Sunday 26 December 2010

Sunday morning: Boxing Day

It's stupid o'clock and I'm wide awake, despite a late (late for me) bedtime yesterday and having been on the go almost all day. Looks like a good nap this afternoon and/or an early bedtime tonight.

What a lovely day it was. No snow, sadly, and very, very cold all day, but inside it was warm, bright and cosy.
All the careful planning and preparation paid dividends in terms of effort saved on the day. Apart from the usual 'is the turkey cooked properly' panic, things went very well on the catering front with no disasters. Apart from turkey, there was not an awful lot of other food left over and I'm actually going to have to cook some vegetables today. Last year there was enough leftover to provide most of the Boxing Day dinner too!

DG was thrilled to bits. He had two main presents, the Wii with Wii fit plus, Sports Arcade and another game (I've forgotten what), which he knew was coming.
However, there was a rather large, mysterious looking box, wrapped in Christmas paper, with no label on it. On Christmas Eve he was informed that it was for him. Great excitement all round and huge efforts by him to find out what it was. DG has always been happier knowing in advance what his presents are: he finds it hard to cope with the uncertainly and knowing seems to enhance the pleasure for him. However, this time, despite his best efforts as 'Parcel Inspector' (dressed up in my coat, hat and scarf) questioning all present, much to our hilarity, he had to wait until 'opening time' to find out.

It was a Hogwarts trunk, with a letter from Professor McGonagall, informing him that he had been accepted for Hogwarts School and that the trunk held everything he would need. And so it did. Wand, Harry Potter glasses, Gryffindor school tie and scarf, Hogwarts robes, text books, cauldron, crystal ball, time-turner and a large jar of Every-Flavour Beans (nice version). It was fantastic: imaginatively conceived, beautifully labelled and packaged by DD and he was totally thrilled with it. The Wii didn't get a look in and quite right too. For the rest of the day he played with it in various ways: it was the most wonderful gift!

And so to Boxing Day. A little bit of housework, a little bit of cooking, a lot of chatting, reading, sleeping . . .
I hope we all have a good one!

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