Monday 31 October 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  Last day of October, Halloween and the sun is shining (for now).  I used to be so careful on Halloween, as a teacher close to the school, to put up a nice little notice on the door saying 'no trick or treat, thank you, but have a lovely evening' and I was never bothered apart from the once when my door was egged.
However, I knew who did it and when, a while later, I caught them red handed - or do I mean egg-handed - doing the same to my car, I went to both sets of parents (that's the joy of living local!!) and - well, let's say I was never troubled again.  :-)
Generally, the local parents had a code - pumpkin at the front meant knock on the door - and it seemed to work very well.   Also, the children were in a group with at least one adult with them.

I wonder about this year though - I've seen hardly any obvious Halloween decor around here.

Anyway, enough reminiscent ramblings.
Yesterday was a pleasant enough day, despite the rain.  I got my fruit and veg from M&S, other bits and bobs from Aldi (which was packed and, looking at trolley contents, people are partying anyway, whether they trick or treat or not) and then I had a meander around Dunelm.  It was OK but there wasn't anything all that special really.  I got a new hand towel and some reed diffuser refill in a nice citrus scent and then, at the last minute, fell for some 'mulled wine' (ha ha) scented tea lights for December.  I wasn't at all impressed with their Christmas decoration stuff at all though.
Not that I need any more, mind you . . .

Then it was home to unpack and chill for pretty much the rest of the day.

Today, real life restarts.  Children are back to school and Lindsey's classes are on again so I have circuits today.  Before then, I rather fancy a short drive to another precinct to have a nosey around Matalan and HomeSense.  I'm really enjoying feeling right enough to meander about so am making the most of it.
The rest of the day is, as always, householdy stuff - not terribly interesting at all.

Until early evening, that is.  Then, Dave and  a financial adviser are coming round to help me make sense and use of my ill gotten gains from Dad's estate.  I'm not looking forward to it all that much - numbers make my brain ache - but it has to be done.

And that's today.  How about you?  Do you do Halloween at all?

Sunday 30 October 2022


 Morning, one and all.  Did you remember the clock change?  To my delight, I managed to sleep longer than usual and woke up just before seven.  I'd much rather spend that extra hour in sleep than in ironing or whatever!!

Yesterday was yet another lovely autumnal day, packed with sunshine and very, very mild.  It has to break at some point but it's nice to be able to air the house and keep the heating off, isn't it?
I spent the day just pottering really.  Bit of cooking, bit of housework, bit of ironing, quite a lot of crochet, Strictly (of course) and so on.

Today, I plan to go to the Clock Tower precinct to get my veg from M&S, other bits and bobs from Aldi and then to have a look around Dunelm.  I haven't looking there for ages and still have a few Twelve Days pressies to get.
Then I have ironing and the usual stuff to do at home.

Thank you all so very much for your kind comments.  It is nice to be blogging again, even if it's just ordinary, everyday stuff with nothing special or exciting.  My kind of life!   :-)

I caught up a bit on your blogs yesterday and will finish doing that today.  I may not comment on older posts but I will read.
Sue - I commented but in case you don't catch it - the raffle prize arrived yesterday.  Thank you so much for the fascinating leaflets and the lovely card and message.  Beth will be very interested - she did a month on rations ages ago using old books, etc, that my Mum gave her.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.  Take care and be happy.  xx

Saturday 29 October 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  Thanks very much for giving me a bit of space to get my head back in its rightful place again - which sounds weird but I know what I mean!  It was the virus really - it's taken over two weeks but really seems to have given up at last.  Unusually, for me, as well as feeling physically yucky, it also had quite an effect on my 'mental health'; that sounds more dramatic than reality but I was very down and lacking in mental ooomph.
I still have a cough and some snuffles but definitely and properly on the up again at last.  Phew.
Cherie - how are you?

 I haven't really done very much since Tuesday.  The blanket is coming on and my stash is considerably smaller.  Beth has had a birthday and we went to the Hare yesterday evening to celebrate, which was nice.
I got to SW yesterday after a week away and won the raffle!  Chris came round on Thursday and then Val and I enjoyed a good laugh with both of them at separate times.  Chris' new little grandson is coming on and his mum and dad loved the blanket.  Phew.

The dried fruits ended up steeping in alcohol for a week before I made the cake but it now all smells wonderful and should be so good by Christmas.  I think I'm going simple this year and just cut out icing stars to decorate it (as well as the marzipan and all-over icing, of course).  But that is for the last week before Christmas - in the meanwhile, it will be 'fed' weekly!

Today I plan to resume doing what used to be called my 'daily dozen'; in other words a bit of exercising.  I think it will do me the world of good as long as I am sensible.  Apart from that, the only plans I have are domestic ones.
WHat do you have planned for today?

Tuesday 25 October 2022


 Hi, everyone.  Just to say I'm taking a few days out of blogging.  I'm fine and should be back by the weekend.  Take care, everyone.  xx

Monday 24 October 2022


Good morning.  Half term week has started round here and all is strangely silent next door.  Instead of the running up and down stairs, getting ready, there is peace and  quiet.  Very nice for the mum and dad!

We have obviously had rain, a fair amount by the look of things, but I have no idea whether it stormed or not.  At the moment it is dull and quite breezy.  It might brighten up, I suppose - it did yesterday between showers.

I continued to rest up yesterday and got on with the crochet.

It isn't wide enough yet because I have decided to make it a proper cover that goes down the sides of the bed, not just a 'sit on top' thing, so it's going to have to be a fair bit wider than I originally planned.
As you can see, there's no planning, no design, just finish one ball and start the next (sewing in the ends as I go - I'm not daft!!)
It's an almost self correcting stitch - the longest you can go before realising you have made an error is two rows and, while two rows is quite long now, it's better than it could be!
Here's the stitch in close up.  It's just an ordinary stitch with loads of trebles and the occasions slip stitch or six chain!!

So today I will carry on.  I don't have much in the diary as all fitness classes are off this week and Lindsey is on holiday.  Someone is coming around midday to talk about a window replacement and I really do have to catch up on my ironing - I'll be starting a new lot of washing soon and it bothers me to see the old ironing still in the basket!

Yesterday, I fired off an email about renting a cottage next year (close to the Peak District again) to a place I have used before, more than a decade ago now.  The trouble is, I don't know whether it's still on the market, so to speak.  The prices look very reasonable but, to be fair, it is just outside the National Park, in a little village called Old Brampton and the prices do drop dramatically within a few miles once one is outside the Park.
I'm hoping to get a reply but have no idea whether I will or not - it's worth a go though because if the info on the site is up to date, I could afford a fortnight.
Fingers crossed.

Have a good day, one and all, whatever your plans are.  Take care, stay well and be safe.  xx

Sunday 23 October 2022


 Morning, one and all, and welcome to Sunday - a rather damp and soggy Sunday it is too with a forecast to match.  I'm very glad I don't have to be out and about today, that is for sure!

After a very restful day yesterday, things continue to pick up.  As today is another chilling day, that should continue.  I slept like a log last night; if there was any coughing, it wasn't enough to disturb.

I'm making great progress with the C2C blanket.  Whoever said it would eat up my stash isn't wrong - I'm delighted that the DK shelf now has a few gaps appearing.  There's a way to go, sure, but gaps are good and the totally random nature of the thing means there's no stressing about amounts whatsoever.  It's not pretty, just diagonal stripes, but I rather like it as a rustic thing. 
It's giving my hands plenty to do, for sure.  It's not quite wide enough to stop increasing on one side yet (in other words, the width needed for my bed) but I think it will get there at some point today.  I've decided on a border too which is also very easy and seems to fit exactly with no puckering or pulling out of shape - not that I am anywhere near that yet.

As I said, today is another quiet day, not from design but just because it is.  I should be ready to get going again tomorrow, thank goodness.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone, and, Cherie and anyone else with this bug, I hope you are feeling better and better as the days pass.  Take care and stay dry!  xx

Saturday 22 October 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  The sky is a very strange pinky sort of colour at the moment but the forecast looks OK, unlike tomorrow which looks horrendous at the moment, so let's hope for a good day.

Thank you for your kind messages.  I am feeling quite a lot better now, just a bit achey and chesty but the main issue is the weariness.  So I will go with the flow, take it easy, do what I can and not worry about what I can't and be glad that I like reading, knitting and crochet, all of which requires one to sit down!  :-)

As for the Christmas cake - I think that will wait until tomorrow.  I'll just see how things go through the day.  There's no hurry, thank goodness.

Have a good day, everyone.  Enjoy your life, however it works out for you today.  xx

Friday 21 October 2022


 Morning, everyone.  It's a damp and misty old morning after a day where the heavens kept on opening and it rained very hard indeed.  The garden is a mess but I spied a few things that cheered me up.

The tomato plans are all brown and dying but the fruits are still ripening - this is one of several due for the salad plate this lunchtime.
At this time of year, webs can be really beautiful, and first thing is the best time to see them.   They are beautiful when frosted too, aren't they.
The fuchsias are getting tatty but are still smothered with flowers.  Loving the pop of colour amidst the general brown-ness.

MUST devote a couple of hours to the garden next week.

I did what I said yesterday which is pretty much nothing.  I had a short chat with Chris and then fell asleep for a while.  And really, that was about it.

I am feeling more with it this morning but am sticking to my plan of another day of rest.  So no Slimming World today which is a shame but there you go.  I had a message from Gabriela asking if the cleaners could please come much earlier, at 9:45 and that suits me very well indeed as it means I have the rest of the day to myself.

And that's that for today.  Cherie, I do hope you start feeling better soon - you're right, it is really miserable.
Take care everyone, and have a good day.  xx

Thursday 20 October 2022


 Morning, one and all.  We've had rain overnight and it's a very gloomy start to Thursday round here.  Such a change from yesterday.   Yesterday was nice and sunny though.

Annoyingly, the coldy virus thing is fighting back and yesterday wasn't great, especially as the day went on.  I managed circuits and I got the cake started off before I crashed out in my comfy chair and felt sorry for myself.

I've decided to take today and, probably, tomorrow right out of circulation and see if that knocks it on the head.  I had planned a coffee and chat with Chris but we're going to try it online, just a quick one, and Val was coming round for lunch but we have rescheduled that for next week instead.  

I'll probably bake the Christmas cake on Saturday or Sunday and then it's all wrapped up ready for feeding at intervals.  I found a good block of icing but there was no marzipan in Morrisons yesterday.  I'll keep looking out for some and, if the worst happens, I do have some ground almonds and Cookidoo has a good, basic, marzipan recipe I can do in Thermione.  In fact, I might actually do that anyway, thinking about it.

Anyway, today is a quiet, doing not very much sort of day and, probably, tomorrow too.  That should do it; I am fed up of coughing and sneezing and spluttering and generally achey and giddy.  It's definitely not covid, it's not flu, it's just a cold, nothing worse.

Apologies for the whinge.  I'll be bright and breezy again soon and I feel happier in my mind for having decided to take days out to rest and recover.  It's not giving in, it's doing it my wa-a-a-a-ay!  < grin >

Take care, everyone, and if you have anything similar, get well soon and follow your instincts.  Have a good day, however you spend it.  xx

Wednesday 19 October 2022


Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Wednesday.  It's fine outside as far as I can tell - the sky is clear and light is just starting to emerge.  Yesterday was fine too and surprisingly warm for the time of year.

I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but it doesn't matter.  The cold is working its way through the different phases so now there's coughs and snuffles and it's all rather yucky but that's the nature of a cold.  With any luck it will have pretty much gone by the weekend.  I did quite a lot of resting up in between this and that.

Groove was, as always, good.  There are no sessions next week as it is half term and a new six week block starts at the beginning of November leading up to Christmas.  Then Lindsey does a two week 'festive' block and that's it until the New Year.  It doesn't seem very long at all.

Sharon came and snipped and styled and did her usual excellent job and now I feel neat and tidy again.  Because it is now so short, we decided it's going to need a visit every four weeks rather than the six week interval we have always had.  OK by me, I rather thought that would be the case.

A parcel arrived.  I think I said a while ago that something I have always wanted to do is get some musical Christmas crackers - the kind with little bells inside - but most of the family wouldn't really find that much fun.  However, this year I am entertaining a couple of Beth's friend (plus her and Alex) on Boxing Day and they will find this great fun, as will Beth.  I'm not sure about Alex but hopefully her will go along with it to keep the oldies happy! 
So I went on Amazon, looked and ordered, and they arrived yesterday.

Today is Christmas Cake Day although that's a bit of a misnomer really - I will start the whole process today - weigh out all the stuff that needs soaking and get that started off and I'll probably prepare the cake tin too.  The actual baking will be at some point in the next week or so.  Delia says soak overnight but I like to do it a bit longer than that.

Before then, though, I have a circuits class.  It should be personal training but Lindsey has been asked to lead some INSET training.  I'm perfectly flexible about things like that and it's a good opening for her so she's giving me a freebie small group circuits class this morning and the PT session will just roll over.  Win win!

What are your plans for today - have a great day and stay positive and safe.  xx

Tuesday 18 October 2022


 Morning, everyone.  After a wet start, yesterday cheered up and we had plenty of sunshine.  It's dry now and the forecast is good - we seem to be having a much nicer October than September was.

I didn't do loads yesterday but I got two thirds of the washing done and dried and I went to circuits.  Circuits was good, I managed OK and only coughed a little bit.  

I've got quite a list of ingredients to get for the Christmas cake.  My goodness, it isn't a cheap thing, is it, but just reading the ingredients makes my mouth water - it is such a good, rich thing.  I'll also be looking at the dates of ready rolled icing and marzipan and get that, if possible.  I ought to make my own but I don't!

I had an exchange of messages with Beth in the evening.  She's got a week off next week and is away for her birthday but we will meet up when she's home and she's said she'd like to go to The Hare so that's what we will do.

Today starts off with Groove and I will go and do what I can.  It's much more aerobic than circuits but we will see.  Then I will come home, shower, etc, have breakfast and then pootle off to Morrisons to get everything needed for Christmas Cake day.  Exciting!

This afternoon, the lovely Sharon is here to sort out the bird's nest that is my hair.  I will feel loads better once she has done that, I am totally sure.

In between times, there's a bit more washing, some clearing and tidying and the ironing so I won't be bored!!

Have a great day, everyone, and be safe.  xx

Monday 17 October 2022


Morning, all.  The start of a new week and isn't the month accelerating away now?  It'll be November before we know where we are.  Yesterday, the weather was OK, I think, but we've had rain overnight and it's still drizzling now at nearly eight am.  Oh, well, I wasn't planning to do any gardening . . .

A bi8g thank you for all your lovely messages yesterday.  I was feeling a bit dismal and you cheered me up no end.  I'm feeling loads better this morning after sleeping from just after eight thirty yesterday evening to nearly seven this morning with a couple of very short wakes in the night.  I think the phrase is 'breaking up' - in other words, snuffly and disgusting but feeling so much better.
I exchanged a few messages with Chris yesterday and she told me that one of the ladies from school that I was with last weekend at the wedding has been poorly with the same thing and that lots of staff at school have had this non-covid cold type illness too.  So I suspect that's where I picked it up.

Yesterday was very much as I planned - a very slow, sleepy kind of day.  Despite several snoozes I was ready for bed after Strictly and, as already mentioned, definitely feel so much better now.  The tight cough has gone, the aches are better, the 'pressure headache' (is that what it's called) has eased and I feel ready to face the world again!  Yay!!!

Thanks also for the nice comments about the hot water bottle cover.  One thing about being unwell is that I can sit and craft easier stuff without feeling I should be doing something else and I managed to get the second cover made too.  Each one took pretty much one 100g ball of cheapo yarn which was great.  If I could set up in business, I'd soon work through some of my stash!!
Now I am really pondering on using some of my chunky yarn, of which I have a fair amount collected over the years, to make a faster growing blanket.  One of my Facebook friends has made a side to side blanket using so many different crochet stitches, a bit like the baby blanket I made but more 'random' and it looks amazing.  She is thinking of getting some fleece and lining it for extra warmth.

Talking of warmth, the longer (and cheaper) not-oodie was worth its weight over the weekend.  Warm and comforting, great for snuggling into and non-restricting - lovely.  I tried the proper Oodie this morning and survived for five minutes before feeling too hot so that's definitely going to be a blessing on those much colder days, especially if the heating really does go off.
For warmth I have the Oodies, for light I have a couple of strong torches and a solar powered floodlight, for warm food I have the camping stove and I also have a couple of power packs for technology.
Knowing my luck, none of them will be needed (apart from the Oodies) - which would be a Very Good Thing.  :-)
Cherie - I LOVE your wood burning stove and am following it/you as you post about it on YouTube.  It's so lovely and cosy.

I found the Christmas channel, thank you to whoever mentioned it.  I have a vague feeling I watched a few things from it last year or the year before, or was that Netflix?  Anyway, I have it now so thanks.

Eileen - would you be so kind as to look at this on your phone and let me know if the text is easier to read now, please?  If not, I will change the picture.  Many thanks.

Today I need to be a bit busier.  I have a whole pile of washing to do and, given the weather, both drying racks, the heated one and the non-heated one, will be brought into use.  I also have circuits and yesterday I wasn't going to go but I feel so much more with it today that I'll be there, doing what I can and marching out during what I can't.  It all depends on whether the cough starts up or not.  I'm really looking forward to moving a bit more again.
When I get home from that, there should be clothes to iron so that will keep me occupied well.

I've been caught out!!  It's the 17th October and in two days it is Christmas Cake Day!  Some of you will know about this - it is a personal tradition of mine.  When Mum was still with us, she always started making the annual family Christmas cake on her birthday, October the 19th.  When I took over the responsibility, I carried on with this.  So today I need to dig out the recipe I use (Delia's, adapted) and do a stock check as I don't think I have enough of everything I need.  Then I must go to Morrisons and fill the ingredient gaps, dig out the appropriate cake tin and generally be prepared.  It's a two day process and Wednesday will be devoted to prepping the fruit and putting it all in to steep in Cointreau (which I use instead of brandy).

Well, I do seem to have rambled on way too much so I'll stop now.  (did I hear a muffled cheer???).  Have a really good Monday and I hope everything goes smoothly and happily for you.  Stay well and stay safe.  xx

Sunday 16 October 2022


Morning, everyone.  It's not been a great night's sleep what with aches and coughs and snuffles so please forgive any negativity that may creep in!  :-)
I have no idea of the weather but I'm going to stay in and have a snuggly PJ day so it really doesn't matter (to me, I mean).  

Yesterday started with a trip to M&S for veg and a few other bits and bobs and then across the car park to Aldi for other bits and bobs.  Just a tip - M&S butter is really great value at the moment - £1.65 (I think that's what it was).  I don't use butter all that much nowadays but, with Christmas coming up, I got three packs which are now in the freezer.  

I finished the C2C hottie cover and, despite some obvious 'iffy' bits, I'm rather pleased with it.  At least it fits which is more than you can say for my first effort!
It's a really nice stitch, the C2C thing and I really like the effect you get from a self striping yarn.  None of the patterning was organised in the slightest, it's just how it came out.

Thanks to Eileen for letting me know where the accessibility problems are with the background picture.  I never use my phone so had no idea that the white background doesn't happen on mobiles.  Later on today, I will have another look and see if I can tone the photo down a bit.  If that doesn't help, I'll have to think again - presumably, the 'water' photo I had before didn't cause such problems.

I did enjoy Strictly yesterday although I think they are currently marking much too high (not that I'm any kind of expert) and are going to have to tighten up soon. The dancing is very good though.
I know who I think should go but you never can tell!  Do you watch it?  
(no spoilers for a couple of days but after that . . .)

Today, as I said above, is going to be a snuggly, gentle, restful, stay in my PJs sort of day.  I have dug out the Covonia from the cupboard and have honey and lemon to hand.  I'm feeling a bit miserable so am reminding myself of how lucky I am to have a cosy, safe, warm home with comfortable chairs, enough medication, books, magazines, telly to watch and friends to call on if I do need anything.  That cheers me up no end.
It's definitely just a cold and, maybe, getting it over good and early will mean a heathy winter to come.

Have a super Sunday, everyone.  Take care, stay well and be happy.  xx

Saturday 15 October 2022


Good morning, everyone.  It's another early start but nowhere near as early as some days this week and, apart from a short wakey spell, I've had a great night's sleep.

Thank you for your comments yesterday.  I enjoyed learning and using the C2C crochet stitch although I've made a bit of a hash at joining up the sides of the hottie cover.  However, seeing as the only person that will see it is me, I think I can live with it (apart from all of you when I post a photo after it's finished, of course!!!).

Some of you said you have made things using this stitch - I'd be very interested in what.  Please do say in the comments.

I enjoyed my walk to and from the SW group yesterday although I was feeling  rather breathless by the time I got home.  That's the cold - it's a short walk, all on the flat and I'm not * that * unfit so no other reason for breathlessness really.  Group was good - I lost a bit of poundage and I won the raffle.  Yay!
The new magazine was there - Jen gives me one each month as a thank you for being on the Social Team although I would buy it anyway.  It's a Nov/Dec issue and there's some really interesting looking recipes in it which I am looking forward to trying - whatever else might be right or wrong about SW (and I know it doesn't suit everyone), it has some fantastic recipe ideas and so many of them.

I spent the rest of the day resting, mostly, reading, knitting, crocheting and watching iPlayer.  I've been binge watching Simon Reeve's series of travels through the Americas (both enjoyable and very thought provoking) as well as some old QIs.

Today starts with a weekend shop in M&S and Aldi - M&S for the fruit and veg and Aldi for pretty much the rest.  I've started getting a few festive things in each week and both shops always have interesting Christmas stuff.  I don't get crisps, biscuits or other 'snacky' stuff as I can't be trusted to leave them alone until the proper time but getting things like interesting stuffing mixes and so on is quite helpful to spread the financial load.

Once I'm home and everything is away, the rest of the day is mine.  I still feel quite rough in a coldy sort of way so don't feel the least bit guilty about being so lazy.  Yet another Good Thing about being old and retired is that it is easy to put oneself first.  It will be very much like yesterday really.

What are your plans for today?   Have a good one and stay safe.  xx

Friday 14 October 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  It's a dry, cool start to the day after quite a pleasant day yesterday.  So far, this has been a lovely Autumn.

Thank you for your kind comments yesterday.  A cold is a cold, isn't it?  It's not nice but neither is it particularly 'dangerous' (usually) so I look forward to picking up again soon with thankfulness that in the meanwhile I can take things easy without causing too much hassle to anyone else.  :-)

I was able to have my quiet day yesterday and also to have my chat with Chris after all.  Her plans had to change so we went online and had a good old natter about exciting things like new babies.  I'll take the blanket, etc, round to her next week so they can take it with them when they next visit.

I looked online for a 'corner to corner' crochet stitch that I saw on Etsy, I think, and found it on YouTube (how would we manage without YouTube to teach us things like that) so I think I will use it to make another hottie cover - well, it is worth a try and it will be much easier to get a good fit.  Not being a particularly experience crochet-er, it is another stitch I have never come across before and it's always nice to add to ones repertoire of stitches.

As well as that, I am working on another 'Elmer' jumper, this one in a larger size and destined for the Sally Army drop off point.  It's a way of working through my stash and doing a bit of something helpful at the same time and it keeps my fingers and brain a bit busy.    They say activities like knitting and crochet help to keep the brain engaged and working and mine probably needs all the help it can get!  I haven't dropped off the practise blanket yet and will probably wait until I have a little pile of things (I'm doing another clothes sort out too).

Today looks like being another gentle day which is just as well.  I slept brilliantly last night but woke feeling woozy and headachey (three cheers for aspirin, etc) but that's just the cold making its presence known, nothing bad.
It's Slimming World first thing and after than I need to come home and do a general tidy up for the cleaners after which I can rest and chill for pretty much the rest of the day, Kindle open, telly on and knitting needles out.
It's a good old life.

Take care, everyone, and have a great day.  xx

Thursday 13 October 2022


 Good morning and happy Thursday to everyone.  I'm up really early after a poor night's sleep but should get plenty of opportunity to snooze through the day, thankfully.
It's raining at the moment but doesn't feel particularly chilly and Beeb says it should clear up in a few hours round here.

I did my covid test and it's fine, so I just have a stonking cold.  Give it a couple more days and I should be fine again; the sniffles are just starting and when that happens, the aches and sore throat start to ease and one starts feeling loads better, albeit a bit disgusting.

After an exchange of messages with Lindsey and given that her son had been unwell overnight, we decided to make personal training an online session.  I have several useful fitness bits and bobs - weights, resistance bands, a balance plate, etc, plus an exercise bike and Lindsey is great at devising exercise from what's available so I felt I was worked just as hard at home yesterday as I am at her studio, with the added bonus of some new ideas for my own home sessions.

I also messaged Chris suggesting that we make our chat online this week but she and Steve are hoping to visit New Arrival so the chat wasn't going to happen anyway.  That's fine; I'm rather glad to have the whole day to myself.

I dug out some granny squares I had made earlier and set to to create a hottie cover.  It went well and looks great (I'll try to remember a photo tomorrow) but it's just too big.  At least now I know so today I'll give another one a go and see if I can make it fit properly this time.  It looks really nice, just too long, and it's too complicated to undo.  

I got all the ironing done, so I was pleased about that.  So today, apart from a walk (or drive, depending on the weather) round to Morrisons to pick up some meds and get some peppers (I get through so many peppers!!), I can have a gentle and restful day, catching up on sleep as much as necessary.

So that's today.  Nice and easy with my Kindle, my crafting and maybe a few old sessions of QI or similar.
Have a good day yourself and stay well.  xx

Wednesday 12 October 2022


 Good morning, all.  How is it Wednesday already?  I swear it was Sunday yesterday!  And we're only a few days away from half way through October.  Oh, my goodness!

Blogger is weird again.  I checked my comments this evening for spam (as I did this morning) and there were two.  But they were both from me, one an answer to someone at the start of the holiday so a fortnight ago and one made before then.  Why have they suddenly appeared in my spam and why so late?   So if I appear to have not replied, apologies but maybe I have and they will emerge in several weeks' time!  I do try to reply to everyone.

In the interests of keeping warm this winter without turning up the heating, I had a look at my hot water bottle and decided it was no longer fit for purpose (it was VERY old, to be fair), so I bought a couple of new ones (one for me and one for any guests I might have) and now I'm going to use some of my granny squares to put together a cover.  It looks simple enough!  Actually, I might make two, one from granny squares and one using Tunisian crochet squares.  Or I could do a selection of side to side stitches that I learned making the blanket.  Maybe I need another hot water bottle?   
It'll also help to use up my stash too  - win-win!

Hot water bottles take me right back to my childhood - do they have that effect on you too?  Only ours were wrapped in old pillow cases rather than purpose made covers.

I also found a nice set of Elmer books, not shockingly expensive, to go with the jumper so that's New Baby's Christmas present sorted out.  I must just sew the buttons on and make some little loops at the back for them.

Yesterday went well.  Groove was fun and it looked like everyone was there - it's always nice to have a full house.
I got two loads of washing done and dried but didn't start the ironing.  I'm not feeling 100% - just a cold coming, I hope, although I will test later on this morning before going to circuits.  It's just aches, a sore throat and increasing sniffles and paracetamol, etc, is helping.  I suppose I am overdue for a cold - I haven't had a good one in ages.
How times have changed.  I feel in honour bound to test when a cold starts, 'just in case'.  It used to just be making sure one had enough tissues in ones bag!

Today is just another Wednesday.  Personal training, assuming the test is negative and Lindsey doesn't mind me turning up with a cold.  If she does, maybe it could be online instead.

(Edit:  We're having an online session - her son was up in the night with v & d so best to keep our bugs to ourselves really - sharing is not always the kindest thing to do!)

What with the ironing and the need to sort out some of my cupboard space (or lack of), I have plenty to keep me occupied so that's good.  I might even have a tidier home by the end of the day!

What are your plans for today?  xx


Tuesday 11 October 2022


 Good morning, everyone.  I'm sat here wearing my long, pink, not-oodie feeling cosy and warm.  The house feels neither warm nor cold at the moment which, I guess, is how it ought to be, although the Beeb forecast says it's near freezing point outside.  Yesterday, the rain had cleared by around ten, the sun came out and it was another lovely Autumn day and today looks like being sunny too.  No complaints here!

Yesterday went well.  I did some loads of washing and they are now waiting to be ironed or put away.  Circuits was great and, while I ached rather yesterday evening, it's all fine again this morning.
After the class, I changed at Lindsey's and then went on to Sainsbury's as it's not far away from hers.  Sainsbury's has a really good choice of cards, gift bags, etc (Morrisons definitely doesn't!) and I have a few baby gifts to wrap and a card to send, don't I?

I popped out to the top of the cul de sac where a neighbour's wall is covered with leaves - I think it is called Boston Ivy but could be wrong - that are just starting to turn red to take a few photos; one now provides the background to this blog.  As Autumn progresses, they turn deep, intense shades of red before they all drop off and become a nuisance.

Today looks to be more of the same really - not shopping but everything else.  There's a load of coloureds in the washing machine as I type and one more load waiting so the ironing basket will need dealing with later on.
It's Groove first thing so a great start to the day.  Apart from that, there is nothing in the diary so I can do a bit of clearing and tidying, maybe.  I'll see how I feel.

Have a great day, everyone, and enjoy any fine weather you have.  xx

Monday 10 October 2022


 Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Monday, first day of the new week. 

First of all, thanks to Sue for helping me work out how I can add my own image as a background.  The route was slightly different but once I found Background Image, it was fine.
Now I need to find a suitable photo from my files.  I have plenty for Christmas but none of my own for Autumn so maybe a photo walk is in the pipeline - or go onto my laptop and dig out a photo from my holiday - yes, that might work.   For now, I've just used an old photo from Hyde Hall.  Thanks, Sue, much appreciated.

As expected, by around ten yesterday morning, I was so weary I sat down and went to sleep.  I felt much better after that.
In the afternoon, I went round to Beth's and had a nice chat, which was lovely.
The evening, of course, was taken up with Strictly.  No spoilers but that was a surprise!
I did a lot of knitting too.

I got a text from my friend, Chris.  The much looked forward to baby, her first grandchild, has arrives.  A little boy, healthy and feeding well - that's all I know but what a happy event.  I really much get wrapping paper, etc, for the blanket, etc, now.

So it was a pretty quiet day but a really nice one.

Today, I have circuits but that's about it so I'll give the house a bit of a blitz, do some gardening and maybe take the camera out for a walk!  :-)

A short one today.  Have a lovely day and stay safe and happy.  xx

Sunday 9 October 2022


Morning, everyone.  I was up at stupid o'clock this morning after a very restless night indeed.  I have no idea why as I was proper tired yesterday evening.  Maybe it was an over-active brain after such a sociable afternoon and early evening, I don't know.  The important thing is that I have an 'empty' morning so if I need to nap, I can.

Yesterday was lovely.

First of all, both my oodies (one isn't the real deal) arrived yesterday.  I'm wearing the long one as I type and it is cosy and comfortable.  I'm so pleased.
One of you was asking about the length - I'm sorry, I can't remember who and can't find the comment.  It's fine - in the photo on Amazon, it shows as calf length but for me at 5'4" , it comes down to nearly ankle length but not quite.  It's a perfect length, not too long but long enough.  Hope that helps.
Here's the link to it - definitely not a proper oodie brand quality but cheaper and it works for me.

The other lovely thing was L's wedding.  There were six of us from school - the three teachers are all retired while the three TAs are still digging on in there!  The weather was gorgeous and it was a proper 'Essex' wedding.  Not the least bit posh but funny and friendly and comfortable.  The families clapped the two readers in the service, the groom cracked jokes from the front, there was a free bar at the reception, it was a home made buffet, all beige and pastry with a huge stack of doughnuts instead of a cake, no speeches and we all had a really lovely time.  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way - it was perfect for L and S.

One of the readings was a sort of poem and I'm going to reproduce it at the end because, soppy as it is, it really touched me.

I took some photos but most of them are rubbish.  Here's the best one, of the lovely bride.  She looked stunning.

The funniest part for us from school was the way certain teenage lads kept giving us sidelong glances and tried to avoid catching our eye.  I had several of them in Y1 or 4, as did H and S in different years (the three of us retired at the same time).  The other funny thing was the double takes I am still getting from people.  One ex mum just couldn't believe her eyes and kept saying so - loudly.

I didn't stay all evening.  It was getting dreadfully noisy and my hearing aids didn't like it one bit.

Today is an easy day.  I might go over to Beth's this afternoon, if that is OK by her, and there's a pretty strong chance I will snooze at some point this morning too.
What are you doing today?  xx

This is the poem.


Maybe . . .
We are supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.

Maybe . . . 
It is true that we don't know what we have got until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives.

Maybe . . .
The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of what comes their way.

Maybe . . .
The best kind of love is the kind where you can sit on a sofa together and never say a word and then walk away feeling it was the best conversation you've even had.

Maybe . . .
You shouldn't go for looks - they can deceive.  Don't go for wealth, even that fades away.  Go for someone who makes you smile because it only takes a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

Maybe . . .
You should hope for enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human and enough hope to make you happy.

Maybe . . .
Love is not about finding the perfect person, it is about learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

Saturday 8 October 2022


Morning everyone.  It's Saturday and it is a glorious start to the day  I'm so pleased because today a friend is getting married and the forecast couldn't be better.  It makes me very glad for her.

Yesterday was busy but happy.  
It started with Slimming World which was great fun even though the weigh in was not the best ever (slight understatement there).  Then I dashed home to finish off getting ready for my friend coming round.

I haven't seen C since before lockdown.  Then, we had a meet up planned which we had to cancel and we never got round to arranging another so we had so much to talk about, we didn't stop from arrival to departure.  It was lovely and we agreed to have another one soon.
C was my student at one point and then she got her first post at 'my' school.  Well over a decade, probably nearer two decades and three children later, she's still there, working two days a week doing PPA cover so there's a lot of common ground.

C left when the cleaners arrived and I grabbed my shopping list and went to Morrisons.  The bill was a bit eye watering but that was because not only did I treat myself to a small joint of lamb for tomorrow, I got a nice bottle of special bubbly for the bride and groom today.  I have no idea what L wants - they are not a young couple and already have everything needed to continue their lives together and I know L likes bubbly so . . .

So today I am chilling this morning and off to a wedding and reception early this afternoon.  None of it is too far away but far enough to drive so that stops me drinking - which is a Good Thing!  Several old colleagues will be there too which will be lovely.  L used to work at the school and she and I worked together for a number of years.

I think today will be a very happy day indeed.  I hope yours is too.  xx

Friday 7 October 2022


Good morning, everyone!  It's still dark (at half past six!!) but it doesn't feel particularly cold and the forecast is OK with showers not expected until this evening.  Yesterday was lovely and sunny - absolutely beautiful for October.

As expected, I didn't do an awful lot yesterday but I did do something I have been thinking about for ages - I bought a camping stove and some gas cylinders.
This may sound silly but, with the spectre of possible power cuts hanging over us, it is reassuring to have something that means I can heat food and water.  Only a single ring, I know, but one pots are fine.  The kitchen is well ventilated with a very efficient fan so it will be OK with care.
Obviously, I am hoping it won't be needed but it's nice to feel ready
If it's not terribly cold or wet (or both), I also have my Cobb to use outside.

Apart from that, I spent some time in the kitchen making lunch for today as an ex-colleague friend is coming around for lunch.  It will be so nice to see her again and I'm looking forward to catching up on everything.

Before then, it is Slimming World and my first weigh in for three weeks - so not looking forward to that but it will be nice to see everyone again.

And right now I need to finish my social mediating, get the kitchen sorted and do just a bit more prepping for lunch so I'm keeping this short and sweet.   Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx

Thursday 6 October 2022


Good morning, everyone.  I slept until after seven this morning which is most unusual!  Goodness knows why but I feel loads brighter this morning.
The sun is shining and there's a bit of a breeze; my fingers are crossed that it stays this way because it didn't yesterday.  Yesterday had a bit of sun but then it got darker and darker and by the time I came out of personal training it was drizzling which then turned into some pretty heavy rain for a while.  
So fingers are crossed for today.

Yesterday was just a really weird feeling day.  I'm not sure why, it just was.  It didn't start well loosing my blog post and I just felt a bit off beam for the rest of the day.

Personal training went OK though.  I've decided I need to up my exercise levels on the days I don't have an organised class and that, for me, is to work out a programme of short exercises such as squats, plank, balance stuff to do for about five minutes several times each day.  That would be manageable.  Exercise helps me keep on track in other ways too.

It was so nice to be back at the Governors' meeting again.  There were a few familiar faces but several newbies and it has changed a bit in format - for the better, I think.
They seemed to take it as a done deal that the trustees would approve my application which was nice.  
Next time, I must remember to take my laptop with me as everyone else seemed to be doing - well, laptops or tablets - as it will save on printing out sheets and sheets of paperwork.

Something that did cheer me up yesterday was noticing that my confused dahlia is looking quite nice at the moment - obviously there was no frost here last week.
Pretty, isn't she?

Today, there's absolutely nothing in the diary which is great because tomorrow is quite busy and I need to blitz the house today.

Apart from housework, I will be making up a Simply Cook recipe, the Mexican Pork One Pot, as I have a friend round for lunch tomorrow and, after dithering over what to provide, decided this would be nice with a side salad.  There's bound to be some left over for a third portion but, if not, no problem!
If I feel like it, I might do some pulling up of garden stuff and getting it into the brown bin.  The remaining tomatoes are simply not starting to ripen at all so I will bring them inside and let them sit on a tray for a while.  Maybe some will but I will chutnify the rest.

Have a lovely day, everyone, whatever your plans are.  xx

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Wednesday - second try

 Morning, everyone.  I wrote today's blog and posted it but, somehow, it seems to have disappeared.  I must have done something silly along the way!  A bit of a nuisance really but here's blog mark two!

It was chilly and dull, then the sun came out for a time but now it is dull again and there's a stiff breeze.  I'm not sure how warm it actually is but if it's like yesterday, it will be very variable and my layers went on and off several times.

Groove was good and I didn't find it as hard as I expected so that's good.

When the window man came (can't remember his name but he called me 'Dave's Mum' anyway!!), he looked, listened, measured and will send me a quote.  No planning permission needed, phew.

I went online and investigated and now I have an Oodie heading my way.  I'd have appreciated one this morning when I woke stupidly early.

Today I have personal training and then, later on, I am attending the governors' meeting as an 'invited guest' so I had better keep my mouth shut and just listen.

Apart from that, it is just a normal sort of doing-not-a-lot day so housework, crafting and I do want to go through my winter knits as there are some I didn't wear last year and I know others could benefit from them.

Have a really good day and stay warm!  xx


Tuesday 4 October 2022

Tuesday - and it's finished (nearly)

 Morning, everyone.  After a dry, dull and somewhat humid day yesterday, today looks to be very similar.  No little sunshine icons or the chart but no rain or wind either so let's be thankful for small mercies!

Yesterday was a finishing off day.

I finished off the washing so the baskets are now almost empty (yesterday's stuff is now in, of course).
I finished the ironing so the ironing basket is now empty (three cheers).
I finished catching up on 'It Takes Two'.  Now I need to catch up on last week's House of Games.

And I finished the Elmer jumper - apart from the button. There were such an awful lot of loose ends to sew in but it was definitely fun to knit and I might do another, a bigger size, to pop in the Salvation Army drop off point.  I have little bits and bobs of lots of yarn that are no good for bigger things but fin for a couple of squares.

I do hope they like it.  It looks short and, therefore, wide but it is for a little baby and their clothes are short!

(Thank you so much, by the way, to Joan who offered to send me an elephant button if I couldn't find one.  That's so kind and I will let you know if I need to accept your kind offer.  xx)

It was great to get back to circuits.  All the walking last week helped in that I managed the exercise bike without getting all puffed; I'm a bit stiff from other stuff but the bike is my bugbear and I'm glad that was easier.

Today starts with Groove, then I have loadsa housework before sitting down with some more knitting. 

Late afternoon, son, Dave, has organised someone to come and look at my kitchen window with a view to maybe replacing it with a bay window, just to give the front a bit of interest - the front of my house is, frankly, rather boring to look at.  It's just a thought at present really and I might have to get planning permission which sounds equally boring!!

 And that's about it really.  Just a usual sort of day (apart from the window).
How about you?  Doing anything exciting?  xx

Monday 3 October 2022

Monday and back to normal again

Hi, everyone, and welcome to Monday!  After a dull start, the weather picked up and it was another lovely Autumnal day round here.  It's so nice to freshen the place with the windows open - I make the most of it while I can!

Things are pretty much back to normal now.  The washing basket is empty - not so the ironing basket, but it will be soon!  There are piles of clutter around.  There's knitting scattered round my recliner, even more messy that usual because it is vari-coloured.  And it is back to circuits today!

I had a lovely time with Alex over lunch yesterday and a good old chat.  He does like a roast dinner and it's a good excu . . . I mean reason . . . to have one.  Yesterday it was a chicken crown I found reduced several weeks ago and it was jolly nice although the problem with crowns is that there's precious little carcass to boil up for stock afterwards.

So different from the Christmas turkey.  Yes, it is that time of year now, isn't it.  Alex and I both decided that we want a proper turkey for Christmas this year so I went on to the Kelly's of Danbury site and ordered one of their lovely organic, free range turkeys.  I also splashed out on a couple of packs of their turkey sausages as a trial.  I've not had them before but they are good and lean and I'm hoping they will be well seasoned and tasty.
I'm not sure how many we will be for Christmas day yet but I'll have four guests on Boxing Day and they know they are having a Christmas Dinner.  And there will be all the lovely leftover meat for the freezer and loads of home made stock.
What's not to love, eh?

That's something crossed off the Festive List!

By dint of very hard work (!!!), I managed to catch up with Strictly.  No spoilers but I'm not surprised at the outcome.  Because of wall to wall recordings (and aren't the first shows LONG!!!), I also got on well with the knitting and the Elmer jumper is now almost finished.  It has an opening at the back and I want to find some little elephant buttons.  I'm sure I have seen some, somewhere.

Today is normal.  Ironing, food prep, more ironing and a circuits session in the middle of the day.  And knitting - when I have finished the Elmer jumper, I want to start a pair of socks using one of the yarns I got at the Cromford Mill shops.  Must keep my fingers occupied!

What do you do to keep your fingers busy - or don't you need to?  :-)  Have a lovely day, whatever your plans.  Stay well and be happy!  xx

Sunday 2 October 2022

Sunday and what I am knitting right now

A couple of garden happies . . .

The one apple from the new Braeburn tree.  There were three but the other two fell off unripe.  I did try them and urgh!!  This doesn't seem to want to come off quite yet but it can't be long!
The tomato season really is over now.  There were a few fruits ripening when I got home but not nearly as many as I'd hoped and there are some green ones that are obstinately staying green.  

I am going to look out for a green tomato and apple chutney recipe, hopefully well spiced.  I probably already have one in the appropriate folder - I know Sue sent me a good one but I'm not sure that features apples as well and green tomatoes.

(These are the not-Sungolds and I wish I knew what they are because they were really lovely )

Anyway - good morning, everyone.  I'm so behind things this morning having slept until past seven and then pottering about.  After a gloriously warm and sunny day yesterday, today is dull and damp and a bit chilly again.  Oh, well, at least yesterday was gorgeous!

Suzanne set off back home round the M25 yesterday but the journey wasn't great.  What neither of us had remembered was that there was a rail strike starting and the M25 was very, very busy.  She got home eventually and, like me, set off to stock up again.

I went to Sainsbury's where I found pretty much everything I wanted except for some pak choi; Suzanne had brought some on holiday and I, who has never knowingly eaten any, really liked it.  I stopped off at Morrisons on the way back and they had some there.

The first load of washing had done by the time I got home so I hung that out, put in the next load and started putting the food, etc, away.  Then I sat down, got out my knitting and started catching up on all the telly and YouTube stuff.  Would you believe we didn't turn on the TV once all week?

I may have said last week, I can't remember, that I had started knitting a little jumper, 18" chest, using some of the yarn I got at the summer festival but I realised I didn't quite have enough yarn so undid it and started a different pattern.  This is the finished product and I'm very happy with it.  It was not challenging but I could knit and chat easily.

This was the first pattern, a really old one that Mum and I shared and used many a time.  It's one of those usefully adaptable patterns that goes from 18" to 30" chest and very easy to make larger.

Mum used to make jumpers for refugee children and for other charities that requested such things and often used this pattern.  It holds memories.
Anyway, once home I thought about it, remembered that I had a fair amount of yarn left from the crocheted blanket and had what I considered a couple of mini brainwaves.

The first was to use that yarn, make it for the expected babe and pop it in with the blanket but it would be a while before it could be worn (it is a while before they are 18" size) and anyway I already have several little items as well as the blanket.

And then I remembered Elmer.  You must know of Elmer the Elephant.  The books were a great favourite in my classrooms.  So I'm doing this and I'm going to hunt out either a cheap set of Elmer books or the first one in the set, put them together and that's Christmas sorted.  I know beyond any doubt that books will be treasured and valued in that family.

So here we are - this is the front and I'm well into the back.  It is a pattern that grows quickly and I'm doing the size 18" so it's not huge anyway.  Hopefully, it will be unique too.

Today started late and is continuing very lazily but Alex is definitely round for Sunday lunch and I'm doing a roast chicken dinner.  Apart from that, I am hoping to carry on catching up with telly, especially Strictly.  I watcher the start up programme and last week's one while yesterday's was recording and am trying to avoid spoilers.  I can knit at the same time or I can do some ironing at the same time ( but not all three )!

How do you spend your Sundays?  Busy, lazy, staying in, going out of a mixture.  Or maybe you have to work?
Whichever it is, I hope very much it's a good day for you.  xx

Saturday 1 October 2022

Saturday and a new month

 Good morning, one and all.  It's just starting to get light at six-twenty so I peeped outside and it is dry, the sky looks clear as far as one can tell and Beeb tells me that today is expected to be the nicest day in a while with temperatures up to 19C and wall-to-wall sunshine.  And while I am thinking of it - pinch and punch and no returns!!

Well, here I am, back home and enjoying home comforts again.  It took a while for the house to warm up after a week with no heating clicking on (no hot water either) but imagine the savings!!

Yesterday, we set off after loading the car and headed towards a surprisingly cheap petrol station to fill up before going to the Peak Shopping Village at Rowsley.  Suzanne got her trousers and I got my zip up cardigan (I intend to feel warm this winter!) in Cotton Traders.  Then we headed for what we called the smelly shop, really Wild Olive, where we bought bath bombs, melts, reed diffusers, soaps, shampoo bars, etc, etc, etc, some as gifts and some because we just wanted to.  A nice short term way to remember the holiday and definitely something(s) for my Twelve Days of Christmas collection!

Then off we set.
Now, we have been incredibly lucky with the weather all week.  There has been rain but almost always at night and the bit that fell in the day was when we were inside doing something or other.  We had a hard frost one morning but the sun was shining and it was just beautiful.  It was cold but we had layers and Suzanne, who feels the cold very much, had brought her gloves.  The weather didn't stop us doing anything we wanted to do.
Anyway, we set off and it was very cloudy and damp and soon we found ourselves in low cloud which made driving a bit tricky but by the time we had descended to Chesterfield, we were out of the clouds and all was clear.
And it stayed clear and it stayed dry.  There was a bit of a wind but no wet stuff.  We got home, unloaded, popped out to top up with petrol so we could work out how much I owed Suzanne for petrol and, I kid you not, the moment we got back in the house, the heavens opened, the wind blew a mini-gale and it was very unpleasant indeed for a while.

As for the journey itself - all your vibes, etc, must have been powerful because it was totally trouble free, no holdups whatsoever.  The M1 was very busy but no problems.  Phew and thank you.

We stopped off at a MacDonald's service station (I know!! - but it was there and Suzanne needed a break anyway) for lunch and noted that the petrol was a shocking 26p more per litre - TWENTY SIX PENCE - than the station we used on the Peaks.  I was concerned as to how much it would be down here but it was only 1p more.  Phew.  That's a dreadful mark up, isn't it?

I didn't take any photos yesterday but I'm going to put together a few summary posts or photos from last week.
I have had a splendid time.  I always enjoy my holidays and am fine about holidaying alone but it was so nice to have a friend along too.  Suzanne was very happy to drive and I was very happy to cook, meal prep, etc so it all worked out very easily.  Suzanne is setting off on the last part of her journey around the M25 after breakfast and I need to do a food shop before I have a couple of chilled days.

I have to apologise - I haven't been keeping up with many of your blogs this last week.  Once Suzanne has set off for her home, I will devote a few hours to catching up and commenting here and there.  I'll be back up to speed again soon, I am sure.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my holiday entries.  The Peak District really is a very lovely place to visit and so varied with plenty to see and do.  If you're lucky enough to be able to go out of term time (smug smile!), it's not too crowded either, most of the time.
I am definitely going back again next year.  I just have to decide when and get myself a cottage.  I like catering for myself and there's the Chatsworth Farm Shop - lovely place - to treat myself to a few specials.

Have a good day, everyone.  Doing anything different or exciting on this first day of October?

And finally - can anyone tell me what a dongle is and how it works, please?  xx