Thursday, 13 May 2021


 Good morning.  We've had overnight rain and it looks very much as if there's more on the way very soon.  Never mind, I have plenty to do inside.

The vaccine wasn't quite as trouble free as the first one as later in the morning I developed a headache, felt very tired and had a few aches and shivers.  I was a Good Girl, took the meds, turned up the heating, snuggled under the fleece and rested up, thankful that I could.
Lindsey, lovely lady that she is, rescheduled my personal training hour to Friday afternoon which was very kind of her as she's a busy lady.
I had a pretty long sleep in the afternoon and slept pretty much like a log all night.  This morning, apart from a much sorer arm that last time, I feel absolutely fine.  I think I got away lightly and am very thankful.

I'm so happy that's done.

In the time after vaccine and before the aches started, I drove on to Hobbycraft with the aim of finding another pattern and the yarn to go with it.  However, there was nothing that I fancied in the pattern line (plenty of yarn but I can't buy yarn without having a pattern to go with it - well, I can, and have done in the past but I'm trying very hard not to).

After a bit of thought while resting, I've decided on the holiday knitting and, hopefully, something a bit longer term.  I will use up my yarn stash by knitting things like little jumpers, etc, wrap them up nicely, label them and pop them in the Salvation Army drop off point.  I might make it seasonal - Christmassy things in the autumn, etc.  That way I'm not making unwanted stuff for myself and doing a bit of good while I keep knitting.  I can't imagine not having a knitting project!

The only other thing I did was to open Google Maps and dig out the routes from Southwold to the various places I hope to visit.  I was going to look round a few of the wool towns but it's more than a short drive and I might 'do' Aldeburgh instead.  On the way to Orford Castle, one passes Snape Maltings and I might also pop in there and have a nosey around.
I'm certainly not going to be bored next week!!

I've woken up this morning feeling fine which is just as well after pretty much losing a day yesterday.  I plan to put clothes out in the spare room, get together stuff like the tech bag, fan, etc.

Chris and I have cancelled our chat for today - she and S are off on holiday tomorrow and she's a bit pushed for time so we agreed to give it a miss.

We are celebrating Alex's birthday this evening.  Really it was on Saturday but, as he was deep into his finals preparation, he decided to ignore it until that was finished.  He and Beth are coming over for a meal and pressies.  He's requested hunter's chicken with chips, nice and easy and one of my favourites too.  So I have some preparation for that, not an awful lot and it will be fun.

Before then, it's the last Slimming World Zoom meeting.  I'm kind of sorry - using Zoom made it way more accessible for me and I hear just about everything, unlike the f2f meetings where I miss an awful lot.  Ah, well, we can't always have things the way we would like and people are looking forward to meeting up again.  I won't be able to go for the next few weeks anyway.  Note to self: remember to book them as holidays!

Well, it seems to be drizzling again so I'd better get to the freezer in the shed and bring in what I need for today before it really starts.  Have a great day and stay safe.  xx

Wednesday, 12 May 2021


 Hi, everyone.  So sorry about yesterday.  I did my SW blog and then had to do some home stuff followed by an early shop.  Then I just forgot I hadn't posted anything here.  Doh!

I went to M&S and to Aldi to get all sorts of bits and bobs.  I love M&S fruit and veg; it seems to stay good much longer than anywhere else so there's loads less waste which is good.  Mind you, now they collect food waste and turn it into compost, I don't feel nearly so guilty and also the level in my compost bin has dropped so I'm able to pop veg peelings, etc, in there again.   It's one of those bins that has a sort of 'door' at the bottom where you can dig out the older composted stuff and, for a while, that leaves a 'cave' before the whole lot drops down. 
I also found a bottled sauce I wanted and various other bits and bobs plus some cash back.
On to Aldi and, for someone who didn't have a lot on her list, I managed to get quite a lot!  It was mostly non-perishables though.

I had planned to go on to the allotment later in the morning but it started looking very doubtful and then started raining.  It showered on and off for quite a while so I'm afraid the allotment just didn't get done.  I really do have to do the mowing before the holiday though even if the weeds have a field day!

I spent the rest of the day doing little things.  I worked on my holiday lists and started getting things together.  I planned my meals for next week.  I washed the sheets off Beth's bed (she went home yesterday teatime) so they now need ironing.  I watched a bit of 'The Dig', a film about Sutton Hoo that was free on Netflix over coffee  and I'd like to finish that today.

And I booked more outings.  All being well, I now have booked trips to Orford and Framlingham castles and, on an impulse, I looked up the Adnams site.

When I was in Southold two years ago, I did a tour of the brewery which was extremely interesting and I promised myself that when I came back I'd do a guided tour of the distillery.  To be honest, I didn't think they would be doing tours at the moment but I was wrong, the tours are back on although under more limited conditions (no trips to the cellar because of lack of good ventilation, for example) but there's enough accessible stuff to make a tour and the tasting afterwards is still happening.  The tour I'm going on finished at five and it's just a short walk from my flat which is possibly just as well!!

I have written in the diary to book Sutton Hoo (if possible) on Friday.  The new booking slots come out every Friday for the following week and, fingers crossed, maybe the inside things will be open again.  If not, I'll think about whether I want to plan something else instead, although the walks there are lovely.

I'm going to follow the same 'structure', more or less, each day, I think.
I'll have an early morning walk along the sea front, maybe treating myself to a coffee if any of the stalls are open and getting a paper and any food needed for the day on the way back.
Then a leisurely breakfast and blogging (so they will be a bit later next week) before doing whatever I have planned, taking a picnic lunch with me.  At the moment I have nothing planned for Sunday and Thursday (and Friday, but that's Sutton Hoo day, fingers crossed). 
After that I might put my feet up for a while and go for a walk after dinner or I might go for a walk before dinner and relax afterwards.  It all depends how I feel.
Last time, I dearly loved the walk along the sand to Walberswick and back again and am looking forward to it so much.  I wonder if the little ferry is operating again; if not, I can walk up to the bridge and cross the estuary that way.

Sorry, I'm waffling now - there's a lot buzzing around in my head.  :-)

Today starts with my second vaccine.  I am so glad to be getting that done and dusted and, if I do feel a bit rough, there's time to recover.
Depending on how that goes, I have personal training booked so my fingers are crossed for that.
Then the rest of the day is clear.  I have some washing and ironing to do and I want to start laying out the clothes for packing in the spare room.
Oh, and also, just thought, I want to do some Google Mapping to work out the routes from the flat to wherever I'm going - just so I know!  You know me; I have to know where I'm going and Google Maps is such a blessing.
Ages ago on 'Would I lie to you', Susan Calman had a slot where she said whenever she had to go to a new place, she always went the day before so that she would know where to go on the day.  They thought it was a lie but it was true.  I so related to that!
Maybe, if time permits, I might get the mowing done!  Maybe!

So that's my day.  It all feels a bit bitty but there's stuff that needs doing , I have a List and crossing stuff off will be most satisfying.
Wishing you all a happy day.  xx

Tuesday, 11 May 2021


 Ooops, I've just realised I didn't do a post today.  Really sorry, things are fine.  I did an early morning shop and just forgot.
I'll remember tomorrow!


Monday, 10 May 2021


 Good morning.  The sun is shining down on a damp but drying patio and it's again quite warm.  yesterday, between showers, was lovely and, again, I didn't need the heating on in the evening.  Nor did I need a warm hand kit on which was nice.

I really chose the right time for my holiday - sheer dumb luck really.  The interiors of Orford Castle and Framlingham castle are both opening on the 17th and, although it doesn't say yet, I imagine Sutton Hoo insides will also be open with some restrictions.
I've booked a guided tour of Orford Castle which is nice.  I can't book Sutton Hoo until Friday and I can't work out how to book Framlingham castle but will work on that today.
I'd also like to visit some the Suffolk Wool Towns, particularly Lavenham, although I gather they are all lovely.  I'll do some research today - what there is to see, parking, distance from Southwold, etc.
That should provide me with plenty to do outside of the town and, added to the daily walks along the beach, etc, should fill my time and keep me active.
The weather is not forecasted to be great but what are raincoats and stout shoes for anyway?!

Today, Beth is over early and is staying overnight, going home tomorrow evening.  That is because Alex has exams and she's getting out of his way.
She has to work still so I will be tiptoe-ing around her and it's just as well I have gym and swim booked this morning, isn't it?  I'm not sure what else I am doing but I'll try not to disturb or distract her.
In the afternoon, I might go and take a look at the allotment and I do want to get a bit more apple blossom to see if I can pollinate the other clump of blossom on the flamenco tree in the garden which has now opened its other clump of flowers.

See what I mean.  Definitely ready for some apple hanky panky!!
I took this because I just think strawberry flowers are very lovely.
And while I was taking the photo above I noticed these.  Yay!  baby strawberries.  Despite the cold, nature carries on.
Must look at the allotment strawberries too.

There's not much to do at the allotment.  No need to water and the grass will be too wet to mow, although I might attack some of the weeds which will most certainly have emerged.  I have the wellies in the car so that will be OK.

And that's it for today.  It should be good.  Take care and enjoy the increasing warmth.  xx

Sunday, 9 May 2021


 Morning, all.
Round here, yesterday was dismal with loads of rain although by the time the rain had cleared, it was definitely milder.  It's very mild right now which is a nice change.

It was an extremely lazy day yesterday.  I finished off the cardigan and am pleased with the results.  When I wear it, you will be able to see me a mile off!  I did some kitchen stuff, sorted out a few things I want to take and got some recipes printed out.  Every holiday I have put on quite a lot of weight and I really and truly don't want to do so this time.
I will put things like oats, etc, in measured amounts in little plastic pots rather than take the bigger container - that always works well.

Things are quite late in the garden, presumably because of the cold, but they're coming on all the same.  Here's a few photos.

The new strawberry plants are looking healthy and productive
. . . as are the few I put in last year which are a longer fruiting type.

All the other strawberry plants were at the end of their life really so got composted.
The clematis has suddenly started putting out loads of flower buds.  It's not clear in this photo but there are plenty.
The blueberry has more flowers than it has ever had but whether they are being pollinated is anyone's guess.  I haven't seen many insects around yet.
The autumn fruiting raspberry canes.
The geranium will be a picture in a month or so.
I sorted out the mints as they were terribly root bound and two of the three have obviously liked it.  The apple mint (not photographed) looks less happy but it is starting to send up new growth so it'll be fine.

Today, weather permitting, I'll do a bit of garden stuff and carry on prepping for my holiday - a great part of the fun and I can feel the excitement rising.  Lovely.

Have a great day.  xx

Saturday, 8 May 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  After a rather pleasant and sunny day yesterday, it's raining quite hard, obviously has been for a while and looks as if it intends to continue for some time to come.  We need it so I'm trying not to complain.   :-)

Yesterday was a sort of quiet day.  I did achieve one thing though - no, two - the first being I have an empty clothes basket and ironing basket.  I do like to keep on top of the washing.  All I have to do this morning is put it all away tidily.

The other thing was getting the button band finished and starting to sew it all up.  It takes longer to sew up than one would think.  I've spoilt many a good piece of knitting with careless finishing off in my dim and distant past so I take it carefully, count rows, measure and pin, etc.  It's coming on!

HIGNFY was so much more fast paced and, dare I say it, funny than the original that I saw.  I think I heard one whoop that might have been me but how can you tell?  The cutting team really do earn their money, turning something fairly rough into a smooth and pacey production. 
Me, never satisfied, wish I had booked for next week's now as one of the panelists is Jo Brand and she really does make me laugh!  I'm very glad I had this one though, it was so enjoyable and something quite different.  I doubt I will ever be an audience again though as they will be going live again.

Today looks like being another inside day, what with the rain and me still feeling quite weary.  I'm sleeping well so I don't know, but better now than this time next week.
I must do a small shop; there's not a lot to get but I'm very short of fruit and veg which isn't good.
I've started my 'what to pack' holiday list and, as always, I am thankful that I go by car.  The list gets longer and longer as I list my kitchen comforts (trying to cut with a blunt holiday cottage knife is exceedingly annoying) and I do like to cook nice dinners, it's all part of treating myself.  Being a one roomed 'garden house', it can get hot so a fan is essential.  Then there's the technology bag . . .

I'd be totally lost if I had to travel light.

So I'm hoping for a nice, quiet day in a clean and fairly tidy home after the cleaner worked her magic yesterday.  Nothing too exciting but good, all the same.  Catching up with recordings, You Tube clips, finishing off my knitting, getting on with sewing up Beth's cat cushion, not to mention the shopping.  And I will start planning the holiday meals because I really CAN'T take the whole contents of my food cupboards!

Stay dry, everyone, and have a lovely Saturday.  xx

Friday, 7 May 2021


 Good morning, everyone.  It's good and sunny right now, a bit later than usual, and I didn't notice any frost earlier.  The forecast looks very promising for today, not great for tomorrow, so-so for next week and, at the moment, really good for the week after which is my holiday week so fingers crossed!

The recording of HIGNFY was quite an eye opener.  It started with a few words from the floor manager person (I think) followed by a warm up chap who made joked, gave more info about our role and told us how to cheer, etc - quite necessary because I didn't realise that once recording starts, you can't hear the rest of the audience, just the panel - and nor can the panel so, as Paul said, they never know whether they are being genuinely funny or just a bit boring until much later.  There's also a second or so delay between the panel and any cheers, etc, which is edited out before the programme.  It felt odd, clapping and cheering and not knowing if anyone else was doing the same although I guess they can edit out any total faux pas.

Another thing was the gaps and pauses which you never see in the broadcast.  It's not nearly as quick moving as it seems to be and occasionally the technology (pictures, quotes, etc) failed and the segment had to be re-done afterwards.

Having said all of that, it was very friendly, very enjoyable, and I am really looking forward to seeing what they make of it all for the programme this evening.  I'm glad I got the chance.

On to today and I'm thinking I will have an easy day.  I was going to go fruit and veg shopping early and I do have a swim booked but I think I will cancel that, stay indoors or in the garden and just chill.  I have to sort out quite a mess for the cleaners, the Hello Fresh box is arriving this afternoon and I've nearly finished the not-button/button hole band on the cardigan so I'd like to get that finished.  Well over 500 stitches, it came out as, so each row is a major undertaking and it's just as well there's only nine or eleven rows (depending on what it looks like after nine rows) before casting off.

So that's about it.  Nothing very exciting today and that's fine - I feel I need some breathing space, to be honest.
Have a lovely day and I hope the weather is good down your way.  xx