Thursday 16 December 2010

Thursday morning

As the saying goes:
Christmas comes but once a year
And when it comes it ain't 'arf dear!

Looking at the massed array of little thank you gifts scattered around my floor, I can't help but agree. Thank yous for mum/dad/other helpers, the cleaners, the office staff, the SEN staff, the senior management team, my TA and LSAs - it's scary, seems never ending and I am thankful that I can make preserves, which are acceptable gifts.

Yesterday evening, while I was in town, I had a little wander and managed to pick up some small gifts and also some tablecloths with a Christmas theme (very cheap from on of those small household linen shops). I got three, two rectangular ones and a circular one, which will see me through the festivities quite nicely. I can use the good white ones for Christmas dinner without worrying about whether I can wash and dry them fast enough for the next day!

Nearly there now!

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