Friday 24 December 2010

Friday afternoon

. . . and it's quiet again. Mum and Dad are asleep, I've been rushing around in the kitchen and the evening meal is more or less prepared or ready to go in the oven. DD, DG, DS and Partner (that sounds so formal and I love her to bits too!) and Brother from Scotland (as opposed to Brother and Sister-in-law from USA) have not yet arrived and are not likely to for another hour.

Big Turkey is now in and de-chilling, the gravy (both kinds, meat and veg based) is more or less made, the custard is made(and it's scrummy - the Birds packet stuff is going in the bin), the sprouts are prepared, the onions have been parboiled . . . in short, I think (hope) I'm as prepared as I can be at the moment. The trickiest thing will be remembering to take stuff out of the freezer at the right time and I have a Little List to deal with that - sorry, Nesh!

If I wasn't going to be working in the kitchen, I'd pour myself a glass of something comforting and alcoholic, but I guess that's not such a good idea really! Yet . . .

To all those busy house people catering for family meals today and tomorrow - cheers! May your turkey never be undercooked or your sprouts overcooked!

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