Wednesday 31 August 2022


Today's garden happy - I had given up on the cucumbers.  After the very hot weather, it just curled up and went brown all over (see that poor leaf top left in the photo).  I was going to have them out but they sent out new growth and, lo and behold, one more cucumber.  Just one and it might not be very nice but fingers crossed.  It is about six inches at the moment so has a bit more growing to do.
Then that really is it because there's no new growth and certainly no flowers.
The Last Cucumber!  :-D
Also - to mark the last day of summer (maybe), for the first time in weeks and weeks, there are no tomatoes to pick this morning.  There are some turning colour but none ready.   Time is passing.

Morning, everyone!  It's a dull and cool start to the day but it was the same yesterday and by eleven the sun was out and it ended up lovely and warm.  I dug out one of my knitted blankets to lay over the quilt and was toasty warm all night and slept very well (for me).

I had fun yesterday although I was a bit spendy . . .
I started off looking round M&S and was tempted by a nice top but when I tried it on it just didn't suit.  I got a couple of planned hair products in Boots and a pair of also planned slippers in Primark before heading off to John Lewis.  I love looking round John Lewis, especially the ground floor with the homewares, etc.

That's when I got spendy.  I found a nice reed diffuser set for one of my Twelve Days gifts, a notebook with a simply gorgeous colour as a gift for a friend and I treated myself to a small hob to oven non-stick pan.  T go with that I also bought a set of pan protectors - I only needed one but they come in sets and, honestly, they have made a huge difference to how long my pots and pans are lasting now.
I also hovered around the posh perfume counters but then remembered how many bottles I already have at home.  Even though most of them are Aldi dupes, I REALLY don't need any more so, with a sigh, I sprayed some on and resolutely turned my back on them.

I pottered around a few more shops, just for fun, but I'd only paid for two hours of parking so headed back to the car.

After breakfast, I did my 'little' < cough > shop in Sainsbury's and got more spendy.  More useful stuff though, clothes for the cold winter to come.  I got a shirt (to wear over a T shirt and leggings, a V neck jumper, a hooded jumper and a gorgeous hooded cardigan.  They are all in muted pastels apart from the hooded jumper which is black and they are all long, bum-covering for vanity and for extra warmth.

The only other lavish thing was a small, boned half leg of lamb.  You don't see small ones very often but this was perfect for me and some leftovers so - treat!  I dearly love roast lamb and hardly ever have it because it is so expensive and, usually, way too much for one.
That's Sunday lunch sorted out.

Then I came home and spent the rest of the day pottering.  It was all very pleasant, especially catching up on the first Only Connect of the new season.  Well up to the usual standard.
And I slept well overnight too.

Today, there's nothing - let's just check - no, nothing at all in the diary so I am going to tackle a bit of clearing, putting away and generally making the place look more presentable.  Before then, however, I am going to try to make my own sushi.  I have all the stuff I need now and the sushi rice is cooked, seasoned and is currently cooling down.  Fingers crossed.  
I've got a sushi mould and the bamboo mat and will try both ways, just to see how it all works.  It might be good, it might be a dismal failure, but I've watched YouTube so - as I said, fingers crossed.

Are you doing anything new today?
Have a good'un, everyone.  Let's make the last day of August a happy one.  xx

Tuesday 30 August 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It's a fine, pleasant morning with bits of sunshine and a gentle breeze; I'd be happy if it stayed like that all day.  Earlier this morning, it felt cold, cold enough to stop me dropping off again, so I turned on the electric blanket and warmed up, going back to sleep and not waking until nearly seven which is as good as  lie in for me.  Very welcome indeed.
I've decided that next bedding change I will swap over my quilts so I'm using the thicker one again.  It's silly to wake up cold when I don't need to.  And if that doesn't work, out will come one of the fleeces/crocheted blankets.  That will sort it out.

And then we will have a heatwave, of course!!

Yesterday morning was so lovely.  Beth emerged just as I was making my own breakfast so I made some for her too and then we just sat and talked and talked and talked.  

She told me all about her plans for four days in London over half term with some friends and I told her about my holiday plans for this year and next.  We both agreed that a holiday at Center Parcs, for the three of us, was just what the doctor ordered at some point next year so I must start thinking about dates for that.  We discussed Chr*stm*s and what we could give each other and all that sort of stuff, set the date for Christmas Tree Day this year, whether I would do turkey or something else (depends on who is here on The Day) and all that sort of stuff . . . and it was fun.

After she had gone home, I did some tidying and then - guess what - just pottered.  I got some exercise done, thought about a few meals ongoing, read, knitted and watched telly.

A very pleasant Bank Holiday.

Today I'm off into town first thing.  I have a few bits and pieces to get and I fancy a bit of a look around.  That will be fun, I think.
Then it's home for breakfast before setting out again in the opposite direction to get a few groceries, etc.  I don't have a very big list but there are a few things I need and I might get a few shelf stable items for winter, in case - as quite a number of people are doing at the moment.  After all, they won't go to waste, will they?

It will be nice to get out and about a bit after a couple of pretty quiet weeks.

Have a safe and happy day, everyone.  xx

Monday 29 August 2022

Monday, 29-08-22

 Good morning, everyone.  It looks quite dull out there at the moment but he forecast is OK so let's live in hope.

Yesterday was good, especially the evening when Beth came round and we went out to Itsu to eat.  It's nothing special as a place, just a neat, automated ordering 'fast food' place but that fast food was gorgeous, it really was.  I will definitely be going back there.

Beth had a veggie sushi platter which was huge!  I definitely want to try that at some point.
I had chicken'low (whatever that means) which was a mixture of chicken, edamame beans (I love edamame beans) and various raw vegetables and seeds in a non-oily dressing.  Just my thing and so filling.

We shared what was called a 'detox carafe' which was just lemon, mint and cucumber in a carafe with water and it was so lovely and refreshing.

I will be back there soon - they do takeaway too and I can combine it with a trip to Hobbycraft which is on the same precinct.  I'd like to work my way through much of the menu!
When we got home, I mixed up a jug of not-Pimms which we drank our way through as we laughed ourselves silly over some old Morecambe and Wise Christmas Specials, including the 'all the right notes' sketch.
It's a wonder how hysterically funny it still is, even when I know it almost back to front.  A testimony to their comic genius.

Annoyingly, I slept very badly so today will need to include several shut-eyes, I expect.  Even after a bad night's sleep, I still wake up at around the same time.  Beth's still fast asleep (I hope).

Today has nothing planned whatsoever.  After Beth has gone home, I will see what's on the telly (probably nothing but Bank Holiday repeats) and chill.  I might go for a nice walk somewhere, I'll see how I feel.
Have a good day, everyone.  Are you doing anything Bank-Holiday-ish?  Whatever your plans, have a great time.  xx

Sunday 28 August 2022


 Today's garden happy - one of just three apples I have this year, from the new Braeburn.  I don't seem to be having much luck with apples - the flamenco has shriveled up and the top bit is dead, after producing a pleasing number of little fruit that has all dropped off.  Ah, well, one lives and learns and at least I have three . . .

Good morning, everyone.  It's held past five and just getting light so a bit hard to tell but it looks as is it is going to be another very pleasant day today.  It was lovely yesterday and, early afternoon, it was quite hot.  Nice.

I had such a chuckle when Annabeth commented on my user of 'half term' as an appropriate time to go to Hyde Hall.  I've been out of teaching for a full seven years now and my planning mind still works in school terms and holidays.  I suspect it always will to some extent.
The autumn half term break was always a significant one.  For a start, it always contained Beth's birthday and, with Mum's birthday a week before Beth's - Christmas Cake Day as I now call it - it really did mark the start of serious Christmas preparations.  If I didn't start then, I'd never be ready!
Mum used to tease me about having all my presents bought and wrapped and my Christmas cards written before the end of half term.  That wasn't totally true but true enough to be significant.
So, you see, when it comes to something as very Christmassy as buying the Advent candle, the Autumn half term break automatically springs to mind.
I think I need to work on my mindset!  lol

While on the subject of Christmas, I got the Christmas sparkly socks finished so they are now in the Twelve Days bad alongside a couple of other items.  

I had a few parcels delivered yesterday.  One was very heavy - a tum of compost improver (to add to the contents of the compost bin) - and there was also a book I had ordered and a rather nice hooded top from Tu (Sainsbury's).

I get plenty done yesterday, in between chilling and idling around; the washing is now all finished for the week and just needs putting away..  Today looks like being more of the same although Beth comes over this afternoon and the life livens up as we pop off to Itsu to eat out together.  She might be staying over although that depends, really.

It's such a quiet life at the moment that there really isn't anything much to talk about, so I'll stop rambling and go and make my first coffee of the day.
A happy Sunday to us all.  xx

Saturday 27 August 2022


 Today's garden happy - for a short while, I thought there were no tomatoes to pi9ck this morning.  However, there were just a few and, although ripening has slowed down rather, there are still plenty to come so fingers crossed for a late frost!  Often, it's not the frost though, it is the shortening hours of sunlight that does it.
Green tomato chutney this year, maybe?  I'm still enjoying some made with the recipe that Sue C gave me a while ago - it has matured deliciously and is great with all sorts of things.  Thanks, Sue.

Morning, everyone.  After the morning mists of the last few days, today is bright and sunny, clean and fresh, and full of promise.  I'm glad I have some washing still to do - it will dry beautifully on the line.

Yesterday was a very pleasant day.  Slimming World came first with a small loss, for which I was very thankful.
The rest of the day was just homey things really.  I took some stuff round to the Salvation Army drop off, cleared a few messy places, changed sheets, did some washing and generally had a nice, chilled time.

I went online and saw that the Fabulosa brand is doing a candle Advent Calendar this year so I thought I'd get in early and order it.  I can now tick that off my list.  I had one last year and it was so nice to burn a little fragranced candle each day - they are just tea lights really, what we used to call 'night lights', so they don't burn for very long, but it comes with a nice decorated holder so that should look merry and festive.
Must start looking out for an advent candle too - they tend to go quite quickly.  I usually find one at Hyde Hall so maybe I will schedule a trip there over half term week.

I've started watching 'A Farm Through Time' on channel 5, another of Ruth Goodman's treasures.  I caught up with episode one which was last week and watched episode two yesterday (it's on catch-up).  Thank you to Eileen for mentioning it.
The autumn schedules are nearly on us again.  I gather Strictly is bigger and 'better' this year and Blackpool week is back - cheers.  As usual, I don't know very much about the celebrities but I'm prepared to bet that three weeks in they will feel like old friends!  Just like every year.

Today looks like being the same as far as exciting things are concerned.  In other words - none!
I have the washing to finish off (there's a load on as I type) plus the ironing, I didn't sort out the guest room yesterday so I must do that, I have a couple of recipes to try and, of course, plenty of knitting and reading.
It should be good!  I hope yours is too.  Star safe and have a very happy day  xx

Friday 26 August 2022


 Morning, everyone.  My goodness, it was a wet old day yesterday, right up till around one when it cleared a little bit and we had some sun between the showers.  The garden is lovely and damp now and it feels cool and autumnal.  Lovely!

I had a good old natter with Chris yesterday and we've decided that in a few weeks we will have lunch together somewhere, which will be nice.  Then, after breakfast (I eat later), I popped off into town to have a look round some shops.

It was fun.  I started at HomeSense where I went all Autumn-y and bought a couple of their scented candles.  As soon as it gets to the point where I want to draw the curtains earlier, I like to light a candle each evening.  It just feels cosy and snuggly.  HomeSense is brilliant for reasonably priced candles in jars; there were a lot of Halloween themed ones, spiced pumpkin and the like, of course, but I found a few nice ones that were non-specific.
Later on, in a month or so, there will be some lovely Christmassy ones - cinnamon, gingerbread, pine needles and the like - so I can indulge my liking for candles and be festive at the same time.

I also found some short handled kitchen tongs and reed diffuser, both of which I have been looking for.  And, to my shame, a few Christmas decorations.  Starting early this year!!
Plus a couple of woven cord baskets for my bedroom which are now in situ and I'm so pleased I got two.

I walked along to Matalan and Home Bargains but there wasn't anything much there.  There was one top in Matalan but, while I liked it, I didn't like it enough . . .

Then it was back in the car to head to B&M and Aldi.
You never know with B&M.  Sometimes there's loads of nice rubbish but yesterday wasn't one of those days.  I went into Aldi to get just a few things and came out with just a few things.  Annoyingly, they didn't have any of their happy chicken but I did get some pork mince (needed) and some of their lovely steak so that was good.

So, you see, I was very good and didn't come home with loads of unnecessary tut (well, not much, anyway).

Then I settled down to knit, read and catch up with a few YouTubers.  Later on, I drew the curtains early, lit one of my new candles and chilled.  It was very pleasant indeed.

Today starts, as always on a Friday, with Slimming World.  Then I'll be home for breakfast after which I will be doing some washing, I think.  There's very little to do before the cleaners arrive so I can focus on the washing and some cupboard sorting - highly necessary.

No photos today, sorry.  I just didn't, yesterday.  Have a really pleasant day today - have you had rain too?  Take care and be good - but not too good.  xx

Thursday 25 August 2022


Good morning, everyone.  After a right old storm overnight, I woke to see that there was a very odd colour to the sky, a sort of dull orangy pink.  I tried to get a photo but the camera wouldn't play ball with the colour.  Saharan and or something similar in the atmosphere, I suppose.  That's now cleared and it is just plain grey and gloomy and I am sure there's more rain on the way.  Yay!!  No need to water the tomatoes today.

Yesterday was, as expected, a very quiet day.  I pottered around the house, did a bit of this, that and the other, quite a lot of knitting and some reading..

Later on, I headed off to Lindsey's for personal training.  As always, it was very good.  Pretty humid though which made things uncomfortable.

Come the evening, I had a nice Messenger chat with Beth.  She's feeling loads better now; thank you for your concern, that's so kind.
We decided we were long overdue for a Girls' Evening together so, on Sunday, we're off out to Itsu which has recently opened where Pizza Hut used to be on the 'Hobbycraft precinct'.  Beth and Al have been several times but I haven't.  I looked at the online menu and it looks lovely - so fresh and healthy and delicious.
I've seen that brand in the supermarkets too - must try something from it.
Beth doesn't have to be home for work the next day (Bank Holiday!) so she's probably staying overnight.  Lovely!

Someone was asking about Little Pete.  Well, he is no longer little of course although he is small and always will be.  He's doing really well, full of the joys of life and an absolute delight, Beth says.  He has his own Facebook group, The Adventures of Peter and Friends, if you are interested - here's the link.

The photos below are lifted from there.

Cute, isn't he?

Today starts with the regular Thursday coffee and chat with Chris.  It is round at hers this week and will have to be indoors (it's even blacker now than it was when I started although the rain hasn't started).

Then, after breakfast, I rather fancy a little window shopping expedition.  I doubt I will come back with anything - there's absolutely nothing I need - but you never know and it's one way of getting a walk.  
One thing I would quite like is an autumnal wreath for the front door but I haven't liked any of the ones I have seen so far.

What are your plans for today?  Have a good one, whatever they are.  xx

Wednesday 24 August 2022


 Today's garden happy - it's pepper pickin' day!  Yay!

Good morning, everyone.  After a funny old day yesterday when we had cloud, a bit of drizzle, sunshine and bouts of humidity, we are predicted quite a lot of sun today but some rain tomorrow.  I do hope they're right - we so need some more rain.  It feels quite humid already so I guess the fans will earn their space during the day

Groove yesterday morning was brilliant.  The hip was no trouble and I felt extremely energetic during and great afterwards.  None next week as Lindsey is off on a well deserved holiday to Turkey.

The rest of the day passed as days usually do and in the evening I set off to J and Hs for our girls' meal together.  Beth wasn't well so couldn't come which is a great shame and we missed her.  The fish and chips were delicious and the chatter was just perfect.  Lots of laughing and sharing.
That's it until October now - September is complicated by holidays.  

Today, I want to spend some time tidying up the garden a little bit.  It is brown bin collection tomorrow which is useful.  There are a few tomato plants that are all cropped out now, one of the cucumbers could come out and there are fallen leaves to sweep up.  The leaves can go in the compost bit I don't compost the tomato plants in case they are harbouring blight or anything.
I'll be very glad if I get that done and dusted.

The only thing in the diary today is personal training.  I hope it's not too humid by then although Lindsey's studio is quite cool and, with both window and door open, there's usually a lovely, fresh breeze blowing through.

Not a very exciting day today (are they ever???) but it should be satisfying.  Have a great day yourself and stay cool!  xx

Tuesday 23 August 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It is dark and dull and cloudy this morning nut the forecast doesn't mention rain.  Some more would be a Jolly Good Thing but it will, if it will - we can't make it rain!

Driving back from Lathcoat's yesterday, it was very obvious that Autumn is pretty much here.  The hedgerows were bright red with berries, the trees and hedges are starting to turn Autumnal shades of brown, gold, bronze, yellow and some of the trees were laden with nuts.  Maybe we will have a colourful season this year - it didn't seem all that bright last year.

I thoroughly enjoyed my little trip to PYO plums.  I was the only one there and the plum trees were/are absolutely laden.  I'll probably go again next week while there are still plums to pick.
When I got home, after washing them, I sorted them and most are now in the freezer.  I just halve them, take out the stones, cut off any bad bits (there were hardly any) and lay them on easy-leave on a large baking tray, cover them over and pop them in the freezer.  Several hours later they are ready for bagging!
I'm almost, but not quite, ashamed to admit that I scoffed most of the remainder, the slightly over squishy ones that literally fell off into my hand as soon as I touched them.  They were beautiful!  I do wonder if my innards are going to love me as much as I loved those plums but - we will see!

When I got to Lindsey's for circuits, it was only W and me so we had what was as good as a personal training session and it was great.  Next week is a week off as Lindsey is on holiday, and then we should be back to full strength again.

Today starts with Groove aerobics which is always jolly good fun and the other exciting thing is that we are having another Girls' meal together, fish and chips this time.  I know it's not long since the last one but we missed so many during the lockdowns and afterwards while J and H were very strictly isolating and after this week holidays get in the way so we might not be able to meet up through September.  Then we are well into Autumn with reduced opportunities to meet outside.
Despite what I said above about rain - please don't rain this evening.  It won't stop us but it might be a bit damp under the gazebo.

I think it is going to be a really nice day today.  xx

Monday 22 August 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It's still pitch black outside and feels nice and cool

I went for my walk and saw the damage left by the fire.  Some people were very, very lucky.

One side of the road - you can see the trench a local; farmer dug to try and contain the flames . . .
. . . and just over the road from that field, a thatched cottage.  Oh, my!
There's a substantial property just behind the trees to the left of this field; the fire was very close - must have been so scary.

I walked along, looking for blackberries.  There were a few but they were hard and dry and not worth the picking.
However, I did find . . .

Damsons!!!  Quite a lot too.  I set to and . . .

. . . damson gin for Christmas gifts!  Cheers.

They're washed and frozen for a while now - I will make the gin over the half term break.  Any sooner and it might not survive until Christmas!

It was a nice walk although I didn't go that far, about an hour all in, including the stopping for photos and the damson picking.

My hip started aching after a while so I didn't push it, but it was very pleasant and I can work on that now to go further.

Today, Monday, is as Monday's usually are.
I might or might not go to Lathcoat's - they have plums to pick and they have their own early apples in the shop.  Not that I am short on apples but - you know . . .

Later on, it is circuits at Lindsey's and I hope to go for a swim afterwards, to stretch and cool down.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?

It's just getting light now and I've done the morning tomato pick.  It's slowing down a bit now and some plants are nearly cropped out while others are still going strong.  I will miss them when they finally stop.
Better stop rambling and get onto Facebook and do my admin stuff there.  Take care, everyone, and have a lovely day, whatever the weather.  xx

Sunday 21 August 2022



Today's garden happy - The Last Cucumber.

It's not ready to cut yet but will be on a few days.  The poor plants are in a bad way though - I think the heat or the sun got to them, they seem stressed and, despite feeding and watering, have pretty much turned brown and dead.  The other plant is worse than this one and I think I will have it out today.

After a promising start, the yellow courgette has been disappointing too.  Oh well . . .

On the other hand, I have several corn cobs in the freezer now and the tomatoes have been good.  I've had better tomato years but also worse ones and at least the dry weather has kept any blight at bay.

Good morning, everyone.  The sun is shining already and it looks to be another beautiful summer day.  Yesterday had a high of around 25C and overnight dropped to 12C which is definitely snuggle under the duvet levels.
There's supposed to be another heatwave coming but Beeb doesn't show any signs of this - warm, yes, but nothing touching the thirties.  Personally, I am fine until it gets to above around 32/33, providing the humidity is low.  If there's high humidity, even the low 20s is not nice!

I know it sounds terrible with all this nice weather but, as the days shorten and the evenings draw in sooner, my thoughts turn to Christmas and the various family and personal traditions thereof.  In two month's time, I will have made the cake (or, at least, set the fruit to steep in cointreau - not so far away really.  And I have my Advent calendar on order.

One of my personal things is some Twelve Days of Christmas gifts to myself.  At the Summer wool festival, I got some slightly sparkly sock yarn with the vague thought of making some socks for Christmas.  I think what I will do is make them, wrap them, and they can be one of my Twelve Days gifts to myself. 
I was hoping to have finished the second sock I'm working on and was doing really well yesterday until I spotted a mistake and had to undo almost all of the foot part to sort it out.  So careless of me and very annoying.

I managed to get all the washing, drying and ironing done so I'm happy with that.  I love how nicely everything dries outside and how it smells of sunshine.

Today is another quiet day.  I was thinking of going swimming but, as I'm going tomorrow, I won't today.  What I do need to do is go shopping as there are some items I thought I had but don't, or have just used them up, so I'm going to go to Sainsbury's so I can top up with petrol at the same time.  I'll get there for ten, before it gets too crowded.

Assuming it isn't too hot, I might take a stroll out along one of the country lanes to see the damage the fire did and I'll take a poly bag with me in case there are any blackberries in the hedgerow.

Apart from that, there are my meals to cook, clothes to put away and a kitchen to keep clean and tidy - cooking does generate a lot of mess at times!
Just a normal quiet day in the life of a retired teacher, in fact.  Nice.

Have a lovely day packed with good things, everyone.  xx

Saturday 20 August 2022


 Today's garden happy - peppers!    There are ten of them, mini ones, a palm's width in length, and almost ready to start enjoying.
(I've just spotted a baby one - I don't think that will come to anything much though.)

Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to another weekend - and where is the month going?  We're into the third third of August; soon it will be September with all the joys and colours of Autumn - how lovely is that!

Yesterday plodded on.  It was a beautiful Summer day, sunny and warm with blue skies and a gentle breeze.  No humidity, no uncomfortable heat.  Gorgeous!

SW group was really good (again) and the tasters were delicious.  Eileen was asking have I always gone to SW.  I think it depends on what you mean by 'always' but no.  I had been super-large pretty much all mu adult life, certainly the latter half of it.  After retirement, I had those gallbladder issues and had to eat a very restricted diet, partly because the doctor told me to lose some weight before the op and partly because if I didn't, it hurt!!
I had the op and started putting on a bit of weight again so, after chatting to a friend who had lost a considerable amount of weight, joined SW.  I'd always thought SW a bit silly what with red days and green days, As, Bs and sins/syns, etc, (and it still does a few rather silly bits to it - a good dose of common sense helps a lot!) but, once I went into it all, I thought it was a really good, healthy structure to build my eating on and I still do.  Again - application of common sense helps a lot, plus knowing the whole 'plan', not just selected bits!
I still go every week because I'm on the social team and do the weighing but also because it's a lovely bunch of people, really friendly and helpful and I really look forward to Fridays.
There's no magic about SW that any healthy food plan doesn't have - and any plan that has restricting calories at its heart is going to work, but it's structured, balanced and allows me plenty of leeway for enjoying cooking and creating meals from scratch.

The cleaners came and scattered their usual magic dust so my house is lovely and clean now.  I changed my bedding and got the sheets in and washing but totally forgot they were done so I will need to give them another wash this morning before hanging them out and starting in on the rest.

So today is basically wash day - wash, dry and iron day anyway!  That gives me plenty of time to finish off my sock and start another one.   :-)

Have a grand day, everyone.  Stay happy!  xx

Friday 19 August 2022


 Morning, everyone.  It's cool and dull this morning; I've just been to get something from the shed and it is drizzling and feels damp.  However, there are blue patches in the sky so I am guessing it will cheer up shortly.
I've picked the bowlful of tomatoes for the day - they are keeping me going quite nicely at the moment and there's still plenty more to come, hopefully.

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day.  The company came to pick up the car and dropped it back several hours later, all clean and shiny (they do a valet at the end as 'part of the service'), MOT-ed, air con, 'sanitised' and 'refreshed' (whatever that involved), oil changed, and so on.
Everything was in good condition and, apart from the air con thing which I had requested because it was getting a bit whiffy when I turned it on, everything came out green.
I thought that would be the case.  I haven't experienced any problems whatsoever - but you never know.  One of these days, things will start going wrong and then I will have to ponder getting a replacement, I expect.
For now though, no problems.

Chris came round and we had a good old natter, as usual.  We laughed a lot over something.  At the weekends, she had some friends round who I also know from teaching days - she was the bursar and he was on the Governing Body.  I smiled and waved to them from across the cul-de-sac and they waved back but rather uncertainly.  When they went in, they asked 'do we know the lady over the road?  She seemed to know us.'
Of course, I have changed a lot from school days - almost half the size and my hair was very long then.  Chris said they were so mortified when she said it was me and asked her to apologise - but we thought it was hilarious!

The rest of the day was a potting sort of day - I did the cooking for the SW taster session this morning and, for once, tidied up straight away afterwards!  I finished one sock and started the other.  And I ordered a few needed items from Amazon.

Today starts with SW and the taster session.  I enjoy these sessions - people bring in such a variety of things.  We're also voting on the 'Woman of the Year' for our group.  Oh, the excitement!

Then I have to get the house ready for the cleaners and I have a stack of washing to do so fingers crossed for cooperative weather!

So that's today.  Things are very much strolling from day to day at the moment and that is fine by me.  I like an easy life
Have a good day yourself, whatever you have planned.  xx

Thursday 18 August 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  For the first time in forever, I have no photos today - I just didn't take any relevant ones yesterday and it is still dark at the moment.

We certainly had some rain yesterday.  All day I was expecting it to start but it held off until just before I set off for personal training (wouldn't you know!!) and then it just poured.  It was a bit thundery too.  Very refreshing.  Nowhere near as much as needed though and Beeb has changed the forecast so no more is predicted, sadly.  Hopefully, other places have had a lot more.

I got a fair bit of tidying up, etc, done yesterday which was satisfying, as well as some knitting.  No photo though - half a sock isn't remotely interesting < grin >.

Personal training was great.  Lindsey really works me and I always end up feeling fantastic.  The cooling effect of the rain also helped a lot.

Today the car goes in for its MOT and a major service.  A bit ouchy but needs must and they are good at picking it up and bringing it back afterwards.  I cleared all the bits and bobs out of the car (shopping bags, etc) so it is all ready for them to take.

Chris is coming over here for our coffee and chat so I am in when they come.  They may come earlier but can't guarantee that.  Chris, bless her, after plying me with cooking apples from her tree earlier in the week, is bringing over some plums from her mum's tree today.  I love plums!

The only other thing I have to do today is making some food - our SW meeting tomorrow is a taster session and, as it is a morning meeting, it has to be made the day before.

Apart from that, it's the usual knitting, etc.  Really, just a nice, normal day with lots of nice, pleasant little things.  Perfect.
Have a great day and enjoy everything you do.  Take care.  xx

Wednesday 17 August 2022


 Good morning, one and all.  Thankfully, finally, we had some rain yesterday.  It pretty much started as I came out of Hobbycraft and continues, on and off, most of the day.  Nothing hard, no dramatic storms, but it was rain!  It's dull, misty and cool-ish right now and we're predicted more today.  Bring it on.

I finished the tiny wee socks.  The pattern itself, like all sock patterns, was basically straightforward but, oh, it was so, so fiddly.  As the stitches got fewer and fewer, there weren't enough to keep on the needles reliably they and kept sliding off.  So frustrating.
However, I got there and here's the result, shown with a bit of my mobile for size perspective.

These will definitely be a gift for someone!

I've now started the sock pattern for me with one of the yarns I got at the Summer Festival.  It has a little lacy pattern down one side and it's pretty easy and way, way less fiddly.

Once I've done them, I might start the proper blanket.  I'll see how I feel.

It's nice to have something on the go to exercise both brain and fingers.

Groove yesterday was really good, although it was pretty hot as it felt pretty humid before the rain started.  I then changed at Lindsey's and drove on to Hobbycraft where I had a most enjoyable nosey round.  There's Hallowe'en stuff in and also they have some Christmas fat quarter packs and fabrics which I almost fell for (but didn't - phew).
I actually went to get a couple of sets of double pointed needles and I got them plus a couple of balls of four ply in a very fetching purple which were reduced.  Purple does for boys or girls, doesn't it?  Or it might make adult socks but I don't think it is hard wearing enough for socks and there wasn't any sock yarn there.  I did look; part from anything else, hand knitted socks are lovely and cosy warm in the colder weather and nowadays we look for ways to keep warm that don't involve turning up the heating.

Later on in the day I popped round to Morrisons as there were a few things I needed.  It wasn't a big shop so I stocked up on a few canned items at the same time which made it a bit ouch but the stuff won't be wasted and the way everything is going up, it makes sense.

Today I really MUST do some housework as downstairs is a right mess.  I don't need to go out until after three when it's personal training.  Not a particularly exciting day really but needs must - the housework, I mean, not the PT.
Have you had more rain?  I hope so but also that you have not had any flooding problems.  Take care, stay safe and well and have a great day. xx

Tuesday 16 August 2022


 Today's garden happy - the cucumber really dislikes this heat and it's all shrivelled up again after seeming to recover.  However, it is still valiantly attempting to produce fruit - that drive to reproduce is so very strong.

Good morning, everyone.  It is stupid o'clock and still quite dark outside but we have had some rain overnight (yay) and it feels considerably fresher again after quite a humid day yesterday.  We have more rain predicted early evening after a sensibly warm day and tomorrow looks 'gently damp' for much of the day.

Yesterday pretty much went as planned.
The lovely Chris left some more apple on the doorstep.  I cooked the first lot and they are in the freezer but I think I will just blanche this load and open freeze them.  
In exchange, I took over some tomatoes as Chris' are a bit late and only just ripening - she gave me a couple of plants and mine are the same.  Maybe they will go on for longer.

I had a good Internet trawl and found several freebie patterns for tiny weeny baby socks, proper socks not bootees, dug out some plain white four ply and had a go.  Oh, my - so, so fiddly, especially the toe part, but the results are rather pleasing.  I'll take a photo when I've finished the second one. 

The swift winder gadget turned up mid afternoon.  I got a fair old shock when I saw the parcel - surely it can't be THAT big, thought I, and, in typical Amazon fashion, it wasn't!!

See what I mean?
It took me a while to figure out how to set it up.  There were instructions but they weren't the clearest.  However, I got there and had a happy time winding my skeins into balls, all ready to use.  

While I was winding blissfully, Matt the Plumber turned up.  On Sunday, the plug mechanism in the bathroom wash basin seized up so I fired off an email asking if could possibly drop in next time he was in the area.  I call that a prompt response.  Anyway, five minutes later I had a working plug again and  he didn't even charge me which I call the best service.  Bless him.

Circuits was good.  There were only three of us - two were on holiday and one wasn't well.  We worked through three quarters of an hour of pretty energetic stuff that left up somewhat hot and sweaty but it really was satisfying.

Today looks to be easier.  There's Groove aerobics first thing and then I want to go on to Hobbycraft as I need some more DPNs.  After that, the day is my own - well, housework, etc, of course, but apart from that . . .

It's still quite dark outside but the dishwasher has finished (I usually do a load overnight) so I will go and empty that before doing the Facebook stuff.
Do you have rain?  I gather there have been some formidable storms in some parts although none here as far as I know (although I usually miss overnight storm drama anyway) with some localised flooding.  Hopefully, everyone is OK.
Take care and have a great Tuesday.  xx

Monday 15 August 2022

Monday, 15-08-22

 Good morning, everyone.   There's no sun showing this morning, amazingly, and we do have rain forecast for later on.  I suspect it's going to be rather close and sticky today - it already feels 'heavy' - but if that leads to rain, I ain't complaining one bit!

Today's garden happy - The first time I have managed to successfully grow peppers.

As for us all in this country, yesterday was another very hot day, in the low 30s in the shade of my garden.  It was a good excuse to be very lazy and take life extremely slowly and gently

I finished these little cute things . . . they need a bit of a steam, I think, but it was too hot to get the iron out (good excuse!).

That really was about it for the day.  I read, knitted, watched TV, snoozed a bit and generally behaved like the elderly lady I really don't want to be.  Thank goodness for circuits today - that with shake me up a bit.

A nice thing - Chris brought over some cooking apples from her tree, bless her.  I will need to process them at some point today and pop most in the freezer.  Maybe I could look up a recipe for apple chutney of some kind.
I wonder i8f she needs any tomatoes - I do have rather a lot.

Today I need to do a bit of housework and there's the aforementioned circuits.  Lindsey has asked us to bring mats so I guess she's planned for the weather - mat based strength type stuff rather than aerobics based work.  Fine by me; I like the mat based exercise.

Last week, I had a go at winding one of the hanks of yarn I bought at the festival.  It took ages - I had no-one to hold the yarn while I would so it was slow work to make sure there were no tangles.  So I popped on to Amazon and treated myself to a 'yarn swifter' - a sort of rotary washing line like
contraption that holds the hank and turns as you wind it into a ball.

I've borrowed the photo from Amazon so you can see what I mean.
Funny old thing, isn't it, but if it does the trick, worth every penny as I do have other hanks I have avoided rolling.

Anyway, I gather it is arriving today so I hope it comes earlier rather than later so I can sort out the other hanks

It's brightened up a bit now but still no sun - yet.  Maybe it will be one of those hazy days before it morphs into loadsa lovely rain (a bit of positive thinking there).

Well, sitting here, rabbiting on, won't get the day started so I'll close and post now and get onto Facebook for my duties there.
Have a good day, whatever the plans and whatever the weather.  Stay safe and well.  xx

Sunday 14 August 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  I'm awake at stupid o'clock (aka four fifty) and it's still fairly dark outside, just starting to get light at the front.  Beeb says that today and tomorrow will probably be in the 30s again but there is a chance, the first in weeks, of some rain on Monday night, through Tuesday and into Wednesday.  I do hope they are right.

Yesterday was a very lazy day indeed.   To be fair, it was pretty hot so staying still was sensible.  There had been a walk planned, one of our intermittent SW walks through the parks in town, but we decided it wasn't sensible to hold it, even if it was brought forward.  So we didn't.

People are so kind, aren't they?  After I mentioned about going into Tunisian crochet in a bit more detail, Annabeth, bless her, sent me her collection of Tunisian crochet hooks, a cross between a knitting needle and a crochet hook.  Thank you so much, Annabeth - I can start learning a few stitches now.

The highlight was the girls' afternoon tea.  Oh, my - the table was loaded and we had the best time ever.  I suspect Alex did too as Beth took plenty of leftovers home for him afterwards.

This is Beth's photo (thank you, Beth) and you get the general idea.
There were loads of different sandwiches (most of which should freeze), various nibbles, salady bits, tomatoes (Like me, J grows her own) and so on, followed by scones, jam and cream and fresh strawberries to finish off the feast. 

It was lovely and comfortable under J's  gazebo, in the shade, with a gentle breeze blowing through the garden

We talked and laughed and laughed again and just had the best time ever.
We've arranged another one for just under a fortnight - a fish and chip supper this time, delivered by a local company, and we will bring our own cans of drink and afters will just be ice cream and fruit.  

Today, I suspect I will be pretty tired after a restless night and an early start.  Fortunately, there is nothing at all in the diary, there's not enough washing to make a load and the house is reasonably clean and tidy.

Therefore, I plan to sit, knit (I've finished one diddy sock and started the second), crochet (see above), read, plan meals, find recipes, watch telly and generally stay as cool as I can.  Oh, and, most likely, snooze on and off.
Have a good day, everyone, stay cool and hydrated and as comfortable as you can.  xx

Saturday 13 August 2022


Today's garden happy - I love a birthday gift that keeps on giving and these have been beautiful for very little effort on my part.

Good morning, everyone.  Sun shining, etc, same as usual.  I am liking the much cooler nights very much indeed.

Well, we had a bit of drama yesterday.
This came through on Twitter:

We're currently at the scene of a large field fire near Hollow Lane in Broomfield with 14 crews at the scene.
If you live nearby, please keep your windows and doors shut.
Please avoid the area while we deal with this incident.
We'll share updates when we can.

So, obviously, I went out the back to take a look because it's just across the road and field (quite a big field, thankfully) and there were sirens and police cars and fire engines galore and the roads to Hollow Lane were blocked, obviously, including the main road that leads to a lot of housing.  Tough on those coming home from work and, I should think, havoc trying to get in and out of town.

Equally obviously, I took a photo across the field as you do (terrible, isn't it).  It had calmed down a lot by the time I took this, having been burning for quite a while, so there's not much to see - I did idly wonder why there was so much siren noise!

Those trees are at the edge of the road that goes past where I live - I took this from in front of my garage.
Shortly after taking it, the smoke died down even more.

As there's not much to see, here's a link to a video clip that was taken by someone in one of the much closer houses earlier on - much too close for comfort, I would say.
(sorry, there are adverts first)
This morning, it just smells very smoky, inside and out.  Quite a nice smell as it was stubble, etc, that was burning, not anything noxious.

Sometimes I wonder if my life is too boringly mundane but this is the sort of drama we could all do well without, isn't it?  Thank goodness for the police and fire brigade who came out in force and did a brilliant job in baking heat.

As I mentioned in comments yesterday, Dave and Anna were unable to come over last night for supper so we have rescheduled for a fortnight.  Fortunately, everything I had prepared was freezable so it will be very trouble free next time.
Slimming World was good.  Another loss and that's the recent emotional eating gain sorted out now.
The cleaners came much earlier to avoid the heat so by the afternoon I had a clear run at the rest of the day.  Suffice it to say, I was very lazy.

I'm going to carry on being lazy too.  The only thing in the diary is afternoon tea with the girls in J's garden.  I'm taking the jam and the Beth-friendly sausage rolls I made, as well as a bit of thick cream I may as well take and add to the feast to use it up.  Really looking forward to this - it is so nice to be resuming our girly times together.
Well, it's Saturday so it's lotsa coffee morning and I need to make another one.
Have a lovely day today - are you staying in and avoiding the heat or being adventurous and going out somewhere.  Take care and, whatever your plans, have fun!  xx

Friday 12 August 2022


 Today's garden happy - this bush, a euonymus of some kind, is round the front and has been there as a pretty small plant for over a decade.  Suddenly, over the last few years, it has decided it is happy there, despite continual neglect, and is now just what I hoped it would be when I put it in.  I'll have to cut it back soon a bit, but Google tells me not until early spring.

Morning, everyone.  It's a bit early for the sun to be shining now the days are getting noticeably shorter and the nights longer but there is no reason to expect that today will be anything but hot and sunny again.  Yesterday was rather lovely.  Hot, yes, but only up to 31C in the shade in my garden and perfectly manageable and overnight it has dropped to around 12 which is lovely.

Thank you for your lovely comments about the blanket project.  I would keep it as a lap blanket for the winter but I already have fleeces, blankets, etc, galore - there's a limit to how much one person can pile on herself!
I'll start the main project in a few days.  There's plenty of time as the baby isn't due for a couple of months and I fancied a bit of a change, so I've started that toddler sock pattern that Jen sent me.  It's a good pattern, very easy to follow and everything is working out nicely.  I didn't take me long to get used to working with double pointed needles again - I suppose it's like riding a bike  you never totally forget how to.

Yesterday turned out to be surprisingly busy.  After a great old chat with Chris, I got the first load of washing out on the line and the second load in the machine and went shopping.  It was pretty hot and everyone was moving a bit more slowly, me included, so it took longer than usual.  Then it was home, James, to put everything away, bring in one washing load and peg out the other and then get busy in the kitchen, making a batch of vegetarian sausage rolls for the freezer and a chicken thing for tonight.  It was around four before I sat down and had a bit of a chill before doing the ironing.
Just a nice, normal, ordinary day really.

Today, being Friday (where is the month going?), starts with Slimming World.  The house is reasonably tidy already as the cleaners are coming at around half eleven this week.  That gives me all afternoon to get ready for Dave and Anna coming round for dinner this evening and to chill and knit.
It should be a really nice day, I think.

I hope yours is good too.  Take care, stay cool, stay hydrated and enjoy this lovely sunshine.  xx

Thursday 11 August 2022


 No garden happy today, a craft happy instead.  I've finished the practice blanket.  It was hard to photo and I couldn't get the sides straight - they are just too soft.  However, I noticed that Diana, the creator, didn't get her sides absolutely straight in the book either so that's OK!

Phew - there's a fair bit of learning in this effort.

No, it's not brilliant.  For a start, I didn't use the same type of yarn throughout and that makes a difference.  Also, the colours are not amazing.

I need to focus on my tension - it's a bit loose, I think.  I've never done much crochet, focusing on knitting instead; my knitting tension is fine.

And when it says something like 'mark every seventeenth row' - DO IT.  Don't assume it is not strictly speaking necessary.  It is!!

However, it's soft and snuggly, definitely cot sized so usefully substantial, and I will be so pleased to wrap it in a bin bag and pop it in the Sally Army recycling so it can go to a family that needs it.  That makes me happy.

These are the 'real' colours.  Aren't they lovely?  I will get great pleasure from working with them and, fingers crossed, won't make the mistakes that I doubt you can see but I know are there.
And, fingers crossed, the granny square joining will be loads better too.  :-)

Good morning, everyone.  It's a deceptively cool-ish, slightly misty start to the day.  Mornings are starting to have quite an autumnal vibe to them.  I don't kid myself that it will stay cool for long - the forecast is for plus 30C temperatures for the four three days so it's back to closed curtains and fans on.
It doesn't look anything like as uncomfortable as the last very hot spell when the temperature hit 40C so no complaints from me!

Yesterday, I went to the circuits class and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The old hip was aching a bit by the end but it is fine today.  I was careful, avoided twisting and there were no problems.  Three cheers!

Then I came home and spent the rest of the day in idleness with a bit of work from time to time.  As a result, the blanket got finished.

Today starts with Chris coming over for our usual Thursday coffee and chat and after that I am off to M&S and Aldi.  I have Dave and Anna coming round for supper tomorrow and I need to make some of Delia's vegetarian sausage rolls for our girls' afternoon tea on Saturday so I have some things to get for that plus some fresh fruit and veg.  All being well, I can make the not-sausage rolls and the basis of Friday's main course this afternoon.  The former can go in the freezer unbaked (so I'm making a whole batch) and the latter in the fridge.
I do like to be prepared!

For crafting (which is definitely keeping by brain off food and my fingers out of the cheese box!), I'm going to start the little socks from the pattern Jen sent me, having cleared away the remnants of the blanket project.  I have leftovers of sock yarn in my stash.  Fiddly but fun!

I have washing to do but, as I don't want to set the line up until after our chat (in the garden), I won't put the washing in yet.  If I can get it out around eleven, it will be dry, ironed and away before evening.  It's so lovely to be able to dry things properly outside at the moment.

In between bits of writing this, I've watered the tomatoes, cut off the lower leaves and picked some.  The mist has now burnt off and I noticed that last night went down to around 11C which is nice.  I doubt tonight will be quite so cool.
I'll sign off now, get my second coffee made and do my Facebook duties before starting the day with a quick tidy up.
Have a really good day and stay cool and hydrated.  As Lindsey says, drink more water than you think you need!

Edited to add - Eileen is back.  Yay!!

Wednesday 10 August 2022


 Today's garden happy - my little cyclamen that Mum gave me is coming up in the middle bed.  I'm sure I don't normally see it until September.

Good morning, everyone.  It was really quite hot yesterday, once the mist had burnt off.  A day for fans and staying inside, if possible.  Today is more of the same and there's another extreme weather warning out for the coming weekend.  Phew.

Groove yesterday was OK - I did go easy on any movements that required twisting the hip and I had no problems, nor did it ache afterwards in any particular way.  I'm very glad I gave it a go.
It'll be interesting to see how circuits goes today.

I made the strawberry jam and it is now in little 10cm tall (roughly) jam jars.  I plan to take four of them with me on Saturday so everyone can have their own little pot and any not consumed can be taken home with them.  Cute.
The amount made filled five little pots so I think I will take it to Lindsey to say thank you for being so flexible with the fitness classes over this last week.  She really is a star.

The blanket is progressing - I'm on the last rows of the edging now and it seems to be taking for ever really.  The pattern has made a decent sized baby blanket, suitable for a middle-sized cot.  It shouldn't be too tricky to reduce it down - one would have to adapt the edges of each strip a bit because the numbers wouldn't work as well, but it's do-able.  I'm quite looking forward to starting the 'proper' one now I've made all my mistakes (touch wood) on the practise blanket.

I did enjoy the Tunisian crochet, once I managed to do the stitches properly so I have ordered a basic 'simple' book from Amazon.  It's great fun getting all the stitches on the hook and then off again.  It feels quicker, somehow, although that's just the basic stitch.  I bet the more complicated stitches are slower.
Do any of you do this kind of crochet?  What do you think of it?

Today starts with circuits at Lindsey's, changed from the Monday session this week and then the day is my own - again.  I'm being remarkably lazy at the moment and the rest of the week looks to be pretty similar although I do have Dave and Anna round on Friday evening - if it's not too hot.

Well, the coffee mug is empty and needs refilling and I have my Facebook duties so I'm better close this and get going.  Have a really happy day, everyone, and stay cool.  xx

Tuesday 9 August 2022


 Today's garden happy - three wee rosemary bushes, cuttings from the large rosemary bush that I had to have out as it was too big and woody for the space.  There are three so, at some point, I am going to have to decide which one to keep.  Three is too many!

Good morning, everyone.  For once, it is not sunny.  It's dull and misty.  However, the forecast is for bright sunshine, a gentle breeze and up to around 26C which sounds pretty perfect to me.

Yesterday, Sharon turned up as arranged and now my new style is just right!  I'm so very happy with it.  Beth said it looks 'chic' and, while I would never, ever describe myself as 'chic', I know what she means.  And I need so much less shampoo and conditioner too.

The car is now safely booked in for its MOT and annual service.  I hate the 'niggly' feeling when you know you have to get it done but don't get that proverbial 'round tuit'.  My tuit is now perfectly round!

Then it was on to Lathcoats and it wasn't worth looking for strawberries.  The few I found were shrivelled and dried up.  So I went to the shop and got some from there instead.  I also indulged in some more of their frozen cherries and some other fruit and veg.  Lovely!
I got the strawberries into jam sugar where they macerated all night.  They're ready for turning into jam this morning.

Apart from that, it was just chores, crochet, reading and generally chilling, as befits a retired lady.  😉
I've finished the major part of the blanket now and have started the border which, as always, is going to take a lot longer tghan one would think.  I've realised that there's one great big bloomin' error right along the middle so it's going to have to stay there now.  It's not that obvious (I hope) but it is definitely on my list of Things To Avoid when I make the real one.  Oooops.

Today starts with Groove aerobics but this week I am accessing it from home on the live link so I can take it at my pace and adapt without getting in the way of the others in what is a smaller space.  After that and freshening up, I will make the strawberry jam (must get out some jam jars!) and there's a bit of gardening to do, if it's not too hot, before I have yet another rather lazy day.

What's your day like - leisurely or loaded?  Have a good one, whichever it is, and be happy.  xx

Monday 8 August 2022


 First of all, a message for those of us who follow Eileen through her blog, 'A Bracelet of Days'.   The reason she hasn't been posting is that she seems to have been locked out somehow.  She can neither post, nor comment, which is highly annoying, but she is OK otherwise, that is the only reason for the silence, thankfully.
Hopefully she will be back soon.

Today's garden happy - the cucumber fights back.  I can see four babies just in this snap, although I'm pretty sure some will drop off.  No complaints though, I'm delighted to see the next generation coming along.

Good morning, everyone.  Guess what - it's sunny!  The forecast is good with bright sunshine, a high of around 26C and a gentle breeze.  It should be lovely.

Further from yesterday's comments, for Jane, this looks like a reasonable video on how to knit in the round using four needles.  I hope it helps.

While on the subject of yarn based stuff and YouTube, I spent most of yesterday struggling through the Tunisian crochet bit of the blanket, not liking it at all.  It looked terrible, all out of shape and there was no way I was going to use it on the blanket I was going to make as a gift.
I finished it off and then thought I would find a YouTube video that might help.
You've guessed it, haven't you?  I was doing the stitch all wrong; small wonder it was so hard and looked so terrible.  That's the trouble when you assume. So I undid it all (ouch) and will start again today.  Fingers crossed I have understood it right this time.

Apart from that, I didn't do all that much yesterday really apart from chilling one way and another.  It got quite hot at one point but it cooled again before bedtime, thank goodness.

I've swapped today's circuits for the Wednesday session.  This was because of the hip although, in fact, I'd probably have been OK but I'll stay with the changes which are:
accessing Groove from home tomorrow so I can do it in my own way and stop, if necessary, without any fuss (I hate fuss)
going to circuits on Wednesday morning
leaving personal training for this week and doing the exercise clips Lindsey sent, especially the one for hip mobility
finding some time for a swim

That should sort it out good and proper and I can be back to normal next week.

The lovely Sharon is dropping in mid morning to 'tweak' my new hair style.  There's just a bit that's not quite right and last week she said if that was the case, she'd come and sort it.  Must remember to wash it and dry it before she arrives.
After that, I'm off to Lathcoats, not necessarily to pick this time but certainly to visit the farm shop.  They're changed the arrangements now as there's not a lot to pick, so one no longer needs to book, so I might just see if there are any strawberries to pick and, if not, I can buy some from the shop this time.  I also need to book my car in for its MOT and service (not at Lathcoats) so I'll do that too as it's on the same route.

I want the strawberries because us girls are having an afternoon tea together at J's on Saturday and I said I would make some strawberry jam for the scones.  Yum!  I might get that made in the afternoon and then it is ready.
I'm also making some of Delia's vegetarian sausage rolls as a savoury - a great favourite in our family for Christmas and at any other time too.

Well, it's time for coffee so I will love you and leave you.  Have a really satisfying day with loads of good things.  xx

Sunday 7 August 2022


 Today's garden happy is something pretty.  After the two very hot days, I thought it had died, it was all bedraggled and the flowers were all dead but it's picked up again beautifully.

Good morning, everyone.  Guess what!  The sun is shining this morning.  Such a surprise (not).  It feels lovely and fresh outside at the moment.

Yesterday was great.  I got all the washing and ironing done, prepped for the dinner and had time to get to grips with the Tunisian crochet.  I am pretty sure I am following the instructions but it's a bit on the slant.  Not a problem, I can pin it and steam press, but it makes me wonder if I am doing it correctly.  I might ask Diana again - she's going to be fed up with my queries!!

Dinner was lovely with H and J.  I set up my rickety old table in the garden (MUST look for something more stable) and it all worked really well with no access issues whatsoever.  We ate and chatted until it started getting dark (and a bit chilly).  Being seriously health compromised, J and H are both being extremely careful; so are not entering other homes at the moment but appropriately distances garden meet-ups work fine for them.
I must do this a bit more often.

Today there's nothing in the diary.  A bit of me says I 'ought' to go swimming but a much bigger part tells me to make the most of a gentle day and have a good old self indulgence session.  Guess which is winning!!

The proper yarn for the blanket has arrived and I need to decide whether to start straight in on that once I've finished the practise one or whether to do something different first.  I think I might have a go at the pattern for socks for a small child that Jen sent me, using some of my stash (what else???) of sock yarn in the cupboard.
Also there's reading, telly, generally lounging about, doing the hip mobility exercises Lindsey sent over (which I think have really helped) and working at doing not-a-lot.  I have a face mask (don't laugh) that I might try too.
But first - another coffee, I think.  After all, why not?

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone, and take care, whatever your plans are.  xx