Saturday 4 December 2010

Saturday late afternoon

It's been a very pleasant day indeed. The family came round, all but Anna, who had to work, unfortunately, and the buffet lunch was voted a success. The tomato and lentil soup was scrummy - flavoursome and thick, the jackets were soft and fluffy and there was very little food left, which is great.

I did manage to pop into town this morning. The roads were clear once I was out of my road, but the pavements in town were just what we have been warned about. Rain falling on ice and producing a skating rink. People were slipping and sliding all over the place, despite wearing extremely sensible footwear and it was slow going for everyone. I picked up the table top warmers (and a few other things, as always) from Lakeland, but when I got home and opened them, one had a great big bash in the side and will have to go back. That's tomorrow morning sorted! Luckily I had ordered two and the other was fine and worked perfectly, keeping the soup and the jackets piping hot.

And now the snow is vanishing rapidly, everything is slushy and unlovely and, hopefully, things will be back to normal again. The washing machine will be delivered at some point tomorrow (I will hear when later on this evening) and it will be a relief to do some of the washing that has been building up over this last week. I'm hoping that they give me the morning slot because I can then put in a load and wander off to Lakeland later on. That would be ideal, so fingers crossed!

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