Wednesday 15 December 2010

Wednesday morning

Goodness, it's turned cold again. When I came out of school at about six forty-five after the show last night there was already a frost and I needed to scrape the car. It's obviously a lot colder now and, as I need to take the car in this morning (I'm taking all the children's pressie bags in today), I will need to allow ten minutes of running the engine before it is time to go.

If they were tired yesterday (which they were), the children are going to be extremely tired today. That means, among other things, that their normal reactions, whatever they are, will be intensified and we will keep a sharp eye out for any who seem close to the edge. I think undemanding stuff is on the cards, with a DVD to continue watching this afternoon.

I was pleased to be able to use my coordinator time yesterday for something other than Whoops-A-Daisy Angel: I got two important things done: next term's afternoon play rota and the letter about Creativity Club.
The year ones don't have many clubs. They are usually all used up by the end of the day. We do, however, run a set of six after school clubs for them in the Spring term, led by each of the Infant teachers in turn (weather permitting, of course), based on art/craft activities. Given that each half term has six full weeks, I really needed to get the letter out. If there is enough interest, we have two groups and re-run the whole thing over again after half term.
The afternoon playtime rota was also pretty urgent as the one from this term cannot be used for the remainder of the year, one teacher being no longer available at that time. This actually made it a lot more straightforward to work out, thank goodness. The one for this term was a right headache!

And finally, after school I'm off pretty sharpish into town to collect (and pay for) my new hearing aids. Yippeeeee.

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