Wednesday 1 December 2010

Wednesday morning

A pinch and a punch
For the first of the month

And what a start to the Christmas month, eh? Loads of snow, a snow day off school with the promise of more to come. I've just taken a look out and it's still snowing - very, very light, fine flakes, but still snow, not rain. Everywhere looks magical, sparkling in the beam of the security light in a way that doesn't show up in photographs - not the ones I take anyway :0) I suppose it's all very well for me to say, warm and cosy this side of the double glazing, but it really is very, very pretty and camouflages the uglier bits of the scenery perfectly.

Yesterday was interesting. The children were very excited - those who made it in - and register was complicated as I needed to check and double check that I'd got it right! I gave them five minutes or so to stand at the window and just watch the snow which, by then, was tumbling down at a most impressive rate, and then set them to making snow pictures with black sugar paper and chalk. Very novel for a Tuesday morning. The decision was made quickly to close the school at 11:30 and we managed to bring one of the scheduled rehearsals forward so at least we have one run through all together. I'm now getting seriously wibbly about this show. No school today, I'm out on a course (weather permitting) tomorrow and goodness knows what Friday will bring. HELP!

Today, Mick is coming over this morning to disconnect the washing machine. He knows I'll be at home as his wife is one of my KS1 colleagues. I'm assuming the new one will be delivered on Sunday, but with this weather, who knows? It's an ideal opportunity to get the downstairs of the house sorted and ready for the family influx on Saturday (if . . . as above) and I think I will try to get all that done this morning so that I can set to and make some more cards this afternoon!

I got the phone call about the Lakeland order yesterday. If it doesn't snow again I will pop into town just to pick them up, I think, probably over lunch time.

So that's today! I really don't think I need to worry about what I will do with my time when I finally retire - I seem to have plenty of things to keep me going!

Stay safe and keep warm, wherever you are.

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