Friday 3 December 2010

Friday morning

I remembered to turn off my alarm clock, not that I ever need it but it's a useful safety net. I managed to sleep until 6:00 which is practically a lie in. There's been no significant falls overnight but there's a little hint of freezing fog - mist, really - and the snow is deep and crisp and not so even after the children have been at it!

I sent the Y1 work off to the web site. It has to be stuff that doesn't involve a bit of teacher input first, of course. I wonder if I ought to be thinking ahead to providing work on Monday too - I do hope not.
Lovely as it always is to be at home, I ought to be at school. I ought to be with my littlies, teaching them, working with them, having a laugh together. I'm missing them very much!!

Today. Well, I have to finish getting things ready for the family influx tomorrow. I need to get into the garage and access the Christmas tree decorations as I want to have it up by Friday for our Infant team Chinese and chat evening. I need to tweak the planning for the coming week. Most of all, I need to chat to my colleagues about what to do regarding the Christmas Show.

Stay safe and if you go out, be careful.

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