Monday 28 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  I'm making this pretty short because I'm a bit pushed for time as I need to leave here for Hyde Hall at not later than 9:15, preferable sooner, and there's plenty to do before then.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, both in terms of weather and also in terms of just being really lovely.  I didn't get any kitchen sorting done but that's OK, there's always another day.

Beth and Al came over, we had lunch and then Alex toddled off while Beth and I had girly fun with nail varnish and a good old natter.

The early evening sky was so clear and next door's tree looked lovely against it so I tried to take a photo.  I love that tree and do hope the new neighbours won't decide to have it down.  It provides shade in summer and shape in winter.

So, today I'm off to Hyde Hall for a course - hand stitched applique, something I know almost nothing about.  It says it's for complete beginners so fingers crossed that it's not over my head.  It's always nice to go to Hyde Hall anyway.

When I get back, I can reflect and ponder over the day's events as tuition is tomorrow this week, not today.

Have a great day, whatever your plans are.  xx

Sunday 27 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  What a gloriously sunny Sunday it is too.  I'm just loving the fine weather we've been having since the storms and if that means frosts, I'm loving them too!

Apologies for this being rather later than usual.  I slept in a bit this morning after a wakeful spell in the night and some rather odd dreams!  Then I did a bit of social mediating before going into the kitchen to get breakfast and dinner prepped.  That's all done now and I will finish this and then vanish upstairs for my bath and to get dressed properly.

Yesterday was pleasant.  I did more cupboard sorting - it's all coming along a treat now although I have had to chuck some very out of date stuff which I feel most guilty about but there you go.  I've obviously got Spring cleaning fever because today, if there's time, I want to tackle the tinned goods and the everything else shelves.  The tinned stuff just needs sorting better but I'm expecting to find more rubbish on the everything else shelf.  I am also giving the shelves a good wipe down as they empty, of course.

I was also pretty naughty - Eileen will appreciate this.  My memories of label makers, Dyno style (is that the right name, Dyno?) are of a very clunky manual sort of stamper machine thingy that produced plastic stick on labels that really were not very pretty, not very even and just - no!  So I looked with no great hopes but, my word, how things have changed.  It's now all electronic and you can get so many different kinds of labels, depending on need.  You can get clear ones (yay!), ones with little pictures on, etc, and the machine itself links to your phone where there's an app to download where you actually 'design' the labels.   
The one think that's irritating me about my new storage system is the horrible handwriting on the labels so - ooops - my clicky finger might have slipped and a label maker might just possibly be arriving tomorrow!

I got all the ironing done which was most satisfying.  I know what you're all going to think but I do rather enjoy ironing and it's a good chance to watch some telly at the same time.

Today, Beth and Alex are round so I've taken a chicken out of the freezer and it's ready in the oven waiting for me to turn on the heat.  

The early daffs are looking lovely so I popped out and snapped a few.  They are such happy, sunny flowers, aren't they?

Well, I'd better get myself moving or I won't be ready for Beth and Alex when they arrive.  Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.  xx

I just need to add something.

I am, of course, like pretty much all of you, worried sick and silly about the situation in the world at the moment.  After all, who wouldn't be?
However, a while ago, I decided that this blog was going to be a positive place, a place where good, pleasant, happy, often small things would be enjoyed and celebrated.

I'm not being blinkered, far from it, but there's an awful lot of worry and misery out there, both far away and closer to home, for many reasons.  We know it's there; we can't escape it.  However, in here, I can focus on the positives, and that I will do as much as I can.

That's all I wanted to say.  Thanks for reading.  xx

Saturday 26 February 2022


 Morning, everyone.
After a gorgeously sunny day yesterday (two loads of washing dried on the line), albeit chilly, it looks as if today is going the same way.  There's the expected frost but that will go soon enough.  Lovely!

SW yesterday was good.  The weight loss was small - but a loss so no grumbles from me, it was a taster session and I won the group's Free Food Festival Recipe comp by default (no-one else entered a recipe!) and got a tea towel, certificate and sticker (the last big spender, SW is!)

I came home with various goodies - the winner of the slimmer of the week hamper didn't stay to the rest of the group so it was raffled and I won that so came home with various helpful goodies and there were some taster things left over so I also got a pot of yogurt and a bottle of lemon and mint fizzy pop
So a good meeting!

The glass containers arrived early in the afternoon so I spent a couple of happy hours getting them all sorted.  The label idea didn't come off - the ink wouldn't 'take' on the clear labels and when I looked more carefully, it said they were for laser printers and mine isn't!  Oh, well, it was a Good Idea and, for now, I've used my Sharpie pen to write on them.  It's just a shame my handwriting isn't very pretty but if I find a friend with a laser printer, I might be able to persuade them to help out.
Apart from the labels, I'm very happy with the results!  There's still some little bags of stuff left; small amounts that don't need a big container, so I need to have a think about that and, maybe, go back to Pound Stretchers to look at the smaller containers.
I'm on a mission here and it's so nice to get a bit of organisation into what was really very scruffy.

Not a great photo but you get the idea.  There's ten to each shelf.

I'll take a photo of the pull out cupboard when I've moved a few things around.

So, what with all that and getting the washing done, it was a most satisfying day.

Today, I want to finish off the last of the washing, do the ironing, move the shelf contents around a bit and then just chill with camera course, reading and sewing, etc.  When I was working, Saturday used to be a rush round and get everything done day so I could keep Sunday for family, so now I really relish a bit of time and space to just be me on a Saturday, even though I can be that any day of the week nowadays!

Gave a lovely day, everyone.  What plans do you have for the last weekend in February?  xx

Friday 25 February 2022


 Good morning.  It's nice and dry today, pretty cold but not frosty and, fingers crossed, it looks as if me might get some sunshine.  That would be very nice after yesterday.

We really did have some weather yesterday.  Teeming rain, hail, sleet and, for a short time, snow, some gusty wind although nothing near last weekend and the temperature dropped like a stone.  I went to B&M  to see if they had any storage jars (they didn't) and I was chilled to the bone by the time I got in.  Fortunately, Chris had the heating on when I went over for our chat and by the time I left, I'd thoroughly warmed up again.

We had a lovely chat and have made arrangements to go out for lunch between Chris' and my birthdays which are both in April.  I'm looking forward to that very much indeed.

I got going on the Great British Kitchen Sort-Out and got quite a lot done.   The containers I had ordered from Amazon arrived and were pretty much an exact match which I was so pleased about.  I have now ordered some more which should arrive tomorrow so I can get on with it all.  Exciting!
Some of the cupboards are looking a bit nicer too.

I also contacted a couple of companies that do bespoke garden rooms and a rep from one of them (the more local one) is coming on Tuesday to take a look at the site and discuss what I want and what they can provide.
It won't be cheap, I know, but I think it will be well worth it in the longer term.

Now I need to research solar panels - another improvement I'd very much like to make, if it seems doable.

I remembered to snap a photo of the current cross stitch project so here it is.  Forgive the crumples.  It's coming on, slowly!

Today starts off with Slimming World and it's a taster day today.  I've made some of my roasted tomato and red pepper soup with garlic croutons and if it doesn't all go, there's always the freezer.  :-)

Then I'm planning to stay in and catch up on the camera course a bit.  I've got rather behind but that doesn't really matter all that much. 
Also, I need to get the house in order so the cleaners can clean effectively.
And, assuming the containers come in good time, I can get on with all of that too.
What are your plans for today?

Take care, stay warm and safe and have a lovely day

Thursday 24 February 2022


 Morning, everyone.  I'm awake at my usual time today so it's just turned six and still dark.  I've just been out to the shed for supplies and it feels quite mild and it's been raining overnight.  It's predicted to be a mixed bag of weather today - rain, sunshine, dull but, thankfully, no wind to speak of.

Yesterday pretty much worked out as planned.

I went back to Pound Stretchers and got all the relevant containers they had on the shelves - all nine of them.  I'll go back again in a few days to see if the shelves have been restocked.  I hope they have because, although I found some very similar ones on Amazon,  they are a bit more expensive.
I spent some time moving stuff about and filling them up and they work really, really well.  I can get eight to a shelf in the pull out 'larder' drawer and I can get ten per shelf in my wall cupboard.
I must work out exactly how many I need and then I will go for it, either from Pound Stretchers or, if they don't get any more in, from Amazon or I suppose I could look in B&M - it's the sort of thing they might have in too.

And I need some labels too but I'll make them.  I've searched Amazon for some clear printer labels which look really nice and peel off easily and, because they are home made, I can make them as I want them rather than buying pre-printed ones that won't match what I have.

When I got home, Alex had arrived and we spent some time chatting before he went off again.  I got ready for personal training which was really good again this week.  I've ordered some ankle weights to wear around the house and when exercising at home.  After last year's frankly very scary problems with my feel, ankles and calves, I've been working towards gradually strengthening them without putting too much stress on them (so not much bouncy stuff) and these seem ideal.  Fingers crossed.  They should arrive today so maybe I can try them out and see.

The only other outside thing I did was fill up with petrol.  I'll need a tankful to get up to Yarmouth and back for the Potters weekend which is now next weekend, the first weekend in March.  I must start planning what to take with me, I think, and the route I will take.  I was getting a lift with someone but that's fallen through and it's not a problem as I will be going back there in November so it'll be nice to know the route.

Today, I have the usual coffee and chat with Chris and then I'm doing housework - much overdue housework, including getting to grips with some of my kitchen cupboards in preparation for the new containers, as and when they arrive.  I suppose I might drive to B&M and see if they have any of those containers too.
So actually, quite a full day.  Nice one.
Have a good one yourself; stay safe and well, whatever you have planned.  xx

Wednesday 23 February 2022


 Morning, everyone.  To my great delight and an almost unheard of event, I slept until half past seven this morning.  I cannot remember the last time I slept until then.  It was actually light when I woke which was lovely!  The skies are clear, the air still, the sun is shining and we have a sparkling frost.  Simply gorgeous, it is.  < happy sigh >

Yesterday turned out really nice.  We did get some sunshine plus a few light showers and it was so mild earlier on.  Very April like, in fact.

I went out to Morrisons and got the few things I needed and, after breakfast, I decided to do a bit of window shopping (looking but probably not buying).  Ha ha!  
First stop was HomeSense where they had a lot of Easter plastic stuff as well as the usual.  Then on to nearby Matalan where I discovered they are into long line T shirts/tops, just the sort of thing I have been looking for to wear over leggings/jeggings.  So, yes, I did!!

And then on to Home Bargains and Poundland (or is it Pound Savers?  Can't remember, better check) where I got a few bits and bobs - another multi socket plug and a shampoo bar.  I've heard a lot about the latter but have never used one - they're supposed to be very good and leave your hair really nice so I though I'd give it a go.

Then I saw some very likely looking square glass jars with bamboo lids in Poundland/Savers - I like square jars as they don't waste so much space - but I wasn't totally sure they would fit in the space I have in mind, so I just got two.  They do fit so I will be popping back today for some more.

Home again and I had a late lunch before settling down to some of the other stuff.   I didn't get it all done so I will have to continue with that over the next few days.  I've just had a message from Alex who is now coming round this morning and I have personal training.  So a nice, not-too-busy day to keep me out of too much mischief.

And the sun is still shining!

Stay safe and well, everyone, and have a great day.  xx

It's neither Poundland or Pound Savers, it's Pound Stretchers.

Tuesday 22 February 2022


 Morning, everyone.  Today's date is pretty unusual - 22-2-22.  That's today's bit of useless information that you already knew anyway!!
For the first time in days, we have just a very gentle breeze and I think I'm safe to get the bits and bobs out of the shed and into the garden again.  The temperature is in double figures and, if the sun were shining, it would be just perfect.  However, it isn't, but not to worry.  We can't always have it all, can we?

The spring bulbs have not been the least bit deterred by the blowy weather.  As the snowdrops start to fade and brown, the mini daffodils are coming into flower and make such a delightful splash of colour.

The bulbs were a find!  Several years ago I wandered into Morrisons to see a large number of little pots crammed full of mini daffs that had flowered and gone over, selling at some ridiculously small amount - they'd obviously overstocked.
I bought several pots and planted them out almost straight away, letting them die back in their forever home (I've not lifted them since).  After a few slightly dodgy years, they started spreading and now I have lots of clumps of absolutely lovely mini daffs in the middle bad and also round the front.  They're about six to eight inches tall and I love them!
They're fairly early flowering and as they die back, the main daffodils and the hyacinths take over.

Yesterday all went according to plan.  Circuits was great and tuition went well too.  I am getting on with the stacked cups cross stitch, starting to see the pattern develop now instead of random patches.  When I move the embroidery frame, I will try and remember to take a photo.

I caught up with Throw Down and was so, so sorry to see that particular potter eliminated.  No spoilers but I really thought they had a strong chance of winning.  Just a bad week with a project that didn't suit their style.  Such a shame.

Today, being Tuesday, is my 'Nothing In The Diary' day so, of course, I have plenty of plans.  I could do Hyde Hall but I will be going there next Monday for the first of the two courses I have booked - hand stitched applique - so I can have a good wander around the place then.
I have a short food-shopping list, so short that almost I wouldn't bother but I am right out of tomatoes which are an essential for me.
Some of the inheritance Dad left us is now filtering through so I need to do a bit of financial thinking and I will be moving some money sideways today and starting a project.

My garden shed is showing signs of beginning to fall apart at the seams.  It's quite old now and for a while I have wanted to replace it with a 'garden room' that is perhaps more robust and made with materials that don't need regular treatment.  There's already power out to the shed so that's good.  I have a fairly clear idea of what I want so I need to find a local company that will advise, project manage, source and build it for me.  So today I'm doing a bit of homework!

And finally, I need to pop down to the allotment to check if the rickety old shed is still standing after the storms.  If so, fine.  If not, I will be calling on Jeff to help me sort it out.  Fingers crossed.  It's in quite a sheltered spot so might be fine.  

So, for a day with nothing in the diary, it is going to be fairly busy, isn't it?

Have a good day yourself, stay safe and well and take care.  xx

Monday 21 February 2022


 Good morning!  Storm Franklin is blowing steadily away right now, nothing like as bad as Eunice was but quite enough for comfort.  It didn't really start until after dark and is supposed to be quite strong this afternoon round here but time will tell.

Yesterday morning was a snuggle time inside.  Plenty of cross stitching, reading, cooking and a bit of housework kept me happily content.  I popped over to Beth's where we made some plans for this and that and caught up on what's been going on.  

Today there's two things.  One is circuit training at Lindsey's which I should get to unless the storm is much worse than predicted, and then tuition later on.

And that's about it for today.  I do hope all is well at your end and that you are safe, warm and well.  Take care. xx

Sunday 20 February 2022


Morning, everyone. 
Yesterday was another day of two halves - the morning was sunny and very pleasant after the storms of the day before.  By the afternoon, the clouds had rolled over again and it poured with rain - not that it bothered me as I spent the day inside.

I have taken a photo of the Christmas cross stitch and, despite my mutterings, the back stitching really does bring everything out nicely.  I decided definitely not to do the snowflake French knots and there's a bit of back stitching to make words on the shop window that I also decided not to do.
I'm quite pleased with the results - Definitely worth framing, I reckon.  What do you think?

The stacked teacup one is going nicely although counted cross stitch can seem to grow very slowly until, suddenly, you look at it and can see real progress.

I'm afraid I was very naughty and ordered another Christmas kit to go with the two I have made.  After all, three is good, isn't it?
This is it . . . I just fell for its cuteness and anyway - you know - owls!!  And yes - it has backstitching!

I have plenty to keep me going pretty much all year now, don't I?

Today we have another weather warning - pretty much everywhere really.  Round here is it for more strong and gusting winds, nothing like as bad as Friday but still enough to warrant a Yellow alert.  It's longer too, from midday today to mid afternoon tomorrow and I think that they are concerned that some things were weakened by the strong Friday winds and more vulnerable to damage.
Edit:  it has been upgraded to a named storm - 'Franklin' - sigh 

This afternoon, Beth's invited me round for coffee and I don't think the weather will be bad enough to stop me going.  I haven't seen her for a while so it will be nice to catch up.

What are your plans for this Sunday.
Stay safe.  xxx

Saturday 19 February 2022


 Morning, everyone.  I haven't had a sleepless spell in the night for quite a while but here I am at around half past three, having been awake and trying to get back to sleep for over an hour, downstairs with a coffee writing my blogs.  A bit of a nuisance but there's nothing in the diary for today so I can snooze whenever I need to - just a shame I don't seem to need to right now, isn't it?

Well, we got our storm and it was quite an event in that those winds really did pick up late morning/early afternoon and stayed fierce until around sunset when they gradually eased back again.  I was so glad I had sorted out the garden.  Some things were in the shed, a few things were weighed down with bricks (worked a treat) and all the container pots remained standing.  The bins/recycling boxes/etc which I had moved into the side passage way ended up piling up against the gate which held them in place and the bins blew over but they were safe enough there.

The biggest drama was actually caused by next door.  The house is empty, as you know, while things are being done and the builders had left the shell of the discarded bath tucked behind the skip from where it gradually blew out and along the front towards my car.  I'm so glad I spotted it before it actually hit; I doubt it would have done any more than scratch the side but obviously that would not be good so I pulled it back and put it round the side of their house, behind their side gate.  It wasn't heavy but it was rather tricky in the wind and I thought I might have to ask Chris or Steve to help but managed it finally.  I will have to have a word with the builders when they next appear. 
They also had a fence down but not on my side.

Apart from that, there didn't seem to be any problems in the cul de sac.

Ditto with Dad's house.  Colin, the chap who is keeping the garden looking nice, popped round (unasked, bless him) in the evening, had a look round and emailed John to say everything was fine, no damage.  That was very nice of him.

I ummed and ahed yesterday first thing about going to the SW meeting, given that there was a red alert.  I got as far as messaging Jen to say I wouldn't be there but the wind at that point was nothing bad and my conscience pricked so badly that I went anyway.  I'm glad I did - the walk there was fine and, while the walk back was 'interesting', it wasn't unmanageable.  If it had been in the afternoon, there was no way I would have ventured out and I'm pretty sure it would have been cancelled anyway.

I spent the rest of the day inside, counting my blessings and hoping everyone else was OK.  We had no power cuts, not even flickering lights, so that was good.

Today, there's nothing in the diary and I'm going to chill and, hopefully, catch up on sleep.  I won't be moving stuff back into the garden yet as we are forecast more strong winds tomorrow afternoon and through into Monday morning - nothing like yesterday but in the forties which is strong enough for me, thank you!

I seem to have gone on rather - sorry.  I really hope everyone is OK, whether you had high winds or snow and that any damage is very slight and easily sorted.
Take care, stay safe and have a great day.  xx

Friday 18 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It's not been a bad night, weather wise, with just some rain but the wind is now picking up considerably and by seven Beeb says it will be dangerously strong.  It's supposed to be our Slimming World group at nine thirty but I seriously doubt whether it will happen and even if it is still on, I seriously doubt I will go unless the predicted winds don't happen.

I am as prepared as I can be.  Everything is charged up, I have filled a few flasks (must have my coffee) and planned for cold meals, if necessary.  We don't usually lose power round here and, when we do, it tends to come back fairly quickly, but you never know, do you?  I've cleared anything that might be dangerous blowing about in the garden and moved the bins to the side of the house where the walk through served me and the neighbours not joined to my house.
Now to wait . . .

Yesterday went fine.  I did as I planned; popped into Aldi for a small food shop , mostly vegetables, and then went on to Hobbycraft where I found my thread after a bewildered couple of minutes searching along the rows.  There were SO MANY!  Obviously, I did have a nosey around the whole shop but there was an awful lot of plasticky Easter stuff around - chicks and eggs and stuff like that.  Not my thing at all.  There was some nice fabric but I'm not looking for a sewing project right now.

In between bits of housework I did some more back stitching and got all that finished.  The pattern gives French knots all over for snow falling but I don't think I am going to add them as I like it just as it is.  Apart from anything else, my French knots are somewhat 'erratic' at the best of times.
So I've set that aside with the other finished projects (I'll try to remember to take a photo of it); I need to decide which, if any, I want to have framed now.  There's a fair number and I thought maybe it would be quite nice to have a 'seasonal' display, now I have discovered those damage free hooks which, by the way, really are damage free and come off easily once you've finished with them.  So, if I have three of four pictures for each season, I could chop and change with the seasons.

Anyway, I've started another one.  Not one of the two I bought last week but another old one, a stack of teacups with NO BACK STITCHING!  Hurrah!  Plenty of stitching to keep my fingers busy, some patterning to keep my brain engaged but no back stitching! 

Here it is.  I thought it would do for a summer picture.

Today looks pretty much a day for staying inside and counting my blessings, I think.  As mentioned, SW probably won't happen and I'm hoping that the cleaners don't turn out either, unless the winds have died down considerably, although I will have the home ready, in case, of course.

Please, take case, everyone.  If you're lucky enough to escape the storm, that's brilliant. If not, don't make any but the most essential journeys out but stay safe and warm inside.  xx

Thursday 17 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  After a quiet start yesterday, it became gusty and then really rather too windy.  Today looks like the lull between two storms, sunny and with a gentle breeze, with tomorrow looking even nastier.  I do hope all of you are OK and have not suffered any damage - as far as I can tell, we are fine here.

I'm so glad I put the washing out on the line yesterday.  It might not have been sunny but the wind was perfect for drying everything quickly and everything smelled lovely when I ironed it.  I did a last load overnight and that's now blowing gently in the early sunshine.  Nice.

As I rather feared, I ran out of thread for the back stitching and, despite having loads of different threads upstairs, did I have a dark charcoal grey sort of colour?  No, I did not.  Bother.  Oh, well, there's nothing for it but to venture to Hobbycraft this morning.  Oh, the hardship!

Actually, it works quite well - I only have a small shopping list this week and I can stop off at one of the three Aldis we have in town on the way to Hobbycraft and get everything done in one journey. 

Personal training was really good this week.  Lindsey always manages to find something to challenge and extend without making it too hard to manage.  She's really very good.

Today, usually, I have coffee and chat with Chris but not this week as she can't make it.  All the more time to wander around Hobbycraft in that case.  Then I must get some serious clearing up done; somehow, the place is an absolute tip.

On a more serious note, thank you very much to everyone who commented in yesterday's second post about Diane.  So very kind and sympathetic of you all and much appreciated.  I still can't quite believe it.

Thank you, lovely people.  xx

Wednesday 16 February 2022


 Today I received some terribly sad news.

All my regular readers, especially those who comment, will 'know' Diane.

I've known her, via the internet, for many years.  I first 'met' her on Weight Loss Resources in the message section, where she started a daily thread called 'Good Morning, Early Readers'.  As I was an early reader, we soon had a running challenge as to who would be awake first.

She got to her target weight on WLR and, after a while, moved on, starting a blog which she called the same name, Good Morning, Early Readers.  I followed her, she followed me and thus started what were very much daily comments for us both.  The name has changed over the years but the style, never.

I know that some of you also started following her too and enjoyed her funny, brave, witty comments about life in general, including food, dogs, her lovely garden, rugby, crafting and the outdoor life, following her ups and down with enjoyment or, occasionally, with sympathy.  She was always up for new things - I remember when she went in for bee keeping for  while and even produced some of her own honey - and she always gave as good as she got.   She lived an incredibly full life.

She hadn't been well recently, although she was always brave and determined to enjoy life, albeit an increasingly restricted one.  Very sadly, Diane passed away last Friday, probably from cardiac arrest.

I never met Diane in 'real life', but I felt I knew her and I hope she felt the same about me.  I shall miss her blog and her comments so much.  She was a really lovely lady.

My deepest condolences to Denzil, James and her beloved dogs, Dante and Tubby and to her many friends, both local and far off, real and virtual.  We are all very much the poorer now.

Rest in peace, Diane, and thank you.


 Morning, one and all.  Welcome to Wednesday.  It's extremely mild out there, more like late March than mid-February, there's a bit of a breeze and the forecast is for strong-ish gusts of wind for several hours during the day.  We will see, won't we?

I enjoyed my meander around town yesterday, especially going to Quadrant which is not one of just two department stores left in town - the other is John Lewis.  It's slightly off town centre and I don't think I have been there for maybe a decade or so; in fact, I had forgotten about it really which is a shame because it's actually rather good.
I ended up finding two tops in the sale and I also found some long handled teaspoon, the kind you use for knickerbocker glories, etc, which are extremely useful for getting the last bits of chutney or jam out of a jar!

I was disappointed in Primark.  A couple of weeks ago, I bought some leggings in medium and, once I had washed and worn them, found they are a little bit too big so I was looking to get another pair in small.  I couldn't find them anywhere so I guess they've sold out - a shame.
As Sue warned in yesterday's comments, by the time I was heading back to the car (taking in Wilkinson's on the way), the weather had turned, the wind had strengthened and it was raining.
I was very pleased to see, in Wilko's, some small pyrex bowls ( about 200ml  capacity) with lids.  They were Pyrex prices rather than Wilko's prices but I didn't care.  I've been looking for them for ages so I didn't pass the opportunity by.

Once home, the rain had really got going so I put things away, had breakfast and just pottered, doing a bit of this and a bit of that, accompanied by clatters and bangs from next door.
I got on with the back stitching with the always present niggling concern that they might not have provided enough thread.  Does anyone else worry like that?  I've never run out when doing a kit, but it's always at the back of my mind.

In the evening, I had some email exchanged with brother, John.  There have been a lot of viewings of Dad's house but, so far, no offers.  However, the 'tendering' process isn't made for speed so we will see.  However, things are moving along nicely, which is good.

Today is a day in until personal training and I will see how bad the wind is when it's time to leave.  There's always the option of working online, after all.
Have a good day and I hope any high winds you may have don't cause any damage.  Take care.  xx

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Tuesday - long post alert!

 Morning!  It's fine and dry today after a day when the weather was a right mix of sun, rain, a moderate breeze, sometimes all three at once.  However, there was a pink sky earlier so who knows?

Yesterday started off the tuition first thing.  It suits us all to do this at 8:30 when we can; it gives us the rest of the day and that can be important for a family half term.  After we had finished the work, I spoke to mum and we compared dates.  SATs for Y6 start on May 8th so May 2nd (a Bank Holiday, I think) will be my last ever session with my last remaining student.  I nearly added 'ever' to that last sentence but you never know . . .  So, assuming I miss one over Easter, that's nine more sessions, that's all.

Then I came home to find that work had started next door.
Next door, the other house in our semi-detached pairing, has been empty since October or November (I forget which).  The new owners have come over occasionally and have introduced themselves.  A few days ago they knocked at my front door and presented a card and a little gift - a pretty little tin of posh tea - explaining that they were having 'a bit of work' done in the house before them move in.  I did realise something was happening after seeing a lot of boxed and a new bath being put in their garage.
Anyway, they were apologising for the fact that there would be work vans, mess, clutter and noise for the next six weeks or so.
They were right.

I don't mind - a new bathroom and kitchen (I noticed - not being at all nosey, of course) plus they seem to be taking all the plaster off the walls is going to generate a lot of noise and it will be so very nice for them when it's all done.

My little patch of grass at the front is taking a battering but it will recover!

I escaped the noise to go to circuits.  Lindsey has upped the level again and introduced some balance ball stuff which I found really tricky.  I know she's going to put them into my Wednesday session too so I'd better practise a bit.

The rest of the day was spent doing homey stuff.  The back stitching is taking forever and a day.  I started with the trickiest bit which is the bicycle and that's all done now.  I didn't get it 100% correct but it looks fine.  The rest is a lot easier.

I tried to take a photo of some clouds in the horizon - maybe I should have used the black and white setting - it might have been better.  I must play about with Photoshop and see how I can change it.

Finally, I had a delivery or two.  I'm still getting stuff together for when I get Hire a Hubby round to improve/repair various niggly things in the house so one item was a light fitting.  Another was some toiletry stuff.  And I ordered two cross stitches that I just fell in love with.  They look complicated but there's no back stitching (yay) and they can be done in 'sections' which always makes it easier.
Here they are, taken from the Amazon pictures.

I just totally fell in love with them at first sight!!!
They will keep me out of trouble, won't they?

Today is my Nothing in the Diary day.  I'm sitting here with wet hair so the first task will be to dry that and then I think I will trundle off into town (using the car) and do a bit of wandering around.
Apart from that, it will be the usual stuff, I think.
Enjoy your day and stay safe and well.  And be happy.  xx

Monday 14 February 2022

Monday, 14-02-22

 Good morning, everyone.  It's gloomy and wet but I have no idea if it's cold or not as I haven't been outside yet.  We had plenty of rain yesterday afternoon; the morning sun didn't last very long.

As everyone knows, it being hard to miss, it is St Valentine's Day.  To be honest, it doesn't mean an awful lot but I will be theming my meals a very little bit (heart shaped pasta from the SW raffle, anyone???) and using my molto cheapo (Wilko) heart shaped china when possible.

More significantly, I think, we are half way through February today.  Did even a month pass so quickly?  I can't believe how speedily time is passing at the moment.  A couple of blinks and it will be March and Spring will be just around the corner!  Is anyone else finding that time is flying this month?

The weather yesterday was not conducive to going out so I didn't; I stayed at home and did homey things.  I'm feeling a counted cross stitch phase coming on so I dug out my folder and found the owl Christmas project I did over a year ago . . .

(remember it)

. . . which I searched for before Christmas and couldn't find, much to my dismay.

Anyway, I was working on another - a different style with a shop window, a sledge and a bike in the snow.  So I've dug that out and yesterday I finished the actual cross stitchery and started the outlining which is going to take absolutely ages!

There's another project in the folder, a stack of vintage teacups, but I'm not starting that until I've finished the current one.  Then I'm taking that, and the owls, down to my newly discovered picture framing place and next Christmas I can hang them on the wall using the removable hooks that don't mark the wall at all.

I looked in the washing basket but there wasn't really enough to warrant doing a load of either whites or coloureds so that can wait for a few days.

And I sorted out a few internetty-finance things.  I'm glad to get them done.

Today is also half term!  As I said, how???
So I'm off to my student's at half eight.  It suits all of us to get it done early morning so the rest of the day is free.  When I've done that, I will come home and do Monday home stuff.  For a start, my kitchen knives need a sharpen and my bed linen needs changing so then I will have a load of washing to get on with.
Later on, it's circuits at Lindsey's and then I will chill, I think, and get on with the back stitching.  I have Throw Down to catch up with too.

So that's my day.  Nothing very exciting but not dull either.  How about you - do you have some nice plans, either for St Valentine's Day or just because it is Monday?
Stay safe, warm, dry and happy.  xx

Sunday 13 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  After a gloriously sunny day yesterday, today has started mild and dull and the forecast is not that good.  'Light rain and a fresh breeze' is what it says.  We will see.

I was incredibly lazy yesterday.  I didn't even get dressed but stayed in my pjs and dressing gown all day - OK for one day but it's not a lifestyle I would care to adopt for more than a day, that's for sure.  I did the basic housework - washing up, etc, but spent the rest of the day in idle pursuits - knitting, cross stitch, reading, telly-goggling . . . so, so lazy!

Today, I will most certainly get going a bit more.  I have washing, drying and the subsequent ironing to do, I have planned a few meals that will take a bit more kitchen time than usual and, weather permitting, I rather fancy a stroll in the park at some point.  We'll see how it all goes.

In the time it has taken for me to type this, the sun has started emerging.  So much for it not looking all that great!  Anyway, I'd better get going.  I have Facebook responsibilities to fulfil and then I must get myself into gear.
Have a lovely Sunday, everyone, and enjoy everything you do.  xx

Saturday 12 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone!  It's considerably warmer this morning, the skies are fairly clear and it might be a really nice, sunny day today again.  Here's hoping.

Yesterday was great!
SW was enjoyable, as it almost always is, and I won the raffle which was nice.  Lots more people are staying for the whole time now; it makes for a much more lively time.

I was going to pop into Morrisons afterwards to get just a few things I needed for the evening but I had a bagful of goodies from the raffle and no car in which to dump it, so I just went home, had breakfast and then went to Sainsbury's (they're the only place that has Oatly skinny) to have a good old meander around instead of a garden centre visit.  I can do that another day.

The evening with Dave and Anna was really, really lovely.  I haven't seen them since Christmas so there was a lot to catch up on, including putting them in the picture regarding the will/estate/etc were all going.  I'm so lucky to have both my 'children' living so close, aren't I?

Today is a take-it-easy, chilling sort of day, I hope.  My head isn't too bad after last night but a bit of recovery time wouldn't go amiss and I am expecting my gall-bladder-less innards to protest slightly at some point.

So I shall read, knit, do some cross stitch, watch vlogs and recorded stuff and generally be as lazy as I fancy.
Are you taking life easy today?  Whatever you have planned, stay safe and well and don't do anything I wouldn't do as my dear Dad used to say with a wink.  xx

Friday 11 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone!  It's a very chilly start to the day today, which is not surprising.  What was surprising yesterday evening was that I went out to bin something and it was snowing.  It didn't lie, it didn't continue for very long, but most unexpected.

I had a lovely day yesterday.   The sun shone in the morning which was very cheering.  Chris came over for our usual hour of catch up and chatter and, shortly after Chris left, Val turned up .  We had lunch and then went down to Tower Gardens to have a stroll around in the fresh air.  By the end of her visit I was all chatted out!
Really good fun.

Something bitter sweet nice - there's just been an interim distribution of Dad's 'estate' so my bank balance is somewhat healthier at the moment.  It will get moved sideways quickly, of course, it's not all for spending straight away.

Today is Slimming World first thing and then the day's mine until about four when I ought to be home to finish off the meal I'm making when Dave and Anna come round.  It's nothing very fancy; just a cheesy pasta bake with salad, coleslaw and garlic bread and then cheese and fruit for afters.  The longest bit, the bolognaise-y sauce, is all made and just needs reheating after the pasta is cooked.

I think I might go to a few garden centres and see what they've got in for the new season.  The car needs a wash and a top up with petrol.  It will be good to get those done.

It should be a really pleasant day, whatever I eventually decide to do after SW.
All the best and stay warm and safe.  xx

Thursday 10 February 2022


 Good morning!
Yesterday was a day of two halves really.  The morning was beautifully sunny while the afternoon was cloudy and by the time I came out of personal training, it was spitting with rain.
I keep seeing headlines about snow - there won't be any here, I can pretty much guarantee.  There never is!
Right now it is dull and a bit chilly and there's been a bit of rain overnight.  I'm hoping it will cheer ujp a bit - you never know!

Yesterday was good.  I spent some time in the kitchen getting stuff in the slow cooker or ready for yesterday's meals, making quite a mess which took a while to clear up.
I got an email from the company that was framing three prints to say they were ready so I drove out to the farm where the barns are and collected the pictures.  They do look nice and when I've got them up in the blue room, I'll take a photo.

In the post yesterday was my renewed bus pass.  It just came automatically, I didn't have to request.  I haven't used the bus since before the first lockdown but maybe it is about time I did again.  They still seem to be pretty empty most of the time.  Have you started using buses again yet?

Finally, personal training was as good as it always is.  We discussed the next block of sessions - it's all going 'up' a bit in order to keep challenging me a bit.  Oddly, I'm quite looking forward to it.

Today is a social day.  Chris is over for our coffee and chat and then my friend, Val, is coming for lunch.  Weather permitting, we may go out for a walk or something.  Once she goes, the rest of the day is my own and, as the place is now pretty neat and tidy again, I will take it easy and read, maybe.  It should be a lovely day.
I hope you have a good 'un too.  xx

Wednesday 9 February 2022


 Hi, everyone.

I had a very pleasant stroll around Hyde Hall yesterday.  The sun was a bit hokey cokey but it was all good.  There were enough people there to make it pleasant and have people to smile to.
I had planned to have a snack (brought with me) and a coffee at one of the eating places but it was over lunchtime, of course, and there were some queues.  I'm not fond of queueing in those situations so I had the snack and then waited to have a coffee at home.  Not a problem.  Must remember to take a flask with me next time.
There was a lot of new growth and colour as I wandered around.  Most of the grass was off limits as it is 'resting' but that was OK.  It will be beautiful come the early summer - I love walking on it barefooted.

Here's a few photos.

The hellebores were particularly lovely and I was planning to treat myself to one on the way out - until I saw how much they were asking!  £20!  I know I'm practising wild, extravagant whatever but £20!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll try B&Q instead!

However - you won't believe this, Eileen - I had to use my phone for the photos because - I forgot the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so cross with myself.
I'll just have to go again, won't I.  End of February, maybe.

In the evening, I was exchanging emails with brother, John, regarding Dad's estate, etc, when the internet went down.  So annoying.  Fortunately, it wasn't down for long.

Today is housework!  I have two friends over tomorrow (not together) and the cleaner comes on Friday so today has to be housework and getting things neat and tidy.  
Also some food prep because Dave and Anna are round Friday evening.  Nice.
Then, late afternoon, it's personal training.

Better go and do my Facebook adminning stuff.  Have a really lovely day, one and all, and may the sun shine on us.  And if it doesn't, may we feel as if it is!

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Tuesday and a few garden photos

 Good morning.  Yesterday was yet another beautifully sunny day.  Wes, we had a frost but the temperature rose very quickly and was pretty much in double figures by the end of the morning.  This morning, there is no frost and we have the most beautiful sunrise.

The forecast is good too - sunshine and temperatures in the teens.  Excellent.

Circuits yesterday was, as usual, really good and great fun.  We seem to have gelled as a group and there's a lot of chattering as we work.

At the end of tuition, I had a chat to the mum who confirmed that sessions will end when the SAT's start so pretty much middle of May.  That's fine, it's what I expected and it means the Southwold holiday won't mean a cancelled session.  It's nice when things work out well.

As the sun was shining so nicely yesterday, I took a few garden photos - some of them could be called 'spot the shoots'.  It's very nice to see this year's green-ness emerging . . .

. . . and to see some colour.

OK, so that last came from Sainsbury's but there's plenty of buds in the garden.

Today I'm doing a small early morning shop and the rest of the day is quite clear.  Maybe I will take a trip somewhere - Hyde Hall again, maybe.  The camera is behaving perfectly again after I changed the battery so I should get a few more photos and it should be less cold too.  Yes, I might do that - I need some fresh air.

Have a lovely day, whatever your plans.  xx

Monday 7 February 2022


 Morning, everyone.  So another week starts and it's really feeling rather cold this morning, in contrast to yesterday which stayed pretty mild.  The lashing rain stopped mid morning and we had some more sunshine before it clouded over again.  I have no idea if the rain reappeared - I'd drawn the curtains by then.
Beeb says that the temperature will rise pretty quickly this morning and that we should enjoy some more sunshine.  Lovely!

I had a nice, lazy, snuggly sort of day yesterday.  The washing all got finished off, dried and pretty much all ironed apart from just a few items that needed to dry a bit more.  It's all hanging around in the living room at present so pretty much top of the list is getting it all upstairs and put away.

I went onto the Hotter site after receiving a sale email without any great expectations as usually my size has all gone but I got lucky in the trainers I really like so went slightly bonkers and bought two pairs in different colours, one of which was black and which I have been umming and ahing about getting for ages.  Black trainers are very useful!
They were half price; still not cheap but then Hotter shoes last for ever, fit me like a glove and are just so, so comfortable.  At my age it's comfort over trend, any day of the week, and trainers are acceptable footwear in plenty of situations nowadays.
Let's see if Google will let me post a picture from the site.

Yes!  No Google Grumbles this time.

Apart from that, it was definitely a 'day of rest' and very pleasant it was too.

Today I will have to wake up a bit as there are two definites in the diary.  The first is circuits with Lindsey and the other is tuition.  I'm starting to count down the tuition sessions now as they will stop in May, once the KS2 SATs are over - I had the older sibling and it was the same then.  By the time you take out Easter and half term, I think it is a maximum of ten more sessions.  Then it will be the end of another era - the very last contact I will have with teaching.  Do I feel sad about it?  No, not really.  We move on from season to season, don't we?
I will miss the student though.

Apart from that, the immediate priority is dealing with the weekend clutter, clean, ironed clothes and other.  After that, I will make a list of the week's tasks, I think.

In the comments, someone was asking about the allotment.  
After taking on board what people said and also something I read elsewhere, I will start on the allotment in March, after I get back from Potters.  I left a lot of stuff to just die back and it will possibly be sheltering little creatures from the cold at present.  March is quite early enough.
Thinking of the allotment, I have remembered that there are (were) a few potato plants that never got dug up.  I wonder if they are still usable or whether they have rotted in the ground.  Anyone know - Sue?  Cherie?

Anyway, I have stopped feeling guilty about the mess there, knowing that I have a date to start.

Well, enough rambling on.  It's nearly eight and I have work to do!  Thank you all so much for the comments you make, they are very much enjoyed and appreciated.
Have a good start to the week, stay warm and be safe and well, and, as dear old Dave Allen used to say, may your God go with you. xx

Sunday 6 February 2022


 Morning, everyone.  It's a wet and mild start to the day and there's a bit of wind.  It may very well be a day for staying in and counting my blessings although you never know.

Yesterday turned out absolutely beautiful.  Yes, it was cold, starting with that frost I expected and not really warming up very much until a lot later but the sun shone, the sky was clear and blue and it was wonderful.

By the time I got into the car to drive to Tower Gardens where the walk was starting, the frost had gone but it was still jolly chilly so I wrapped up very warm.  There were seven of us doing the walk yesterday, all but one of us from Jen's Friday SW group.  The other was a husband and a very pleasant chap he was too.

It was the same walk as last time - along the river from Tower Gardens, through Admiral's Park and into Central Park where the coffee shop provides a really nice and warming cup of coffee.  Then it's back round the 'lake' and along the river again.  All of this runs parallel to one of the main roads into town but most of the way you'd never know.

The bird-life on the lake was very active and a couple of us had bought bird food from the cafe (must do that next time) to attract them, causing great excitement. I did wish I had remembered my camera as they were very bold and there were also some swans that are much easier to snap as they move so slowly (usually).
It really was a delightful time and I am looking forward to the next one, in a fortnight's time.

I spent the rest of the day doing little bits and bobs and generally - well, I was going to say 'chilling' but actually it was quite the opposite because when I got in I really was rather cold, chilled to the bone as they say, so I snuggled under the heated fleece and went to sleep!!

Just a really nice day.

Today is much the same but without the walk.  I will see what the weather does before I decide to go out or not but I will probably go into the shed and get the smaller freezer defrosted, something I have been planning to get done for ages.  Then there's washing to finish off, dry and ironing to get done and I might even get one of those cupboards sorted out, you never know.  Fingers crossed!

Have a super day, whatever your plans.  xx

Saturday 5 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  When I opened a window briefly this morning, it smelled 'icy' (if you know what I mean) and I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's a frost once light dawns.  It's supposed to be getting warmer quite quickly through the day but we will see.   I saw this on Facebook yesterday and it made me smile.

I was disappointed with a slight gain at SW yesterday which was a bit frustrating but not to worry, it is what it is!  It was a great meeting; lots of laughs and support and a very short and most unexpected snow shower half way through - the only snow we have seen this winter!  I had intended to walk to and from SW but it was chucking it down before I set off and that rain just briefly turned to snow.

By the end, it had stopped and by the time Alex and I were half way to Letchworth the sun had come out and the rest of the day was absolutely lovely, albeit rather chilly.

Thank you for all your kind words in the comments yesterday.  I did find it all a bit emotional and Alex did too, but we were OK (apart from some emotional scoffing come the evening on my part) and we got done what we planned to get done.
We came home with plenty of cutlery, six of everything in the china line and a list of other things that Alex will be able to use in time but which will stay there for now while the place is being sold.  They're in boxes which I will get into the garage in a little while, once I'm dressed.
The drives over and back were very easy and the new bypass round Little Hadham really does make things so much easier.

We stopped off at Bickerdikes (a lovely garden centre local to Dad's) on the way there for lunch and, while it was fairly busy, there was enough room and the service was very good.  We both had the most delicious bacon, brie and redcurrant toastie with bits on the side and Alex had a Belgian bun to finish off with.
As we walked out through the shop I spotted (and bought) a top that will do me very well for one evening at Potters, so that's great!

On Thursday evening we had another lovely sunset - I hadn't taken it off my camera in time for yesterday's blog so here' the one I like the best today instead although I wish I had caught it five minutes earlier when the sun was just a very little bit higher.  Quite different to the sunset earlier in the week.

Today I can have a lazy start - rather early but that's OK.  I'm currently enjoying a cafetiere of coffee (doesn't it make the house smell lovely!) and will have a leisurely bath in a while.  I'm meeting some of the SW group for a walk in the park in town later on - we walk from the car park to the coffee shop, then round the 'lake' (so-called - it's really just a very naughty bo - I mean big pond) and back to the car park.  It's a gentle walk nothing too hard and not too long but it's all good and the company will be great.

Then I have some washing to do, a bit of tidying, a bit of planning and a whole load of chilling out!  It's going to be a nice day, I think.  What do you have planned for the day?
Stay warm, safe and well.  xx

Friday 4 February 2022


 Good morning.  It feels mild outside, it's cloudy and breezy and the sky is already lightening in the east.  The forecast this morning is for rain, rain and more rain which will be good for the parched soil but a bit of a pain for me.

I got the nicer parts of yesterday done.  Chris came round and we talked about getting old!!!  

After breakfast, I went off to Sainsbury's and then Asda as planned and spent a couple of hours wandering around them, looking for stuff on my (very short) list.  I didn't find any tops suitable for evening wear but I did find a nice top in Asda suitable for the summer over leggings/jeggings.  I also remembered to fill up with petrol at Sainsbury's so that's off my list.
Finally, I managed to get a housewarming gift for my ex-neighbour.  I've been meaning to do it for a while and Chris said they will be over on Saturday to pick up a few things she was storing for them so it was the ideal opportunity.

I didn't get the cupboards tidied though!

Today is full.
First of all, it's the usual Slimming World get-together and then I am collecting grandson Alex and we're both off to Dad's house so Alex can take what he would like from the stuff in the kitchen - everyday china, cutlery, utensils, etc.  I will store it all in the garage until such time as he has his own place.

It's the first time he's been back there since the funeral and I think we may both find it a bit difficult.

Have a lovely day, everyone, whatever the weather.  xx

Thursday 3 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  Was it mild your way yesterday?  It was here, very mild, cloudy, light wind, no excuses not to garden!!   It look as if today is going to be very much the same too.  I missed the sun but at least it wasn't damp and it certainly wasn't too windy.

At last, finally, I managed to get a bit of motivation together and gathered together gloves, secateurs and various digging tools and attacked the garden.  Starting is often the hardest bit, don't you think?  Once I'd got going, it all just flowed with a break for breakfast, a break for coffee and a break for lunch.  I guess I did around three hours of work and now it's a lot better.  All the things I should have done late autumn and all the things that should be done now have all been done.  The ornamental grass cut right down, the autumn raspberry canes removed, I was ruthless with the oregano, the strawberry bed is now tidy, the clematis cut back, the fuchsias . . .  oh, you get the idea.  Then I went round the front and did the same there although that only took around half an hour as it wasn't so bad.
The brown bin is pretty full (collection next week) and all the pots are stacked neatly in a far corner, the rubbish is in the black bin for collection today and it was all very satisfying.

What is really nice is that now that all the old wood, etc, has been removed, there are so many things coming up.  Geraniums, mint, bulbs (obviously), the clematis has tiny green side shoots, there are swelling buds . . . spring is very definitely on the way.

It was also very good exercise!

Then I drove off to personal training and that, also, was great.  Lots of laughs amidst the hard work.  Lindsey had to change the time temporarily from midday to later and I'm finding the current time works a lot better for me.  I mentioned this and we've changed it permanently as it made no difference to Lindsey's schedule.  I was finding that it cut the day in half and meant that anything I did in the morning had to be curtailed in order to get there on time so I'm very happy about that.

We had a lovely sunset as I drove back from Lindsey's so, as soon as I got in, I grabbed the camera and shot out the back to see what I could get.  True to the spirit of AYWMC, I tried various shutter settings and got a variety of shots.  It's really interesting what the camera sees - it was nothing like the below to my eyes - very colourful but lighter and not so dramatic.  The trouble is, I forget what the settings were; I'm just too used to point and click!

(I've cropped them a bit but not edited them in any other way)

I slept well last night!!!

Today, the only thing in the diary <just checking> is the weekly chat with Chris which I always look forward to very much.  
I want to sort out a few behind-doors areas in the kitchen and I'm going to pop over to Sainsbury's for two reasons.  One is to get some skinny oat milk, to which I am becoming rather addicted.  Morrisons does it but not the 'skinny' version.  It's not really to do with slimming but I can have more for my healthy extra A/points/syns/calories/whatever and it's really, really nice, I think.  The other is to look at the clothes in case there are any nice tops for the evenings at Potters.  I might also go a bit further on to Asda which is in the same direction.
I've just remembered that I also need an outside dustpan and brush so I'll probably find one at Asda.  It's a very big store.

And that will probably be it.  There's not enough clothes in the basket to do a wash yet so I can defer that task until the weekend.  I now need to get up motivation to do the allotment!  Next week?  We'll see!

Well, time is moving on and I need to pop over to face book to do some admin stuff there so, as Diane says, I will love you and leave you, hoping that today works out really well for you, whatever you have planned.  Take care and keep smiling!  xx

Wednesday 2 February 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  After another gloriously sunny and mild day yesterday, it's started off just a bit gloomy today but it's not at all chilly.  Beeb suggests light cloud today but that could mean a bit of sunshine too, we will see.

Yesterday felt quite a busy day.
It started off with my early morning shop which wasn't a big one and I just popped round the corner to Morrisons to do it.  Once all the was away, I washed my hair ready for Sharon to turn up.  She was a bit late (got stuck behind a learner bus driver who seemed to be out for his first run!) and I was just starting to worry that I had the wrong day! when the door bell rang.

She worked her usual magic, after which I drove off into town to wander round some clothes shops without much luck although I did get a couple of pairs of work out leggings and a T shirt top.  I'll keep looking.

After lunch, I prepped the tuition session and then I set off.  It went well and I heard a lot about the birthday on Monday.  I gather a good time was had!

In the evening. I went online and booked the holiday in the Peaks with Suzanne.  We're taking a cottage in Beeley called 'The Stables' and it does look lovely.  I then went completely bonkers and booked a long weekend at Potters in November.  This is going to the The Year of the Holiday, isn't it?  

Today is loads easier and, as the forecast is for milder weather, I really MUST get out into the garden and do some work there.  Apart from that, all I have on the list is personal training this afternoon, so I have plenty of time, don't I?  No excuses today.

Time to get a move on then.  Take care, be safe and have a lovely day.  xx

Tuesday 1 February 2022


 Morning, everyone.

Yesterday went gently and pleasantly.  We had sunshine, lots of it, and some very gusty spells but nothing that caused any worry.  Circuits was really good - we're all loosening up now and it's a lot noisier while we work than it used to be.  I have got a lift to Potters next month from Heather, one of the girls (ladies!) in the group, which is nice.

I did a little bit of gardening but got cold rather quickly.  My hands in particular, do seem to feel the cold.  So I took a few snowdrop photos and came in.  I'm a wimp!

I forgot to mention yesterday but on Sunday a parcel arrived.  It was an outside light I had ordered a week or so before.  I'm in the process of making a list of all the little things that need dealing with in my home and that includes a lot of light fittings and general repairing.  When I have got everything I need, I will contact 'Hire a Hubby' to come and work through my list.  It will be so nice to get all those niggles sorted out.

Today I plan to do a very early shop (Morrisons opens at seven) and get it all sorted before the lovely Sharon comes at ten to sort my hair out.  Then I'd rather like to pop into town to see if I can find anything in the way of a slightly posher or more dressy top to wear over my leggings at Potters.
I can't stay for long because I must be home for tuition - I must actually remember tuition, seeing as it's not on the usual day.
All that should keep me out of trouble anyway.  Hope your plans are good too.  xx