Monday 6 December 2010

Monday morning

Back to school this morning, yay! The planning's all ready as are the resources. My head's buzzing with rehearsal times, walk throughs, etc. It's going to be a pretty disconnected week, one way and another, but who cares - at least we're back at school.

My washing pile has diminished considerably. I like my new machine. It's a lot easier to programme and seems to do a grand job. It's quieter too. It makes me realise quite how 'old' the last one was. In its time it was a jolly good machine, but these things deteriorate without one realising, I think. I was having to do a really hot wash on my whites, but with this one I did a sixty degree wash and it's all come out shiny white and much more efficiently spun too. It's a cold water fill and I guess the start in cold water and the gradual heating is going to get a lot of stains out.

Having the family get together on Saturday was good for more than the obvious. Even though the living room looks a bit chaotic right now because of bringing the Christmas stuff in from the garage, basically all it needs is a tidy and a quick dust and sweep and it will be ready for Friday evening. Not too much work to do! Must sort out the menu and get the list made for the take-away.

In fact, I'm a bit ahead of myself at the moment so might get going now rather than waiting for tonight. Good idea!!

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