Friday 31 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.
What a day it was yesterday!  Non-stop from beginning to end, I got to bed just before midnight and at four this morning I was awake and raring to go!  I think a daytime sleep will be a good idea.

After dropping Al off and feeding the cats, I drover over to Billericay to pick up J and take her to the dentist.  Then we went to a local garden centre I have never visited.  I will go back - it's a very good one with loads of healthy plants and a very wide range of other garden things.  We decided to have lunch there and I had a favourite, brie, bacon and cranberry baguette.  It was delicious.  Then it was another round of the plants to pick up a few things we had spotted earlier.  I was very restrained but found a lilac geranium that should look very nice in my middle bed.

J had brought a book to read while I picked up Alex and then we had an early dinner before heading off for town to see the live stream of Madama Butterfly from the Royal Opera House.  It was a splendid performance, very 'tight' and dramatic and heartbreaking at the end.  Some excellent acting all round (unlike Idomineo last week) and, of course, the music was superb.

After that I drove J home and arrived home after eleven.

Today I have quite a lot of things to catch up on as well as that catch-up sleep that I know will be necessary at some point.  No peace for the wicked!  Have a lovely day and, if you have sunshine, enjoy it!

Thursday 30 March 2017


For the first time this week, I am writing this when it is still dark.  I think I've got over the clocks changing!  I have no idea of the weather, having not looked out yet, but I gather the weekend is supposed to be glorious, my new planters have arrived (and were made up and ready) and I can feel a garden blitz coming on, especially if the sun shines.

They are lovely planters, a bit bigger than I expected so I need to stock up with soil as there's definitely not enough compost to cope.  I've been thinking of this year's vegetables, as most folk with a garden have, and I'm pondering on turning one of the planters over to a yellow courgette, if Dad can give me a seedling or if I can buy one.

The planters were a bit of a test really, to see if they 'went' in the garden.  They looked nice in the garden centre but you do need to see these things in situ.  Now I am satisfied, I think I might invest in a few more of different shape, for carrots and things like radishes and salad leaves.
If all that goes ahead, I will be growing runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries, courgettes, carrots, radishes and salad leaves.  Really not bad for a very small garden.

Yesterday was a very pleasant day.  After dropping Alex off at school and feeding the cats, I went shopping and treated myself to the DVD of Fantastic Beasts.  I was very restrained (had to be - lack of time) and didn't watch it yesterday, I won't have time to watch it today and tomorrow is looking a bit crowded, so I will save it for a weekend treat.

I cooked the casserole to dinner tonight and then went off to school to do my duty and to say my goodbyes to a member of staff who is leaving.  Very sad: she will be missed indeed.  The I picked Al up before getting ready to go out to school early evening for the show.

And it was brilliant.  It was the Y3/4 Easter show and they did a musical about David and Goliath.  I enjoyed it so much.  I taught all of Y4, one class as Y1s and the other class was my last ever class as Y2s.  One of the nice things about teaching the younger ones is that you get to know them early and see them work their way up through the school.  Two more years and one term and all 'my' classes will have left and gone on to secondaries.  I wonder if that will lessen the ties I feel with the school.

Well, today is a busy and enjoyable day (I hope) and there's lots to do, so I'd better stop rambling and get moving!

Wednesday 29 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's dull again, but mild and maybe it will turn out like yesterday when the sun broke through and it was rather pleasant.

Today (and tomorrow) are going to be extremely busy days so this will be a quick one.  As well as Al and the cats, I have a responsibility at school that I must fulfil, some shopping to do and a meal to make for tomorrow evening because there's no way I will be able to make it tomorrow.

Roll on the weekend when things calm down a bit!

Tuesday 28 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's dull and cloudy here but the mist is lifting, thank goodness, and the buds are breaking open all over the place.  Bee-yoo-tiful.

I set the alarm today after the clocks changed and the bad night I had and I'm glad I did because, for once, I slept right up to it.  It would never have done to sleep in and I have to take Al to school this week and also feed Beth's cats.  All that is done now so the morning is my own.

It's nice having Alex staying.  He's a lovely lad and very little trouble.  Having said that, he remembered yesterday that he had to pick up some meds which caused a bit of a panic until we worked out that I could pick him up over the lunch break so he can get to the chemist next to the surgery, where they will be waiting for him.

Just along from his school is a very nice garden centre so when I've dropped him off, that's where I will go for a pleasant look round.  I might even buy something nice, you never know.  I have got to get some large plastic pots anyway!  Lathcoats is over the road and I need some more milk so that's a perfect opportunity to pop in there too.  :-)  Al is having a driving lesson so won't be back at mine until five o'clock.

That's my day all planned out.  I just hope it all comes together well.  Yours too - have a good one!

Monday 27 March 2017


Very sorry for the late post and good afternoon.

I've been away for the weekend and, unfortunately, last night wasn't a good night with painful tummy cramps that prevented me sleeping.  As a result I was up late and have not long arrived home.  Never mind - it's good to be home again and I can get an early night.

When I arrived home, there was an email telling me that my suite is being delivered back this afternoon (good news) and what I now have to pay (not such good news).
I'd already cancelled school as I have no wish to spread whatever it is I might have but had to contact them because I need to leave the house at some point to pick Alex up from school as he is staying with me this week.  Fortunately, they can deliver earlier.  I hope I like what they've done.  It's one thing to pick a swatch, quite another to see it large scale on furniture that you liked before (apart from the tattiness).

It's been a pleasant weekend.  There was the live link opera, as I mentioned, plus the garden centre visit and plenty of opportunity to sit, chat and snooze.  The weather has been beautiful and, despite a gloomy start, today has turned out to be gorgeous as well.

I hope you are all having a pleasant day.  Back tomorrow!

Sunday 26 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Did you remember to put your clocks back last night?  We did here, although there's always something that catches one out, isn't there?

Yesterday, Mum and I went for a stroll around the local garden centre.  It is a beautifully organised place with pathways meandering around and various stopping points including bridges over a stream, a cascading set of ponds and a very sunny spot for garden furniture.  The purpose of going was for Mum to choose a plant for Mothering Sunday (which she did), but it's always good for a gentle walk around, without any specific reason.  I think I have found the garden furniture and planters I want too.  The company is called AFK and I love the style of their painted things.  I have ordered three planters in different colours (the three on the back row of the photo) because I think I want to get one of their 'abours' but am not sure of the colour.

I particularly liked the sage green but am not sure it would go with the green of my fence.  It doesn't matter with a planter but it would with a gazebo.  The blue is nice but no and the grey would be too dark.

If the green one goes, this would be what I would go for (the two planters are extra).  I like it because it is unfussy and uncluttered, it's comfortable (Mum and I spent a good 20 - 30 minutes sitting in one and chatting) and the simple lines won't be too much in my small garden.

It comes flat packed, as do the planters, so I would be calling on Beth for help to put it together.

After dragging ourselves away from the garden centre, we stopped off at the health food shop on the way home to get various bits and bobs for Dad and I grabbed another pack of the dried yeast I like to use which comes in a rectangular bag rather in sachets which I refuse to buy because they are way too expensive!

Late afternoon and evening was taken up with a trip to the opera.
No, not as posh as it sounds.  It was one of those live link showings that are a great way of making opera more accessible.
We went to see Idomineo.  The music, being Mozart, was glorious, of course, although operas are not my favourite genre of music and I don't really go for the operatic voice too much.  The story line, as with many operas, was just plain silly, and there were an awful lot of 'Oh, poor little me' type arias and some terribly ham acting, complete with Principle 'Boy' who was totally unconvincing as a heroic young prince who had two women head over heels in love with him, poor lady!
On the other hand, Idomineo himself and the baddy 'evil queen' were both gloriously effective!

And it didn't half go on!  Well over five hours of it (with intervals).  Thank goodness the seats were comfortable.

It was a good experience though and I will be going to another live link showing soon, this time Madama Butterfly by the Royal Opera which, hopefully, will be shorter.

I don't have any particular plan for today, just a nice, gentle, calm day with plenty of sunshine (fingers crossed).  I hope we all have a good one!

Saturday 25 March 2017


Good morning.  It's an absolutely beautiful day today - clear blue skies and wall to wall sunshine, making me feel so happy and contented.

Yesterday was also very pleasant, despite being busy.  The bread was successful, as was the lemon curd and the four pots I made have now been distributed.  That's the main problem with lemon curd - it has a short life.  Three weeks max really.  So one pot for my parents, one for Beth, one for me and l who is staying with me next week and one for the lovely Sharon who was doing my hair and Beth's yesterday morning.

Later on I ate out with Mum and Dad and , after considerable dithering, had a 'Stinky Pete', a burger with bacon and stilton, onion relish and jalapenos.  I suppose the stinky bit is the stilton.  It came with fried and coleslaw and a brioche bun and it is delicious.  No, I couldn't finish it but I did make sure I finished the burger contents, if not the bun!

Today I will be off to a live link performance of Idomineo.  It's not an opera I know much about so I will need to do a bit of research!  Sung in the original Italian, so I can't even use the songs for clues as to the plot.  I know it's a bit complicated!

Hope you all have a super day and enjoy the sunshine.

Friday 24 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Hope you are all well and happy.

Yesterday turned out pleasant after a dull, wet start.  So pleasant that I hung the washing out and when I got home from school it was dry and ready to bring in.

Yesterday was yet another pleasant day.  After some work at home, I did my bit at school and on the way out, bumped into an ex colleague who asked would I like to go and hear some year sixes singing as they were doing rather well.  Of course, I said yes, and when I walked into the classroom, they all cheered.  Wasn't that lovely?

Tuition went well again.  I won't be doing any next week as there's a school show and also I have commitments that would make it difficult, time-wise.  Then it is Easter!  Although they have been tired this week, I have noticed that all my students are coping better with  after school work towards the end of a busy term.  Good for them!

I got going early this morning.  I've made bread (which is now rising happily in the kitchen) and I'm about to make some lemon curd.  So I'd better get started . . .

Thursday 23 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's only half past five and already it is getting light.  Next week, we early wakers will notice such a difference!  It's also very wet out there: it must have been raining quite hard overnight at times.  It wasn't so bad yesterday so a bit of a change.

Apologies for yesterday.  The internet connection was down.  I knew it would be as I'd received notification about it but it was still frustrating, nonetheless.  I popped into town to get a few things and then went on to Aldi to get a few more things and when I got back it was still down.  I am far too dependent on it really but it does make life much fuller for me.

I had tuition which went well and then I was at a full governors' meeting which also went well.  I thought it was going to be a very long one but it wasn't, not at all, and it was interesting too.  I shall be sorry when I have to stand down (not for some years to come, I hope).

Today I already have a load of washing on, not that I think I will be able to dry it outside this morning but never mind.  I think I'm also going to make some lemon curd using my microwave recipe but in Thermione which makes it totally trouble free and 100% successful.  Some will be for Beth and some for my parents.

Then it's into school for Y2 and after that it is more tuition!

Should be a busy and satisfying day!

Tuesday 21 March 2017


Ooops, it seems that yesterday was the first day of spring, not today.  Well, all I can say is it seems much more spring-like this morning: the sun is shining and the skies are blue!  Yesterday was miserable for most of the day with some very heavy rain at times but then it cleared late afternoon and we had the most beautiful sunset.

I enjoyed yesterday.  It was the last Knitter Knatter of this term as next week is the last week and I fear there was more knatter than knitter about it all.  It will continue next term as it has been a quiet but resounding success.  No-one has dropped out and they all knit away furiously as the chat (usually).  They've made little containers and one girl has made a long, chunky scarf.  They have learned how to cast on and off and some can purl as well as knit.

After several efforts and prototypes, I have nearly perfected my pattern for a Barbie jumper with raglan sleeves.  I say 'nearly' because the one I made yesterday is right in every detail except that it was a bit of a struggle to get it over the head.  However, that's easily sorted.  The problem is, you can't really tell until it's finished and sewn up!
Once I have the basic design right, I can start making variations!

Yesterday morning I took a deep breath, bit the bullet and opened my wardrobe doors.  Everything came out, everything was looked at, sorted, dealt with and now I have a much smaller but more usable collection of clothes.  It's not perfect, far from it, and I need to get rational with things more, but there's a huge difference.
Then, on the way to school, I put some of the discarded clothes into the Salvation Army recycling bin and there's an armful of stuff for the Hospice Shop which I will take down there this morning.  I was sad about some things but there were two questions to ask - will I ever wear this again and do I actually want to wear this again (which are not the same thing at all!)?

I am still avoiding the cupboard under the stairs but I must be bold and brave and do something about it.  It is such wasted space at the moment.  I need to apply the same principles - will I ever use this again and do I want to ever use this again?
Wish me luck!

Today Beth is over so that means plenty of chit chat.  I have planning to prepare so we will both be busy.  Later on I have ironing that I've been putting off for a few days.  Unfortunately, it doesn't vanish when I do that so I need to grit my teeth and get going!

I got an email yesterday from the decorator who made such a good job of my bedroom.  I had asked him to quote for the living room, up the stairs and the landing, which he did and gave me a date which wasn't convenient.  It's not been set for the beginning of July which gives me time to clear some decks of junk because everything will need to be got out and put in the middle of the room on my gopak tables so he can move the furniture.  All I can say is that it'll be worth it when it's done - and to start saving!

The kettle has boiled and it's time for coffee so I will stop rambling and get going.  Have a good day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing and love to my friends who are struggling right now.

Monday 20 March 2017


The start of another new week and, officially (I think), the last day of winter!  So, of course, it is raining.  Not cold, just wet and dismal.

Mind you, yesterday turned out quite nice with sunshine at times and a refreshing breeze that persuaded me to open the French windows to air the house.

Beth came round and after lunch (jacket potato, etc, and very nice too) she got going with a bag she is making for someone and I got my knitting out.  We had a jolly good chat about this and that and the afternoon went quickly.  I spent the evening also knitting and watching things like DIY:SOS before snuggling up in bed with Scarlet Feather on my Kindle.

Today is a school day.  By that I mean Knitter Knatter, then Foundation Stage.  I've already done most of the meal prep for the day and hope to spend the morning continuing with a clothes sort out.  But first it is time for another coffee and than I must wash my hair before showing my face to anyone else.  It's getting a bit shaggy (hair, not face) but Sharon (hairdresser) is coming on Friday so that's good.

Well, better get going or nothing will be done.

Sunday 19 March 2017


Oooops - just look at the time.  Really sorry this is so late.
I have been doing stuff though - baking bread, prepping lunch for me and Beth, knitting, sorting stuff out and - er - chatting on Facebook!

Yesterday was a pretty sleepy day.  I kept nodding off over my knitting and ended up not doing an awful lot.  I still slept like a log all night, thank goodness.

Today Beth and I will be crafting after lunch and later on I will carry on sorting out stuff!  That's about it really; not terribly exciting really.

I hope your day has more ooomph!

Saturday 18 March 2017


Hello again!  There's been a bit of a change since yesterday.  It's now quite chilly, dull and with a bit of a breeze.  Interestingly, I have checked BBC weather and it's not cold - it just feels cold!  It looks as if rain is on its way but not according to the BBC - we will see, won't we?

To balance that, Spring has well and truly started to sprung and things are growing madly in my tiny patches of soil.  I've just been out to take a few photos (brrrr).

This is in the garden opposite but look at that fresh green!

The hyacinths are sending out a lovely aroma.  Such a shame it's not the weather to sit out and wallow in it.

The Japanese anemone is growing strongly.  It was a picture last year and  is sending out babies in all directions.  I shall have to be ruthless, I can see, but maybe I will replant one baby round the front where there's a bare patch.

The aquilegia always brings a splash of early colour.

I need to clear the dead leaves from the strawberry patch and then give it all a good feed.

Here's the front - the nice bit.  Just in front of this is where I will plant the anemone, I think, and I have some bulbs in pots to put there too.  MUST get round to it.

Also, in the next few weeks, it will be time to plant some seeds inside, for bringing on before planting out.  Runner beans and tomatoes, especially those Italian ones I salvaged from some tomatoes a friend gave me.  I'm going to grow tomatoes up against the fence again but I need to get some much larger pots for them.  I guess a trip to the garden centre is in order soon.

Enough garden rambling.
Yesterday was such a restful day: I stayed in all day apart from some time in the garden and when I went to put the chain on the front door last night, it was still on from the night before.  

Today is more homey stuff really.  Cleaning, tidying, creating, watching rubbish telly . . .
And very nice too.

Friday 17 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's Friday and, while not quite as sunny as recently, it's fresh and fine and bright outside.  I know the weather is due to change but, hopefully, there's time for another load of washing first!

Yesterday was lovely.  Restful, calm, peaceful and when I went into school everyone was bustling around, getting things ready for consultations with the parents, reminding me that although I loved talking with the parents, I did NOT love the rest of the package one little bit.  Another reminder of how lucky and happy I am now.

Once home, I managed to stay awake until a sensible bedtime, fell asleep over my kindle and, apart from a couple of trips down the landing, slept soundly all night, not waking until well after six this morning - which is a great lie-in for me.

Today I have kitchen stuff to get on with, some washing, drying and ironing and I need to rationalise my wardrobe which is chokka with things I am most unlikely to ever want to wear again.  The Sally Army recycling bin will be fed, I think.

So that's today.  I'd better get moving, seeing as it is half past nine and I'm not yet dressed.  Enjoy your day.

Thursday 16 March 2017


Phew.  Life returns to its now normal sedentary pace.  The last three days have been fun.  Lots of children, lots of music, running up and down stairs, making coffee, etc, etc, etc, but it is over now apart from the post mortem, and we helpers were surprised and thrilled to be given some flowers as a think you.  So kind.
I now have a number of free days in the next week that I intend to keep free so I can catch up with my own bits and bobs.

I couldn't crash when I got in as I had to go out for tuition.  There's just one session this week as it is Termly Learning Conference week at school.  They used to be called 'Consultation Evenings' but the name and the style has now changed.

However, after that I crashed and, apart from making dinner, I stayed crashed.  It was lovely but a shame there wasn't all that much on the telly.  Never mind, I social networked, knitted, read and generally relaxed.

Unfortunately, I had some upsetting dreams overnight so it is just as well I'm at home this morning.  I can catch up on sleep if I want, although I would like to get out into the garden to do some clearing.  It's a fair old mess out there at the moment!  Then I'm in school pm.  I reckon by this evening I will be more than ready to sleep soundly!

Better get moving.  It's early but I like an early start and, anyway, I need another coffee.  Have a lovely day.

Wednesday 15 March 2017


Just a quick one this morning as I need to leave earlier for the music festival - I was a bit later yesterday as I had forgotten how horrendous town can be first thing in the morning.

It's all going well; the organising adults all know what we're doing now and so there's a confidence that transmits itself to the children.

And I got the penguin music on and off at the right time, thank goodness!  It hasn't endeared me to iPhones though!

Got to go - have a good day and I'll be back tomorrow.

Tuesday 14 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's a dry, chilly morning out there and I am hoping for a fine day so I shall hang out my washing before I pop off to the music festival and keep my fingers crossed.

Yesterday was pretty hard work as we had a lot of chairs to move before the children arrived for the first of five performances of the festival 'cantata', Eddie the Penguin Saves the World, a lovely play with songs from those wonderful people at Out Of The Ark.  Once the children arrived, there was hardly time to draw breath before the workshop and then the performance started.  Today there are two performance and the same tomorrow.  We may get a free lunch or three out of it but, my word, we certainly earn them.

On arriving home, it struck me how big my living room is without the suite.  I have somewhere to sit as the old recliner isn't being recovered, it is not worth it, so that's OK.  It will be lovely to have it back again in a fortnight, as good as new and with repaired casters to make it all easy to push around again.  I bought it when Alex was a baby so the covers did get rather 'Alexed', as we called it, when he was a little one and it's been a long time in the planning and thinking, this re-covering.  For ages I thought I'd get a new suite because, after all, re-covering isn't a cheap option, but I like my suite, it's jolly comfortable and 'right' for me and there is nothing wrong with it apart from looking tatty on the outside.

When the suite is back and I have recovered (in a different sense) from the cost, I will start looking around for a new recliner and get it in a toning fabric.  I do have to replace that - it was Dad's for many years until it started showing signs of age.  He offered it to me on the understanding that it wouldn't last me very long and I accepted with gratitude.  I've had it for well over ten years and, yes, it's really showing signs of old age now and wouldn't be worth re-covering.

I'm really hoping that when all that's done, what I have, treated properly, will see me out.

Back to today - I shall be off into town for the festival and when I get home I guess I will flake out and have a lazy evening after getting the washing in off the line.  I do have to do some planning at some point as I have one of my two pupils on Wednesday.  The other will be at their Termly Learning Conference at school.

But for now it's time for a second coffee and to put the porridge on to cook.  Have a good day, everyone.

Monday 13 March 2017


Good morning, gentle readers.  Things are what passes for normal again after a pleasant weekend spent with my parents.  Well - I say normal, but it's Infant Music Festival week so the first three days will be far from normal.  Nice, but not routine!
Also, in a short time, someone should be arriving to pick up my suite and whisk it off to be recovered.  That will be lovely - when I get it back.
But, whatever the week holds, it's nice to have been away and nice to be back again.

I had to hold off leaving on Friday as I had notification of a parcel being delivered.  Fortunately, it arrived in good time and I left while the cleaners were working their usual magic, meaning that I came back to a lovely, clean and tidy home.

Last night we went to a concert at the Broadway Theatre in Letchworth.  It was a selection of chamber music, some original and some arrangements with works ranging from Hummel, through Bach and Mozart to Faure and Holst and it really was most enjoyable.  Normally I would be coming home this morning but, because of the suite being picked up, I drove home after the concert and it was a very easy drive (apart from the fact that country runs are pitch black, of course!) so I wasn't too weary when I got home and had the energy to unpack and put on a batch of yogurt before sliding into bed (clean sheets - bliss) to get a really good night's sleep!

Today is busy, as already mentioned, but it should be lots of fun.

Well, I need to put some washing in, in hopes that the day will stay as lovely as it is at the moment and it will dry on the line while I do my musical duties.
So I'd better get on with it!  Have a lovely day!

Sunday 12 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  What a very pleasant weekend it has been so far.  I am with two of my favourite people, I have knitted, chatted, cooked, done a bit of shopping and generally had a great time.  It's a good life.

This is very quick as I have to get going but just to share a few more Barbie garments.  The top is a make up-as-you-knit one and the skirt is from a pattern found online.
Hopefully, someone will be very pleased.

Have a great day - see you tomorrow!

Friday 10 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  Once the sun broke through, it was wall to wall all day and how lovely to be able to throw open the French windows and let the warm, fresh air come blowing through.  The washing dried beautifully and, at school, the children brought in the smell of sunshine after lunch.

The walk to school was delightful.  There's a grassy bank on one side and decades ago someone planted a whole lot of crocus and daffodil bulbs there which have spread and matured ever since and now make a wonderful spring display.

It was a busy day too.  Planning and prep in the morning plus a spot of jam making, teaching in the afternoon followed by tuition and then ironing in the evening.  Busy but satisfying.

I enjoyed the afternoon but it did confirm to me that I am a little ones' teacher.  I had that class in Y2 and they were lovely then and lovely yesterday but . . . just personal preference, I suspect.

Today the lovely cleaners are due to make their fortnightly visit so I do have to tidy up so they can do their job properly, especially my bedroom, which is beginning to look a bit battered again.  I have quite a list of things to sort out so that should keep me out of trouble.

I need some more coffee now and then I ought to get going.  Have a lovely day.

Thursday 9 March 2017


Morning, all!  It looks fine out there right now so I'm hopeful and will be hanging out my tea towels.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday was good.  Nothing exciting happened and all I did was homey, cosy things like cooking, knitting, washing, etc.  Loving the life.

Well dressed top - shame about the lower half!  :-)

Today has turned out to be less predictable.  It was all set for my usual Thursday - housework/planning in the morning and Y2 reading in the afternoon when I was asked to do supply.  I really couldn't do this morning as I have planning for tuition this afternoon, but I said I would do the afternoon so it's all go getting things absolutely ready so I can rush away from school and be home by 3:30!
It's juniors (eeek) but a lovely class I had in Y2, so that's fine; I know them all which helps a lot (as will the pay!).

So today has turned into a more hectic day but I must be chilling a bit more about teaching.  I have no idea of the work sat but am thinking that it is just two hours so if the very worst happens (which it won't), it's not long and we will survive!  I might go on Twinkl and look for some English activities they could do, just in case, though.

So - I'd better love you and leave you and get organising.

Wednesday 8 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's raining round here which is a shame after a very pleasant day yesterday but maybe it will brighten up soon.  Fingers crossed anyway.

As expected, yesterday was really great, if a bit of a rush to start with.  I'd expected J to come for lunch and stay pm but she needed to change it to coming at 10, staying for lunch and then going.  A bit of a rush but I got there.  I made the lunch (soup) before she arrived and we had a really pleasant morning crafting and chatting, J, Beth and I.

I have a new knitting 'thing' to add to the nativity characters.  Knitting clothes for Barbie.  Not mine, obviously, but for a little friend.  I've been scouring the internet for patterns but there don't seem to be any modern ones around, not that I could find, anyway, so I shall have to get creative.  I did print out some old ones from the 60s, would you believe, so I have something to keep me going.  It's very fine work but rather pleasing and satisfying.

Today I don;t have to go out until tuition - in fact I have nothing scheduled at all until than so I'm going to have a lazy day.  I say that but, in reality, I still feel that every day is lazy because I don't go to work.  It's a jolly nice feeling.

It's nine o'clock so I'd better get ready to rock and roll - I don't want a pj day today!

Tuesday 7 March 2017


Good morning.  It looks as if it might be another nice day today, weather-wise.  What with the sun and the breeze yesterday, I got a line of washing dried which was lovely.  Fingers crossed for today's load.

Yesterday was lovely in other ways too.  Busy, but most enjoyable.  Today looks like being the same with Beth and J coming round for coffee, crafting and lunch.

I need to cut this short as there's stuff to be done.  Have a great day, everyone.

Monday 6 March 2017


Good morning, and what a lovely morning it is too.  Sunny and fresh, it cheers my soul.
And today is always a pleasant day - Knitter Knatter Club and then in Foundation Stage for the afternoon.  Splendid.

Yesterday was also a good day (most of my days are nowadays) with Beth and Alex over for lunch and then Al went home while Beth and I worked together to make a couple of demo bags so she could take me through it step by step.

Today I have already made six pikelets from sourdough discard and some roasted cauliflower cheese soup from the leaves and stalks of a large cauliflower.  In a moment I shall poach an egg to have with some of my pikelets before bathing, dressing and more crafting.

Bliss . . .

Oh, and someone has sent me a recipe for sourdough muffins which I shall make at some point.  So kind, thank you.

Sunday 5 March 2017


What a lovely day yesterday was!

The morning was very busy on and off as I had a downstairs to make presentable, bread to bake, a shopping list to meet, birthday balloons to get and take down to the Hare for later and hair to wash and dry.  I was on the go but it wasn't hectic and there were opportunities to sit and have coffee etc.

I must say, taking a taxi is a jolly good idea.  I could have driven but Saturday afternoon is not a great time to find a parking slot in reasonable distance of the theatre when there's a full house matinee performance.

The show was excellent.  Anything Goes.  Silly, silly story (as most of them are) but loads of opportunity for humour and some splendid songs.  The costumes were brilliant and the set was good, albeit a little rickety and wobbly at times.
We went the whole hog with programmes and wine in the interval.

We then had a taxi to the Hare where they had decorated the table with the balloons and confetti and had a whale of a time with three others who came for the meal.

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

After a four o'clock wake yesterday, I was pretty tired when I finally got home, but still woke just after four again this morning.

Today should be much quieter.  I have washing to do but no other housework.  Beth and Alex are here for lunch and I am making Beth a couple of loaves of my homemade but, apart from that and some tuition planning, I can take it easy.   Nice!

The bags went down very well with the customer and with several others who saw the photos on Facebook.  I guess we will be making more in the next months.

 I must get on with the Josephs for the nativity crib sets I am making.  I'm keeping up well with my targets of making one part every month.  January was the shepherds, February was the Maries and March is Josephs and, probably, the cribs, the babies and the sheep

Well, I'd better go and start the bread off.  And then it will be time for another coffee.

Saturday 4 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's a bit chilly out there but hopefully it will warm up later.  I hope so anyway.

Yesterday was a very productive day.  We finished the owls (see picture at the top) and the two bigger owls are waiting to be picked up and taken to their new homes.
We also finished the two bags which will be collected today.  Here they are.

I love them both (although I would have different colours for the big bag) and would be happy to use either or both.  The friend seems really happy with them which is nice.

I had a busy start to the day in the kitchen, using up some things in the fridge to make a chorizo and bean stew.  I'm very pleased with how that came out.  I also roasted a chicken that I got on yellow sticker and that is shivering in the freezer in portions next to the chorizo bean stew.  It sorts out Sunday's meals!

One thing I love doing is taking the stock, the skin and all the other leftover bits and making a stock or 'broth' as I think some call it.   I tend to make it very plain and to reduce it right down to a thick, jelly-like lump!  I strain the fat off the top (very flavoursome) and use that separately.  You can get a lot off one chicken, if you really want to.

It took a while to tidy up the kitchen afterwards!

Today is busy.  Shopping first, then I have several things to do connected with a friend's birthday.  A house to tidy and clean, for a start, balloons to get and take to The Hare, some ironing, and so on.
It is going to be a lovely day!

Hope yours is too.

Friday 3 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's turning out to be not a nice day, weather-wise, but I don't have to spend much time outside, so no problem!

Yesterday did turn out to be a very busy day, one way and another.  We (mostly Beth) worked very hard on the bags and the owls and they are nearly finished now.  I'll take some photos to show off when the recipients have received them.

It was fun in school.  Being World Book Day, the children had all dressed up as fairy tale or fantasy characters.  I played a game with my readers - I had to guess what character they were and what book they came from.  I was right about 50% of the time plus a few either/ors and one who frankly admitted he hadn't a clue, his mum got it for him!

Then it was quickly home to prepare for tuition and then quickly clearing up and off to the governors' meeting carrying a plate of biscuits I made in the morning.

I slept well!

Today I have been quite busy in the kitchen roasting a chicken and making some chorizo and bean stew to use up some chorizo I had left over after our girls' evening last Friday.  The house, of course, now smells wonderful!
Ready for the freezer (apart from the lid!)

Beth is over in a while to put the finishing touches to our creations and then this afternoon, I have a house to tidy, a kitchen to clean and some planning to do.  The diary is empty so I've got a free run.  Excellent!
Better get bathed and dressed then!

Thursday 2 March 2017


Ooops - I didn't post yesterday, so sorry.  I was a bit busy and then forgot.

On Tuesday I went off to Computer Word, ummed and ahed over different printers which, I am sure, are all much of a muchness really, and came home with a mid price think that proved really easy to set up with simple instructions for technotwits like me.  It's nice to have a reliable printer again.  Preparing for tuition was tricky without one.

After all that pressure (!), I spend much of the rest of the day relaxing and generally taking things easy which was nice as I think I'm just a bit post-virally.

Yesterday Beth came round and we spent the day working through orders.  Bags and owls.  It was lovely.  I made a couple of loaves for Beth to take home too.  She's back again today.

Today, being Thursday, is quite busy - comparatively busy, anyway!.  I will do a shop first thing, then I'm in school this afternoon followed by tuition.  I need to polish up the planning for that this morning.  And then, come the evening, there's a governors' meeting to enjoy!

Better get going then!