Thursday, 17 January 2019


Good morning everyone.  It's proper cold this morning; there's an icy wind and I was glad to shut the door quickly after getting out the recycling stuff for collection today.  I'm really glad I found that warmer coat the other day.

Well, yesterday turned out to be another busy but very satisfying day. 

I had my swim and it was good.  I think I've found the best time to go which is not when it opens at six-thirty, it's around eight.  I guess the workers have to be off to work and the mums are getting their children off to school so it is just us golden oldies.  They've sorted out the problem with the pool that stopped me going after my holiday to Center Parcs (it was just a degree or so too cold) and it is now easy to get in and start swimming withough shivering.  The spa is lovely and warm afterwards too.

Then I came home to a message from the friend I was meeting with for lunch to say her other half was full of cold so she could come to me rather than the other way round.  She did and we popped out to The Hare for lunch.  I had the soup which was a simply delicious curried cauliflower soup; later on I hunted for the recipe and I'll give it a go next week at some point.

I thought I'd be a good girl and do a bit of looking around for ideas for pottery.  After all, I have a sketchbook/portfolio sort of thing to fill.  I found some lovely ideas and I'll add two of my favourites so far in here.  They look easier than I expect they are.

 I'd love to make some sets of buttons and could use them on my other crafting - on a quilted bag, for example, or on a cushion cover.
I also had the thought that a pendant on a leather 'string' would be rather satisfying too.

I simply love this one - it's gorgeous.

Tuition was, as almost always, good fun.
All in all, a super day.

Today should be less rushed.  I'm off to Morrisons first thing (walking so I hope I don't turn into an icicle) and then off to see a friend who had an op last week and is now OK to have visitors.  That's the reason I'm shopping - flowers and fruit (not chocs as she's a fellow Slimming-Worlder) should be just the ticket, if highly unoriginal.

Then the day's my own so I can catch up with some ironing before a spot of tuition and finally off to SW group.  My fingers are crossed for that one.

So it's just a pleasant, semi-busy day without too much pressure.  Perfick!  I hope yours is too.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Good morning!  It's chilly but not freezing, a slippers and dressing gown morning but not a turn up the heating morning.  I daresay we'll have a few of them in the next week or so and I am grateful for small mercies!

I set off for the new class good and early and I'm glad I did because when I got there the car park was chokka to the extent that I came out of it and tried to find parking on the road.  The centre is in the grounds of a school so there is restricted parking all round and I had to park about five minutes' walk away.  Not a bad thing as I'm always looking for reasons to walk but if I'd not allowed plenty of time, I'd have been late.
And when I got there finally, there was a notice saying to inform reception if you had douible parked, so I could have done that and saved myself the time.  Never mind, I know now.

Although the title is 'pottery for beginners', it's an established group and there were only three newbies.  One already had some experience and she got herself organised straight away.  The other lady had done some pottery in the past but had forgotten most of it so we were introduced to everything, shown how to make a couple of pinch pots and join them together to make a hollow sphere and then to do it again because our first efforts were - interesting!!
At first I fancied turning mine into an owl but then the tutor found the hedgehog insturctions so I went for that instead.
It was very absorbing and the time just flew by!
This is a photo of part of a photocopy of the set of instructions, hence the lousy quality, and my hedgehog doesn't look quite like this one but I tried.  It's got to dry now and then I'm not sure what happens.  I'll learn that next week.

The others were nioce.  It was already an established group and I was lucky to get a place, but there was no cliquiness; everyone was very friendly and helpful and there was some lovely work out.
I am looking forward to next week and seriously considering signing up for the next one quickly!  After all, it's not really the sort of thing one can do easily at home.

Wen I got home, Beth was here so we had lunch and a good chat before she carried on with her work and I settled to check my emails.  One of them contained some news that made me very, very happy.   I can't say what it was because of confidentiality but it's something a friend and I (and others) have been working for for years and it is just brilliant!

Tuition was also great and after that I was able to settle down for the evening.

I thought today was easier but I've just checked my diary and it's just as well I did because I am out to lunch with a friend.  It's also just as well that I have plenty of work prepared for tuition this evening, isn't it?  I want to go swimming first thing so it's all go!

I'd better stop now and get going.  Have a lovely day, whatever you have planned!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Good morning, everyone.  It's a cold and frosty morning here in mid-Essex and the heating is well up.  Everyone's saying about some expected snow next week but fingers crossed.  Finally I'm getting too old for snow!  Well, too old to be excited about it anyway although I do love to watch it falling.

Yesterday was a very busy day.  Swimming was lovely and I'm looking forward to going again tomorrow morning.  I also had a wander around Matalan and I'm so glad I did because there was a nice, warm longer coat (longer than a jacket, I mean), showerproof and warmly lined and with a hood.  I tried one on - too large.  Woo hoo!  I anded up with a (whispers it so as not to tempt fate) size 12.  Blimey!!!
I got it, obviously!

Once home, I dashed around doing this, that and the other until it was time for Knitter Knatter Club.  It was the first week so everyone was learning but great fun and they all seemed to pick it up well and without too many holes.

After my time helping out in FS, it was home, James, to look through my planning before tuition and after tuition I whizzed round to Beth's to pick up an old shirt of Alex's and to have a chat.

I slept well last night!

This morning, I am feeling pretty nervous because it's the first session in a nine week pottery course for beginners.  I signed up for it last autumn and it seemed a good idea at the time as it's something I have always wanted to have a bash at.

The bumph says, and I quote:
"From the basic techniques of handbuilt pottery and decorative glazing methods to experimenting with more advanced techniques in pottery for all could be just for you.  Create your own unique, wonderful artefacts."
Ha ha ha!

However, right now I am wondering if I've bitten off more than I can chew.  We will see.
So that's why I needed the old shirt - I don't have any old clothes because of losing all the weight and I have a feeling that my kitchen apron is not adequate to the job.

After that, Beth will be round and then I have some tuition.  Another busy day really so I'm glad I had a lazy weekend!  xx

Monday, 14 January 2019

Monday: part two!

Good morning.  I'm home again after a very enjoyable swim and a trawl around Matalan, breakfast to the right of me, coffee to the left!  It feels great!

Yesterday was good too.  It was such a pleasure to get back in the pool after quite a long break and I could feel my mood lift.  It stayed up all day which suited me fine.
I knitted and stitched up and stuffed and generally sorted out all the current projects so now I have a blue bear and a yellow bear and Mrs Frost and a Snow Mouse.

I enjoyed knitting the snow mouse but the construction instructions are not as clear as Jean Greenhowe's instructions are and I had to make some sensible guesses.  It worked out OK though and now I have started one of the carol singer mice.

Then, in the evening, Beth popped round for a chat which was lovely.

Today is quite busy which is why sleeping in this morning was not such a Good Idea.  I have a little time now but then Knitter Knatter Club starts for the term so I will need to get there.  Then it's my stint with Foundation Stage followed by tuition.  It's just as well I planned so much last week that I have everything I need for this week too.

So I will stop nattering now and get everything sorted and ready to avoid rushing later on.  Have a good day, everyone.

Monday, part 1

Morning, everyone.  Just off for a swim and I slept in so don't have much time.  I'll be back afterwards.  :-)

Sunday, 13 January 2019


Good morning, everyone.  I have no idea what it's actually doing out there, weather-wise, because I can't be bothered to look, but BBC says it's mild with light cloud and a fresh breeze and they're usually as accurate as anyone!  It sounds like another day of rather dull weather but better that than the very fierce weather we seem to be getting more and more of.

Yesterday started out as a rush and finished very calmly.  I rather slept in and then decided I needed to wash my hair.  I wasn't late in leaving but it didn't help that I stupidly went the wrong way, taking a turning I almost always take instead of going straight on.  That added five minutes or so to the journey buit, fortunately, traffic was light and I arrived with minutes to spare.

It was most enjoyable and some of the recipes were adaptable for SW but there was a lot of oil being used one way and another.  However, the end results were delicious and much enjoyed by everyone, including me, SW or no SW!  I don't stand a chance of working out the syns, etc, so I'm not even trying, just enjoying the memory and getting back on track.

When I got home, I was tired so I didn't really do much for the rest of the day apart from some knitting, sewing up and stuffing which watching telly.  I've nearly caught up with the Christmas viewing now and was busy deleting stuff I've seen and don't want to keep any more.

Today is another day with little in the diary but I am going swimming first thing as I'm up early enough.  It opens at eight so I'll be there soon after that.
Once home, I intend to be jolly lazy (again) and just enjoy the time.  There's a bit of ironing on the list and a bit of kitchen tidying/wiping over, but not much so I hope to finish off the current knitting project and start looking at the mice!.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.

Saturday, 12 January 2019


Good morning, everyone.  The weekend has started and I hope you've got some good things planned.

Yesterday was a lovely do.  I got loads done although there's still stuff on the list.  It can wait though.

I changed the bed and washed the sheets.  It's always nice getting into a bed with clean sheets, isn't it?  I can understand why the posher hotels change the sheets every day.
I got my corner tidied so when my cleaner arrived, there was nothing in the way.
I drove off to Sainsburys to do my shopping and, surprise, surprise, bought some clothes.  Not loads, but . . . oh, well.  I also got some new bedding for the guest room.  Not an impulse; as when I ironed it all after the Christmas holiday usage, I was shocked at how battered it has become but, fair enough, it has to be a good twenty years old so it's earned its space over the years.  I saw what I liked yesterday so I bought two single quilt covers with pillow cases and another pair of pillowcases as there will be two pillows on each bed.  That's now all washed, ironed and aired and today I shall pop them on the beds so I'm ready for whoever my next visitor will be.
I also got the printer ink (ouch) and various other bits and bobs that added up to an eye watering total  but never mind - this is the month of two state pensions as it's paid every four weeks.
Once home, I sorted everything out, started the new bedding in the machine and generally pottered.  It was all very pleasant.

Today I am out at a Thermomix course over lunch time so I guess that will take up the useful time of the day as when I get home I will sit with a coffee and chill for the rest of the day with my knitting and the foodie mags I bought yesterday.
Lazy me!!!