I have ever had, the car park I chose was virtually empty, the streets were almost empty, Boots was open and the longest hold up was at the counter where the pharmacist was a little bit late so I had to wait to get my meds.

I had expected to have been handled the prescription form and have to either go to another counter or get them made up at Morrisons but no, the packs were all ready for me to take once the pharmacist had okayed it.

I was home in under an hour and it was a doddle.  I won't be so worried next time although I must investigate either having them delivered or made up at Morrisons so I don't have to go into town.

Later on it was another change.  Instead of having my personal training online, I went round to Lindsey's and it was absolutely delightful to work outside.  I'm hoping it's fine on Wednesday so I can do the same again.

I did my washing.  I did some of my ironing.  I planned meals and started a shopping list. Beth did the watering.  It was a good day.

Today starts with the Zoom Slimming World meeting.  Usually I then moves on to a live chat with Chris but today she's coming over and we're meeting in the garden this afternoon.  I'm really looking forward to that!

I hope your day is good too.  Take care.  xx

Monday, 1 June 2020

Monday and a new month

Good morning, everyone and welcome to June, the first of the summer months.  Pinch and punch for the first of the month and white rabbits to you!  :-)

Yesterday started off beautifully.  I set the chair and little table out in the garden and had a carafe of early morning coffee, very good and strong, drunk from one of my wee coffee cups which is only a couple of mouthfuls but makes me feel a bit sort of continental.  A croissant, some pats of good butter and some home made jam would have completed the picture but - you know - Slimming World and all that!

It was actually so warm that I moved the chair into some shade after a while and enjoyed the warmth, the breeze through the trees next door and beyond and the sweet scent of the flowers.


THen I went indoors and my mood descended rapidly as I sorted out the dishwasher, stacked my half and one litre Pyrex bowls and promptly missed the shelf so they crashed onto the floor.  Darn it (or maybe slightly stronger), muttered I and set to clearing it all up.  Pyrex doesn't half shatter!

I went onto Amazon (I use those bowls a lot) and, to my delight, they had some with lids, proper lids, something they didn't have when I last looked.  So now several new bowls are on their way to me, complete with lids!  Excellent.

After that, the day very much went to plan.  I picked some strawberries, pinched out some side shoots, talked to the runner beans, decided the cucumbers must have grown a good inch or so since the day before and then lounged about in the warmth.  Oh, yes, and I did some washing too.

Down the allotment, the tomatoes I put in on Saturday looked nice and healthy, as did the runner beans, although there are definitely some gaps which will need filling.  I'll defer buying any plants until I see whether the ones I planted in pots actually come up or not.  I should know by the end of the week.

Today is definitely busier.  First thing I need to go into town to pick up my prescription from Boots (not the surgery any more) which is a bit of a nuisance but has to be done.  I'm not keen on going into town and will take the car, not the bus.  Once I've done that (good and early so fingers crossed) I'll come home and do the usual household stuff until just before half past eleven when I'm off to Lindsey's for half an hour of personal training in her garden.  This new, both in place and time.  The time is because she's had to change my usual Friday slot and the place because she's now, from today, doing the PT in her garden when possible.  I'm looking forward to that very much.

The, later on, I might be doing allotment duties; it all depends if Beth can make it or now and, if not, I will instead.

It should all be good so fingers crossed.  A good day for you all too, I hope.  xx

Sunday, 31 May 2020


Good morning, everyone.  So the sunshine goes on for several more days and the watering can comes into its own!  Because of the gentle breeze yesterday, it was warm but not hot and, unfortunately, the pollen was blowing around so it was a day troubled with sneezes, sniffles and sore eyes.  I don't know about you, but nowadays, when I cough or sneeze, even though I know it is hay fever related, I feel so guilty.  Suddenly, one gets glares instead of sympathetic smiles. 

Hay fever apart, it was a pretty nice day.  The main happening was meeting Beth at the allotment.  First we watered.  Then we set to with scrubbing brushes, cold water and 'stardrops' cleaning fluid and attached the top of the table and the two benches that tuck in at either side.  This table has been standing under the trees at the back of the allotment for a while now and is getting pretty ropey not but is still good for a couple of years at least.
It has a very good cover which keeps the worst of the elements off but snails and spiders do creep under for shelter so it always needs a scrub at the start of the season.  Ditto for the benches.

While that was drying, we had coffee (keeping our distance) and then Beth showed me her plans for the raised beds which I think we will adopt.  Following that, I got six tomato plants in some spaces and tied some 'restraining' string around and across the broad beans.  They don't need support as such but are easily blown flat, especially once heavy with pods, so this should just be enough to stop them flattening.

Finally, we treated everything to another good drink before leaving, feeling happy and contented.

There's nothing in the diary today.  Normally I'd think 'a trip to Hyde Hall would be nice' but it's not open and when it does open (soon, I believe), one has to book in advance as they are restricting the number of visitors to RHS members only (which I am so no problems there).

I'll probably take the country road out and stroll along for a while, just for the fresh air and the green-ness (I wonder if my mask would mask the pollen as well as the virus) and spend the rest of the day pottering in my own dear little garden.  There's a few jobs that need doing and a very comfortable chair to read in.

I might so a bit of sewing, if motivation hits and it is my turn to water the allotment and do a bit of weeding.

That should fill the day nicely!
Have a good one and stay safe.  xx

Saturday, 30 May 2020


Good morning, everyone and thank you for the understanding comments on Thursday's post.

We continue to have quite beautiful weather, don't we?  For me, it has been just perfect.  Not too hot, not humid, a nice gentle breeze to keep the tree branches moving a bit.  I really couldn't ask for lovelier weather (except for rain overnight)!

The allotment is still cracking on.  We're pulling radishes now as well as cutting rhubarb, everything is growing nicely (we even have a few runner beans) and the broad beans have lots of flowers!
It's just all looking - nice.

Definitely one of my happy spaces.

In the garden, I've started picking strawberries these last few days and very nice they are too. 

The tomato plants seem to be thriving, as are the mini cucumbers.  I think I shall do what Sue did and allow one to fruit early while removing the first flowers from the other two.  It makes sense.
The chilli peppers are all growing in their new pots and I've also sown all my spare runner beans as there are going to be some gaps, although not the complete washout I thought it might be.  I really must remember to start them this way in future.

Dad and I discussed the possibility of me and Beth going over for a picnic in the garden but decided to leave it for a bit.  That's OK, it's his call, being the most vulnerable of us by a long call.  I have made a few plans with friends for coffee out in the garden which will be nice, but it's probably too easy to let down the guard a bit too quickly so let's be careful.

Today, it's a nice, easy day until three thirty when I'm meeting Beth down the allotment to do a double watering and, in between, we will scrub down the table and benches.  They are covered but slugs, snails and other creepy things find their way between table and cover so it needs a really good scrub.  Amazingly, I found the scrubbing brush we always use and I'm also taking some nice, strong stardrops cleaning stuff, the drips from which should keep the weeds down under the table and bench!

And that's about it for today.  Nothing terribly different or exciting but it should be a really lovely day.  I hope yours is too.  xx