Sunday 14 April 2024

Sunday evening, 14-04-24

Evening, everyone.

A comment from Jules yesterday sounded just like the start of a poem so I offer it to you all to fill in the next two lines for me in the comments below.

        How nice to be a ladybird
        Basking in the sun.

How would you finish it?  Go on, have a go!

I was looking at my herbs today.  I use them all so, while it isn't a big collection, it is a very useful one.

Oregano - when I put it in,I didn't realise how invasive oregano is and yesterday I chopped it back severely.

Chives (in the foreground - the background right is an ornamental grass) which I have had for a couple of decades-ish now.  So useful for this and that and the flowers are so pretty too.
The sage was so tatty, died back over the winter and I almost dug it out but back it comes, growing happily again.  Yay!
Thyme.  Getting a bit scruffy and overgrown so needs a bit of a haircut.
Mint.  From left to right mint sauce mint, chocolate mint, apple mint.
My faithful bay.  Three winters ago, when we had two really cold snaps, I really thought it had died.  All the leaves turned brown and fell off.  I started cutting it back and noticed that the stems still looked green and living near the base so I cut them back and waited.  Sure enough, up came new growth and now, just look at it!

And, finally, the rosemary.  Strictly speaking, it is three rosemarys.  My old bush got very woody and shapeless so I took cuttings, had the old one out and planted three of the best cuttings .,
I think I need to have at least one of the three out, they're all doing very well and I don't need that much rosemary.

Well, I'm pretty much all ready.  I worked through my list without too much trouble and there's just the last minute things to do tomorrow, things like watering the plants, a little bit of last minute shopping, bins and so on.  It's all written down so I should be able to relax tonight.

I've worked out the route.  It's the first time I've done that way but when Beth, Alex and I came back from Elveden last October, I took a wrong turning and went through the centre of Bury (which is really very straightforward) so I'm going that way again as it is the simplest by far, once I've driven through Braintree - I could go round but through is quicker.

I've had a text from C P to say I can arrive any time from ten onward so I will just take my time and leave when I'm ready rather than hanging around so I don't get there too early.

Well, I will love you and leave you - good night, everyone, I hope today has been really good and tomorrow will also be a great day.  xx

Saturday 13 April 2024

Saturday evening, 13-04-24

Evening, all.  Hasn't it been a beautiful day?  It has here, for sure.  Wall to wall sunshine and warm enough to eat lunch in the garden.

I seem to have got a lot done for an 'easy' day.  That's often the way, isn't it?
After putting some washing on, I decided that I would make some granola for next week's breakfast after remembering that the nicest breakfasts I had on the cruise was yogurt, fresh fruit and granola.  I didn't have everything needed (it is not safe to keep nuts in the house - they don't last very long) so I walked along the road to Morrisons.  The trees were in blossom, the birds were singing their little hearts out and it was beautiful.

So I made granola, had breakfast (not granola but I did nibble the nuts, oops), hung out the first load of washing, put in another and it was so nice and warm, I got out the gardening things and pretty much did everything that needed doing.  It's lovely to see everything coming up and looking good, especially things that got disturbed during all the building work last year.

I took some photos:

Strawberries in waiting!  And a ladybird, basking in the sunshine.

Not a great photos - but I moved the blueberry into a pot (it was just in a black poly thing after the pot it was in had rotted) and was so pleased to see a number of flowers.  I think I need to get another one though; they don't self pollinate.

Now I have a water butt, I can water it properly.

The geranium wasn't great last year and it did get rather disturbed during the rebuilding of the wall so it's nice to see strong growth.
Out the front, one of the tubs looking really pretty.
The lily of the valley was a work in progress for so many years.  Mum gave me some roots a very long time ago and they stayed in a pot for ages before I split then and put some round the front.  Last year they showed signs of being a bit happier and this year they have spread and are going to look lovely.  There will be enough to pick a few to scent the living room.  One of Mum's favourite flowers and scents and one of mine too.
The English bluebells were also a work in progress for ages but seem happy now.  I split them and that worked.
And finally - by the front door and looking very attractive.

I weeded, cleared around paving slabs, moved pots around, swept up stuff, did more weeding round the front, emptied some old stuff into the brown bin and mowed the 'lawn' - for want of another polite term.

And then I went over to Beth's for coffee and a good chat, came home, did all the ironing and - phew.  All very satisfying but I'm glad I had planned an easy dinner.

Tomorrow is also a busy day, busy enough for me to want to make a Little List to ensure I get everything done.  I can have a good chill when everything's completed, can't I?

Have you had great weather your way too?  

Time to log off so I will wish you a very good night with sweet dreams and a good lie in tomorrow.  Take care.  xx

Friday 12 April 2024

Friday evening, 12-04-24

Evening all (Remember Dixon of Dock Green, anyone?).  How has your Friday gone?  The weekend has pretty much started now and I know Beth will be glad - she's getting used to a new role at work and is getting really weary.

The weather has been really nice today.  Maybe not quite warm enough for real comfort but it's been bright and cheering.  No complaints.

These are three of the Poole Pottery ornaments I inherited.  The smallest one I gave to Mum a long time ago so it was nice to give him a bit of space.

The day started, as does almost every Friday, with Slimming World group.  It was a bit quiet today - a number of the ladies with school age children didn't come.  Schools restart for the summer term on Monday so I guess we'll see them back again.  It was a good meeting though, lots of laughs and jokes.

Oddly, I felt super tired and, when I sat down after breakfast to finish my coffee, I nodded off.  Must've needed it.  So I had a gentle day and did just a bit of this and that, nothing particularly exciting or interesting really.
The table is looking more laden now with things like tea towels, salt, jars I want to take, loo rolls . . . you know the sort of thing.  I could get all that from the Parc Market but . . .
it costs a lot more than Morrisons and
I don't want to buy, for example, a whole bag of salt for just four days!
It's not too much of a hassle, I just get things onto the table as I think of them.

I think tomorrow is going to be quite like today - a bits and bobs sort of day.  Sunday will be busy!
I hope your day has been great - good night, all.  xx

Thursday 11 April 2024

Thursday evening, 12-04-24

Hello, everyone!  
After a really dull start, the clouds rolled away, the sun shone and it has really been quite a pleasant day.  
I caught the half past nine bus into town and had a nice time wandering around sundry shops.  The Range had the not-feather duster I was looking for; I wanted something that would safely dust some of my more fragile things such as my little cottages and what I found was perfect.
I also found a mini whisk (been looking for one of them for a while) and two small, glass bowls, not pyrex but OK for microwave and dishwasher and cheap!!
I also got what I needed in Lakeland and was sorely tempted by some air fryer recipe books but I resisted 😇😇

After lunch, I did a bit of garden work and then set myself to dealing with a couple of glass fronted cupboards.  They don't get very dusty because of the doors but goodness knows when they were last cleaned out.  It was rather emotional because when I came home from sorting Mum and Dad's stuff, I brought quite a lot of stuff with me - Poole Pottery ornaments, David WInter cottages - that sort of thing - and I just shoved it all in cupboards.
I gave it all a good clear out, got rid of some stuff that was damaged and put back what I was keeping much more neatly and better organised.

I also tackled some of the kitchen gadgets that I haven't used for ages.  A few things were old and battered so the ended up in the bin but others went into the garden room storage and I have made a note in my diary at the beginning of November to hand on anything I haven't used from now until then.  I'm so bad at decluttering but at least half way is better than no way at all.

The end result is that those particular cupboards are much neater, tidier and the bits that show look much more attractive (and dust free).

I've also started getting stuff ready for Monday.  The table will look cluttered but there's method in my mess, honest!

Tomorrow starts with Slimming World followed by more garden, more cupboard sorting and more getting ready for Monday.  Probably quite busy but pleasantly busy!  How do you get ready for a holiday?

Good night, everyone, sleep well and pleasant dreams.  xx

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Wednesday evening, 10-04-24

Evening, everyone.
It's been another mixed day today as far as the weather is concerned.  We've had a slight frost, sunshine, some wind, some rain, it felt really cold, then it warmed up.  Very mixed.

Plans changed a bit.
I heard from Sharon who had to cancel - her husband is quite poorly at present and she was needed elsewhere.  I totally understood and I know she will reschedule as soon as she is able.

However, I got those drawers sorted out, did some cooking, some housework, sorted some things out for my holiday, did a bit of gardening but not much because it came over cloudy and started raining slightly.  I'd just washed my hair and didn't want to get it wet again so that was that!
I did knitting, reading and generally chilled.
A very quiet day.  It does feel odd without Lindsey's exercise classes.

Tomorrow is usually a pretty busy morning what with SET and then Chris.  Not tomorrow though so I thought I'd get the bus into town.  I need to go to Lakeland for some poly bags and I also want to look for some things in The Range.  And the market is usually worth a look round too.
Then, in the afternoon, weather permitting, guess what - yup, more gardening.  It's getting done, slowly and steadily.

How has your day been, busy or laid back.  Hoping it was good, whichever it was.
Sleep well, everyone.  xx

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Tuesday evening, 09-04-24

Evening, everyone!
Well, what a different from yesterday.  Yesterday was sunny, still and warm; today has been rainy, windy and chilly with a bit of sunshine now and again.

I decided that I would take a drive over to Lathcoats.  They have frozen fruit and veg that you can scoop into bags and I really like their fruit and also the broad beans so over I went and had an enjoyable twenty minutes or so, looking round and scooping!  Now I am well stocked up with frozen fruit again.  And eggs - I was right out of eggs and that would never do!!

Once home and after breakfast, I warmed myself up by doing the upstairs housework and after lunch I did some more gardening.  Not an awful lot as it was very blustery by then so not all that pleasant, but I did some.  Better than nothing!

And I have turned the heating up to 20 for the evening.  See how quickly my resolutions can crumble when feeling cold!  😈

I've just checked the diary and it tells me that the lovely Sharon is coming round to do my hair.  I'd forgotten about that but three cheers - it really does need a bit of a tidy up.
Apart from that, I guess I need to tackle that cupboard I didn't do today and, weather permitting, some more gardening.  It is all starting to look a bit nicer now which is added motivation.

Has your day been good?  I do hope so.  Good night, sweet dreams and all the best for a good day tomorrow.  xx

Monday 8 April 2024

Monday evening, 08-04-24

Hi, everyone!   Monday evening and it's been quite a busy day for me.

I've 'done' downstairs' fairly thoroughly.
Chris came around and we had a great old yatter together.
I've done three loads of washing, it all dried outside on the line (last load was a bit damp but will air) and even done all the ironing.
And I did my stint in the back garden too.  The middle bed is looking so much tidier now.  If I can do the same time every day this week, it will make such a difference.

We've had lovely weather round here.  It's really warming up now, enough for the ants to make their presence felt so I've zapped them (sorry, but - ants.  Urgh) and there were a few flies buzzing around so I've dug out my plug in fly zapper in the kitchen.  It just looks like a big plug really but it kept the flies down very well last summer.
The war isn't over but I've won the first skirmish!

There's absolutely nothing whatsoever in the diary for tomorrow so I'll get upstairs done out and there's a kitchen cupboard I really want to sort out and declutter.  And, of course, there's the garden too, weather permitting.

Right now, I feel very satisfied with how everything's gone.  I'm having an online chat with friends later on so I'll get this send a bit earlier and get the other blog sorted as well.
Have a restful evening, a good night and a lovely day tomorrow.  xx