Sunday, 18 February 2018


Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Sunday.  It's cold and dry with a nice frost and, as I have some washing, it would be nice if it stayed that way for the day.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday I started off the day by pranging my back.  I reached up to put a plate away, twang went my back and '****' went I!  It was in the same place as the pain I'd been having for a few days so I was a bit concerned but, as it reduced a bit, I reckon that I've been holding my posture very awkwardly all week and something just sort of 'gave' because for the rest of the day I was more pain free than I have been for a week.  Certainly the gallstone ouch has gone (touch wood) and the other is now just an ache that reminds me to get up and sit down carefully.  Didn't stop me sleeping, that's for sure.

It was a lovely drive to Sainsbury's - all frost and mist with the sun breaking through - and when I got there I treated my car to a wash and wax while I shopped.  Inside, there were ads about 25% off Tu clothing so I bought a few bits in a smaller size as some of my clothes are now falling off me.  All that helped me finish off the holiday money I didn't spend!

Then it was home to do some ironing and then rest.  I'm sure it's helped considerably and it is so nice to feel well again.  I didn't get out in the garden so maybe I will today and I still have plenty to read so the holiday continues at home, doesn't it?  Lovely!

Saturday, 17 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It was another really lovely, sunny winter's day yesterday with a frost first thing.  Really cheering although I MUST wash the back windows.  That sun really revealed the shocking state they are in!

I didn't do an awful lot really.  I found a bit more washing so I got that done and dried outside and really that was about it.  I slept, read, slept again.  It was rather nice!

Today I have to go to Sainsbury's and I must do a bit of planning and, if I am to start of the liver shrinking diet on Monday < spit >, I must go through the fridge and sort out what either needs using this weekend or prepping and freezing until afterwards.

I gather it's going to rain today but, if it doesn't or between showers, I want to do some more gardening and I must put out the snowdrops and irises I got from Anglesea Abbey.  A good time to do this because I can see where all the other snowdrops and other bulbs are.

Have a great day.  I'm just off to make coffee - proper coffee today, I think!  Nice!

Friday, 16 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It is so good to be home again that I care not what the weather is doing.  Mind you, yesterday turned out quite nice and I got two small loads of washing line dried in the wind and sun.  It was the nicest day we have had all week.

It could have been a pleasant week away but wasn't, mainly because of the gall stones.  It might have been my unwise choice on Monday evening which certainly didn't help, but it had already started at Mum and Dad's over the weekend and just continued. 

A bit of a shame but never mind, I am home now and there were some good bits!  Anglesea Abbey was lovely and I enjoyed the shops at Burwash Manor:  I'll definitely be going back to both when the op is over and done with.  It wasn't the fault of Premier Inn that I didn't feel well enough so I shall be going back there too.  The food looked great and the room was very comfy.

The journey home was all I could have asked for.  Easy onto the A14, easy onto the M11, easy on to the A120 and a delightful drive on the back roads into Chelmsford which brought me into the back of my road.  Sunny, light on traffic and took about an hour because it was mostly fast roads.

Eventually I cracked and went to the pharmacy yesterday afternoon to see if they had anything stronger than the usual stuff, coming home with co-codamol and dire warnings about addictiveness.  I shall be very careful and maybe just have it now and again when the ouchiness gets a bit too much for the usual stuff.  There's no use troubling my GP with an op on the horizon, still on schedule for mid March although I don't have the date yet.  What I do have is the liver shrinking diet that I have to do for three weeks before the op so I should get the date soon and then there will be light at the end of the tunnel.  I have had a good old rant about the diet on The Frugal Factor so I'll keep this blog rant-clean!

Today (and for the weekend) I am taking things easy.  I'm tired, uncomfortable again (but had a good night's sleep under the influence of co-codamol) and there's things I want to catch up on via iPlayer and the like anyway.  There's a bit of ironing to do and sheets to change but I'll see how the innards feel.  I have a bit of planning to do but can get on top of next week's work reasonably quickly.

Hoping we all have a good day and tomorrow I am determined to be more cheerful!  :-)

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Morning, everyone.

Well, yesterday wasn't as successful as Tuesday.  It started off well with a stop off at Burwash Manor where I noseyed round the shops and bought a couple of things and some pretty fabric for (probably) a summer skirt.  However, that was a bit of a mistake because by the time I got to Wimpole Hall fifteen minutes further down the road, the somewhat limited car park was chokka-full.  At the moment, their overflow car park is closed and several areas of the main car park were also cordoned off and you could see why.  I truly wouldn't fancy trying to get my car out of the mud - actually, I wouldn't like to try getting myself out of my car through the mud either.

After driving round and round with more cars arriving and none leaving, I decided to give up, came back, had a little drive around Cambridge (some lovely old buildings) and then went back to my room to chill.  Actually, it worked well for me as I had rotten backache and then it started raining a bit so I reckon I was in the best place.

I'd brought magazines and hadn't read any of them as well as having my knitting, so it was nice and cosy with plenty of coffee and with healthy fruit and natural yogurt for lunch.

If  I leave the hotel straight after breakfast I could take a detour and go to Wimpole this morning but at the moment I just want to get home really.  This isn't a pity party, it's just how it is.  I will definitely come back again though, once everything has settled down again. 

See you all back home again!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Good morning!  No idea about the weather yet as it's dark out there but it hasn't snowed and I doubt it will now.  We seem to have escaped that in this part of the country.

I'm having a very pleasant time here but at the same time looking forward to getting back into my own routine again, especially with food, having been paid back for my indulgences of the last few days.  Today I am going gentle into the dining room!

Getting to Anglesea was easy enough, all well signposted along the route, and I was there early enough not to have to worry about finding a parking slot.  It wasn't raining although the clear skies had gone and it felt cold but, wrapped up in my warm coat with scarf and gloves, it didn't matter.  Quite a lot of pathways were roped off and you could see why - the grass had taken a battering and needed resting.  To be honest, I wouldn't have wanted to go along those ways anyway as it was very muddy.  Nicer to stick to the proper pathways.

Despite the bleak conditions, there was colour and growth and it was so lovely to see signs of life.  The snowdrops were beautiful and I must come back one day in summer.  It's a very long time since I was there and quite a lot has changed/developed since then.

I had a jolly good wander around.  There were enough people there to make it friendly: lots of children with grandparents, it being half term, but not so many that it felt crowded in any way.  I was very pleased that my ankle/foot coped with the walking and the standing really well with barely a murmur until right at the end and even then it was only a twinge, not a pain.  It is definitely getting stronger.

After looking around house and gardens I went back to the visitors' centre and had a light lunch before tackling the shop.  Of course, it was a classic NT shop but they had some lovely snowdrop things in.  I was much taken with a snowdrop coffee mug until I looked at the price!  That went back on the shelf hastily and I went for the real thing instead, still dreadfully expensive but a nice souvenir for the garden and I have just the spot for them.  I also indulged in a pot of mini irises for the same reason, a beautiful deep blue and very pretty.  To make up for the mug, I went for a pretty little enamel snowdrop badge instead.

By that time it was chucking it down with rain and blowing up a storm so I came straight back to the Inn, made a nice cuppa tea and settled down with some knitting until dinner time.  Very nice too!

After another great night's sleep, I'm ready for a trip to Wimpole Hall today, stopping off at Burwash Manor on the way (or maybe on the way back, depending on how early I set off).  There's one or two shops I am particularly interested in visiting - can you guess which?

Well, it's nearly seven and time for a nice hot bath before getting ready to face the day so I will stop now and just leave you with a few photos from yesterday.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Good morning, all.  I've woken early (what a surprise!!) after a splendid night's sleep in a very comfortable and roomy bed in a room that is just right for temperature.  The kettle is on and there's no essentials on the list for today.  Once in a while, that is nice although I don't think I would like it all the time, do you?

The drive up was surprisingly easy.  Even the M11 and getting onto the A14 was a lot less hairy than I had anticipated and once on the A14, I was nearly here anyway.  On the way I located Wimpole Hall (tomorrow's little jolly) - couldn't miss it really - and Anglesea Abbey is also dead easy to get to from here today so all is well.  I gather the snowdrops are lovely at Anglesea right now and it's opening earlier than usual which means they are expecting plenty of visitors so I won't hang around too much after breakfast.

Dinner was delicious, all the nicer for not having to clear up afterwards.  I do love brie, bacon and cranberry and the chips were crunchy without and fluffy within - everything a self respecting chip should be.  Thankfully, there are no after-effects (yet), just that dull ache that I can live with if I have to.
It didn't stop me sleeping anyway!

Hopefully I will have some photos for tomorrow's entry.  In the meanwhile, I will enjoy my coffee and wish you a lovely day, whatever the weather.

Monday, 12 February 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Thank you for all your kind messages yesterday.  I'm feeling much better this morning, ready to drive on to Cambridge later on as planned to enjoy a couple of days there doing Anglesea Abbey and Wimpole Hall.  I reckon the fresh (very fresh) air will do me good and as for any precipitation that may dare to fall, isn't that what brollies and boots are for?

I haven't done very much this weekend so am more than ready to get out and about.

Although it's been jolly cold, we only had one short spell of snow yesterday, so light as to be hardly worth the name 'shower' and there doesn't seem to me any more on the way so that ought to work out quite well.

When I get to my destination, I plan to unpack, take a little stroll around (not that it's anywhere worth strolling around really) and then settle in to read one of the magazines I have bought specially for this week before dining very carefully at the attached eating place.  Then it is ho for an evening of telly, planning for the next day and an early night.  So exciting!!!

Have a lovely day, everyone, and stay warm.