Wednesday 22 December 2010

Wednesday evening

Well, we're more or less about ready. The house isn't immaculate (is it ever?) but it's ready for guests. As Mum said over the phone, if it was spick, span and spotless, they'd think they were in the wrong house. It's warm, cosy, comfortable and looks lived in - that's OK by me. :0)

The turkey arrived mid-afternoon. They send you a link to a tracking page for delivery day and at ten this morning I was a bit dismayed to see that delivery was delayed because of bad weather. However, two hours later it showed as on its way, I was pleased to see. It's all ready now - some of the remaining feather stubs have been plucked (some were just too obstinate), it's been plugged with lemon bits and onion with some rosemary, smothered under and over the skin with lemon butter and black pepper, baconned to within an inch of its life and well wrapped in foil before putting it back into its insulating box with the ice pack and now it's chilling out in the shed. The gibletty bits, plus the wing tips, are simmering away to make stock and, I have to say, smelling most delicious. I will use that stock, plus some lovely reduced down stock from a roast chicken I had a short time ago, with some white wine, etc, to make the gravy for Christmas day. The stock from the actual roasting will be collected for all sorts of things including my favourite turkey dripping on hot buttered toast. So unhealthy as to be unthought of, but, oh, so yummy!

Longer time readers of my blog will remember that last year I was pretty pleased and dismayed to discover that I had been sent a huge, enormous turkey, way larger than I had ordered, the extra weight free because their turkeys had grown very well. it was so large I had to cut off the legs to get the thing into the extra large roasting dish Mum brought with her.
This year it's larger, but not as large. I seem to have got an extra 2k of turkey for my money (rather than the 3,5k of last year), but it will fit in the dish, I am sure. It looks delicious.
Kellybronze! Nothing but the best!

Changing the subject completely, I'd like to post a link to a blog I follow. It's written by a young lady called Tor (Victoria) who has cystic fibrosis and is really pretty ill, but with such tremendous courage and an outlook that puts most of us to shame. If you have time, please read this:

I'm off to bed soon. I intend to set the alarm for four and buzz straight off as soon as I can to Tesco to do the remaining bits of shopping before the crowds build up. And what isn't bought after that we will do without!

Sleep well!

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