Tuesday 28 December 2010

Tuesday: afternoon

Well, town was a bit of a disaster really. As I drove in I thought 'Funny, it seems very deserted' and so it was. It was deserted because most of the shops didn't open until ten!!!

Never mind, I had a wander around the shops that were open, managed to get DD's mains recharger, went to Linen Direct and got another circular tablecloth to match the ones I bought just before Christmas. OK, so they can only be used around Christmas but, at that price, who cares? I also got a matching runner which I can use when I have the white linen cloth on. I meandered into Holland and Barratt and was tempted beyond that which I was able to resist by some jelly beans. I marched into Bon Marche and got two skirts, suitable for school, for £7 each.

However, the main rerason for going in was to use the spend £25, get £5 off Lakeland vouchers - and at least I realised BEFORE I tried to use them that it has to be between Jan 4th and Feb 28th. So that's another trip into town after the start of the new term. Oh, dear, what a shame! :0)

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