Saturday 30 September 2023

Saturday, 30-09-23

 Good morning everyone, and welcome to the last day of September.  It's looking promising outside so fingers crossed.  In fact, the coming week looks pretty nice according to the Beeb which would be great!

I was so pleased at Slimming World yesterday - I maintained which, at target weight, is just what I wanted to do.  I won't be there next week so I have a fortnight in which to continue consolidating things.  Also, I won a raffle.  It was the Slimmer of the Week hamper but they couldn't stay for the second part of the meeting and there were too many in 'second place' to split it so we said raffle it (there's always a raffle anyway so people already had tickets) and I won.  I was son pleased; lots of lovely oranges, easy peelers and apples and some cans of beans, tuna and pulses.  The cans are in the store cupboard now and I'll take the fruit with me to Center Parcs as we all love fruit.

After a nice walk home in the Autumn sunshine, I just sort of pottered, getting this, that and the other done and dusted and generally mopping up little tasks.  

Come the evening, I was so tired.  I have no idea why, it wasn't a particularly energetic sort of day, but by half seven I was fighting to stay awake, giving in just after eight.  I can't remember turning out the light but I must have done as I woke after four in darkness, feeling so much better.  A bit of reading before I got out of bed and now I'm down, still feeling great!.

Today, I might be going over to Beth's to pick up some washing.  She is up to her eyeballs in work and we're going away on Monday so I'd like to help - I'm just waiting for a reply from her.

Then this afternoon I'm off down to St Andrew's Hall (where we have Groove classes) for another of Sharon Blackman's hand applique workshops where I hope to meet up with Suze < waves to Suze > and a friend of hers.  The last one was very enjoyable so I'm really looking forward to it.

Then it will be home for Strictly (first elimination week) and then bed and that will be September done and dusted.  
Have a lovely day, everyone, enjoying the Autumnal sunshine.  xx

Friday 29 September 2023

Friday, 29-09-23

 Good morning, everyone.  It's Friday or, as some would have it, Fri-yay!  I still like that Friday feeling as the day comes to an end and, just like the holiday feeling, I think I always will.  After all, any excuse to feel cheerful!

At last we have had rain.  I've just been out to the shed to get supplies in and the ground is very wet so it's been a damp overnight.  We're not predicted to get any today so that should be nice.

I was so pleased to get four loads of washing done yesterday.  The last load is drying inside as it was too late to dry properly outside, but I was very pleased to get it all done.  It;'s all ironed too, apart from that last load; happiness is definitely piles of clean clothes ready to put away.

The online SET class was good.  It's the first one I've done since my back went on me, first of all because of the back and then because things just didn't work out, but I was glad to get back to it yesterday.  Then Chris came over and we had our usual laugh about life over a coffee.  

Today, I have been busy in the kitchen and there's a savoury mince simmering away in the slow cooker.  I want to make a lasagne this evening but there's no cooked mince in the freezer.  The house is going to smell warm and delicious all day now.  Lovely.

It's Slimming World group first thing so I'll be walking round to that when the time comes.  There's nothing else in the diary and the house is cleaner-friendly but I do have some paperwork to be getting on with, seeing as it's nearly the end of the month.  It will be good to get that done before the Center Parcs break next week.

And that is that for today . . . it should be a very pleasant day, ending up with a sense of some good jobs done.  I hope so anyway.
Happy Friday to you all - have a really good one!  xx

Thursday 28 September 2023

Thursday, 28-09-23

Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to Thursday.  Will we get any rain today?  We had no storming on Monday/Tuesday, no high winds yesterday so who knows?  I'm not complaining - a storm can be exciting but I prefer the gentle weather really.  

Yesterday was a ploddy sort of day.  Sharon came, did my hair really well, as always, and left and personal training was good, as always.

Today I have an online SET class followed by the Thursday coffee and chat with Chris.  However, today is wash day - I seem to have quite a lot of stuff to get washed, dried, ironed and sorted and then I can put out what I want to pack for Monday.  I'll be glad to get that done.

A short one today.   Have a lovely day, everyone, and stay safe and well.  xx

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Wednesday, 27-09-23

Good morning, everyone.  It's dry and dull at the moment and yesterday, contrary to a dire weather forecast, remained pleasant and sunny all day.  The forecast for today is pleasant which probably means it is going to rain its socks off!!  :-)

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and it made me laugh out loud so I'm sharing it.  Any teacher who has taught SPaG will appreciate it, I am sure.

As always, Groove yesterday was good.  I always enjoy it but it was super-nice going with a friend.  Chris also enjoyed herself and I think she's going to commit to it.

Later on, I drove over to where I was getting my jab and I am now properly anti-Covidated for as long as it lasts.  I'm pleased because now I'm getting out and about a lot more I'm more likely to encounter someone going down with it.
By the way, Beth is now testing negative and is on the mend so that's good.

After my fifteen minutes rest to ensure I wasn't going to faint (I didn't), I drove round the corner to the Clock Tower precinct and stocked up with fruit and a few other bits and bobs from M&S and Aldi.  Once home, a bit of a reaction set in - a few aches and some nasty tummy cramps (perhaps I ate too much fruit but it doesn't usually affect me like that and when I had proper Covid, I had a day of similar issues) so I rested for the rest of the day and this morning I am fine with just a residual upper arm ache, the same as when I had the flu jab.  No problems, in other words.

It's a gentle start to the day today until midday when lovely Sharon is coming round to do my hair.  Then, late afternoon, I'll off for my PT session with Lindsey and that's it for today.  I'll get my packing planned for Monday so I know what I need to have ready and I didn't do much shed stuff yesterday so that's on the list for today.
And that's it - a very quiet day today and I plan to make the most of it and get plenty of knitting done.
Have a good day, everyone, whatever your plans.  xx

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Tuesday, 26-09-23

Morning, everyone!  How are things?  It's still dark here but I've been out to the shed to get in the day's provisions and it's dry and mild at the moment but it doesn't look good for this morning really.
In contrast, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous with wall to wall sunshine and summer temperatures.

I've just been over to the BBC site to check the weather and saw, sadly, that David McCallum has passed away (age 90, natural causes).  Those of us of a certain age might have had him as one of our heart throbs of the 1960s for his role as Illya Kuryakin in the Man From UNCLE series.  Oh, how I loved him - my bedroom was covered with posters of him and I had a massive scrapbook filled with articles and pictures.  It makes me laugh now how besotted I was as a teenager!
It makes me smile now.
He had a good life really, won awards and accolades for his dramatic work in both film and TV and was highly respected (said the BBC) but, for me, he will always be that blond Russian agent.

Anyway - back to the present and, as it was such a lovely morning, I dealt with more tomato plants and the brown bin is full again.  Unfortunately, it's black bin collection this week but not to worry, I can probably shove in some more very light stuff although it's quite heavy so nothing too substantial.  Maybe I can borrow some space in next door's bin - if I need to, I will ask.
All the plants are stripped of fruit now and I have a tray of green ones in the kitchen.  Some look to be turning read which is great, and I need to get them all processed before next Monday so the clock is ticking.
This makes me feel rather sad - end of a season, back to nondescript tasting tomatoes.  But next season is already on the way!  😊

Circuits was lovely although I felt a bit lacking in energy for some reason.  Lindsey moved it all outside so we could enjoy the fine weather and it was fun.

Today starts with Groove and Chris is coming along today which is nice.  
The weather isn't promising but, if possible, I want to do a bit more shed clearing.  The stash of tinned food can go upstairs and there are still bits and pieces that need chucking.
Then, in the afternoon, I have my Covid jab scheduled so will be driving into town for that and plan to take life very easy for the rest of the day.  I had a few aches after the last one but nothing to fuss about so a nice drink of coffee and some R&R should work a treat!
And then, come the evening, both House of Games and Strictly: It Takes Two are back and they're on every evening during the week so three cheers.

So nothing too hectic but a satisfying day, I hope.  Even the jab - I will be glad to get that done, for sure.

Right, well, the lunchtime soup should be ready to blend down and push through the sieve so I'd better do that and then get on with my other social media stuff.  Take care, have a very happy day and stay safe.  xx

Monday 25 September 2023

Monday, 25-09-23

Morning, everyone welcome to a new week.  Yesterday wasn't quite the wonderfully sunny day BBC predicted but at least it didn't rain.  Today, it says 'sunny and a gentle breeze' but we will see.

I did pretty much nothing yesterday (apart from the everyday essentials).  I didn't even get dressed which felt very slapdash but there was no need to and I couldn't be bothered.  I pottered around, dozed a bit, watched telly, set the TV to record things like House of Games (starting again today) and checked that it was set to record 'It Takes Two', got on with my knitting, did the Windsor blog and posted it and generally just idled the day away.  After a great night's sleep, I feel much more energetic today - which is just as well!

One other thing I did - I booked a seat on another coach trip.  This is what the bumph says:

Following the successful excursion to see some of Rosemary Rutherford's stained-glass
windows in Essex churches on May 5, we have arranged another trip to see some more of
her windows in Suffolk after visiting Ely and its amazing cathedral. This trip takes place on
Thursday October 19 when we leave Broomfield at 8.30 and make our way to the beautiful
city of Ely.
Ely Cathedral is a must if you have never been inside – and inside you will find The
Stained Glass Museum. After lunch our coach will take us to St Mary’s Church Hinderclay:
At St Mary’s Church, Hinderclay there are four richly coloured modern style windows that
were designed by Rosemary Rutherford. With the sun shining through them the church is
filled with rainbow light to stunning effect.
Finally, we leave Hinderclay and set off for St Mary’s Church, Walsham le Willows where
Rosemary lived with her brother who was incumbent here before moving to Hinderclay,
there is the large memorial window dedicated to Rosemary. She had designed the window
and cut the glass and her brother with the help of Roly Haddon, made and installed it. It
features the pink clad central figure who is most likely St Dorothy, the patron saint of
gardeners, surrounded by a multitude of different flowers. It is a fitting memorial to the
artist who was said by her brother to be never happier than when she was painting

I've never been to Ely but I know Mum and Dad spent some short breaks there and enjoyed it very much.  I'll do my research, of course, and find out what else there is to see/do and, maybe, you never know, I might feel it is worth of a longer break there too.  We will see.
And Rutherford's stained glass art looks absolutely amazing.
Anyway, it is booked and paid for so I have that to look forward to.

The only thing actually in the diary today is small group circuits at Shimmy Studio but there's plenty of other stuff to do so I won't be having another nothing day, no way!  It's going to be quite busy, I think.  
Have a lovely day, everyone.  May the sun shine on us all.  xx

Sunday 24 September 2023

Day trip to Windsor - photo heavy!

 We had a really good journey to Windsor so that started the day off well.  Absolutely no hold ups and an hour and a half later, there we were, entering the coach park.  It's very conveniently sited, being one side of the railway line which is a terminus (is that the right word - end of the line) with a nice view of the top of the castle.  Go left and there looked like a nice park/grassed area which I didn't explore.  Go right and up some stairs (or a lift) and you're in the railway station.

This old steam train was in the railway area.  it did have an info board but here's a YouTube link.

There were also loads of cafe type places; there was a real street cafe vibe in the area, in fact.  Nice.

So I meandered up and along and at the end of the road, there was the castle - ever so close to both coach park and station.

I was early so, after asking a few questions of the extremely helpful community police who were there in a fair force (sorry) and a bit of general meandering to get my bearings,  I turned left and walked down the hill one side (still loads of eating places) and up the other side, noting where the hop on hop off bus stop was.  I didn't intend to go for one this time but next time I will have more time . . .

Loads of bunting everywhere.

An interesting mix of old and more modern building - most were listed

Looking back up to the castle.

(These three were along Peascod Street - what a wonderful Old English name)

One of the entrances along Castle Hill - where the guards enter when they are changing!  It was also the way you exit when you've finished looking round the castle.

See that bollard bottom left - there's a whole row of them and they are electronic.  They take less and two seconds to disappear into the ground and reappear - very swish!!


Just a view - but see that blue sky.  It was a glorious morning!

Just a door.  Someone must have a key, surely?

Making my way back up, crowds were gathering.  Oi oi, thought I and, yes, it was almost time for a bit of pomp and ceremony as this very pleasant police officer told us.

It was nice to be part of a bit of understated crowd control - you see it on the telly and it's really good although I have no doubt things could turn tough very quickly, if necessary.  However, it was all extremely jolly and good natured.

I managed to get a short video clip - not brilliant but just a wee taster.  

Bringing up the rear, though, were some very tough, fully armed soldier types - you really wouldn't want to argue with them!!

Another very helpful and pleasant person, this time inside and part of the castle staff.  They were easily identified by their uniform, very smart and 'royal livery' looking and every single one I spoke to was helpful and friendly.  Great service.

There was a fair old queue of eleven o'clock-ers and we all filed dutifully up a zig zag path and into the security area where they scan your ticket and check your bags.  Security wasn't intrusive but it was definitely there.

I love those little models of places.  They give you such a great idea of the overall layout, especially when there's so much magnificence.

It was, of course, originally built as a Norman defensive castle for military and control purposes

I think this is the very oldest part.

They get everywhere, don't they?  This was quite bedraggled by now but still very cute.

A couple of views across the countryside.  This is part of Eton - imagine going to school among so much splendour.

Such a fantastic site for a military castle.  The Normans certainly knew what they were doing.

I queued to see the doll's house and this was the most disappointing part.  The house itself was magnificent, truly amazing, but the lighting was very dim (for obvious reasons) and we were sort of shunted through too quickly.  I could have stood there for ages, just looking for details of which there were plenty and just absorbing it all.  However, with such crowds and queues waiting, it just wasn't possible and I totally understand that.
Then I looked around the State Apartments.  So much gold, so much magnificence, so many famous and wonderful painting, china, plate, fabrics.  Rather overwhelming really and I have to go back for another look at some point.  I wasn't shunted through this part but one can only absorb so much . . .

You weren't allowed to take photos inside at all so here's a link or two.

Finally, I went to St George's Chapel - although 'chapel ' is a bit of a misnomer as it is huge!

Again, I had to follow a set path which is a bit of a shame as I'd loved to have been able to wander.  I wonder if people are allowed into services (it is an active church) without having to have a ticket.

At one point everything slowed down and I wondered why but it was as we passed where the late Queen and Prince Philip are buried, under the same stone.

(not my photo, obviously - I gather it is the official one)

I found it all very moving and so did most of the crowd, judging by the way they slowed, fell silent and many bowed their heads briefly.

And finally, you have to, don't you!

You know you are getting old when His Majesty's guards look young enough to be your grandson.
I don't know how he kept a straight face during all the shenanigans in front of him but I didn't see his eyes even flicker once.  Very impressive.

A perfect end to a lovely visit.

Not the end of the whole visit, of course, but after that there was just time to grab a bite to eat (M&S Cafe!) and a gentle wander around the shops before going back to the coach for another very easy journey home again.

I noticed a Travelodge right next to the station so now I am planning a short break there.  There was so much I didn't so.  I didn't do a tour of the old kitchens of the castle because you have to book and there were no convenient times left.  I want to walk up to Eton, I want to go on a hop on, hop off bus tour, I want to go on the river, I want to visit Legoland - and that's just for starters.
I've looked up the price of accommodation and it's very reasonable although I bet it shoots up when there's a Royal event on the horizon.  I can avoid those times though.

Anyway - maybe next spring.  Watch this space.
(Come on, premium bonds!!!!)

Sunday, 24-09-23

Good morning, everyone, and a very happy Sunday to you all.  It's still dark so hard to see what the start to the day promises but BBC seems to think it's going to be a nice day again and probably a bit warmer than yesterday.

I am working on a separate post about my trip to Windsor but thought I'd get this one up anyway.  I've changed the header so you'll see that photo!

We were so lucky with the weather.  Perhaps it was a bit too chilly for perfection at the start of the day but the coach was nice and comfortable so no complaints from me.  I was very impressed with my first experiences of this particular group; it's not a coach company, it is just a retired couple who organise these outings for the sheer fun of doing them - and I sincerely hope they get the trip free as they obviously devote a lot of time and care into them and one, other or both accompanies every single trip to trouble-shoot and generally make everything run smoothly.

I'm really glad they were recommended to me.

So that was most of yesterday taken up.  When I got home, it was about fifteen minutes into Strictly, so I rewound back to the start but, frankly, I was so very tired, I switched it off before the end (the first shows are very long, of course) and will catch up with the rest today.

I still feel quite weary so plan to take today very, very easy.  I might deal with a few more tomato plants - they really have stopped ripening now so I need to get out that chutney recipe (thanks, again, Sue C) and work out what I need to buy so I can make it this coming week at some point.
So today will not make for interesting reading - resting, reading, bit of kitchen stuff, the basic household tasks, YouTube and catching up on telly.  And editing loads of photos.
Oh, nearly forgot - Beth would rather I didn't say for a little while.  You'll understand when (if) I can say.  And no, she's not pregnant!!!  Also, she is feeling loads better and Alex has tested negative.  Cheers!

So that's today.  Are you having a nice, restful day too?  Take care and stay safe.  xx

Saturday 23 September 2023

Saturday, 23-09-23

 Good morning, everyone.  Saturday at last and I'm off to Windsor for the day.  I've checked the weather forecast and, while it won't be warm, it looks to be lovely and sunny there (and here too).  Excellent.

I'm whizzing through this because I have to be out by about 7:20 to get to Broomfield, park the car and meet the others who are going.  My pack pack is packed with essentials (including camera and phone, rain mac and fruit) and the ticket for the castle visit thingy is safely tucked away in a side pocket.  To be honest, I don't have many other plans apart from that, aiming for a general explore of the place for as long as I have.

Yesterday was really nice.  One pound on at SW but that's OK, it's within target range so no worries.  

It was just so lovely to meet up with Andrea for lunch.  We go back a while - we taught the two year one classes at the same time and we played keyboard in the church band.  She's no longer working at that school, she's a sort of freelance music teacher, doing both whole class teaching and instrumental tuition, but we have so many memories in common and we talked and talked and talked until she had to go.  We've made a date for her to come here for lunch next month.

Well, better get moving, dressed and so on.  Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx

Friday 22 September 2023

Friday, 22-09-23

Good morning, everyone, welcome to Friday!  It's damp and misty and the ground is wet so there's been rain overnight.  It might prove to be a true autumnal morning thought, as BBC is optimistic for some sunshine.  Let's hope so!

Thank you for your comments yesterday.  All I can say is 'Patience is a Virtue'.
Seriously, I'm just not sure whether it's OK to say or not yet and will need to ask first, that's all.  After all, it's Beth's news.

It was really nice catching up with Chris yesterday morning.  We could have sat out but they have put away their garden furniture now so we didn't, we sat indoors instead.  Lots of gossip, lots of laughs.  It was all great fun.

Then I drove out to the surgery and got my shingles jab booked.  They're not doing covid at our surgery this year so, once home, I went online and booked a local slot for next Tuesday.
So that's all three jabs sorted.  Is the shingles one a one off, does anyone know, or will it be annual?

Much later, I set out to drive to Black Notley for supper with Val (and Mike).  Of course, it had started raining and by the time I was onto the main road, it was pouring.  It was so torrential, I considered stopping for a while but everyone on the road was being sensible, driving steadily and it wasn't too hard to just follow in a row like ducklings.  And, would you believe, as I passed the racecourse and turned off to Black Notley, the rain stopped and the ground was dry - they hadn't had a drop!  So surprising and makes you realise quite how localised weather can be.

Anyway, it was a lovely time with a delicious supper - thanks, Val.  Val's oldest, Becky, turned up.  (Val's youngest and my oldest are the same age) and I heard about the Great Concrete Scandal!  Becky is the head teacher at a local junior school where, when she found unsafe ceilings in the classrooms at the end of August and notified the relevant authorities, it tipped the government over into taking the blanket action they did take.  I gather she's had all sorts of government big-wigs/ministers/etc visiting and the press has been a right pain - and they are still setting up the demountables!  Fortunately, a very big hearted local entrepreneur has given his beautiful wedding venue centre over to be used as classrooms Monday to Thursday and Friday is an online school . . . but poor Becky, children, staff, parents and the entire school she cares so much about.

Today, I will be off to SEW for my first weigh in as a target member (don't need to pay, yay) and then, later on, I'm off into town to meet an old friend for lunch.  I'm a right gadabout at the moment and very nie it is too.
The house is pretty much cleaner-ready and all I have to do is get myself washed, dressed and ready to go.   Nice.

Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx

Thursday 21 September 2023

Thursday, 23-09-23

Morning, everyone.  It was another ridiculously early wake up this morning so I came down and got on with bits and bobs.  I used to be really good at lying in bed and just resting/chilling/dozing but not any more.  It's just rather boring, to be honest, and I'd much rather be usefully occupied.  So I came down, sorted a few things out and did some knitting for a while.  I can't do anything too noisy because it's a semi and I need to consider next door.

We didn't half have some rain yesterday afternoon and evening.  About time too!  It was so lovely to close the curtains nice and early, pop my oodie on over my clothes and feel snug, warm and safe inside.

So - yesterday.
I popped to Morrisons and got Beth's shopping list before driving it over to her.  We had a distanced doorstep chat (just like the olden days!) and I'm glad to say she's really not feeling that bad at all, just a bit cheesed off.  The same thought had occurred to her - that if she had to get it, much better this week than next!
While on the subject of Beth, later on she received some really great news that has made us all very happy.  I'm teasing you a bit because I can't really say much more yet but I'm so very glad about it.  And no, she's not pregnant!!!  It's nothing like that.  😉

Once home again, I went out into the garden and started dealing with the tomato and cucumber plants.  I got the cucumbers right out and in the bin and also several of the tomato plants, the ones that were pretty much over now, having been the earliest croppers.
I stopped when the bin was full and also a few drops of rain were falling.  It's brown bin collection day today so I can continue later on today or tomorrow (or whenever).

I emailed Maxine who is the office staff for Seth's building company to ask if they had a vague date for the garden room and she replied saying last week of October/first week of November.  Really exciting.  So I think that I can start to do the last little bits of shed clearing now.  There's not an awful lot but I want to avoid a last minute rush really.

Finally, I drove over to Lindsey's for personal training in the pouring rain so the traffic was pretty bad.  As with Circuits and Groove, I was able to really push it through without any back issues so I really think that little episode is now over and past, thank goodness.

Today has a couple of things in the diary.   I'm round to Chris' for coffee and chat as usual before maybe doing a bit more garden stuff.
I was going for lunch at Val's but she has something important on so asked if I'd like to go over in the late afternoon/early evening instead.  I have said that if it's feeling too much, I'm happy to reschedule so we will see.
I'm going to start next week's meal planning too - a bit early, perhaps, but once it's done, it's done.
And the other thing I want to do is do a bit of shed clearing.  Not loads, just a bit at a time.  Easy does it!  

So it should be a good day with a nice mix of productive tasks and social stuff.  Just what I like.
What does your realistic ideal day look like?  xx

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Wednesday, 20-09-23

Good morning, everyone, and welcome.  We are now two thirds of the way through September.  Oh, my goodness!!  The weather wasn't great yesterday but not nearly as bad as predicted.  This morning has started off quite nicely but yesterday's 'heavy rain' seems to have shifted to today so if I want to do any garden clearing, I'll need to get it done early.

I thoroughly enjoyed Groove yesterday.  Apart from the occasional 'pull' the back behaved perfectly so I was able to go for it - the more you put in to these things, the more you get out - and it was great.  Mind you, I felt it later - talk about stiff.  A sign that it was needed and I was doing it right!!
When I was at secondary, summer term always focused on tennis and athletics and the first session of the new term was always spent doing exercises - I think you might call it 'drill' (it was in the early/mid 60s).  The next day we were all stiff and aching and the staff used to laugh.  Well, yesterday evening felt a bit like that but it's much easier this morning and none of it is bad!!

I got the washing done, all but the bedding and I will pick a better day to do that so I can dry it outside.  There's just a little bit more ironing to do today and that's it done and dusted.

There's two things in the diary for today.  One is personal training this afternoon and I'm hoping I can put a lot more into it this week, like Groove.  Last week, I was very cautious and Lindsey is very good and takes concerns seriously so she didn't try to push things along too much.

The other is getting some stuff in for Beth.  Poor love, she and Alex have Covid - again!  It's only six months since the last dose.  She said it's not as bad as last time but she feels pretty ropey so I have a list of meds and soft foods to get in for them both.  All I can say is thank goodness it's this week and not next because at the beginning of October we are off to Center Parcs for five days and it really would have put the clappers on things.
I will be leaving it all on her doorstep.  No going in to play with the cats today.

I want to do a bit of garden stuff first thing and there's the ironing to finish plus all the usual bits and bobs so that will keep me out of trouble.
And that's today.  Nothing terribly exciting but nothing that awful either.  Just a normal day.
Take care, stay safe and be good!!  😇xx

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Tuesday, 19-09-23

Morning, everyone.  What a change in the weather!  We didn't get that much rain yesterday but, although the actually temperature isn't significantly lower, last night felt chilly and tonight I'm closing my bedroom window overnight (unless it changes again, of course).  Today's forecast is for 'gusty wind and heavy rain'.  Ho hum!

Sadly, the tomatoes have really slowed down now.  They loved that hot spell but I think the time has come to salvage the green ones to make chutney and get the pots cleared, cleaned and put away for the year.  The cucumber finished producing a week or so ago but the courgettes are still bravely soldering on - but looking extremely scruffy now.
That's life . . .

If I can get it all cleared before the start of October, I will be happy.  Probably not today though, judging by the forecast!

I did my kitchen pottering yesterday, making a nice big bowl of passata from the big tomatoes, getting the chicken stock sorted and making the baked beans - bit of a cheat using canned haricot beans but I don't mind!  I'm having some on toast for breakfast.

I noticed an error in my knitting so had to do a bit more of an unpick - a silly mistake down to not taking enough care.  It doesn't matter - I have the rest of the month to finish it.

Circuit training was really good.  This week, I went for it and put as much energy as I could into it and there was not one twinge from my back.  I was so pleased.  Now I can focus on getting the strength back - it's surprising how much one can lose with three weeks of enforced idleness.

Today it is Groove.  Again, last week, I took it very easy and carefully but I'm confident that I can go for it a lot more this morning.
Then I have washing to do and, as the forecast is not great, I'm getting out my inside rack.  It's not a pretty sight but needs must.  I think I will also be using the tumble dryer - at least it will keep the house warm.

Goodness, it really is gloomy this morning.  A lights on sort of day and I will be thankful for a good home and warm clothes, I think.  We've had it good recently but the rain is sorely needed so I can't grumble (even if I do!!)
Have a great day, everyone.  xx

Monday 18 September 2023

Monday, 18-09-23

A very good morning to everyone as we start a new week.  We have had rain overnight here and it looks as if there's more to come as we go through the day as well as a bit of sunshine.  One of those days when you never know what to wear when you go out, in fact!  
Coat, umbrella, shoes, sandals?  All of them?  😉

I had a nice, gentle day with plenty of kitchen activity.  
I made some rye bread and, oh, my, it is delicious.  It's not pure rye, it's a mix of rye and wholemeal flours; I used the Cookidoo recipe and Thermione.  Cookidoo is the subscription recipe site for the Thermomix and the recipe feeds straight to the machine and takes you through, step by step - it is ever so clever.  I also added a bit of treacle (because most of the other recipes I investigated added treacle, molasses or similar) and folded in some mixed seeds because I usually do and I love 'em.  It was a long slow process, the first rise took for ever but it wasn't a problem as I had all day and it came out dark, not too heavy because of the flour mix and absolutely delicious.

I've already posted this on t'other blog but this is what it looked like as a toastie.  I did wonder if it would toast OK and it did!
The rest is sliced and in the freezer to enjoy at my leisure.  And I will certainly be making it again.

I roasted a chicken for dinner - decided to splash out!  Chickens are no longer cheap meat; it's more like when I was a little girl and we often had a roast chicken at my grandparents' but never at home - and always for Christmas!  However, the chickens most certainly had a better life . . .
Anyway, a whole roast chicken is not as poor value as it seems because by the time I had picked off all the meals, there was a whole pile to use this week and the carcass has been bubbling away in the slow cooker all night, making the kitchen smell amazing and giving me a most wonderful smelling stock.

I did a bit of tomato sorting (huge ones for cooking/processing, medium ones for frying and small ones for salad) and the huge ones are now making passata in Thermione.  I've found a baked bean recipe to make UK baked beans, not USA ones using canned white beans (the recipe says cannelloni but I have haricot) so I'm giving that a go. 
Heinz they won't be but, looking through the ingredients, they will taste great; they can't do any other with the likes of passata (garden tomatoes), onion, maple syrup, herbs, spices, Henderson's, etc, etc, etc.  I might also add some finely chopped bacon.  Mmmmmm.
I'm rambling, sorry!

I'm getting on with Bertie's little jacket and have plenty of yarn so that's good.  I made the back, including the shaping, then decided maybe it was a bit short - Bertie is a tall toddler - so pulled the raglan shaping undone, lengthened it a bit more and I'm much happier with it.  It's a nice stitch; I do love knitting Aran patterns, they are very tactile and satisfying.  Photo when I've finished.

Oh, I've just looked out and the sun is shining.  How lovely.  It's funny now sunshine makes us smile, isn't it!
Anyway, today I have one scheduled thing which is circuits.  There were not back grumbles after last week's classes so I'm going to give it a bit more effort this week - but I will still be very careful as I don't want another week like that one!
At home, I have the usual housework jobs, including a bit of washing (fingers crossed I can line dry) plus a stock to strain and sort out, ditto passata and whatever else comes into my head, after which I will settle in my chair with my knitting and my telly.

It's going to be a nice one and I hope yours is too.  Be good - but not too good, as my Dad used to say.  xx

Sunday 17 September 2023

Sunday, 17-09-23

Good morning, everyone!  Welcome to Sunday and another blog entry.  It's an early start again but nowhere near as daft as yesterday.  I'm just going through a spell of early waking and, being me, can't just stay in bed, I need to be up and doing something.
Unlike yesterday, today's weather is not expected to be that good - rain and maybe some storms this afternoon.  The garden won't complain, I am sure, but I reckon I ought to get that grass mown this morning, eh?

Yesterday went pretty much according to plan.  
Frist of all, the flu jab.  The surgery was full with a one way system (for convenience) and it seemed very well organised with an electronic registration and wait to be called.  I was in and out again before my scheduled time and, wonder of wonders, there was a parking space just outside the surgers car park, which can be a bit tight.
Because they were so busy, I didn't ask about booking the shingles jab or about covid info but will pop in next time I'm that way.  There's no rush.

Then I went on the the Clock Tower and did my shopping for the next fortnight (more or less, I might need more fresh stuff), coming back with pretty much everything I needed.  To my delight, sprouts are back.  OK, they won't be amazing yet, but I do love sprouts!!

After a while, my back started aching.  Oh, no, thought I, but it turned out to be part of a more general ache related to the flu jab.  I took some meds, sat down and promptly fell asleep - well, I had woken at ridiculous o'clock on Saturday morning, hadn't I?
I felt a bit 'off' for the rest of the day so rested and today it's fine apart from a very slight ache where the needle went in, unsurprisingly!  Didn't put me off my food, mind you!

I enjoyed Strictly, but the first one is always a bit 'squealy, luvvie, ooooh, I'm so thrilled stuff', isn't it?  I enjoyed the dances and the tribute to Len was lovely, I thought.  I'm looking forward to the first dances although you can already see some real movers and a few who - well, who will do their best, I am sure.  I'm also really glad that no-one goes out in the first week - that always seems such a shame in Throwdown and Sewing Bee.

Today, apart from getting the grass cut mid morning, I have no specific plans.  I had planned to have a go at rye bread but didn't feel up to it yesterday so I will probably do that today.  Now I am at target, I want to spread my wings just a little bit, nothing too dramatic, just things like different breads, etc.  Having said that, it'll probably come out flat as a pancake, won't it?  We will see.

Anyway, enough rambling.  I hope you're all well and life is good or as good as you expect it to be right now.  Take care and have a great day.  xx

Saturday 16 September 2023

Saturday, 16-09-23

Good morning, everyone.  I was wide awake at daft o'clock so I came down and am enjoying the first coffee of the day while doing my social media stuff.  It's far too early to look out to see what it's like but it feels comfortably cool at the moment and the forecast is amazingly good.  Bring it on!

My biggie for yesterday is that I weighed at SW group and I'm back to target again.  I'm so happy with that and feel a huge sense of achievement.  Now to continue the journey and enjoy scrummy and healthy food for the rest of my life.

When I got home, the cleaners were already there, beavering away, bless them.  I disappeared upstairs with my 'Slim for Life' book and re-familiarised myself with all the advice and guidance it contains.

The yarn arrived so I have started Bertie's little jacket.  It's knitting up very nicely and, being a small size, very quickly too.  The amount was a bit of guesswork as it's an older pattern that doesn't give yarn lengths, just weight, but it seems to be fine so far, thankfully.  I like to do the back and a sleeve first, by which time I will know if there's enough or not.

Today starts early, which is probably why I woke way too early, with a trip to the GP surgery for my flu jab.  I've also just had a text about the shingles jab so I can make that appointment and I will ask about the Covid one while I'm there, although they might not know all that much.

As I'm in town, once that's done I will take a mini detour to the Clock Tower precinct and do my big shop as, believe it or not, it is now the second half of September.  I don't need loads but I do need some stuff so I'll go to M&S and then across to Aldi.

The last biggie is that Strictly returns this evening.   Once Strictly lands, it can't be all that long until Christmas so maybe I need to start looking for some Christmas crochet stuff.  I know I won't be at home over the actual days but I'm still decorating a bit, just maybe not quite as much as usual.

In between times, as it is forecast to be quite warm, I might stay in the shade and be lazy - er, I mean have some me-time.  Thee may be a few repercussions from the flu jab; there usually are.  Best not to push it too hard today.

Do you have any special plans for this weekend?

Friday 15 September 2023

Friday, 15-09-23

 Morning, everyone.  It's just getting light here  so all I can say is that the skies look pretty clear.  Promising.  Yesterday was beautiful - sunny, warm but not baking.  Perfect early Autumnal weather.

Sitting out with Chris, chatting and enjoying both coffee and each other's company was great.  However, I noticed that the garden is getting rather bedraggled and will soon need its first autumn haircut.

However, the front was worse so I had a little conversation with my back, grabbed the weed scraper thingamabob, dustpan, brush and bucked and sorted out the pathway.  I need to do my side of the standing space, where the cars are and the 'lawn' is shockingly long, so I have a Little List to work on if the weather plays ball.
And the back cooperated nicely and didn't grumble in the least.  Excellent.

Well, I did my statutory duty - as far as OFSTED is concerned, anyway - and clicked on the link to the safeguarding training, only to be firmly told I had already done it for this year.  I was expecting 'year' to be from September to August as it was a school things, but maybe it means the calendar year.  If so, yes, I have but I have emailed Heather for clarification, to be on the safe side.
So I had more time than I expected.  No complaints there.

I have made enough 3D crochet pumpkins.  They're getting a bit boring now and, anyway, how many pumpkins can one need!  I watched a tutorial on how to cover a polystyrene ring (using crochet) so I could make a wreath or something.  Or I could make a twiggy wreath with some bits of branch that fell off next door's birch tree.  Or both - but again, how many wreaths can one person need.
The yarn hasn't arrived.  Maybe today.  I'm itching to get started on Bertie's present.

On to today and it is Slimming World first thing.  Will I hit my target?  Goodness knows but I ain't stressing - what's a pound and a half between friends anyway?
I look forward to group so much.  It's a social highlight of my week, for sure.  So much laughter and fun.

Once home again, I'll probably get the front sorted a bit more, maybe finished, before doing a bit of pruning, etc, at the back.  Just general; tidying up and neatening off.  Inside, I want to work on next week's 'menu' and get my shopping list done for tomorrow.  Don't I live an exciting life, eh?  

Happy Friday to us all.  xx

Thursday 14 September 2023

Thursday, 14-09-23

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to my blog.  The weather really has changed or at least the temperature has.  Yesterday was a bit cloudy with a very few drops of rain (blink and you'd miss it) but I got two loads of washing line dried and there was a warmer spell in the afternoon.  It is so nice to be able to snuggle under the duvet overnight again.
Today looks very promising with quite a lot of sun but not too hot.  My kind of day.  

I popped over to Lathcoats yesterday morning - my goodness, the difference in traffic now the schools are open again.  I decided to go through town for once, rather than round.  That was a mistake!
The apple table was set up and I had an enjoyable few minutes tasting and choosing.  I'm now well stocked up with apples of different kinds.  I love apples.

To my delight, they had bags of rye flour in again.  They used to but I've been looking recently without any success.  I want to have a go at making rye bread but until yesterday the only flour I could find locally was white (or is it 'light'?) rye which I didn't want.
Now I can find some recipes and have a go.  Something to look forward to over the weekend.  Anyone have any good rye bread recipes, please?  I've got Paul Hollywood's and his are usually pretty reliable.

Not only did I get two loads of washing done and dried, it's also ironed and ready to put away after airing overnight (the second load was just slightly damp).

Today, Chris is coming over for our weekly chat and she's bringing me a few apples from her mum's tree - cooking apples, but they are quite sweet for cookers.  Apple pancakes after weigh in tomorrow, I think.  Delicious!

Then I really MUST get the online safeguarding stuff done before Heather (clerk to the governing body) starts chasing me up about it.  I've put it in the diary for today so fingers crossed.  The trouble is, there are so many other pleasant things to do!  For example, the yarn I ordered for Bertie's present might come today and, if it does, I know that will be calling to me.
However, I have the whole of the rest of the day so it should all get done.  Wish me luck!

Have a great day, everyone.  xx

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Wednesday, 13-09-23

 Morning, one and all, and welcome to Wednesday's blog post.  :-)
Well, we had rain.  Not a lot and no storming as far as I could tell, but better than nothing at all and it was cooler and fresher yesterday so no grumbles whatsoever.

It was good to get back to Groove although I had to be careful and couldn't do some of the moves - no, not couldn't, decided it would be sensible not to as it hurt a bit.  Lindsey gave me alternatives that were better.  I'm glad to be exercising again but with reservations.

Mel arrived for lunch and we had a good old natter while we enjoyed the home made tomato soup (so delicious, even though I say it myself).  I like Mel - bags of common sense and a great sense of humour.

After she left, I settled down to crochet and enjoy some telly.

A terrible photo, sorry.  I couldn't be bothered to dig out the ring light - bad me!
I'll try again later when there's some natural light.
Anyway, I love them although I'm not sure what I want to do with them really.  I like the idea of a garland but I don't really have anywhere to hang one.
These are cute.  None of them are very difficult and they didn't take that long, apart from the popcorn stitch one which did take a bit more time.  I wonder if I can find a little gonk pattern to go with them.  I'll take a look.

I also had a rummage in my pattern box and found a nice aran pattern for a hooded jacket for little Bertie.   I've ordered some soft aran yarn so, when it arrives, I can get started.

I thought today I would pop over to Lathcoats.  I'm quite low on my fruit and veg and they have their own apples in the shop now.  I love what they do - they have all the different kinds on a table and you can cut a bit off to try before you buy.  I also want to get some scoop and bag frozen cherries and a few more bits and bobs too.

Then I'm home until later in the afternoon when it's over to Lindsey's for personal training.

I need to do some washing today so fingers crossed it is a dry one.  :-)

Are you finding the days are passing so very quickly at the moment?  Blink and you miss one!  Have a lovely day anyway, whether it goes quickly or not so quickly for you.  xx

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Tuesday, 12-08-23

Morning, everyone, and welcome.
Today is supposed to be the day the fine weather breaks.  I grabbed the BBC info picture thingy . . .

A bit blurry, sorry, but you get the overall effect.  However, we're not given to particularly dramatic weather round here so we will see.  I'll be happy with a bit of refreshing rain, to be honest.
Yesterday was really lovely.  Six or seven degrees cooler than the weekend and with a bit of a breeze.  More like that would be so good too - after the rain.
I can hope . . .

It was so good to get back to circuits yesterday.  There were seven of us there and it was such fun.  I went carefully, adapted some of the stuff, had a few twinges but all in all it was pretty good and it's fine this morning.  

Before then, I went next door and had a good old chat with Tracy.  It was really nice to start getting to know her and now it is my turn, if we can find a window in her busy life.

I did a bit of 'research' - in other words, looking for Autumny crochet things on YouTube.  I found more pumpkins, acorns, Autumn leaves . . . 
Look at these little beauties - I really want to make some.  Picture grabbed from YouTube.

It all looks good so I have plenty of enjoyable stuff to work on when I sit down.  The good thing about using YouTube is that you can see and hear what the crafter is doing as well as reading it (I use subtitles) which makes it much easier to understand and you can pick up interesting techniques and ways of doing stuff as well.
The worst bit is that some are American and the USA uses different terms for the stitches - no, not different terms, different stitches for the terms so, for example, a UK double crochet is not the same as a USA double crochet.  It makes skipping from UK to USA videos rather muddling at first.

So, as well as working on more blankety things to donate and making a jacket for little Bertie, I MUST make some Autumny things as well. 
No chance to get bored in my castle!

Today starts with Groove at the church hall.  The first in the block so we will all be falling over our feet (not literally, I hope) learning the new routines.  I wonder if we will have some new people along - that would be great.

A bit later on, my friend, Mel, is stopping off to deliver my Avon order and staying for lunch.  I'm really looking forward to that.

There's all the usual, do-it-every-day stuff and then I can relax and craft with a clear conscience.  I never used to be like that - time was when I ignored the tasks until they became major issues - well, not major but pressing, maybe.
I must be growing up.

Have a great day, everyone, and stay safe.  xx

Monday 11 September 2023

Monday, 11-08-23

Good morning, everyone, and welcome.  It's a dull old start to the day around here but BBC assures us that the sun will be out soon.  It also thinks the temperatures will be a good five or six degrees lower than yesterday which is quite a relief.
I gather some parts of the UK had some severe storms yesterday but not here.  A shame, I love a good storm and the garden could really do with a good soaking.  When it does come (the rain, I mean), what's the betting that within a couple of days I will be muttering about 'it would be nice to see some sunshine'.  😉

Such a lovely lot of comments yesterday - thank you so much, everyone.  It's given the blanket a sort of positivity vibe which I am sure will continue to warm my heart when I use it.  You're all so lovely.  x

There are loads of pumpkin patterns (I nearly typed 'recipes' there) on YouTube and elsewhere so I picked one at random and gave it a go.

It was an easy enough pattern but either I need to work on my tension or use thicker yarn or a smaller hook because it's very loose and you can clearly see the wadding which is not great.
(or use cotton yarn but I'd have to buy that and I want to use up my stash!)

It's OK for a first attempt though and I will use it as an Autumny decoration.  Maybe I could find patterns for some Autumn leaves too.

Anyway - as I said, there are loads of different patterns out there and I will try another later on today.

Also, I've never really tried any amigurumi before but they'd be great for using up stash and giving away or donating - and I hate to have idle hands when I am sitting down.  I take after Mum in that way, I think.

Do any of you make amigurumi?
(link just for basic information about this)

I stayed pretty still most of the day, keeping as cool as possible as I think most of us did, so there's not much else to say about the day really.

Today, I had planned a visit to Lathcoats as their own apples are now in the shop and I have several items on my next shopping list that I could get there.
However, I had a text from Tracy next door- no longer a 'new neighbour' but I haven't really got to know her much yet as she is such a busy lady and has three children.  Now they are back at school, she's invited me round for coffee so I am looking forward to that very much.
Then I will be whizzing off to small group circuits with Lindsey.  The new block has started and I am so looking forward to getting back to work.  I will be very careful though - the back is loads better but there's the occasional little ache to remind me.

Once home, that's it as far as going out is concerned so I guess I will do the usual tasks and then chill with YouTube and crochet hook and see what I think about the next pumpkin pattern.  And them I MUST think about Bertie's little jacket or I won't have enough time to get it made.

Well, I've just looked at the time and eeek.  Must get the day started.  Have a great Monday, everyone, and I hope you can stay cool and comfortable.  xx

Sunday 10 September 2023

Sunday, 10-09-23

 Good morning, everyone.  So here we are, a third of the way through September already.  Oh, my goodness!!
I'm up very early as I went to bed pretty early too.  Yesterday was a very draining day, I thought.  BBC weather thinks that today will be equally hot (the filled water bottles are in the fridge already) but tomorrow will be more moderate and Tuesday might see rain round here.  We will see.

I got the remaining ironing done early which I was pleased about.  Apart from that and some cooking, etc, I spent the rest of the day with blinds closed, as still as possible in front of a fan.  It helped a lot, as did opening the door to the attic to give the heat somewhere higher to move to - I think it helps anyway!

Well, I have finished the lap blanket and I'm really very pleased.  It's ended up bigger than I intended but that's no problem, and it won't stay on my bed, it will come downstairs to go with the shawl for use on those colder evenings - I know that seems impossibly right now but, believe me, in a month or so . . . 
I decided on a scallop edging - it's easy to do and looks fine.

You can see one of the half hexagons and also the quarter hexagon in the second photo.
I'm definitely making more, maybe some cot sized ones, for the Salvation Army to use - they have a drop off point in Morrisons' car park.

A friend posted a photo of some little crocheted pumpkins which are so cute so guess what . . .  :-)

Today will be much the same, I expect.  I might sit out this morning while it's still fresh and enjoy the sunshine but that won't last long, I think, and then it will be blinds shut and fans on.
What's it like your way?

Saturday 9 September 2023

Saturday, 09-09-23

 Good morning, everyone.  Another scorcher yesterday - it hit 31.5C in the shade which is hot for round here)  so it was all fans to the pump and drawn curtains.  It works quite well although there are times when I long for air con like Mum and Dad had.  If I had a suitable outside wall for the unit, I'd get it like a shot, but I don't so I can't.
Today is expected to be the same.  At the moment it is hazy, as it was yesterday.

Look what I've just picked.  For a small garden and limited growing space, I'm quite chuffed.

I'm pondering which types of tomatoes I want to get next year now.  Some I probably won't bother with and a few I have no idea about because they were from Julia - notably those big yellow ones and they are the first to ripen on that plant so I will have to taste them.
I bought both honeycomb and sungold to compare and, to be honest, there's so little difference, one or the other would be fine.
I'm definitely getting sweet aperitifs, if I can - just like sweet millions so I wonder if it's the same but with a name change.

Little Runt lives up to his name by producing little courgettes but they taste great.

And I will need to overload my salads with cucumber, won't I?

The tomatoes, in particular, have really enjoyed the sunshine and warmth of this week.  However, it looks as if I might get enough green ones left to make some chutney - I do hope so as I'm getting to the end of the chutney I made using a recipe Sue C gave me.  She said she wasn't that keen but her husband loved it; I made it and it might have been a bit bland at first (still very nice though) but now it has matured to utter deliciousness so I must see if I can find it.  I'm pretty sure I saved it but, if not, I may be pestering you, Sue, for another copy, pretty please.

I had a good result at Slimming World, much to my surprise.  Now I am so close to getting back to my target again, I can almost touch it.  Here's hoping . . .

A text came through from my surgery and now I have my flu jab booked for early next Saturday morning.  That's good!

I did some ironing while it was still fairly cool but there's a bit left for this morning.  That's pretty much the only housework (apart from the daily cleaning, of course - loo, bathroom and kitchen) for today because my lovely cleaners did the rest so I will get on with my crochet and search out that jacket pattern I want.
So a nice, gentle, easy day all round.  Perfect for this weather.
Stay cool, folks, and hydrated.  xx

Friday 8 September 2023

Friday, 08-09-23

Morning, everyone.  Goodness, it was a scorcher yesterday, to be sure.  Bright sunshine and temperatures up to 30.5C, according to my in-the-shade garden thermometer.  Today looks like being very similar so that's put paid to the gardening jobs that are slowly building up.

Yesterday was a workshop booking day!
Sharon Blackman emailed me details of her next applique workshop at the end of this month so I emailed back and booked.
Then Victoria posted info about the annual Christmas Wreath making workshops and I've booked that too.  December 1st.  I gather people were starting to ask so she and Hazel decided to get the info out there.  If anyone local is interested, I can post details.  
It feels great to have two creative things in the pipeline.

Talking of creative, as I was putting together the fill-in shapes on the blanket, I discovered that I would need to make a couple of quarter hexagons that were mirror images of each other.  I searched You-Tube but there wasn't much and the most useful looking one was demo-ed using a dark thread so it was really hard to see what was going on.  

So I looked carefully at my half hexagons and have worked out how to make the quarters - I didn't have to be too clever, just logical really.  :-)

My morning chat with Chris was great.  We sat in the shade in her garden where it wasn't too hot and put the world to rights, as you do!  How time flies - her little grandson, Bertie, is one in a month so I have a very good excuse for a project!  I'll searched through my patterns in the next few days and I'm sure I have a nice pattern for a little Aran-style jacket and hat set that will make a nice gift, perhaps with a few little books - I'm a great believer in toddler bookshelves!

Chris was telling me about Heybridge Basin which, she said, is a nice place to visit.  I've never been there but it's now on the list.  It isn't exactly proper coastal, more on the Thames Estuary, not too far from Maldon, and it does sound interesting.  Suze, or anyone else local - what do you know of it?  Ever been?

Today is Slimming World and we are back in the local hall which has now reopened after some flood damage last December.  Goodness knows why it has taken so long but I am guessing, perhaps wrongly, that they had to wait for the insurance to come through as, like many councils at the moment, they are strapped for cash with many competing demands for it.
Anyway, we are back there so not only can I leave later, I can walk so don't have to brave the school traffic.

I got everywhere sorted and tidied as much as it ever is on Fridays so the cleaners can turn up any time.  I will be crocheting but it's just the fill-in bits so a hook and a ball of yarn, no other mess created.  I wonder if I will finish it today - I have other projects knocking around in my poor old brain - I found a pattern for a crochet bucket hat that I just want to try, I want to make another hexagon blanket using totally random colours from my stash that I will give either to the Sally Army or Help the Aged or somewhere like that.  I wonder if the local food bank takes things like that for children.  Must ask Linda.  And, of course, there's Bertie's gift although that will be bought yarn, I think, not stash - I will look but I want the softer sort of stuff.  He's only little.

What with changing the sheets, washing, maybe ironing, etc, I have plenty to be getting on with and no chance to be bored.  So nice.

What do you have in the pipeline today?  Stay safe and have a great day.  xx

Thursday 7 September 2023

Thursday, 07-09-23

Morning, one and all, and welcome to Thursday.  It's a beautifully sunny morning, really clear unlike yesterday which was pretty hazy much of the time, and not too warm (yet!).

I haven't posted many garden photos recently.  The truth is that everything is browning off, looking slightly bedraggled and the fruiting has slowed right down - although there's three cucumbers making good progress and plenty of tomatoes still to come, I hope.

I do have some autumn fruiting raspberries in a pot though.  They're not great and I need to replace the soil, I think, but they are fruiting and these look pretty ready to pick.  I see tomorrow's breakfast - or part of it, anyway.

Yesterday was a fairly gentle day when I got some things done and not others.  So maybe I need a List!

I drove into town and went into Specsavers where they saw my problem straight away, took away my glasses and returned with them perfectly comfortable.  The headaches have gone and I have stopped disliking them.  As I was staying in town for a short while, she said to do my shopping and then come back if I wasn't entirely happy, but there was no need.

It is most unfortunate (or very fortunate, depending on your p.o.v.) that Next and Primark are right next to each other.
I wanted to go to Next anyway because I bought a top there which I really love and wear a lot but it is perhaps a bit loose on me.  It shouldn't be as it's a 10 but I guess it's meant to be a loose fit anyway.
I wanted to look for the same top in an 8 (I can't believe I am saying that!!) and, although they didn't have the same fabric, they had the same top in a different fabric that I really loved so I got it (and will wear it).
Then I had a brainwave (well, it was a brainwave for me, anyway) and went on line later on and they have the exact same on online in an 8 so that's arriving at some point.  Very naughty of me but it is a lovely top and one I will wear and wear.  

Then I popped into Primark and bought a body warmer in a lovely plum colour for when the days get just a bit colder but you don't really need a coat.  Also a cheap backpack handbag in black (which I needed) and some slippers (also needed).

And, finally, I went into John Lewis because I'm trying out some Jo Malone perfumes (I was something new to take on the cruise) and every time I'm in town, I try one and see what it's like a couple of hours later.  Yesterday's was a no!
I can always fall back on Joy or Chanel 5 but . . .
(Yes, they are disgracefully expensive but they do last for a very long time)

One of these days I will return home without having bought earrings but yesterday wasn't that day.  John Lewis again and did I feel guilty?  Maybe, slightly.  :-)

Once home, I just did the usual stuff and then got on with my crochet.  I'm doing one more row of hexagons and then the in fills before thinking of a border and then it is done.

Today, the biggie apart from coffee and chat with Chris is . . .

. . . this.

No, I don't mean the crochet, I mean getting it sorted for the cleaners.
It's my 'corner' where I always sit and, surprise, surprise, I didn't tidy it up before bed yesterday.

To be fair, it looks worse than it really is, like most of my clutter corners, but it does need sorting out and today's the day!
(because last week the lovely cleaners came early and were there when I got back from SW so I HAVE to sort it out today, in case they come early again.  
I really can't leave a mess like that for them to negotiate, can I?  That would be most unfair.

Also, I didn't do my finance update yesterday so today's the day!

Have a lovely day, everyone, and enjoy this sunshine we are having (in the UK, I mean).  Be good!  xx