Friday 14 June 2024

Friday evening, 14-06-24

Evening, everyone.  
It's a short one today because I really haven't done all that much.  I went to SW group which was really good, came home, did some housework, carried on with catching up on sleep and generally chilled.  I took some photos and then deleted them before saving them which was a bit frustrating.  Oh, well . . .

Tomorrow might be a bit more lively, we will see.
Sleep well, everyone, pleasant dreams.

Thursday 13 June 2024

Thursday evening, 13-06-24

Good evening, everyone.

Well, where do I start?  Back to Wednesday, I think.  My friend, Jeff, turned up at around eight and half an hour later the overhanging tree from next door had been lopped back (it was touching the shed roof) and my brown bin was chock-a-block full.
I gave Jeff an item of garden equipment last year and, in exchange, he has given me a few sessions of working in my garden and this was the second of the two.
It's made a huge difference to the light down at the bottom of the garden.

A bit later, I dug out that bag I bought for one day jollies and used the list you lovely people so helpfully contributed to.  I'm keeping the list I made in the bag because some things had to come out.  Things like pain killers, wipes, tissues, etc, even an umbrella as I have several (blame Mum and Dad) can stay in the bag but other items like my sunglasses, purse, etc, will be needed from day to day.
And I'll say here - I am so glad I bought it - it was great!

I had an online exchange with Lindsey.  We had rescheduled personal training because of me going out but she had forgotten a prior appointment.  I can't make Saturday morning so we agreed to leave personal training for this week.

My internet connection was still playing up so I went back on line, they sent me an email with instructions, I followed the instructions with crossed fingers and, lo and behold, it's all hunky dory again now.  I was most relieved.  Well done, Virgin.  I know they don't always get it right but my experiences have been pretty good and I like to be quick to praise.

And then, out to the pick up point for the coach.  I was very early but I would rather be early than late.  The coach arrived on time, we all piled on and I had a seat next to a very pleasant lady.  She wasn't very chatty which was fine by me because nor am I really, blog to the contrary, so after exchanging a few words of introduction, we got out phones/kindles/etc.
It is very nice coaching through London (I'd hate to drive) in the rush hour but it was very, very busy and I was so glad I had a sort of picnic meal rather than having to find somewhere to eat - which would probably have been one of the eating places inside the RAH.

Not the best photo, sorry.

It was pleasantly mild and I turned all student-y and sat on the Albert Memorial steps to have my 'dinner'.  It was lovely - there was a great vibe and everyone looked and sounded happy.  On the grass there was a group of what looked like 'posh' young men playing croquet and behind me there was a line of young teens, all wearing similar tracksuit tops and with very smart hair - the girls had their hair up, ballet style so I wondered and I was right, the school name on their tracksuit tops was in the programme for small non-dancing parts.
They were an absolute credit to their school - sitting, chatting, laughing and 100% well behaved.
(you can tell I was a teacher!)

I had to take this photo, didn't I?
Inside is such an impressive space
I'm always impressed by the ceiling.  Those upside down umbrella sort of shapes are all about sound quality but they look rather good too.
It's hard to see clearly but this is the view I had of the performing area.  It was a ballet in the round - in the oval really - and we had a brilliant view.  Not too close, high up enough to get the complete picture but close enough to see facial expressions and movement detail.  It was brilliant.

I couldn't take any photos of the actual ballet, of course, but it was brilliant with the well known choreography adapted to take account of giving an immersive experience and the fact that the dancers had a lot further to travel on stage.  Sixty swans there were - it was breathtaking at times.  Minimal scenery, great use of a smoke machine for the two lakeside scenes, really atmospheric and, of course, that music.  Just wonderful.
I had the best time ever.

I got home around half past midnight and woke at around six so today has been bleary eyed.

As always on Thursday, I had a good old natter with Chris over coffee and the rest of the day has been pretty much spent keeping warm (it's cold again and I turned the heating on) and snoozing intermittently.

One economical thing I did was make the decision not to renew my National Trust membership.  I am very sorry about that but there just aren't enough HT places round here to make it worth the money and £69 is a lot to spend and not use properly, isn't it.  I nearly cancelled last year and then decided to see how the year went and I don't think I have used it once.  A shame but there you go!

So that's the last two days and they've been really good.  I have pretty much a free weekend now that my friend is coming in a fortnight instead so I can get the house back in order again and then chill.  Nice.

Enjoy your evening, everyone, and have a great day tomorrow.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Tuesday evening, 11-06-24

Hello, everyone.  It's turned all damp outside after a dry but rather chilly day.  I've been wearing a winter jumper and felt just comfortable, no more.

It was the first Groove class of the new block this morning and a couple of the routines were a big blast from the past - anyone remember Do Wah Diddy Diddy by Manfred Mann and the Swinging Blue Jeans' Hippy Hippy Shake?   Great fun all found.

A little while later I found my adulting hat and set off for the dentist.  This time it was an extremely good looking young man - he looked young enough to have just left school but he was a 'doctor' by title so he couldn't have been.  He was very, very nice, very gentle, very reassuring and I no longer have a painfully sharp edge.  OK, I still have an edge but it's rounded off and doesn't hurt in the least bit, thank goodness.
The only treatment I need is that tooth and he reckons a filling is all that is needed.  There's a bit of decay there but no hint of infection and, as it is sensitive, the nerve is still good.
Everything else is in good nick which is nice to know at my age.

I have an appointment for the beginning of July!

An annoying thing is that my internet connection/equipment/something is causing issues.  It all went down this morning, then it came back up again but while my desktop has connection fine, my laptop, my kindle and my phone don't recognise any connection.  That's a real nuisance - the phone is OK with 4G or whatever it is called, but I can only get YouTube and iPlayer on desktop and phone, not on smart TV, laptop or Kindle.
They said see if it is back tomorrow and get back in touch if it isn't.  Hmmm . . .

I just hope the connection to the desktop stays OK or I will be annoyed.

Anyway - there won't be a post tomorrow in any case because I am swanning off to London in the afternoon, to the Royal Albert Hall to see Swan Lake.  I'm so, so looking forward to it and I'll tell you all about it on Thursday.
Until than, have a lovely Wednesday and Thursday, stay safe and have fun.  xx

Monday 10 June 2024

Monday evening, 10-06-24

Hi, everyone, how are you?

Today started off very wet and windy.  Cold too.  Then the sun came out, then it rained, sun, rain, until early evening when it cleared up properly.  It really doesn't feel that warm though, even in the sun.

The first circuits of the block was really good.  There were just three of us - two were on holiday and one couldn't come.  It was a lot of fun though with 30 second activities and then move on quickly.  I really enjoyed it.

I tackled my guest room today and got it all ready for the weekends.  However, my friend and I have had to reschedule so she's coming in a fortnight, at the end of the month instead.  Not to worry, these things happen, don't they?

Bean count:
dwarf beans        6
runner beans        10

Don't they look cute?

This one is short and sweet - I hope your day has been great and that tomorrow is the same.
Sleep well.  xx

Sunday 9 June 2024

Sunday evening, 09-06-24

Good evening, everyone.  Have you had a pleasant Sunday?
It started off beautifully warm and sunny here and I decided to dress pretty with a summer dress rather that cropped jeggings or similar.  That was nice - I don't often wear dresses or skirts nowadays.
Then I sat outside in the warm sunshine with a book and my coffee.  Sheer bliss.

It's a shame the sun didn't stay around.  By the afternoon, it was cloudy and not nearly so warm so I stayed in.  I had a really nice online chat with Alex and watched telly.  A day of rest really.  I'd intended to do some weeding but didn't really have the inclination so - didn't!

The week ahead is rather good.
Lindsey's classes start again tomorrow.
I have the dentist on Tuesday which I wouldn't necessarily call good but I'm hoping he can do something about that sharp edge, even though it's officially a check up.
On Wednesday, it is the trip into London to the RAH to see Swan Lake.  REALLY looking forward to that.
On Thursday it's the usual coffee and chat with Chris and my order from Slimming World Kitchen should arrive.  SW has ventured into the meal delivery service, like Hello Fresh and Gousto, and I'm giving it a go to see if it is any good.  It's expensive - aren't they all - but if it's good, I might make it a monthly treat thing.
And then on Friday, a long time and very dear friend is coming to stay for a few days.  I haven't seen her for ages so that will be so good.

It should be a great week.

Bean count:
dwarf beans     still 6
runner beans     now 9 (just)
I won't continue with this much longer.  It was meant to be a light hearted reference to the fact that I have issues with bean germination.  Not this year though, by the looks of things.

Well, time to catch up with Sewing Bee.  Enjoy the rest of the evening, everyone, and see you tomorrow.
Sleep well!  xx

Saturday 8 June 2024

Saturday evening, 08-06-24

Good evening, all.  Had a nice day?

It's been good round here.  For a start, the weather was pleasant.  Sunny morning and afternoon although it did cloud over around lunchtime.

I met up with Beth and we headed off into town, first of all to the Cotswold shop to have a good look at the bedroom furniture Beth really liked.  She took some samples of flooring too and, after a lot of discussion and trying things against other things, she made some decisions and a very pleasant lady priced it all up for Beth and discussed all sorts of related stuff with her.  
This is the range she's choosing from:
The furniture looked really nice against the walls so Beth found out what colour the walls were painted and that, I think, is what she is going for.  It's callen ammonite and is a Farrow and Ball paint, although she might see if there's a Dulux match.

Then we headed into John Lewis where we spent a most enjoyable half an hour in the Jo Malone area where Beth very kindly treated me to some perfume, the English pear and freesia scent which is very pleasant - very light and summery.  So very kind of her.
Then we went up to the cafe where I treated her to a cheese scone (hardly fair exchange but never mind) while I was very good and had a black coffee and the apple I had brought with me.

After a trip to Tesco to get some stuff for tomorrow, we headed off back to Beth's and then I came home.  It was all lovely and mother/daughter-ish and we both really enjoyed the time.

And that was the day over, more or less.  I still haven't watched Sewing Bee so that's a pleasure for tomorrow.

And, finally . . . 
dwarf beans     6
runner beans    8
Yes, really!

Good night, everyone, sleep well and have a lovely day tomorrow . . .  xx

Saturday morning, 08-06-24

Good morning, everyone.  Apologies for yesterday evening - it's the usual excuse of tiredness.  Will explain below.
But first . . .

Bean count:
dwarfs     6
runners    4!!  
All of a sudden, bang on fourteen days, the runners are cooperating!  That's made me happy!  I need to buy some canes soon - I don't have any tall enough - unless there's some in the garage.  Must check.  

I woke really early yesterday morning - and when I say really, I mean even for me.  Twenty past two!  And I could not get back to sleep again.  So that was a great start.  The hay fever has really hit now and the sharp tooth wasn't helping.  I wonder if the chemist has something I could use to cover that sharp edge.  I might go and ask.

It was quite a busy day too.   Slimming world first and it wasn't a great result but there you go!
I did a load of washing which dried nicely on the line which means that I have two loads to iron today, most likely this morning.

I went round to a friend's for lunch.  She lives in Hutton so that meant a drive down the A12 (not my favourite road) and getting held up by pothole repairs bu we shouldn't complain - at least they are being done.  A had a lovely time with A though as we had a lot to catch up on.  She told me a much easier way back home again and that's the way I will go from now on.  There's a lot of road improvements on the A12 at the moment and that's causing hold ups and would have stopped me getting off in the usual place so I'm glad to have been given an alternative.  It's country roads, not as fast but so much more pleasant.

Come the evening, I had a scheduled online chat although it was hard to keep my eyes open at times so I decided to keep this until Saturday morning.

The sun's shining at the moment, as it did much of yesterday, so that's nice.  I have the ironing which I can do while watching the new Doctor Who and, if time permits, I haven't seen this week's Sewing Bee although I do know who was eliminated (no surprises there).
I'm due at Beth's at 12 and we're walking into town - well, I'm walking and she is wheelchairing - to look at her favourite bedroom furniture choice in The Cotswolds Company - we're lucky enough to have a shop - and she says she also fancies a cheese scone in John Lewis!!  I will try to stick to coffee and will take an apple in my bag, I think.

I'm hoping to do the usual evening post but, if not, I'll be back Sunday morning.  Until then, have a great day with plenty of sunshine.  xx

Just to add a bit of colour . . .