Thursday 9 December 2010

Thursday evening

What a super day it's been. First of all it was the pantomime. A retelling of Dick Wittington, full of laughs, noise (very, very noise), songs and drama. Three very talented young people playing a variety of roles with very speedy costume changes behind a screen. And our Infants just lapped it all up. They were totally and utterly involved, completely a part of the story, wonderfully engaging with the characters.
I kept a sharp eye open for my autistic-y children. One was happy to sit on my knee for a short time and covered the ears each time there was shouting but still had a great time. The others loved every moment of it!
This little theatre company got it absolutely right for our little ones - songs, jokes, interaction, suspense. I look forward to hearing how they were received by the juniors in the afternoon. As I did my wee coordinator talk at the end, one of the company said we were the best audience they had ever had. One takes that with a pinch of flattery salt. However, they said it again in the staffroom at playtime and again, later on, to office staff, so I guess it was more than just conventional flattery. I am very proud of 'my' children. The adults did OK too!!

And then, in the afternoon, we made snowmen. No, not real ones, model ones. A bit like yesterday's reindeer only rather more complicated, more techniques involved, more to remember, more to work out.
I modelled the most significant parts to them, showed them the one I had made, elicited ideas as to HOW I had made certain parts, gave them the freedom to use their own ideas, showed them the materials and tools and left them to it. Minimal support, lots of 'what do you think' type questioning.
The results were fantastic. My two 'special' LSAs and I just stood and watched them in amazement and appreciation of the varying skills they demonstrated. It was an afternoon to remember and the results are enhancing the classroom environment no end at the moment.

And, best of all, at the end of the afternoon, the children left the bay happy, content and fulfilled. Isn't that what it's all about?

How can I match that tomorrow??? I LOVE Christmas at school!

Photo: just to cap it all, we had a gorgeous sunset.

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