Saturday 25 December 2010

Saturday morning: Christmas Day

It's the lull before the storm. Not yet time to put in the turkey, not yet time to start the Christmas muffins (Nigella recipe and now a family tradition), the dishwasher has been emptied, the breakfast table laid . . .

It will all start at about half past six with the Heating Of The Oven, and will accelerate from then onward, so I'm making the most of the calm and still to both relax and to gather my thoughts together. After all, it's only a roast dinner! Just another roast dinner, that's all. :0)

A bit of our tradition has changed. Usually everyone is around by 11:00 and we open a bottle of bubbly, toast each other and then open the pressies. This year I think we are waiting until after dinner as DD and DG won't be arriving until dinner time. I think that will work better, certainly it will be more convenient for me, I think.

Here's the dinner menu (I hope)
No starter, no-one ever wants it.
Roast turkey (or in DD's case a spinach, feta and toasted pine nut pie)
Two kinds of stuffing
Two kinds of gravy
Pigs in blankets (yum yum)
Roast potatoes
Roasted root veg. Carrots, parsnips, onions and sweet potatoes. I'm in two minds whether to do the parsnips separately and put on a maple syrup glaze.
Delia's braised red cabbage with apples
Brussels sprouts (yum yum)
Cranberry and apple sauce
And then a choice from:
Christmas pud (made my Mum)
Mince pie (also made by Mum)
Ice cream
And to go with these there's cream, brandy butter or custard (proper, home made custard!!!)
And finally, if there's any room:
Cheese and biscuits, petit fours, coffee.

After that it's present opening time - no it's not, it's clearing up time. I do try my best to keep the decks clear as we go, so there should only be the plates, cutlery, glassware, etc, rather than the heavy pots and pans. Then it's presents . . .

For tea (if anyone wants any), there's ham, salad, sausage rolls and Delia's wonderful vegetarian sausage rolls, crisps, Christmas cake (beautifully made by DD), mince pies, biscuits and, most welcome of all, a good cuppa tea!

After that, if anyone's hungry, they can get it themselves!!

Better go and weigh out the muffin mixtures.

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