Friday 10 December 2010

Friday evening

A surprising late entry - or maybe I mean surprisingly early, given that it was Chinese and Chat here this evening. At just past ten o'clock on previous occasions, things have still been going at full swing and I've been huddled in a chair thinking 'I must NOT go to sleep, I really must NOT go to sleep'. This time, everyone else flaked out by nine forty-five and went home. What made the difference was that yesterday evening it was the whole staff do (which I didn't go to), where the school took over a restaurant for the whole evening and, from what I hear, where things got lively at about ten and went on for considerably longer. So, just for once, I was more wide awake than my guests!! There's a first for everything, isn't there?

It's been a simply lovely evening, filled with chat, giggles and downright raucous laughter (sorry J and K next door). Most of the Chinese got eaten up - maybe there's three single portions left (which will grace the inside of my freezer, assuming it doesn't all get eaten tomorrow) and a rather embarrassing number of prawn crackers. I forget that when one places a big order, they throw in some bags of prawn crackers free. And best - er, I mean worst - of all, there's a large number of bottles of alcoholic stuff left and the givers wouldn't take them home again. Oh, dear, what a shame, I'm heartbroken, etc! :0)

And now I face a weekend filled with not a lot really, not even planning. I need to search for some Christmas craft stuff, but there's enough undone from previous weeks to inform next week's planning without any extra effort. :0))) Even the house is pretty tidy. Of course, there's washing and ironing, that doesn't stop, and I have pressies to sort out for numerous folk at school. There's also probably some stuff needs doing for for the show on Monday and Tuesday (the show that would have already been done and dusted, had it not been for the snow) but nothing terribly urgent really.

And talking about the show, the dress rehearsal went really very well indeed. The watching juniors paid us the compliment of listening and watching intently and clapping energetically at the right times. And let's be honest, the blips are what makes the whole thing memorable for the parents. As for us staff, we've been so immersed in rehearsals that all we can see is what didn't go right. However, more than one of the junior teachers said that it was magical, the best they had ever seen the infants do, fantastic, etc. So I guess Whoops-a-Daisy Angel is going to be a big hit! Nice thought! I'm now not worried at all not, it's going to be great!

And now it's the weekend. Five more days and we are a third of the way through the school year. more or less. Where is the time going? Why is life flying on so fast? Why am I still awake and up at this time of the evening . . .?

Night, all!

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