Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Good morning, everyone.  It's cold and dry out there and I'm quite relieved that I don't need to go out until later because I find that I do feel the cold a lot more since losing a lot of my inner insulation!!

Pottery yesterday was good.  She started us two beginners on slab pottery and thought that the Swiss cheese plant leaf would be worth a go so I had a go.

By the end of the session I had this.

As you can see, it's lying in a bowl mould to curve it up and once it's dried, it will need smoothing off and generally neatening up before firing.
For a first go, I think it will look OK and I loved doing it.

Less happily, I went online to book the course for next term and all the places were already taken.  That was so disappointing and I was more than a bit gutted.  I should have booked after last week when there were still places.  Then I decided to do a Pollyanna and make the best of it.  I went back into the site to see what other crafts they had on offer.  Surely there would be something?  Advanced Knitting?  Crochet for the Cack-Handed?  Sewing for the Elderly?

Guess what!  They also do an evening pottery course and, joy of joys, there were still places.  There's one less now as I booked right away.  OK, it's Thursday evenings, it's not the same group of people and I will have to swap my Swimming World group to the Wednesday group on those evenings but it's nothing that can't be organised.  And next time, I will book as soon as possible without any ifs, buts or maybes.

I'm so glad I looked.

Today I am meeting a lovely friend for coffee and a chat and then there's nothing much until tuition.  The evening is taken up with a Governors' Meeting so it's just as well I'm feeling a bit better, isn't it?

Have a great day, whatever you have planned.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Good morning, everyone.  It's not nice out there - it's cold and it's wet (rain, not snow) - but inside it's cosy and warm, thank goodness.

Thank you very much for the lovely comments about the mice.  Here's today's offering which I think is the cutest yet.  I love that muff and the little collar (which you can't see all that well) is sweet.

And here's the collecton so far - I shall remake the snowmouse at some point as it was the first I tried and there are a number of errors!
Apologies for the bad lighting.

One more, I think, probably the little mince pie seller, and then I'll have a look at either the nursery rhyme or the fairy tale patterns and see what I fancy trying next.

That was yesterday in a nutshell - knitting and watching DVDs, mostly Poirot ones.

Today, first thing, I have pottery so fingers crossed I enjoy it as much as last week.  If I do, I think I'll book the Summer Term one asap.
Must remember to take my camera with me.

Apart from that, I have some shopping to do and then I can go home and stay warm.  I hope you're able to do the same.

Monday, 21 January 2019


Good morning.  Wasn't it cold yesterday!  The morning frost didn't disappear all day and overnight just added to it.  I was awake in the night so I watched a bit of the lunar eclipse but soon got back into bed again to warm up.  Although it's cloudy now, it was as clear as a bell through the night so there was a wonderful view which is great because I gather it's the last lunar eclipse for about ten years

Yesterday went OK.  I stayed warm, watched TV and knitted.  I'm getting the hang of these little mice now, I think.  The trick is in the stuffing and the making up - both quite fiddly and, unlike the Jean Greenhowe ones, you mustn't stuff too firmly.

I still think they are cute.  That lantern is dinky.

Today is supposed to be quite busy but I'm not going to push it.  I've just cancelled tuition and have sent an email to school letting them know I won't be coming.

Earlier on I do need to do a bit of shopping but that will be the extent of my fresh air today.
Stay warm, everyone, it's bitter out there.

Sunday, 20 January 2019


Good morning, everyone.  Well, it's a lovely day outside.  Bright and sunny and with a hard frost.  A perfect winter's day.

Thanks for the lovely good wishes yesterday.  In the early afternoon, I came home from my parents, partly because it's always 'nicer' to feel yuck at home but overwhelmingly because two vulnerable people in the nineties do NOT want someone going down with a cold (which I am pretty sure it is, just a bogstandard cold virus) breathing her germs all over them.

So today I have nothing much to do and no major plans for anything.  I will snuggle up in front of the telly and rest, thankful that I have no school work to plan and no marking, assessment, or anything else.  I used to get colds quite a lot but I think I've only had once since I retired.  Says it all really.

Beth might be round to work on the sewing machine which will be nice.  I'll try not to breathe over her.

Have a super day and stay warm and cosy.

Saturday, 19 January 2019


Morning, everyone.
Not feeling great so this wll be short.  I'm hoping I don't pass anything on to Mum and Dad and that it's just one of those under the weather things that hits and goes away again as quickly as it comes.
Back in full force tomorrow, I hope.

Friday, 18 January 2019


Good morning!  It's staying cold and there's quite a frost outside this morning so I am grateful for the blessing of central heating and, indeed, four good walls and a stout roof over my head.  I gather that yesterday morning it snowed, just a little bit.  I missed thr sight but it was at the time the children were walking to school so I bet they arrived pretty hyper.  Poor teachers!

As for me, I got everything done that I had planned to do.  The ironing basket is empty now and the cupboards are full.

I had time to sit and knit so I carried on practising the mice, changing a few things as I went along.  I think I have more or less sussed most of it, although I realised I have been making the little nose black and it should be pink!
Here's the one I've done - one of the carol singers but without her little carol book at the moment.  I can't understand how that is going to work and I think I might make it with a card cover rather than a knitted one and perhaps I could reduce some actual music for the inside.  The only problem with that is fixing it on and it getting creased and tatty.  I shall have to have a good think - there has to be a solution.
I haven't got the eyes right yet and I've over-stuffed the arms as well as, perhaps, the head..
Anyway, here she is - minus ears but they have now been attached!

I'm doing a little he-mouse now.

At group, I had lost two pounds and, by a complicated route, ended up as slimmer of the week which was nice.  You get a basket of goodies and there wasn't one item I don't use so they will come in very useful indeed.

Today I was planning on a swim but I don't think I will, partly because it is so flippin' cold and partly because it's been a busy week, it will be a busy weekend and I think I will have a peaceful morning.  I'll go for a brisk walk to Morrisons and back to get a few bits and bobs to take with me to Mum and Dad's.

Time for a bath, I think, before I get going for the day so I'll stop now.  Have a good 'un and, whatever else you do or don't do, stay warm.

Thursday, 17 January 2019


Good morning everyone.  It's proper cold this morning; there's an icy wind and I was glad to shut the door quickly after getting out the recycling stuff for collection today.  I'm really glad I found that warmer coat the other day.

Well, yesterday turned out to be another busy but very satisfying day. 

I had my swim and it was good.  I think I've found the best time to go which is not when it opens at six-thirty, it's around eight.  I guess the workers have to be off to work and the mums are getting their children off to school so it is just us golden oldies.  They've sorted out the problem with the pool that stopped me going after my holiday to Center Parcs (it was just a degree or so too cold) and it is now easy to get in and start swimming withough shivering.  The spa is lovely and warm afterwards too.

Then I came home to a message from the friend I was meeting with for lunch to say her other half was full of cold so she could come to me rather than the other way round.  She did and we popped out to The Hare for lunch.  I had the soup which was a simply delicious curried cauliflower soup; later on I hunted for the recipe and I'll give it a go next week at some point.

I thought I'd be a good girl and do a bit of looking around for ideas for pottery.  After all, I have a sketchbook/portfolio sort of thing to fill.  I found some lovely ideas and I'll add two of my favourites so far in here.  They look easier than I expect they are.

 I'd love to make some sets of buttons and could use them on my other crafting - on a quilted bag, for example, or on a cushion cover.
I also had the thought that a pendant on a leather 'string' would be rather satisfying too.

I simply love this one - it's gorgeous.

Tuition was, as almost always, good fun.
All in all, a super day.

Today should be less rushed.  I'm off to Morrisons first thing (walking so I hope I don't turn into an icicle) and then off to see a friend who had an op last week and is now OK to have visitors.  That's the reason I'm shopping - flowers and fruit (not chocs as she's a fellow Slimming-Worlder) should be just the ticket, if highly unoriginal.

Then the day's my own so I can catch up with some ironing before a spot of tuition and finally off to SW group.  My fingers are crossed for that one.

So it's just a pleasant, semi-busy day without too much pressure.  Perfick!  I hope yours is too.