Saturday 18 December 2010

Saturday later on (sort of)

I did get back to sleep for a short time but am up again now. Never mind, it's a chance to get stuff done and, goodness knows, there's enough of that to keep me out of trouble.

I dug up another recipe just now, which I want to make - spiced Christmas nuts. I thought it looked interesting with cumin, coriander, chillis, celery salt, black pepper, caster sugar and sea salt. Oh, and mixed nuts, of course. I got the nuts when I was in town on Wednesday so it's all go! Luckily, we got paid yesterday so I can get what I need without worrying about breaking the bank. Of course, frugality will be the order of the day in the new year, but I rarely need to do much shopping for weeks after Christmas, so it all turns out even in the end.

The snow hasn't arrived (yet) so I think I will make use of this and the fact that I'm awake early to get to Sainsburys and buy most of the Christmas extras before the crowds arrive. It's things like nuts in shells, drinks, butter, etc: things that can go into the shed which is quite cold enough to keep everything fresh and chilled. It would be a job well done!

It's going to be a funny old day, I think.

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