Thursday 23 December 2010

Thursday morning

It feels as if the day is already half over but it's not yet seven. I woke just before four, got going rather more quickly than usual for a holiday day and by five I was scraping the frost off the car preparatory to braving early morning Tesco.

It was an 'interesting' experience. Jam packed, but not with other shoppers, dear me, no. It was packed with thousands (it felt like thousands, anyway) of huge cages containing stuff that needed to go on the shelves or empty because the stuff on them had already been put on the shelves. You'd have thought they could have moved them out of the way at least. There was a lot of Internet shopping going on too, but it was those cages that caused huge holdups, actually blocking access to quite a lot of shelves completely. They'd better move them before the crowds start or it will be an utter nightmare.
Still, shouldn't complain, I'm sure it has been a lot easier then it will be in two or three hour's time.

It's a strange feeling - you're pushing your trolley round, that feeling of 'have I got enough' or 'what if they want x, y or z' starts to sweep over you and before you know it, there's so many extras in your trolley you won't need to go shopping again until Easter! I fought it, I really did - but . . .
Oh, well, suppose there's a blizzard and we're cut off from the rest of civilisation for weeks. I used to be a Girl Guide. Be Prepared, that's the thing! Now, where on earth can I put everything? Restorative coffee first, then decide.

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