Tuesday 7 December 2010

Tuesday evening

. . . and I'm about to have a right pity party whinge. I don't often whine, but I'm feeling very shaken up at the moment. So if you want to stop reading right now, no problems!

I went to dance exercise after school today. As always, it was great and we'd all got Charlotte a bottle, some flowers and a card, which she was chuffed about. We did the warm up, some rotational stuff and then started working on the salsa dance thingy which has been the focus this term. We'd just started the final performance which Charlotte was filming on her mobile phone when - well, all I remember is that I slipped, landed on my sit-upon, put my arm down and something twisted. And that was me, flat on my back, couldn't move. I think it gave the others a terrible shock, I just couldn't move my left arm in particular, or sit up and it felt as if something was out of joint. Not nice and so very embarrassing, as everyone gathered round me looking (and probably feeling) very worried. I'm not sure how long I was lying there. I asked someone to help me up and they wouldn't (very sensible of them really) and then I sort of tried to move my left arm, something clicked (ouch) and I could move again. Really very, very weird and pretty painful. So now I'm achey, a very sore arm, a painful bum and twinges shooting up and down my legs and arms. I will take some ibuprofen before I go to bed, that will help, but tomorrow I will have to fill in the accident book and that will make a fuss and bother. So it's whinge, whinge, whinge, very sorry!

Apart from that it's been a super day! :0)

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