Tuesday 31 May 2022


Good morning, everyone.  We've had rain, more rain, overnight but it's clearing up and the patches of blue sky look very encouraging.  I hope it does although there is plenty organised that doesn't require one to go out.

The journey to Five Lakes was fine until the last little bit when I sort of got a bit lost, annoyingly.  I didn't take long to find myself again although I was surprised to see the entrance on the other side of the road; somehow I had gone round it and approached from the other direction.  That's our English country roads for you - I swear sometimes that they are magic and appear and disappear at will, like Hogwarts staircases!

Anyway, our group was able to check in early so it wasn't long before there was a group of us chatting comfortably in reception until it was time to take our bags up.  My room is lovely - infinitely better than the room I had at the Hopton Potters which was a more holiday camp/Butlins sort of thing.  This is more Center Parcs with a comfortable armchair!

Anyway, here's a clip (you'll be tired of them before long, I am sure) of a quick look around my room.  No voice over - I haven't got the confidence for that yet.

Having spent a night here now, I can verify that the bed is very comfortable indeed.

After dinner, we all meandered down to the theatre where the evening had started with a sort of game quiz thingy.  This was followed by half an hour of songs from the 1940s (lovely) before 'Pre-Entertainment' - and that's when I gave up and came up to bed.  I was so tired.
(I wasn't the first and some of the others looked set to follow before long!)

Today I'm not entirely sure what to do yet.  I was thinking of an early morning swim - the pool opens at seven fifteen - but it will be difficult to fit that, breakfast and the 'Wake Up, Work Out and Stretch' session in the dance studio which I really do want to go to (need to after last night's indulgences!)
Then there's a craft session before lunch and after lunch another craft session, Segways and a quiz and I can't do them all.

Then this evening there's the same sort of thing as yesterday but different - the game quiz is 'Battle of the Sexes', the music is some swing music and the main show is music from 'the greatest movies ever made' which I would love to stay up for, if I can.  However, I know that if I start 'zoning out', that will be it - bedtime.

Well, I've finished my coffee and the bathroom is calling - I will enjoy the 'proper bath' this week; my own bath is not improper, it's just very small, as is the bathroom itself.
So I will stop rambling, love you and leave you.  I hope your day is lovely too.  Stay well, take care and have a happy time.  xx

Monday 30 May 2022


 Good morning.  It feels rather chilly this morning but the sun is shining so maybe it will warm up a bit.

I had some fun trying out layering yesterday.

I'm also pleased to say that I've managed to change the camera's recording format to .mp4.  Like a lot of tech, the lesson is - read the manual!  However, I didn't change it until I had recorded the clips for today's garden update so I still had to change the extensions for the clips.  It seems weird that changing three letters makes a recording acceptable but there you go!  Ours is not to reason why!

What I'm not so pleased about is how tatty my garden looks!  In fact, I'm thoroughly ashamed of it, to be honest.  I really haven't given it the time it deserves this year and when I get back I'm going to focus on sorting things out.  It didn't help that Race London was going on one garden away and the neighbors each side were doing noisy things in their back gardens!
Note to self - find out how to edit audio.

I should call this 'Practising layering' really!

Apart from all that, I think I spent quite a lot of yesterday snoozing.  After an unsettled night, I really was very tired.  I'm feeling much brighter now, thank goodness.

This morning I will be sorting a few things out and this afternoon I'm off to Potters at Five Lakes for a short break.  More about that tomorrow.
Have a lovely day, enjoy the fine weather (if you have it) and take care.  xx

I just HAD to open this again and add the following, taken by Beth.

Sunday 29 May 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  I'm up very early this morning; it's not quite five and I have watched a Moviemaker tutorial, stripped a chicken, sorted out the kitchen and enjoyed the first coffee of the day!  I'll pay for it later with a nice snooze either in my recliner or outside in the garden, depending on the weather.  Oh, the hardship!

It is nice to be home for a few days.  I was greeted by a parcel which surprised me as I hadn't ordered anything but it was the new Chubby Cubs cookery book which I preordered months ago.  I might find time to start looking through it today or I might just take it with me to Potters and enjoy it there.

Anyway - yesterday.  I started the holiday washing on Friday but didn't get it out so I gave that another wash and then made the most of the continuing fine weather to line dry that and the subsequent loads before ironing it all.  There was quite a lot as I had changed my sheets before leaving and, of course, there were my friend's sheets to do too.
All done now although I'll probably wash the few things left tomorrow morning to give me a clean sweep, so to speak.

Chris came round to ask if she and Steve could watch RideLondon go past from my garage space which runs alongside the road the cyclists were coming up.  Of course, I agreed and went out to join them.
When the Tour de France passed by, it was very much a case of 'oh, what a circus, oh, what a show' with hours of sponsored lorries and trailers, give aways, adverts, and then police, various medical type vehicles of all sizes and descriptions, spare bikes . . . before the Main Event which was over in a few seconds.  Blink and you missed it!
This one was far less commercialised and, sadly, probably seen as less 'important' as it was the UIC Women's World Tour road race, even though it was for the best women riders in the world; with no cavalcade of sponsored stuff, no give aways, no dressing up, just quite a lot of police motorcycles and cars, ambulances (rather disconcerting but absolutely essential just in case) and the necessary backup stuff.
I filmed it - surprise surprise!

(This view, my country view, is where I take all those sunset photos!)

Once that was all over which really didn't take that long, I carried on with all the usual householdy stuff until early evening when I went round to Dave and Anna's for a take away Indian and a good old chat.  Anna's mum was there and it was a jolly good evening.

On to today and the early start.  I came back from Dave and Anna's with a cooked chicken!  When Anna went to Morrisons, there were loads of cooked chickens reduced from nearly £6 to 60p - that's what I call a bargain!  I rarely find reductions as good as that but Anna has a real genius for finding YS stuff.
This morning, I stripped it, the carcass is boiling away and I have a plateful of chicken to use.  Most will go in the freezer, of course, and I'll have a good old roast chicken dinner today for very little effort!

Apart from that, there are a few strawberries to pick (yay!) and a bit of tidying up to do and then I'm going to play with Moviemaker again.  One YouTube tutorial said about layering - putting one video clip over another - which sounds interesting, and also I think (might be wrong) that you can synchronise music and pictures and I might see what I can do about that.  Also, I recorded some windmill clips in portrait rather than landscape and, surely, there has to be a way of rotating clips so they don't play sideways?  There must be, surely!

The last day of the RideLondon event impacts here again today.  The web site tells me that there's a mass participation ride and I know the same roads are closed again from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm.  I could get out, if I wanted to, but there are some roads that are just plain cut off for those nine hours which is tough if you need to get out (for work, for example).

So that's today.  A lazy old day really and I am sure I will nod off at some point this afternoon but it's going to be good.  The sun is now starting to shine and fingers crossed for a warmer day today.
I really hope yours is a good one and that you are able to do all you hope and plan to do today.  Stay safe and be happy.  xx

Saturday 28 May 2022

Saxtead Green Post Mill

  I've been planning, having downloaded Windows Movie Maker.  I'll probably edit this later to add information but I've learns loads of the most basic stuff - adding photos as well as clips, adding text, changing transitions,. adding music (which should be royalty free or whatever it's called and cropping (or do I mean snipping - whatever!).

What do you think?


 Good morning, everyone.  It's a beautifully sunny early morning back home after a wonderfully sunny day yesterday, the best weather of the whole holiday (typical, isn't it - best weather on the last day!).

It may have been the last day, coming-home-again day. but I still managed to get plenty done starting with the packing, of course.  It takes so much less time to pack at the end of a holiday, doesn't it?   With pretty much everything packed and in the car, I set off for a last walk along the waves, then back up to the shops to visit the little Amber museum.

Here's a link that gives some information about the museum, which is very small and packed with amber treasures from around the world.


The info-boards were very interesting and the exhibits fascinating.  Amber is not my favourite form of treasure, nor am I all that fond of Chinese carvings really, but that doesn't matter, the skill and dedication embedded in the creation of such work is absolutely fantastic.

The windmill opened at twelve so, when the time came, I set off back down the A12 and off towards Framlingham.  As Google maps had promised, it was a very easy route and you can't miss the windmill!

I was the only visitor so was threated to an in-depth talk from a member of the family that now owns the mill and who was involved in the most recent restoration work.  It was absolutely fascinating, as was my wander around afterwards.  Going up and down both internal to the lower brick roundhouse and the external steps to the buck was scary for someone who has a fear of heights but I was so chuffed to have done it (chuffed afterwards, I mean - during was a case of  putting on my 'big girl's pants').

Here's an interesting YouTube video of the restoration of the windmill and I am pretty sure the guy in the video is the guy who talked to me about the Mill.  

I spent longer there than expected.  It's a small place but there's loads to see.  Here's just a few photos of the outside.

And here's a wee clip of my own of the vanes turning.

The journey home was a doddle - just four main roads plus the last bit - and, while there was quite a stretch of the A12 that had a 40mph restriction, there were no holdups and I was home before four.  Yes, there was some heavy traffic, but that's OK as long as it is moving.

Now I'm home for a few days.  The washing is on, the house is clean and tidy and the strawberries have been picked (not many but they are delicious!).
The weekend is mainly going to be a stay at home weekend.  There's washing, drying and ironing, getting things ready for next week's little jolly and the small matter of dealing with videos.  I've managed to get photos and a video clip off my mobile and the mobile clip is in mp4 format so that should be fine.  I much check and see if I can change the camera format but, very annoyingly, I don't have the Windows Video Editor on my PC.  I'll need to look around and see what I can do.
Then there's always the sitting out and enjoying the sunshine thing.  
This evening, I've been invited round to Dave and Anna's for dinner so that will be nice.

So that's today sorted out.  How about you?  What weekend plans do you have?  xx

Friday 27 May 2022


Good morning, everyone.  Here we are at my last day in lovely Southwold.  It's been a lovely holiday but I am a home-body and am looking forward to getting back and sleeping in my own bed for a few days.

The walk down to the harbour yesterday morning was very pleasant.  I walked back using the road and took some photos along the way.

The afternoon tour of St Edmund's Church really was very good with plenty of information about it all.  I used my phone to take photos and a video clip but can't work out how to get them off my phone onto the laptop so I'll have to do it at home and might make it a separate post to the daily ones.

Thank you for the encouraging comments about my stitching efforts.  I wonder if a video of the photos with titles and background music might work - I'm not confident enough to do voice overs yet!!

Anyway, it was a long tour - over an hour - and I forgot to stop off at the amber shop to see the museum so I'll fit that in today once I've packed.  It's only just around the corner.
What I did remember is to stop off at the butchers for a load of their own cured bacon which I will freeze in portions when I get home.  It's very tasty bacon with no nasty white bits coming out when you fry it.

The evening fish and chips were delicious and I was so very sleepy afterwards that I gave in and was in bed and fast asleep soon after eight.  I slept until five, as usual, so that was good.

Today is a bit muddled.  I was going to visit a windmill (I have booked), then come back, load up the car and leave but, as Val pointed out, I am part way home so why not just go straight on.  So that's what I am going to do.   I will pack and load the car, pop round the corner to the amber museum, come back, have a late breakfast/early lunch, wipe over everything and then visit the windmill before carrying on home.  I might - will - encounter more traffic than leaving later but that's OK.  I've looked up the route and it's very straightforward, both getting to the mill and then on from there.

See you again tomorrow, back home again.  Have a really good day, everyone.  xx

Thursday 26 May 2022


 I have some time after my walk and before my lunch so I've had a play around.

I made copies of some of m y video clips (click and hold, press ctrl and drag a little way.  Then I added a .wmv extension by right clicking and renaming.  And that did it!

Then I imported them into Video Editor which I have as part of my Windows package and added some music and a title page.  That's as far as I've got and I need to work out how to get rid of some of the background noise although I suspect it would get rid of the splashy wave sounds too.

Now to see if Blogger recognises it.

Yes, it does but it's too long.  Oh drat.  So, back to YouTube.

Well, it's a start!  :-)


 Good morning!  We've had a bit of sun just now but generally I think it is going to be like yesterday, a bit dull but no rain.  Let's hope no rain anyway.

I had a really lovely day with Val at Sutton Hoo yesterday.  We met up as planned although I was a bit late having taken a wrong turn actually inside the grounds and ending up at the farm instead which was really stupid as there were clear signs.

The Swords of Kingdoms exhibition was splendid but, with so many wanting to see it, there wasn't the time to really pause and ponder before having to move on.  The fine crafting of the gold and jewels was absolutely fantastic; one tends to think of the Saxons as pretty unrefined but these exhibits proved that they may have been warlike (most of the items were sword related) but they were also creative and they loved and valued beauty.

After an early light lunch, Val and I set off on one of the walks, chatting nineteen to the dozen as we did so.  

It was dull and cloudy so the photos aren't great but this is the way we went, turning to the right up a quite steep slope through the ferns into a lovely area of woodland where children could have an amazing time with all the fallen and hewn branches.
This was impressive - carved from a tree trunk still in the ground and about two to three times as tall as us.
A view over the river to Woodbridge.

We went back down the slope after consulting the map and on until we came out at the new-ish viewing tower that replaces the old low platform that really had done nothing to enable one to see the burial mounds.  This was much better.
Here it is.  Val decided not to come up with me (knee issues) so I gritted my teeth and climbed up the eighty one steps to the top.  It wasn't so bad as long as I looked straight ahead - if I can do Framlingham walls, I could do this too!
And there's Val, waiting patiently on the ground!

I did take a few videos, of course, and here's the best one (I think it's the best, anyway.  On the actual viewing area ledge, there was a map of the burial mounds with information about each one which was helpful as otherwise it just looks like bumps in a field!

We then headed towards the house and looked around although I found that a bit disappointing.  There used to be costumes on mannequins and lots of 'home' stuff such as china, etc, but that's all gone and the upstairs is now holiday flats while downstairs is more information about the discoveries and excavations - all very interesting but I was sorry the rest had gone.
The chairs were comfy though!

Then it was into the bookshop (Val and I are both suckers for a second hand bookshop) and the NT shop where I bought little gifts for the family before a final cup of tea and home, James, Val going south and me heading back up north again!

It was so nice.  We thought we would have to miss our May meet up but we didn't and I'm so grateful to Val for making the long-ish journey to make it happen.

Today is the penultimate day of my Southwold holiday and I'm staying close to home again.  This morning is more beach walking and wave watching and I'd like to visit the little amber museum while this afternoon I will be at St Edmund's church at two thirty for the free guided tour.  
This evening is the compulsory fish and chips from The Little Fish and Chips Shop which is under fifty paces away from Rest Cottage.  It won't go cold getting it home, that's for sure!

I've discovered that my version of Windows has a video editor but, as it doesn't recognise my camera clips, I need to get that sorted.  It would be really nice to stitch all my clips together so I have a project to do while I am learning, don't I?  Not here, though, when I'm back home and using the PC again.
As Eileen suggested, I will also read the camera manual and see if I can understand the video instructions and whether I can upload the clips in some sort of recognisable format.

Wish me luck.   :-)  xx

Wednesday 25 May 2022


When we got home, we had sand in the hair,
In the eyes and the ears and everywhere;
Whenever a good nor'wester blows,
Christopher is found with

Good morning.  Do you remember this AA Milne poem from your childhood.  I was reminded of it yesterday;  there was no nor'wester blowing but I seemed to bring quite a bit of the Southwold beach home with me, all the same! 

We had better weather here yesterday.  None of the predicted storms and only the edge of one shower that lasted five minutes and didn't ever require an umbrella although you could see the rain falling out at sea.

It was a day at home - well, at the cottage - and I spent it walking here, there and everywhere (OK, slight exaggeration).  I set off towards the harbour, joined the beach via the sand dunes, pebble and sand walked north to the pier which is harder work than you might think, meandered along the pier, treating myself to some nice Norfolk lavender soap in the shop at the end, then back along the promenade and home for a light lunch.  Then I went up the high street to the Adnams shop (yes, I did buy a few things) and round and back.

Then, late afternoon/early evening, I drove up the Kessingland to the SE group here and it was lovely.  Nice to be socialising with others.  Holidays on my own are great but . . .

Of course, I have a few clips.  

You can see how threatening the sky looked and the rain over the sea.

I spent some considerable time just standing and watching the waves - they are both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  I love waves . . .

Today is a day out.  I'm off to Sutton Hoo to meet with my friend Val, something I am really looking forward to very much indeed.
Then, in the evening, assuming I can stay away long enough, it is Sewing Bee.  If I can't, it will have recorded at home or there's always iPlayer.

I'm really having a lovely time.  I dearly love Southwold and the pattern of one day out, one day local is working so well.  

Have a lovely day too, everyone.  What are your plans?  xx

Tuesday 24 May 2022


 Good morning, everyone,  It was a wet old day yesterday, rather more than the 'light rain and a gentle breeze'.  To be fair, they got the second bit right but rather underestimated the first bit.  Nice for ducks and seagulls!

So, yesterday, I got my early shopping done, just as the rain started, very light and intermittent.  The drive to Framlingham was pretty easy - it's not at all a difficult route.  I was very glad I had my waterproof with me though, as the rain got harder and more persistent.  I walked the walls, grateful that the wind was only light, looked at the exhibition, had a very welcome cup of coffee with my breakfast fruit, visited the nearby church and strolled around the streets.
The drive back was certainty a fair bit damper than the drive there!

Turning 360 degrees smoothly is a lot harder than you would think.
Again, thanks to Eileen and others who suggested uploading videos to YouTube first.  As you can see, it worked and it's definitely a Good Thing to know.  I wonder why Blogger wouldn't recognise my videos though; YouTube had no problems with them.
Next step is to start learning how to edit - but not this week!

After lunch, I decided to brave the rain and stroll around.  I went to the little Southwold Museum to see if it was open and it was so I spent a good half an hour in there before crossing the road to St Edmund's church.  I had a good nosey round but saw that on Thursday afternoon there's a free guided tour so I'll be going back then.

Poor old St Ed - I don't know if you can see but he's stuck up there, all tied up and awaiting his fate

Cromwell was a right philistine - these are what would be beautiful pictures of various Saints, angels, prophets, etc, on the rood screen except that all their faces have been destroyed by Parliamentary soldiers as they followed their orders to destroy anything that smacked of 'popery'.  What awful destruction of something that must have been loved and beautiful of its kind.

I know it sounds awful but I had to smile - poor old Ed again, this time all shot through with arrows and looking remarkably unbothered by it all.

More seriously, I'm looking forward to the guided tour on Thursday.  It's a very interesting church.

I had intended to walk to the pier but it really was rather wet so I came back to Rest Cottage instead and engaged in an online 'conversation' with my friend, Val.  She and Mike are in Southwold today, visiting a couple of friends (who I know but not very well) but we came to the conclusion that they just wouldn't have time to meet up with me as well, which is fair enough.
However, she contacted Sutton Hoo and has booked there for the same time as me tomorrow, bless her, so we will meet up at the entrance.  Isn't that lovely?
Val obviously enjoys driving distance a lot more than I do.  :-)

Today is a 'home' day.  It's more or less half way through the holiday now or will be by this evening.  You know how you bustle around, doing lots of interesting things and then, about half way through, you have as 'weary day' before you perk up again?  I think today will be that day so I'm staying local.
I'm going to take some time to chill this morning, wash my hair, do a bit of tidying up, and so on.
Then another walk to the harbour, perhaps, or along the pier and around that end.  Early evening, I will be driving to Kessingland to the SW group there - because it's there!!  It's a very straightforward journey, not too far and YouTube Street View even shows the SW poster outside the church centre.

Are you having a good week?  Did you have rain yesterday or was it more local?  Take care and have a great day.  xx

Monday 23 May 2022


 Thanks to Eileen who suggested I upload it to YouTube first.  It's all round the houses but here's the link to a very short, not terribly good quality clip of Southwold waves!

Fingers crossed it actually works.


 Good morning, one and all.  Yesterday was warm and sunny.  Today looks as if it is going in a different direction; it's dull and cloudy right now and, unfortunately, the forecast is for light rain showers.  Not to worry, I have my pac-a-mac (is that what it's called nowadays?) with me so it won't stop me from taking my trip to one of my favourite places, Framlingham.

Yesterday had a very lazy start - I lounged around until around eleven before setting off up and down the high street, popping in and out of quite a lot of the shops which was nice.  A few were closed because it was Sunday but not that many.  There were plenty of people around but not so many that it felt crowded.  I managed to get hold of a plastic measuring jug that will double as a mixing bowl, a cheap milk pan which I will probably leave there and a nice Mason Cash square ovenproof dish with I most certainly won't!

After lunch, I headed off towards the shore (all of five minutes slow walking away, went down to the waves and had an absolutely lovely walk along to the harbour and back again.  Sand walking is really great exercise, isn't it?

The tide was just on the turn.  Small, gentle, splashy sea horses.
The older part of the harbour wall, unsafe and boarded off now.
The high tide had created a nice little paddling pool which was being greatly enjoyed by a few families.  Not too deep but deep enough to be lots of fun.
Would he look in my direction?  Of course not!
Mr Crab was far more obliging and scuttled up and down for several minutes before retreating into the waves.

I took a few short video clips of the waves but, annoyingly, they don't seem to be in a format Blogger recognises and, being techno-stupid, I have no idea what to do.  Rather annoying really.  Does anyone know what I have to do, please?

Moving on to today, I have my Framlingham ticket booked online  and will be leaving here around nine thirty - ish.  I am looking forward to wandering around the town a bit, hoping the church is open and, of course, doing the castle and walking round the walls (telling  myself 'this is perfectly safe - if it wasn't, it wouldn't be open')  I did it last year so I can do it again!

Once home again, weather permitting, I'm hoping to take another walk along to the pier this time, or maybe up and down the high street to look at the shops that were closed and I'd like to visit a couple of the nice little museums or maybe the church.  One thinks one has plenty of time but it is surprising how quickly that time goes.

Well, I'd better get going.  I have my Facebook responsibilities and I need to have my bath and do a very small food shop (can't be without tomatoes!)
Have a great day and, if you do know anything about videos, please do say.  
Stay happy!  xx

Sunday 22 May 2022

Sunday - Rest Cottage

 Afternoon.  Two for the price of one today.

This week, I'm staying in Rest Cottage, right in the heart of Southwold, less than a stone's throw from the main street but in a very quiet lane that doesn't take you anywhere so is hardly used.  The bumph about it - or, rather, the the big house it derives from, 1, Queen Street -  says that it was built in the seventeenth century and has an underlying wattle and daub construction with a Georgian facade built in the late 1700s.  In the 1920s it was an annexe for the Swan Hotel, more or less over the road, and then as a clothing shop in the 1950s and 60s.  It was converted to two properties in recent years and so Rest Cottage came into being.

It is rather charming in an old fashioned 'tatty' sort of way and there's work in progress with some bare plaster and evidence of repair, maybe due to water ingress, but it is very cosy and very comfortable with three big rooms, a downstairs bathroom and an upstairs 'not quite an en-suite'.  All the chests of drawers, etc, are of the old 'distressed' wood type, fairly battered but they go with the whole house.  The soft furnishings are very comfortable and the bed is bliss.  The decor is quirky old antique shop in character and I could quite cheerfully give house room to one or two items (if I were that way inclined - which I'm not!).

Two photos of the living room, taken from one end and then the other end.  Those doors you can see - one is a cupboard containing ironing board, etc, and the other is locked so I have no idea.  It might take you into 1, Queen St, depending on whether they are owned by the same person and I don't know that.

Another thing I don't know is whether the fireplace is a working fire - it might be.  
Despite the beams, it's a big old airy space and really nice to sit in.

The kitchen from two sides.  Again, it's a nice kitchen with good quality dishwasher, washing machine and fridge-freezer.  It has all the basics but not as well appointed as one might expect.  No small ovenproof dish, for example, no smaller mixing bowl and only two saucepans, but all in all, it's fine.

The oven is the typical all-in one thing depending on how you set it.  I've used the fan oven and the grill so far and fine.  My main peeve is that the smoke alarm is a very sensitive little bunny indeed.  I had the grill function on to finish off an omelette and the heat from the was enough to set it off while last night's steak and chips gave it a right temper tantrum.
That's all very well, safety is important, but there seems to be no was to open any of the downstairs windows so you can't cool things down and have to flap a tea towel at it to make it stop!
The hall - the stairs go up at the end and near left is just a little alcove with a bench storage thingy.  All it needs is a few coat pegs somewhere.

A really nice bathroom with a proper big bath (mine at home is very small so I appreciate a big bath on occasion).  The water is piping hot too - perfect.
This is the not quite an en-suite,  There are a few more steps up to the right before the bedroom door.  It means I don't have to trudge downstairs in the middle of the night, which is good.
Two views of the absolutely ginormous bedroom.  They could easily make two bedrooms from it but maybe they weren't allowed, it being grade 2 listed.  Anyway, I'm not complaining in the least buit.
And t'other way.  The bedroom windows do open so that's good.
And there's a fan, a refinement I've not had before in any of my holiday cottages.

There's also a garage, wider than I had expected which is good because Mill Lane is quite narrow.  There's a courtyard to sit out in although it could do with a good weeding.  I'm glad I brought one of my comfy fold up chairs as the garden furniture is of the wooden bench type.

SO that's where I am living this week and I think that, all in all, I've picked a good'un.

And now I'm off to make lunch before my beach walk.  Such a busy life, eh?


Hi, everyone!  Well, I'm safely here after such an easy journey, I could hardly believe it!  The A12 was quite busy until after Colchester and then it eased off and the A14 was absolutely fine while the last bit back on the A12 was almost empty once past Woodbridge.  

I'll take some photos of the cottage today to show you tomorrow but suffice it to say it is very pleasant, pretty old, comfortable (I had a great night's sleep) and  it all feels great.

Yesterday started off with that trip to Specsavers to collect my new hearing aids and the associated technology.  The young lady who was there was lovely.  Very 'sweet' and understanding but very informative.  She did the fine tuning, then went through how to use the TV bluetooth things (no more need for loops around my neck and cutting out the rest of the world) and finally she helped me get the relevant app on my phone so it how goes directly into my aids without any faffing around with changing settings, etc.  She even gave me a trial run and I could hear her as clear as anything.  There are various settings on the phone app but, for now, I am leaving well alone.

I came out and did my shopping (This Specsavers is in a big Sainsbury's) feeling like I was walking on air, I really did.

When I got home, of course I connected the TV gizmo and, yes, straight into my aids without blocking off external sounds.  Fantastic.

The rest of the time was spent bustling around to finish packing, sorting out the kitchen stuff, etc, before leaving.

Once here, I unpacked, shopped and then strolled down to the sea front where I look a few photos.  Here you are . . . a Southwold Saturday evening.  Peaceful and pleasant.

Today, I am planning an easy, leisurely day.  I'm lazing around in bed clothes and slippers, enjoying a cafetiere of coffee while I type this while the sun plays the Hokey Cokey (you know - in, out, in, out).  I'm going to meander up and down the high street, although. being Sunday, the smaller shops might be closed, along the beach although that might be a longer walk to the harbour and back, maybe the other way to the pier, maybe lunch here, maybe on the beach, I'll decide that later.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.  Do you have any particular plans or are you just letting the day unfold as it wills?  xx


Saturday 21 May 2022


 Good morning and Happy Saturday to us all.  After a very wet morning yesterday, the weather brightened up just in time for the cream tea so we were able to enjoy it sitting out in Lindsey's garden.  It looks rather promising at the moment so fingers are crossed for a really nice day.

As always, Slimming World group was really good and much less frantic than last week.  Jen now has someone else to help her with booking people in; I did give it a go but all those numbers (fees, money for hi fi bards, books, magazine, etc) are not great for someone who is mildly dyscalculic and I think I probably made more problems than I solved so I went back to weighing people instead.  I can do that and people seem to like me doing it so . . . good!  Anyway, Michelle volunteered and did a great job so now Jen can greet new members, etc.

Then I went home where I whisked around doing all sorts - packing, sorting, washing, ironing, getting the place ready for my friend who is having a house sitting holiday of her own and watching the rain, hoping it would clear up - which it did.

The cream tea was great - lots of sociable chatter and some yummy cakes although I could only manage a scone (rather large) with jam and cream and a coffee.  That filled me up and I wasn't the only one.  I just hope Lindsey can freeze what's left.

Today I'm up early so can start sorting out the fruit and veg which I am taking with me.  There's a bit of ironing, a bit of packing, a bed to make and so on and I'm due at Specsavers at nine to pick up my new aids, fingers crossed.  Then I will do a little shop before coming home to finish off and depart.  
So that's today.  See you the other end.  xx

Friday 20 May 2022


 Morning, everyone.  Yesterday morning was dull and the afternoon was warm and sunny.  Today looks as if we're going to have some rain but it will clear up later on.  I hope so!

At the opticians yesterday, I paid an extra tenner for an eye health check - it seemed a sensible thing to do - and all's well.  The 'freckles' at the back are going nowhere - not that I expect them to but there's always a slight chance - so that's good.  Everything looked clear and in full working order and any developing cataracts are minimal and nothing to cause any concern at the moment.

Even in two years, the technology has moved on and several tests I expected, such as the peripheral vision one, were no longer done.  It was mostly a case of looking through a machine while it did all the hard work.  Only at the end did I have to do a bit of reading and answer questions about what was brighter/clearer, could I read the bottom line, etc.

The worst bit was choosing the frames - no, the worst bit was maybe paying for them although it really wasn't so bad once discounts, etc, had been applied.  I went for the buy one, get one free plus third pair half price as I couldn't choose between two frames.  One pair is sunglasses, of course.

And I'm booked to go back to collect in three weeks yesterday.

Then I went on to Beth's to have some kitten-cuddles and a good old gossip before I went home and got changed for the evening.

I went to see the Sound of Music performed by a local society.  One of the cast was the head teacher at the school I used to teach at so that was nice and, lo and behold, not only did I connect with an old colleague and her granddaughter but just along my row was a small group of current staff including two TAs who I have worked with.  It was so, so nice to see them all.
The show was good.  The singing and music generally was outstanding, the acting was - well, amateur - and the costumes and scenery were great.  A very good evening out!

Today, I will be out to Slimming World first thing, followed by general sorting out of things, washing, ironing, and so on.  No cleaners today - they have had to cancel because one of them has broken her leg, poor soul and the manager is chasing her tail trying to rearrange rotas and fit as many clients in as possible.  

And then - what a gadabout - I'm off to Lindsey's for a 'cream tea' fundraiser (Bring Your Own Chair) which I am very much looking forward to indeed.

Such a nice day!  I hope yours is too.  xx

Thursday 19 May 2022


 Morning, everyone.  After a gorgeous day yesterday, we had some heavy rain and a storm overnight and it's still very gloomy this morning.  However, the forecast is for sunny intervals and a gentle breeze which sounds very pleasant.

Yesterday, I started off with an early shop.  I was going to do it today but I had the time yesterday so why not?  Then I pottered at home, doing this, that and the other until I left for personal training which went as well as it always does.  It's the last session in this block, I can't go next week, Lindsey isn't doing any sessions over half term week so it's a while before my next session and we discussed things to introduce and next steps for when the next block starts.

I was so very tired come the evening that I found myself falling asleep at the start of The Repair Shop so I took myself up to bed, fell asleep almost immediately and slept soundly until my usual waking time with just one short wakeful spell during the storm - not for long though.

Today, there's no chat with Chris as they are away.  I'm back off into town later on for a sight check (and choosing new glasses, I fully expect) and then this evening I'm off out to the local theatre to see one of our local operatic societies perform The Sound of Music.   It's always nice when you know the songs inside out, isn't it?  In between times, there's packing and so on.  Quite busy but nice busy.  And I have The Repair Shop and Sewing Bee to catch up on too.  Nice.

Have a lovely day, everyone.  Stay well.  xx

Edited to add a rather cute (and he knows it) photo of Guess Who.

Wednesday 18 May 2022


 Morning, everyone!  After a gloriously warm and sunny day yesterday, it looks as if today is going to be much the same, fingers crossed.

Yesterday turned out to be a very exciting day, one way and another.

It started with Groove where I jumped!  OK, so that doesn't sound very exciting but, you see, what with my dodgy ankles anyway and the damage I did last year, jumping has been totally out of the equation.  I've been working to improve the springiness of my feet and ankles and yesterday I started seeing some positive results.  So that was great.
I will miss next week's session but Lindsey has given me the link to the video I helped to make (not in it, I was just there as part of a small 'class') so I can do it anywhere, using my laptop.

Then I went into town to the Specsavers audiology department.  To cut a long story short, I am getting some more hearing aids - one pair as my main aids because technology has moved on a long way since I got my current pair and they are almost out of warrantee and one pair because I want a back up pair that work on battery rather than relying on being able to recharge them each night - just in case I ever got stuck.  The audiology chap said, after I'd done the hearing tests, 'Your hearing is bad, isn't it?' (which I could have told him!) but the good news is that it hasn't got any worse since the last test last year.
The aids I am getting are great - they are louder, clearer and have loads of gizmos including . . . blue tooth connection.  That means that I can link them to my phone and the sound goes straight into my aids.  I haven't used the phone for so long as I just can't hear clearly enough and not I should be able to again - fantastic.  It's so limiting, not being able to use a phone.
I already have a loop connection to the telly but this will be clearer and no need for the loopy thing round my neck.  Also, I won't have to cut out background noise.
I pick them up on Saturday, just in time for my holiday.

The other pair are in the ear ones so they took a mould of inside my ear and the aids should be back in around three weeks.  They also have greatly improved technology/functionality.

What we won't mention is the bill because it's eye watering but this is quality of life and social interaction enhancement.  More investing in myself and my well being and, thanks to dear Dad, I can do it.

I was so excited afterwards that I HAD to spend some money in Primark and M&S - just jeans and some new summer socks.  To be fair, I did need the socks! 

Then I had a good long chat with Seth (one of the most useful people to have taught at primary school) about the garden room and various other home improvements including building a little en suite in the biggest bedroom (no problem, said Seth).  All extremely exciting!

So, all in all, a super day.

Today is calmer.  There's nothing much until personal training this afternoon but I'm going to start packing a bit and, as it's self catering, packing little pots of things like salt, oats, etc . . . things that I really don't want to buy a whole pack of.
And there's always the garden!
Have a really good day, everyone.  All the best.  xx

If you're interested in Little Pete updates, photos, etc, Beth has started a Facebook group you are welcome to go and look at.  Here's the link.


Tuesday 17 May 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  The sun is shining brightly after a dull morning and sunny afternoon yesterday.  It looks set to stay around, fingers crossed.

Jeff turned up yesterday and worked his magic on those weeds.  It all looks so much better now - he's definitely one of the treasures in my life, he truly is.

Circuit training was great.  Some new things, a new war of organising the time - Lindsey really likes to ring the changes and we all enjoy the sessions very much indeed.

In the afternoon, I sat down at the PC and booked some things for next week.  I now have tickets for Sutton Hoo and the new Swords of the Kingdom exhibition that opens in a couple of days, I believe, Framingham Castle (been there several times but it is one of my favourite places and I hope to wander round the town and visit the nearby church as well, and to Saxtead Green Post Mill which I wanted to visit a long time ago but it is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, sadly.  It's no longer a working mill but it is in working order and the side says you can claim all over it and look around.

I'd also like to go back to Orford Castle and I've never been to Leiston Abbey and Aldborgh so, all in all, I'll have enough to do.

I'm also looking forward to my early morning walks on the sand, down to the harbour and back, along the pier, looking into the interesting little museums that were all closed last year because of Covid, and meandering up and down the High Street, enjoying all the little shops.

I had a good look on the Adnams site but I have already done the brewery and distillery tours and the 'make your own bottle of gin' thing looks interesting but is £95 which is far more than I would wish to pay!

Don't laugh, but not too far away, there is a Slimming World group which I am thinking seriously of going to one evening.  They're fun, really they are.

Today there's three main things. 
Firstly, there's Groove aerobics, then Seth is coming round to do a repair and discuss my plans for a garden room (he has his own building company) and later on I'm off into town for an appointment with the audiologist.

That's enough to keep me out of trouble!

Have a great day and I hope the sun shines on you . . . xx

Monday 16 May 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It looks a lot nicer this morning as the sun is trying to shine.  Very nice after a day of rain yesterday, although the garden looks happy enough.  It was supposed to feel humid yesterday but, for me, it just felt very, very cold, so cold that I turned up the heating and had the electric blanket on when I went to bed.  It took me ages to feel warm.

It was a very pleasant day yesterday.  Beth and Al came round and we enjoyed lunch together - Alex does enjoy a roast dinner!  We had a good old natter too and I got all the latest news of Little Pete who is doing really well.  The others are accepting him a bit more now - here's the latest photo I have with Ava letting him snuggle up to her.

I was so tired come the evening but, for some reason, slept very badly so today, I suspect, will be a series of cat naps.  Luckily, there's not much on today.  Jeff is coming early morning to attach the weeds for me and I have circuits later on but apart from that I can just potter.

Have a lovely day, everyone.  Take care, stay safe and be happy.  xx

Sunday 15 May 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It's a bit overcast this morning but might brighten up.  Yesterday was absolutely lovely, just like summer, all warm and sunny.  Beautiful.

I really didn't do very much yesterday.  Some cooking, some tidying, a bit of holiday planning . . . I popped round to Morrisons because I was nearly out of ice but, lo and behold, they were completely out!!  Never mind, it's a bit of a guilty pleasure anyway!  I'll get the ice bags out.

Today, Beth and Alex are round for Sunday lunch and I'm doing a roast chicken dinner so there's a bit of preparation for that.  Alex's birthday present has arrived here (a microwave - it's what he wanted!) so he can lift it into the car for me!

And that is that.  Nice and happy today.

What are your plans - do you do anything different over the weekends.  xx

Saturday 14 May 2022


 Hello, everyone.  Happy Saturday to you all.  I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing at the moment.

Yesterday was good.  
You could have knocked me down with a feather when the scales showed a loss at SW - a great relief but not something to take for granted, I think.  It was a good time with visitors and new members galore and lots of laughs.

Once home, I sorted stuff out at home, did some emailing to arrange a few bits and bobs and generally pottered.  I didn't go out in the end.

The evening was really lovely.  Dave and Anna are in the throes of setting up their now home and they filled me in on all sorts of interesting details.  They are obviously very happy with it all.  On Thursday they took a van up to Dad's and collected all the stuff they had laid claim to and now it's safely in their new home which fills me with joy.  I know Mum and Dad would be thrilled to know that some of their beloved furniture is still being put to good family use.

I took a few garden photos.

The strawberries are looking promising.

The ooh la la clematis has started flowering.

The flamenco apple ballerina tree is loaded - I will need to do some thinning after the June drop.

And even the new columnar braeburn looks promising.

The little plum and pear did not flower this year which is what I expected.  They should produce next year.

No photo of the fig - after it got frosted, all the little leaves shrivelled up and dropped off but, thankfully, it is now sending out more leaves.  My friend Chris has a much more mature one and the same thing happened to hers.

Today is a rest and recover day (Dave and Anna brought wine!) and I will start setting things out for my holiday packing in the spare room.  I also want to plan my meals for the week and generally get things organised.
What are you planning to do today?  xx

Friday 13 May 2022


 Morning, everyone.  The sun is shining, there's a pleasant breeze and I have given my containers a bit of a watering, just to keep them happy.  It was pretty pleasant yesterday so fingers crossed it continues.

My chat with Chris was lovely but it's the last one for a while now as one or both of us can't make the next three weeks.  We will have loads to talk about when they resume in June (!!!), won't we?

After that and having had breakfast, I drove along to M&S to do just a very small shop, just fresh stuff, and noticed that the signs are all up for road closures.  In a fortnight it is the RideLondon peloton event . . .
. . . and, as they organisers have an 'arrangement' with Essex, there's going to be a fair bit of road disruption.  On the Friday, it's all around Maldon so doesn't affect us here but on Saturday and Sunday they are using a lot of the route that the Tour de France took several years ago and it will be right past the end of the cul de sac.  On Saturday, the roads are only closed from around 10-45 to 11-45 but on the Sunday they are closed pretty much all day.
I will have access in and out but, while the road is closed, there will be queues of traffic, I expect.

Then I got the leaflet drop done (for SW) so I can face Jen with a clear conscience this morning.

And finally, I finished the washing and got all the drying and ironing done so that was good.  I like an empty ironing basket!

Today starts with Slimming World and then I need to just make sure the house is fit for the cleaners to work their particular brand of magic.  I might take a drive out somewhere - I'll see how I feel.

This evening, Dave and Anna are round but there's no work involved as we're having a Chinese takeaway and I bought a lemon tart for a treat.
It'll be nice to see them and find out how the move is going.

Hoping the sun shines for you and you have a wonderful day.  xx

Thursday 12 May 2022


 Good morning, everyone!  We have sunshine this morning, proper sunshine, not like yesterday when it faded into cloud and then rain by mid morning.  Fingers crossed

Yesterday looked busy on paper but it wasn't so bad really.  I got into town just after nine and went to Specsavers first where I made two appointments.  The first was for a sight test as it's been two years since the last one, I think I need a new prescription and anyway, they said every two years because of baby cataracts.
Then I spoke to the trainee audiologist and made a different appointment as I want to get new hearing aids and one of my current set needs to go off for repair as it keeps cutting out.
I was pleased to get both appointments sorted out, even though it means two visits into town next week.

Then I went to Nationwide where I needed to get a few things sorted out - and now I can access my accounts online - I've just checked.  That's good.

After all of that, I went to John Lewis to get a shiny new omelette pan, my old one being more than a bit manky.  I decided to go a bit upmarket so fingers crossed it will be worth it.  Then I did Lakeland but didn't get much there, being fine for poly bags, etc, after bringing some of Mum and Dad's stock home with me several months ago.

And then it was home where there was a parcel on the doorstep.  Hotter shoes.  Just in time for holiday, excellent.

Personal training was as good as it always is.  I so enjoy these sessions and, as I don't have a lot of personal motivation, they keep me moving and are helping to to get fitter no end.
Glasses, hearing aids, exercise classes - they're all about investing in myself and the quality of the rest of my life, aren't they?

Sewing Bee was good again although I was surprised to find how few has done shirring.  In my youth I made several sun dresses that basically were tubes, shirred at the top and with added straps.  Dead easy, not much fabric needed and, at one time, very much the thing.
And as for the elimination, justice was done!

Poor Little Pete had a traumatic experience.  He had A Flea.  Eeeek.
He's far too young for the conventional treatment so it had to be a bath, something that didn't go down at all well, as you can imagine.

Did you ever see anything so Dobby-like in your life?  "Mistress has given Dobby a bath!" 
Poor little chap!

And afterwards . . .  "How could you, Mum?"
Those eyes!!

Today starts with the usual coffee and chat with Chris - she's coming here this week so I've tidied the place up just a little bit.  After that, I need to do a little shop, mainly for fresh stuff plus a few bits because Dave and Anna are coming over for a meal (Chinese takeaway) tomorrow evening.
And in the afternoon, I am doing a leaflet drop.

As I did some washing yesterday, there's a little pile of ironing to deal with and there's a pile of whites that I will start off after I've finished this - they should line dry today.

So that's my day.  Nice and easy, not too much like hard work and plenty of time to chill too.  I've started my packing list and will probably add to that on and off through the next days.
Have a super day, everyone, and stay safe.  xx

Wednesday 11 May 2022


 Morning, everyone!  I can see bits of blue sky but the forecast is for a cloudy day with the sun returning tomorrow.  Yesterday was intermittently drizzly until the afternoon when the sun came back.  

I really enjoyed Groove yesterday morning, even though my legs were aching before the end.  I do need to improve stamina and I am sure that will help.

Sharon turned up on time and now my head feels lighter and tidier again, thank goodness, and I am not peering through a fringe that goes down to my nose!

And, apart from housework, that was that!

Today I have to go into town first thing, to get a few things sorted, and I will probably have a little stroll around as well, seeing as I am there.

Then it is home, James, to sort out some washing/drying and I need to deal with a few kitchen drawers that are, frankly, an utter disgrace.

Finally, later in the afternoon, it's my hour of personal training so that is something to look forward to.

Also, to look forward to, it is Sewing Bee this evening.  So, actually, a really nice day and I'm looking forward to it.  I hope your day is as enjoyable too.  xx

I'll finish with another cute photo.  Until yesterday, Peter was approaching the other cats very carefully, getting a few snarls for his pains.  He has persisted (very politely - he has great feline social skills for such a little chap) and yesterday Beth found this.

Well done, Peter.