Sunday 5 December 2010

Sunday morning

I got my text last night regarding the delivery of the washing machine: to my delight, it's the eight to twelve slot. That means I have to be dressed by eight (a Good Thing) and can spend those four hours doing homey things like putting up the Christmas Tree ready for DG to help me decorate it this afternoon, making more cards (I've started writing them and don't have enough) and sorting out the Christmas day vegetables.

Lakeland will have to wait, I think. I could leave it until about three when it might not be so terribly busy, I suppose. Mind you, I think that the bad weather plus the ease of Internet shopping is having an impact. In the Olden Days (like a couple of years ago), going into town any Saturday in December was asking for hassle. The traffic would be queueing to get into the car parks well before the shops were due to open and by about nine the queues would stretch right to the next roundabout and beyond, which was why I went in so early yesterday morning. Not so! Even by the time I left there were still plenty of parking spaces and there were no queues to get into the car part. Very weird - the shopkeepers much be noticing the lack of customers.
Interestingly enough, despite the lack of people, there were about a dozen of us waiting outside Lakeland just before it opened.

I've made the big decision to cancel my gym membership. It's just money down the drain now, I hardly ever go, preferring to use my Wii fit at home, and with the recent expenses, I simply cannot justify it anyway. It's been on my conscience for a time now . . . MUST get it sorted.

So, today's tasks are . . .
Christmas tree
Christmas food
Loadsa washing
Reorganise the upright freezer
Get to Lakeland
Look at planning and think about rehearsal timetable
Sort out cookery books

I wonder how much I can cross off at the end of the day!

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