Thursday 30 December 2010

Thursday: early morning

Goodness, DD doesn't half keep her house hot! I wonder if I dare creep along and turn the heating down a bit . . . yes, I think I do!

OK: maybe that will be better shortly. Sorry DD!

Indigo to the contrary, I slept really well overnight, waking several times but getting straight back to sleep again. It's always a bit problematic sleeping in a strange bed, especially when it's really a sofa, but I've slept enough in this one for it to be OK.

When I get home I have a houseful of chores awaiting my attention. Bedding and towels all need to be done - washed, dried and ironed. There's dusting and sweeping, a fridge to finish clearing and cleaning and a freezer to organise. I finally found some boxes that will fit nicely inside the freezer so I can organise what's in there. They're actually 'boot' boxes and I found them in Morrisons at a special price of three for a fiver. So I bought six. One for bags of veg, one for bags of fruit, one for small packs of meat/fish (e.g. sausages), one for . . . oh, you get the idea, I'm sure. They have lids but I doubt I will be using the lids much, there's no point.

I also ought to think about taking down some of the Christmas things, but they can wait until New Year. Right at this moment I'm not sure whether I will have company or not for new year but, to be quite honest, I don't mind either way. I always appreciate a bit of solitude and am not the least bit concerned about being on my own with a good book, some music (or rubbish TV), some tasty food and a few glasses of sparkly stuff.
So I could light all the candles, lower the lights, disconnect the phone, drink to the new year at a sensible time (e.g. around half past nine) and then retire happily to bed!

That's looking ahead though. As I said, once I get home, today is basically housework and chilling. And catching up on missed TV . . .

Sounds good, doesn't it?

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