Friday 3 December 2010

Friday evening

. . . and the end of the week. And what a week it has been as well. Full of - er - oh, very hard work and personal sacrifice. I mean, all that sitting at the window watching the snow fall is bound to be exhausting, isn't it? And waiting for the snowday phone call each morning puts great wear and tear on the old nerves. It's been a hard life this week!

Brother and Nephew made it down from Scotland today. It seems the first hundred miles or so were not much fun to drive in, but after that it was OK. I'm glad they made it down safely and it will be great to see them tomorrow. I must remember to warn them about my path - where the snow melted today, the water has now frozen solid and it's a bit of a skating rink - I went out just now with the rubbish for the bin and nearly did a Torvill and Dean! Or maybe I mean a Todd Carty - yes, on reflection, I guess I do!

The other big thing today has been pondering on the Infant Show with lots of phone calls and emails to various people. Obviously, we can't do it on Monday and Tuesday now so we've put it back to the following Monday and Tuesday. A great relief all round.

It feels right now as if the weekend is coming to an end, but, in fact, it hasn't really begun. It's a very peculiar feeling and I'm not sure I like it much. A holiday but not a holiday. Setting work but not seeing my children. Not something I would wish to do too often. One snowday may be fun, lots of them get boring and frustrating.

Will it rain tonight or will it snow? Ski or skate tomorrow? Time will tell.

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