Tuesday 21 December 2010

Tuesday morning

Yesterday's lunch out was lovely. It was great to see Liz again and have a natter about all sorts of things. It's only a five minute walk to the Flyer and it was a truly delightful winter's day. Crisp snow, invigorating air and bright sunshine all worked together to make a most enjoyable trudge to the pub and back again. Although it was so bitterly cold, it wasn't slippery, there was too much crunch in the snow for it to be dangerous.

After that I set to and started getting things sorted for the festivities. I got out all my red candles and holders and put them together. I unwrapped and polished the wooden nativity set which is now in its usual place. I put the wreath on the front door and finished off the family presents. It is starting to feel very festive now. As I feared, putting the Christmas tree up so much earlier has resulted in it just being part of the general furniture now, without the impact that it has had in other years. For me, that is - I'm sure it will all look nice and festive to my guests, hopefully.

When I opened Google this morning it told me that it's snowing in Chelmsford. I went to the window and, lo and behold, so it is! Settling too, on my nicely brushed pathway to the shed. I will have to get going with that broom again, as soon as I can. It's only a light covering, but even a little can be lethal if it melts and then freezes. It looks ever so pretty but the problems it is helping to cause are really not very funny.

I have two days to get everything done now. Thursday is all booked up and my guests arrive in the afternoon. The turkey is being delivered tomorrow (I hope) so I can get that ready for the oven and pop it in the shed where it can chill in safety until needed.
The schedule is, therefore:
Today - housework, generally getting everything totally ready, tidy, clean, etc, so that just a quick dust and sweep will be needed on Thursday.
Tomorrow: the kitchen. Say no more!! Also, of course, the turkey, assuming the weather permits it to be delivered. It had better be - I cannot imagine what I will do, just me, with a 7k turkey after Christmas!!
Thursday: Shopping for the things I dare not get in earlier - crisps and alcohol, plus salad things.
So busy days, but not terribly stressed. Quite nice, in fact.

Better get going then!

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