Saturday 29 February 2020


Good morning.

Well, spas have not so far been part of my life-experience/world but they are now and it was great!

This spa is set out in the country as part of a health and fitness 'resort' not too far from both Colchester and Malden (sort of coast!) and has acres and acres of ground set out as a gold course and woodland walks.

It has a gym room with lots of machines (which I didn't use this time), a rather nice pool (which I did), with pool-side recliners, a sociable seating area and the usual jacuzzi bubble thing, sauna, etc, two relaxation rooms, one of which is pretty dark and is for sleeping and the other a bit brighter where poeple can chatter plus a lot of treatment rooms, a shop and an eating area.  Also a grill, bars, a restaurant and lots and lots of space.

We arrived, went in, registered and there was coffee and 'pastries' waiting for us.  Then we grabbed a towelling robe, towel and slippers and changed (most people have swimwear underneath, I gather) before starting the fun.

It was all very laid back and slow, lots of chat and laughter.  I had a lovely swim in the pool and then a facial (VERY nice and part of the package) before lunch which was afternoon tea style, starting with a glass of bubbly (well, prosecco) and going on to sandwiches, cakes and tea or coffee.  I'm afraid Slimming World didn't get a look in but I really noticed the sugar hit, given that I don't usually have very much nowadays.

After lunch (which took about an hour and a half with all the chat and a raffle to draw), I went to the relaxation room and snuggled down with my kindle.  I may possibly have dropped off for a little while too, as did everyone else in the room! 

Yes, that is a bed in the relaxation room and no, I didn't as the sofas were very comfy.  I couldn't get a photo of the whole pool because there were people in shot but you get the idea.

The whole place had this piped going-nowhere soothing sort of music all flutes, pan pipes and harp, the sort of thing that you are aware of but that is totally non-intrusive and designed to relax and chill.

As a way to spend a soaking wet, pouring with rain day, I can thoroughly recommend it and I will be going back again at some point, maybe with an overnight stay which would give me two whole days of spa and a chance for a few walks too, weather permitting.

Once home, I was utterly shattered but, as is often the way, haven't slept all that well.  Too much going on in my head, I expect.  Tonight should be a different matter altogether!  I'll be at Dad's and we will have dined at the Millstream.
Talk about living the good life, eh?

The cost of the day had a £10 extra charge which was a donation to Kids Inspire and, with the raffle, we managed to raise over £500, which is great and makes one feel less guilty about all that self-indulgence.
Looking forward to the next Lindsey organised one now (booked for October)

Back to normal blog things tomorrow!  xx

Thursday 27 February 2020


Good morning, everyone.  After saying no snow yesterday, of course we did have some after all.  Quite heavy at one point and I bet the excitement was high in all the local classrooms but it died away without settling and the afternoon was beautifully sunny again.

I stayed in and did this and that.  Beth came over and stayed for dinner before we set oput for pottery.

Two of the candle stands are now done and last night I glazed the third one.  I really MUST order some ball candles.
Here's the two that are now done - just imagine a ball candle on top, if you please.

And this is what Beth was working on - now glazed and ready for firing again.  It's a sign for the allotment as our old one fell apart.  I think it will be lovely.

I've decided I want to play with some glazing so I made three oval pots using a mould and when they are fired I'm going to splatter glaze around and see what happens.  I might spray with a toothbrush (do you remember doing that at school?), blend colours together and generally make a mess and then see how it all glazes.  It should be fun.

Today is an adventure.  Well, something new anyway and it should be jolly good fun.  Lindsey has organised for a group of us to go to a spa resort near Colchester for a 'spa day'.  Believe it or not, I've not done anything like this before so I'm very much looking forward to it.  Being Lindsey, it's also a fund raiser for Kids Inspire.

Hope you have a super day too.  xx


Good morning.  Well, we may have had a little bit of snow overnight but there's no sign of it now, it's just wet, wet, wet!  It's cold, mind you, it feels raw and I'm very glad I can stay indoors and keep warm.  Given that us golden oldies get a fuel allowance, I have no worries about turning the heating up a little bit!

Yesterday was good although I didn't get the ironing done so that's pretty high on the list for today, as is another load of washing.

Lindsey worked me fairly hard in personal training; she's definitely upped the levels for this block of sessions.  No complaints, it's what I wanted and it's definitely working.  A biggie was improving my balance which was very poor and that's certainly better.  Also, I'm managing things that I never used to be able to manage.  Yesterday was a case in point;  curling down until hands touch the floor, then 'walking' the hands forward into a plank, holding the plank for ten seconds or so, then walking back and slowly straightening again.  I could never have done that before Christmas even.
So I left the session feeling pretty good!

I finished the very simple skirt I was making.  It's a bit too short as there wasn't quite enough fabric left but that's OK, I can use it when sitting outside in the garden on those warm spring and summer days that are just around the corner (I can dream) and I now know my size for that particular pattern.  It's come out nice and I will use it again.

I dug out some more fabric (like yarn, I have a ridiculous amount of stash!) and have started on a top, a bit more complicated which is good.  I got it cut out and all the markings stitched in so today I will set to with the machine.  No - first I will tidy up what's left of the previous make and then I will set to!

I'm just posting this collage because there's this free online program that takes your photos and turns them into a collage (loads of choices) which you can save.  It's called and it's very useful.

Today there's nothing in the diary until tuition.
I have that ironing and some washing, I need to go to Morrisons for a little shop, there's some planning to do and the tidying up and then I can start sewing again.  I want to put in a good day's work because I won't be able to do any more after today until Tuesday.
Tomorrow I am out on a little adventure (meaning something new)!

Have a great day.  xx

Wednesday 26 February 2020


Good morning!I've just popped out to the freezer and it feels flippin' cold.  There's no frost so maybe it just feels colder than it really is - a daft thing to say really but you know what I mean!

Yesterday ended up a bit unexpected - nice unexpected though.

Just as I was getting ready to go to Slimming World, the bell went and there was my friend Jackie on the doorstep.  For one awful moment, I though either she or I had got dates muddled because we were scheduled to have lunch together on Thursday.  However, not so, she was asking could we change to yesterday as something had come up for Thursday.

As she was fine about me going out and not being back until eleven, I agreed so that's what we did.  Jackie came back at eleven and, after a good old chat over a coffee, we went off to the Hare for a super lunch and more chat!
We've decided to make this a once a month thing so we've set a date for next month when we'll use our golden oldie bus passes and go into town where there's so much choice of eateries that we will have difficulty deciding.

Then I came home and got on with getting to know Mum's sewing machine better.  I pretty much finished the top which I am really not sure about (!) so it's just as well it's cheap and extremely ancient fabric plus a freebie pattern.  I then used the rest to cut out and make a skirt and it is definitely seconds fabric as there's marks and errors on it, but it will do for indoors and just mucking around so no problem!  I need to practise and remember old learning and skill so it's certainly not a waste.

Today I shall snuggle down with the manual and the accessories box and go through everything, working out what it all does, what the various settings mean and so on.
I also have to go to Hobbycraft again (such a shame) and I have personal training midday and a pile of ironing so that's my day nicely mapped out, isn't it.
What are you doing today?  xx

Tuesday 25 February 2020


Good morning!!  It's light, the ground is dry, there's blue in the sky with little whispy clouds racing across and, all in all, it's a lovely early morning.  Three cheers.  The forecast for the day looks pretty good too so I might very well pop down to the allotment and get those broad beans in.

Yesterday was quite an emotional day at times.

Not wanting (daring?) to brave wading knee deep in projects and fabric to get the sewing maching from Beth's work room, I took a deep breath and got out Mum's sewing machine that Dad gave me after her death.  It's a lovely machine of its time, a Bernina, and they got it at an Ideal Home Exhibition, going there specifically to see it on demo (and to see other things as well, of course).  Mum actually went on a weekend course to learn all its secrets as it is a bit of an electronic thingy.
It's a lovely machine and definitely about time I started using it!

I didn't explore any of the clever stuff yesterday, just used the manual to get the hang of winding the bobbin, threading it up and generally doing the basic stuff.  It's not difficult, all machines are more or less the same in the basics with slight differences.

Then I set to and made that top and I'm glad I did as, nice as it is, I don't think I will use the other fabric for it.  I think it is just a little bit wide but it will be easy to take in the side seams a bit as long as I do it before the hem at the bottom.
If I make it again (and I might), a softer and silkier fabric would work well.

As I was getting on with it, Beth walked in and recognised the fabric.  I made a little dress for her with some of it, one with a simple bodice, gathered short sleeves, a high waist, gathered skirt and sash.  It wouldn't surprise me if I'd smocked the front too although neither of us could remember so I probably didn't.  It was a classic 'little girl's dress' and very pretty it was too.  That was definitely in London days so well over 35 years ago.

Today, it is SW group first thing and after that I will come home and have my pancakes - must have pancakes today!
Then I have some hand sewing and I might start making something else, not the bug has bitten!  No tuition as I did it yesterday so I have the whole day ahead of me.  Lovely.

I hope your day is lovely too.  xx

Monday 24 February 2020


Good morning.  It was another day of two halves yesterday with lashing rain and strong winds before the sun finally emerged and a mild, almost spring-like afternoon that cheered me up no end.  However, today looks dire again!  Come on, Spring - it's nearly March now!

Some of the mini-daffs in the garden yesterday pm - they're putting on a lovely show this year!

It took me ages to pin and cut out the pattern.  The fabric I used was, I realised, some I bought before I moved here around thirty five years ago and it is metre wide fabric, meaning that some of the pattern pieces are too wide to place on the fold, so to speak, as it is kimono style.  Fortunately, I have loads of the fabric, as I originally intended it for a dress (I still have the pattern!!) so there's enough and to spare and maybe enough also for a summer top.
I have a feeling it was seconds as I had to avoid a few faults in the printing.

Being an old skinflint, I didn't want to limit the paper pattern to just my size - I applaud the fact that nowadays paper patterns are multi sized - so there was a certain amount of careful snipping in and folding around neck and underarm which I did very carefully, being out of practise.  I definitely go along with the saying 'think thrice and cut once'.

I'm still undecided as to whether to bind or to create facings.  There's plenty of fabric left.  Decisions, decisions!

Today is an INSET day at school so I'm having my two brother pupils for tuition this morning first thing.  They are early risers too and it suits us all to do Monday morning.  It will free me up at tea time and also tomorrow after school so works well all round.

Then I need to hop in the car and go to Aldi for some shopping and then on to Hobbycraft for some sylko - although it's not called that nowadays, is it - and I might also get some iron on interfacing, just in case I make facings (which I will have to decide fairly soon).   If I don't, it won't be wasted as Beth uses it for her machine applique as well.

This afternoon, I'll probably get the sewing maching down from upstairs, take a few deep breaths and start sewing!  Fingers crossed - wish me luck.  :-)

Sunday 23 February 2020


Morning, everyone.  Just to be different, the forecast for today is strong wind and rain.  Yippidy doo!  In fact, from what I can see, it already is and I'm so glad I got the things for breakfast out of the freezer (kept in the shed) last night!

Well, Dr Clough was very happy with the way things are healing up, thankfully.  He wants to see me in eight weeks, just for another check.  I think, maybe, that's when he will judge the rate of healing and decide when the implants can be put in.  Let's hope so anyway.

I took the paper pattern sheets out and got them all cut out and ironed nice and flat but I think I might grab some cheap fabric from the deep, dark depths of a cupboard and knock one up first, just to see.  It's a very, very long time since I did any dress making and I don't want to waste the lovely (comparatively expensive) fabric.

It's a very easy pattern.  No facings, Diane, just binding to finish the neck and sides and hems for the bottom and the sleeves.  As it is kimono style, there's no sleeves to set in either, so it's actually a very good pattern to start with.  It would be quite easy to make some narrow facings if the binding looks a bit clunky so a practise run would be a good thing from more than one angle.

Today looks very much like being an indoors day again so I'll dig out that fabric and make a start, I think.  Here's hoping it all works OK.  I'm surprised how nervous I feel about it.  Time was when I'd knock up a couple of skirts and a little pair of shorts for Dave and still have time for afternoon coffee with my friend!  It's more than time I got back into the swing of it.

Have a good day, everyone, and stay safe, warm and dry in this nasty weather, especially if you live further north where, I gather, there's weather warnings in place for ice and snow. 

Saturday 22 February 2020


Good morning, everyone.  First of all, thank you very much for the get well comments yesterday.  Things picked up through the day although I was very weary, went to bed before eight and slept until half five which was great and now I feel loads better.

Obviously, I didn't do much yesterday which was rather boring but there you go.

Today there's one thing in the diary which is a trip to the dentist to have the 'holes' checked over.  I'm sure it's all OK.  While I can still feel the area, eating is slow and chewing awkward, and I'm being very careful to cut up everything to avoid having to bite, it's not painful, just 'there'.  I need to ask about the denture which is a bit wobbly but maybe that's normal. 
I tell myself that one week in is about 4% towards the end so getting there!  :-)

Apart from that, I will take a walk somewhere (weather permitting) and generally potter.  I have some planning to do for the coming week and might get out a chosen pattern and see if I can do some pinning and cutting out.  I need some sewing thread so, if Beth's collection of bobbins can't supply, I will have to trouble Hobbycraft.  Oh, how sad!!
This is what I will make (as in the picture rather than any of the variations) with the flowery-leafy fabric.  It's very simple but I haven't made anything like that for a very long time so simple is good and anyway, the fabric needs no decoration whatsoever.

It's only seven and already it is pretty light.  The days are getting noticeably longer, aren't they?  Now what we need is more sunshine!

Have a great Saturday.  What are your plans?

Friday 21 February 2020


Good morning!

Everything went according to plan yesterday.  In the morning I went to Morrisons and was glad I was wearing my new hat as I met L. there, who seemed really pleased that I was using it.

It was nice to see Beth and catrch up on this, that and the other.

Today, I'm feeling a bit rough so have cancelled the things I had on and will stay home and feel sorry for myself.  I'm sure it will settle, it's just One Of Those Things.

Have a lovely day, whatever your plans.  xx

Thursday 20 February 2020


Good morning.  It was a day of two halves yesterday, for sure.  Sunny, breezy, lovely drying weather.  By the afternoon, it was at first drizzling and this then morphed into harder rain.  And as if we haven't already had enough, it's now forecast for some very heavy rain later on today as well.

Poor old Jeff emailed me to suggest that we don't do the allotment digging tomorrow and I totally agreed.  Even if it was sunny today, it wouldn't be dry enough.  It will keep, it won't go away, that's for sure, so another time.

I stayed in, did this and that, little things, all the usual homey sort of stuff.

Today is a little more lively.  My new student comes for a first session this morning.  It's all prepared so, hopefully, things will go well.
Then I need to walk to Morrisons for a few bits and bobs - things like eggs, carrots, etc.
This afternoon, Beth is over so that will be really nice.
And this evening it's SW group.

And that's about it really.  Have a good 'un - what are your plans?  xx

Wednesday 19 February 2020


Good morning!  At the moment it's absolutely beautiful outside, sunny and breezy, albeit cold, but the forecast isn't great.  A bit like yesterday, the afternoon looks to be bringing some rain over for a while, maybe not as torrential as yesterday but still wet!  :-)

It was very pleasant at SW group yesterday and I'm glad I went to help.  In the end I stayed the whole time before going home briefly for breakfast and then setting out for town.
It's half term and I used to have a bit of a tradition in half term of going into town and spending a bit.  I had a few things on a list, the main one being very naughty; I have run out of my 'best' perfume, appropriately named 'Joy', so went to John Lewis to get some more.  That was a bit ouch but not something I get all that often.  I also looked at the Jo Malone fragrances that people talk about but wasn't all that impressed although, to be fair, you need to live with a fragrance for a while to really tell and fragance reacts with ones skin to create an fairly individual scent.
What's your favourate?

Then I went upstairs to the haberdashery department and noticed that they have increased their range of fabrics.  I had a good nosey round and fell for two - both florally cotton and, I think, absolutely gorgeous.  I washed it early this morning and it's now out on the line so looking a bit crumpled in the photos.  You can get the idea though.

Once home again, I had lunch and then settled to some knitting when there was a knock at the door and there was my friend, L., who didn't have time to come in.  She brought me a gift, a hat she had knitted for me after I admired it a couple of weeks ago.  It's lovely, goes really well with my hair style and I was so grateful.

I love that particular stitch pattern.  When I was a child, my Mum knitted several jumpers for me and my brothers in that stitch and they were very cosy and comfortable indeed.  I've used it myself on occasion too.
I will be wearing this hat a lot while the weather is so chilly.  Many thanks, L.

For the rest of the day, I worked hard at being idle and relaxed.

Today, the diary is blank.  It should be personal training but Lindsey has changed that to Friday.  I might tidy up some cupboards and also tomorrow is the first session for one of my new students so I need to do some careful planning.  It's essential to assess at the start but I don't want to make it stressful, obviously.

I'll also dig out my box of paper patterns and see what I can make with the fabric.  I had things in mind when I bought it, of course, but will look at everything before making my final decision.

Here's to a good day for us all.  xx

Tuesday 18 February 2020


Good morning

Yesterday, I had a little (very little) stroll round the garden which is looking rather nice right now.

The mini daffs are all out in their sunshiny glory, the snowdrops are just starting to go over but still looking pretty and the hyacinths will soon be taking over.  In the front bed, the primroses are beautiful, despite being battered by wind and rain, the bluebell leaves are tall and even the heuchera is sending out green spikes.

More surprisingly, not only is the delphinium sending up shoots, so are the lupins, while the geranium is looking remarkably ready to shoot forth too.

The chives are almost ready to start using while the mint and the oregano are both starting to make their presence felt.

And it's only two thirds of the way through February.  Crazy!

As expected, it was a great drying day yesterday.  I pegged my bedding out using rather more pegs than usual as it was so blowy and by the time the second load was ready to go out, the first load was dry.  I got all the ironing done too, which was most satisfying.

Today I have Slimming World group this morning and then the day's my own. 
I'm not going to be weighed this morning.  This is half term so I go back to my old group on Thursday evenings as there's no pottery but I help out with the weighing on Tuesday and will go to do that.

I think I might take the bus into town and have a look at the spring clothes which should be on the racks now.  Not that I need anything, of course, but when has 'need' had much to do with it?  There are a few bits and bobs I want to get as well as generally window shopping and have been putting it off for a while so it's really about time.

The socks are doing well.  I've started on the second of another pair and I think I might explore the John Lewis department to see if there's any more sock patterns that look a bit different as well as seeing if any yarn catches my eye.  I must have something on the make all the time.

I think it's coffee time!  I'll stop meandering on and get that kettle earning its space.  Have a great day, whatever you have planned.  xx

Monday 17 February 2020


Good morning!  It's dry and clear and calm outside.  What a contrast to the last couple of days.  Parts of yesterday were really nasty with torrential rain the likes of which I have rarely seen and which made me grateful we don't flood easily around here.  It feels colder too although I don't think there's any kind of frost.

I really didn't do all that much of any note yesterday.  Beth came round for lunch which was very nice, I finished my sock and have started on another pair; may as well get stocked up for next winter!  We did a bit of talk planning for this, that and the other and watched The Order of the Phoenix.

At some point, I remembered that I need to pay the balance for my Southwold holiday in May  so I went online and am now rather down in pocket but up in anticipation!

That was about it.  A very lazy day.

I have nothing in my diary for today, most unusually for a Monday but it's half term, of course, so no knitter knatter, no helping in FS and no tutoring.  There's always domestic stuff, of course and I may as well change my sheets today as there's a strong possibility that I can line dry them.

After being stuck in for a couple of days, I'm ready for some fresh air and might might take a drive out somewhere to walk around a local village.  If I do, I must remember my camera.  I'll see how the domestic things work out before deciding.

Have a good day and I'm hoping all is well with you all.  xx

Sunday 16 February 2020


Morning!  Horrible weather, innit (as we say in Essex)?  Raining and windy but, thankfully, not cold at the moment.  Jeff emailed to say forget Monday - he was going to do the allotment digging - and I totally and rather thankfully agreed.  We've fixed another date for a week tomorrow so fingers crossed it's third time lucky!

Well, finally it all got done.  Three teeth (or one tooth and two stumps) out, a denture in and various instructions to follow over the next week.
Essentially, I have to keep the denture in for 24 hours - helps with bleeding (or prevention of) and initial healing as well as providing protection.
He said no food or drink for several hours - a shame as I was dying for a strong coffee or, even better, a stiff G&T!
No mouthwash, brushing or anything until midday today so my teeth feel yuck and I bet my breath isn't very nice either.
And soft, mushy type food for several days.  Boooooring!

I go back next week so he can check it over and make sure all is well and then wait three or four months to properly heal up before the implants go in.

The denture is weird; I really don't like it.  It wobbles (which I can do something about, I guess) and I can't chew properly (which I will have to mention to the dentist on Saturday)  I feel like I have a mouthful of something (which I suppose I do) but I am sure I will get used to it in time.  It's OK to sleep in it so I probably will, if I can, just so I get accustomed to wearing it.  I have to say, I am glad I decided to go the implant route.
One good thing though - I'm a terrible tooth grinder but at the moment I can't!
And another good thing.  It really doesn't hurt, not at all.  Phew.
And the best thing of all - I have a new smile!  It  looks so much better without the two very crooked front teeth and I'm so pleased.

Apart from all that, yesterday was ordinary.  The weather meant no going out for my walk so I did some washing and then settled down to rewatch the Harry Potter DVDs which was great fun.  The socks are almost finished; I'm on the last half of the foot now and, knitted in the round as they are, there's precious few loose ends and no sewing up to do.

I abandoned my rather over-ambitious plans for dinner and got out a piece of salmon instead, to have with some seafood sauce.  I was feeling weary (that was the nerves, I expect) and a bit achey and couldn't be bothered to make anything else. 

As for today . . .
At the moment there is a very appetising smell coming from the kitchen as I have a lovely, lean boneless gammon ham boiling on the hob.  It needed cooking anyway but also I thought that the stock will make a tasty soup and the meat will shred nicely for scrambled egg, quiche, ham and potato cakes, etc, none of which will require too much chewing.

I doubt I will get much chance for a walk today either, although I might wrap up and dash to Morrisons to treat myself to some diet coke or similar.  A bit of fresh air is better than none at all.

As for the rest of the time, I am sure I will have a few snoozes, I want to finish the sock and start a new pair with some self patterning navy and white sock yarn which I think will look pretty good.  As I have a couple of 100g balls, I might think about making them longer; it wouldn't be difficult and, once you get into the rhythm, going round and round and round can be done while watching telly.

Better go and check the ham.  I don't think it will need any topping up as it's on a very gentle simmer but best to be sure.  While I'm there, I may as well make myself another coffee too. 
Have a pleasant Sunday, despite the rain and the wind and I very much hope no-one reading is being adversely affected by flood or wind damage.  xx

Saturday 15 February 2020


Good morning.  It was a pleasantly sunny day yesterday, albeit in a hazy sort of way, but the latest storm is on the way and is expected to impact here soon although it is calm and dry right now, early morning.   Fingers crossed it isn't as rough as last weekend.

I have two days to catch up on.
Thursday was a really lovely day.  Coffee and a lovely chat with J, a fantastic get together at school to wish Sue a happy retirement where lots of the 'old crowd' turned up and the staff room was filled with happy chatter and lots of reminiscing and then pottery (no photos, sorry) where one candle holder is now ready for firing and the other two have been glazed.  I'll have to wait two weeks to see the results as it's half term next week so no pottery.

Yesterday was dominated by the dental appointment but - and you couldn't make it up - Dr Clough wasn't totally satisfied with the fit of the temporary denture so he took another impression and has given me a slot for today at ten for the extractions.  In a way, it inspires confidence that he won't do less than the best but it's another sudden let down and it left me very tired and achey.
Beth probably can't come with me today so I will just have to put on my big girl's pants and do a bit of growing up, won't I?  And the wind can jolly well hold off until I get home again.

Once that's over, I have no plans for the rest of the day except to stay in out of the wind and read/knit/etc.
I finished some fingerless gloves I was knitting and now I'm on the second of a pair of socks.  I just fancied doing some smaller things and  quite enjoy knitting in a round (using four needles).  With any luck, I will finish the second sock over the weekend and, as I have lots of sock weight yarn, I might start another pair.  They are so nice and warm and comfortable and, as the yarn is self striping, they look fun too.

I went to Morrisons for a few bits and bobs and they had a couple of new sewing magazines in with paper patterns that they call 'free' although, at the price they ask for the magazines, I prefer to call them 'cheaper than usual'.  Anyway, I liked all the patterns so splashed out on a weekend/half term reading treat.
I need to reclaim my share of the sewing machine, don't I?

That's it really.  Have a great weekend, whatever you plan to do.  xx

Friday 14 February 2020

Friday: questions and answers

I saw this on Facebook and thought it would be better than whinging about teeth today.  Feel free to copy and use.
Back to normal tomorrow!

1. Who are you named after?
My Mum's full sister.  I never really knew her as she was a GI bride and lived all her adult life in the States.  Towards the end of her life we communicated a lot via Facebook, which was nice.  She passed away about six months or so before Mum did.  Long living ladies, both of them

2. Last time you cried? 
Can't remember.  Not that long ago.  Ah, I remember, it was when watching a back episode of DIY:SOS.  That often makes me cry.

3. Do you like your handwriting?
It depends.  It's a very variable thing and generally not all that neat so when I nag my students I always feel slightly hypocritical!

4. What is your favorite meat?
I love a nice piece of steak, cooked well but I like most meat really.

5. Longest relationship?
Twelve years married.

6. Do you still have your tonsils?
No, not since I was about eight or nine.  My brother and I had them out at the same time and were next to each other in hospital in the children's ward.

7. Would you bungee jump?
Not a chance in a billion.

8. What is your favourite cereals? 
It has to be oats - porridge, pancakes, waffles, overnight oats, baked oats.  I love it all!

9. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 
Not unless I have to - which means I have to undo them before I put them on again.

10. Do you think you're strong? 
What does that mean?  Define 'strong'.  
Physically I'm getting stronger thanks to Lindsey's training.  In other non-physical ways it varies according to the situation and the circumstances.  I'm still here so I must have a certain amount of strength.

11. Favorite ice cream?
toffee/honeycomb.  I prefer sorbet though.

12. What is the first thing you notice about a person?
er - I think their smile (assuming they are smiling)

13. Football or Rugby?
No, thank you.

14. What colour trousers are you wearing?
Blue jeans.

15. Last thing you ate? 
Sweet potato nachos with a spicy sauce and it was delicious.

16. What are you listening to? 
Nothing.  My hearing aids are out.

17. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be ? 
Blue, definitely.

18. What is your favourite smell?

19. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? 
I don't do phones.

20. Hair colour? 
Going very grey now with blondish lights when the sun shines on it.

21. Eye colour? 

22. Favourite foods to eat? 
I don' have a favourite, I like lots of different things.

23. Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings, definitely, and no nasty violence.

24. Last movie you watched?
At the cinema?  No idea, it was so long ago.  On DVD - Paddington 2 and I loved it!

25. What colour shirt are you wearing? 
Blue T shirt.

26. What is your favourite holiday?
My favourite place ever was Streele Farm although  I haven't been there for ages now.   It's not the area (which is lovely) it's that the place is so lovely.
I dearly love the Peak District too

27. Beer or wine? 
Chilled dry bubbly stuff.  ANy time!

28. Night Owl or Morning Person? 
Definitely morning, without any shadow of doubt.  Half past six is a lie in.

29.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Oh, the Peak District, without a doubt.  Such a lovely part of the country.  And if I could afford it, I'd shop at the Chatsworth Shop too!

30. Favorite day of the week?
Monday because of helping in FS and knitter knatter club this term
Tuesday because it's SW group and that's fun
Wednesday because of personal training
Thursday because of pottery!
Friday because every fortnight is usually completely free so I can go out and every other week Dad takes me to the Millstream for dinner.
Saturday because I can use my bus pass early to get into town before the crowds
Sunday because Beth comes round on Sundays quite often
Saturday and Sunday every fortnight because I'm at Dad's
I'm not fussy - I like them all.

Thursday 13 February 2020


Good morning.  I've just pulled back the curtains, this being a bit later than usual, and it's still windy and it's also raining, sadly.  The sunshine yesterday was wonderful!  It seems to feel a bit less cold but I haven't been out yet so that opinion might change!

I popped down to the dentist's surgery early yesterday, sort of between rush hour and milk run, to find out if they'd managed to fit me in and, after telling the story, the receptionist went to find someone who said, in slightly accusatory tones, 'I've been trying to phone you.'
I produced my usual response to this.
'I think you will find that in my records it says that I should not be contacted by phone because [blah-de-blah-de-blah-hard-of-hearing-bah] but by email.'

They fitted me in for twelve tomorrow before I had the time to waffle about 'reasonable adjustment' or 'preferred choice of contact'!  I think she was a bit embarrassed really.

So all last week's whinging can be transferred to this week and I will do my best not to bend your ears (or do I mean eyes?)  about dentists and their evil doings too much.

Then I goofed.  I walked down to J's, knocked, rang and knocked again before realising there was no-one in so I walked back again, went to Morrisons and walked home with a heavy-ish bag.  On Facebook there was a message from J saying 'are you OK'.
Yes, gentle readers, I had gone to the wrong house and if they'd been in, they could have directed me two doors further along.  Ho hum!  Anyway, we've rescheduled for this morning.

Personal training was a bit of a killer, as I expected.  The first session of a block always is as Lindsey changes the focus maybe, or the routine, and she definitely isn't afraid to up the level.  So maybe 'death' was the right word to use, especially after my morning walk.

Today I'm off to J's for coffee and chat and this time I will go to the right place!

After lunch, I am off up to school for a retirement 'celebration', although I always think 'celebration' is the wrong word to use.  Sue has been connected to the school as long as I have and her children are the same age as mine, more or less.  I went on to be employed as a teacher and she became a TA and a very valued one too so we go back a long way.
They're holding an 'afternoon tea' for her which will be lovely.  What's also lovely is that the parents of today's student are happy to delay tuition for half an hour so I don't have to leave early.

After tuition, it's pottery!  Yay!  I have two candle stands to glaze and one to smooth off before first firing.  That should keep me busy.

There's a lot packed into today which is good.  It will keep me out of mischief and stop me brooding on tomorrow too much.  Hopefully, it will tire me out too, so I sleep well.  And finally I won't be at home much so I won't be able to indulge in any stress nibbling!  Yes, there's the afternoon tea, but I'll have lunch just before so I won't be hungry in the slightest.

It should be a good day and I hope yours is too.  xx

Wednesday 12 February 2020


Good morning, everyone.  It was another very gusty day yesterday but without the lashing rain, thank goodness.  Today looks like being much the same so I have a load in the washing maching to peg out as soon as it is light.

SW group was all positive, which was nice, and tuition was also enjoyable.  I knitted and cleared up a bit, did some washing and got it out and generally pottered around.

Today I have a busy morning and a gentle afternoon and evening.

Firstly I need to go into the dentist.  I thought they were going to send me an appointment by email but nothing has arrived so, being unable to use the phone much, I need to drive in to discover that I misheard and should have done something or other . . .

Then I'm off to a friend's for coffee.  J and I have similar aged 'children' and she was just starting to teach at the school when I started mummy helping so were colleagues for several decades.  She retired about three or four years before I did.

And then I'm off to Lindsey's for my hour of death personal training.  It's a new block so will be new exercises.  And that reminds me - I need to get online and pay!

Well, it's a fairly early start so I'd better get going.  Have a lovely day.  xx

Tuesday 11 February 2020


Good morning!  Weather wise, yesterday was a day of two halves.  Morning was lovely and sunny, sunny enough to get some washing out on the line, which was nice.  I ummed and ahed about leaving it on the line when I went into school but decided not to take the change.  I'm glad I came to that decision because while I was out, the clouds rolled in and the rain started.  I got wet coming home from school and I got wet again walking home from tuition.  The consistent thing was the wind - it was still blowy and, with the rain, much stronger again.  Cold too - oh, goodness, it really felt cold in that wind!

Jeff and I decided that allotment was a no-go.  It would have been terribly wet and heavy and just not worth the effort.  Instead, he came round here and did some bits and bobs for me.  He was scheduled for Wednesday but won't now.
We set a provisional date for the allotment and we'll see what the weather throws at us.

Knitter Knatter was good.  All the girls are getting the idea now.  Indeed, one cast off their knitting and I showed her how to sew it up into a pencil case.  Another has made a cross over scarf and another well on the way to making a longer scarf with pink and white stripes although how she's going to sew the ends in I have no idea, they are so short.  Still, that's how you learn!
I took my circular glove knitting with me which they found very amusing!

Today it is SW Group first thing.  It's the February Free Food Festival (SW does things like that so don't laugh!!) and a taster session.  I've made meatballs in a tomato sauce!

Then I'm free until tuition and I MUST do some housework!

That's my day - what are your plans?
Have a good one!  xx

Monday 10 February 2020


Good morning.
Well, that was quite a day, wasn't it?  I'm not sure what was worse, the strong winds or the teeming rain and both together were - powerful.  I gather it's wasn't just the UK - Europe has had problems too.  One of the major storms, for sure.
No damage here as far as I can tell, although over the cul de sac had some fencing down.

I'm very glad I wasn't caught out in this!

Beth wisely decided not to venture out and over here so the higgidy pie went back in the freezer (It hadn't started defrosting) and I hunkered down with knitting, Kindle and telly to have a cosy day inside.  It's funny how much cosier one feels when the weather is doing nasty things outside.  Thankfully, as far as I am aware, I have had no damage - even the bird table has stayed upright - but I have to check the roof tiles once it is light.  Next door seems to have lost a very small corner panel of their fence and over the road there's a couple of panels down but apart from that, things seem OK round here.

Today we are supposed to be having strong winds still, some hail and then rain showers later on.

Apart from the weather, it's the usual Monday things - knitter knatter, helping in FS and tuition.  A little bit of clearing up might not go amiss either.  That's enough to keep me out of trouble, for sure.  I'm supposed to be meeting Jeff at the allotment this morning so he can carry on with the heavy diffing but it will be so waterlogged, I've emailed him to say if he'd rather not, don't worry.  We can reschedule.

Now the jumper is finished, I've gone small and am making a pair of fingerless gloves with some gifted sock yarn.  The needles may be very fine but it grows quickly enough and it's nice to be making things that don't take a fortnight or more to complete.  The pattern book also has a pattern for socks and I might have a go at them too.  It's good to have thicker socks when indoors or when wearing wellies.

What are your plans?  Have a good day, whatever they are, and I hope all is well with you and yours.

Sunday 9 February 2020


Good morning!  It's a bit windy out there but nothing like as bad as they said - yet.  Maybe it will get worse as the day progresses but right now it is far from the 60-ish that BBC weather says we are having.  I moved my wind chimes and put the bins in more sheltered places so, for the rest, it is fingers crossed really. 

I hope everyone is OK and there's been no damage.

Yesterday was, in contrast, lovely and sunny, almost too sunny in that it made driving to B&Q later in the afternoon quite difficult.  Mind you, it's great for the posture, having to sit up so straight so the sun visor works!

While at B&Q, I bought a selection of seeds and now I feel quite virtuous because, usually, we leave it late and can't find the ones we want.
I bought baby corn, broad beans, runner beans, yellow courgette, butternut squash, gherkin ( to be grown as mini cucumbers) and some sunflowers because I though they might look nice grown in a row along the front.  I might pop a few in my front bed too!

Oddly, I felt quite dizzy in the morning, checked my blood pressure and found it was quite low for me.  I'll keep checking it for a few days and, if it's still low, stop taking the second b p tablet and let my GP know (that's what she told me to do).  I'm feeling fine now.

Today, I think, is a day to stay inside, warm, dry and safe.  Beth is scheduled to come over for lunch but I've said to cancel if she'd rather not turn out.  As for me, I will do some inside exercise, knit, watch telly, do a bit of sorting stuff out (MUST tidy my tuition shelves) and plan for the week.

For us all, stay safe today.  xx

Saturday 8 February 2020

Saturday (another long one, sorry)

Good morning!  First of all, lots of love to my blogging friend Diane who is rather unwell in hospital at the moment.  All the best, Diane, and I hope things pick up quickly.

Thank you so much for all your lovely and reassuring comments yesterday.  After all the kindness I'm almost afraid to admit that I still have the tooth stumps safely in my mouth, but there is a very good reason why.

Slightly long story.
When I initially went for my implant consultation, it was regarding the gap and the teeth either side of the gap and that's what was planned for.  I also mentioned that at a later date I would be looking to replace the other top front tooth with an implant as it is very crooked and pushed in and has been almost all my life.  Intially the top part of the implant would be made to match the other side and it would be an easy matter to replace it with a straight version in due course.

However, since then, finances have changed in a positive way and I can afford to have the whole lot done this year.  I explained that to Mr Clough and he said he would much prefer to do it all together.  The results would be better and the process shorter (obviously).  If that happened, I would definitely need a temporary denture - there's no way I could manage without any front top teeth - articulating is hard enough already as the front teeth are involved in the production of a number of single sounds.  Think of s, f, v, z for a start!

So . . . yesterday he took impressions of top and bottom teeth and of my (rather narrow) bite and the denture will be ready when I have those teeth out - one more next time.  The appointment should come through for next Thursday or Friday - I gather they will email it to me.

And he promised me a lovely smile by the end of it.  Beth protested when I told her and said I already have a lovely smile but I know what he meant and it will be great to be aware of my front teeth in a positive way!

It was it of an anticlimax really and I did feel rather like a wet rag yesterday afternoon and evening, going to bed at eight and sleeping all the way through to five thirty.

Apart from that, I went to Aldi earlyish in the morning and I'm well set up for the week now so that's good.

And Beth and I had a chat about an idea I had.  The allotment needs a sign to say which plot it is - ours is 7L (L = left) - and we had a nice wooden sign but, as wood does, it has started rotting.  I wondered if she could make a pottery plaque of some kind with the number and some leafy, flowery decorations around the edge.  She thinks it is a good idea and we talked about what it could contain.  So that will be great!
I can't remember if I said yesterday, but when we got to pottery on Thursday evening, the office was still open so now we are safely booked for next term.

Today, there's nothing specific in the diary but I have a few plans.  At some point I will be off to B&Q to get some fine sandpaper and to look at their seeds.  I definitely want to get some broad beans as they need to go in soon and I have a list of other stuff too.

Then there's sheets to change, washing and, weather permitting (it's raining right now), I'd like to spend half an hour or so in the garden doing a bit of tidying up and pruning.

Friday 7 February 2020


Good morning, everyone.  It's cold here, below freezing, but there's no mist, unlike yesterday evening driving home from pottery.  It was quite spooky as the mist started about two or three car heights above the road but below the lamp posts so the light was shining down on mist while the road was clear.  Very beautiful in its own way.

Yesterday was a really lovely, sunny day.  The drive over to Val's was quick and the roads were pretty clear all the way  There was no time even to take off my shoes when I got there as we went straight out to walk down to a coffee bar in the village run by the village church.  It was a lovely little place and the coffee was excellent as well as being amazing value.  We walked back to Val's another way which took us through a housing estate so I got my daily walk.
And we talked and talked and talked.

The drive home was equally clear and speedy.

Next was tuition and then pottery.  Beth did take a photo but hasn't sent it over yet but I made another candle stand, taller than last week's one and similar style.  Being taller, it was quite tricky to fit together but I did it in the end and now it's drying, ready for smoothing off next week, although I did as much as I could yesterday.

I think I will keep the top curved part (where the candle sits) separate from the base and glaze the three in different, toning glazes, so the top can match the bottom or I can move the tops round.  As long as the colours tone and they stay together, mnixing the top and the base should look quite good.  I hope . . .

Today's there's one biggie, not a nice one either.  Midday will find me in the dentists, having the two stumps taken out as a first step to the implants.  The two teeth either side of the gap that the bridge was fastened to are what what broke, not the bridge itself, and they have to come out today
So there's a nasty lump of dread in my tum right now.

It can't be nice, being a dentist and knowing that people fear you (or what you do) and dread seeing you.

Beth's taking me and bringing me home again so I don't have to drive - so kind of her - and the rest of the day and, in fact, the whole weekend is all clear of any engagements.

Early this morning I'm off the Aldi to do a shop so, unless I feel like it, I don't have to go out at all in the next few days but I bet I will and everything will go smoothly.  I'm just a worrier sometimes.

Wish me luck!

Thursday 6 February 2020

Thursday (long post alert)

Good morning.  It's stupid o'clock so I will be going back to bed at some point but, seeing as I am up, I may as well get this up and running.
Yesterday's weather was simply gorgeous.  It was fabulous to be out in the sunshine for longer than usual (at the moment) and, although the temperature was quite low, the air felt warm in the sunshine and with no wind at all.  I reckon I got my share of vitamin D yesterday!

Despite being busy, I still found the time to use the newly arrived shea butter to make some lotions bars.  My thanks to Cherie who spoke about them on her own blog here and again here.
It took longer to melt the mixture than it did to cool it afterwards and this is what I did (not my recipe).
50g coconut oil
50g shea butter
50g beeswax pellets
I weighed them out into a pyrex jug and popped the jug in a pan of boiling water and just waited for it all to melt.  The pellets took the longest and I just left it to do its own thing while I played on the computer.
Once it had all melted, I lifted the jug out using a tea towel for protection and simply poured it into the moulds.  Well, I poured half into moulds and then tried adding some Christmas Spice oil to the rest before pouring it.  I added what I thought was a lot but once they had cooled, I could hardly smell it so, obviously, I should have added more!
All you do is take a bar, rub it between your hands so it softens and melts slightly, then rub it where ever you want it.  I did my hands and arms and, although at first it did feel a trifle sticky, by the time it has been absorbed a bit, they felt lovely.  I tried it again after the allotment session and again, it did a great job - Beth thought so too!
The big test will be after pottery as the clay really does dry my hands out terribly!

I drove down to the allotment in some trepidation, wondering just how bad it was going to be.  Thankfully, it wasn't absolutely dreadful, probably because it's only February, but it was bad enough to be embarrassing.
Jeff set to clearing big stuff everywhere and pruning the trees while I went to the back to cut down the old raspberry canes and clear weeds from there, the rhubarb and the small raised beds.
By the time we'd finished, the two big beds still need forking over and de-weeding and the standing grass at the front needs cutting but it really doesn't look terrible any more.  Jeff reckons one more session from him and it will be done (for now).  I'm so glad he's helping out as it would take me days and days to do it.  Obviously, we're paying him but it's well worth it, just to get us back on the allotment routine again.

We have early rhubarb (and the weeds around it have now gone), plus three other rhubarbs that are later fruiting and showing signs of life too.
We reckon we can pull some in a couple of weeks.  Rhubarb gin, anyone?

It's a whole load neater.  You can see the two areas that need digging, but they will get done in the next fortnight.  You can't see the back third properly, but that's pretty much as it should be now .

The bark chippings we put down on the walkways and under the trees have now rotted down and should be good to move onto the soil to enrich it so we can put new chippings down.  You can't see in this photo but the big tree right in the background (a cherry plum) is starting to flower and will look a real picture soon.  It hardly ever gets to fruit because there's almost always more frosts to come and that kills the blossom.  I tried to take a photo close up but the phone camera wouldn't focus properly.  I must remember to take my proper camera next time

The two small raised beds that we cleared, Beth and I, are now perfect and ready for some broad beans that can go in soon.  I feel the sap rising again!
I'm so glad we've started it again.

After that I came home for a while before going off to personal training and had lunch.  It was good at Lindsey's and I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be, getting through everything reasonably well.  It was the last session of the current block of five so we discussed where to go next in terms of fitness.  So next week it will be a new block, new exercises and a bit of a change of focus.

I'm well pleased that my fitness is obviously improving significantly - a session at the allotment used to totally kill me and as for then going on to an hour of personal training - no way!  But this morning I am only slightly stiff with no significant aches.

By the evening, I was so tired.  I'd had a very early start - it looks as if I'm into a pattern of early waking again - so I took myself off to bed at eight (it was either that or falling asleep downstairs) which is why I'm awake now.  I'll go back up in a while and probably get a bit more sleep.

Today is nice.  I'm off to Val's for lunch and a good old chat and will take my knitting with me as Val always has knitting on the go too.  All we need is a guillotine close by and a bit of costume!!

Then it's home for tuition (must plan before I go to Val's) and the evening is pottery (yay!) so I can't go to bed early.  Hopefully that will break the pattern.  In pottery, I have the second candle stand to neaten up as it's been drying off all week and I have decided I will make a third one, taller than the others.  That will be a set of three, same sized base and top, different heights.  I've sourced some ball candles to go on them and just need to decide on the glaze.

Well, I can feel a bit of tiredness descending so I will shut up now and go back up.  Take care, everyone, and have a lovely day, whatever your plans.  xx

Wednesday 5 February 2020


Good morning!

It was way-y-y to cold to get out in the garden yesterday because of the strong winds but I did nip out to take a few photos.

The snowdrops are lovely although it was hard to get a clear photo in the wind and poor light.

The mini daffs will be brightening up the bed before long

And, if I'm not very much mistaken, my delphinium is coming up, poor confused thing.  I wonder what will happen if we get a really cold snap.
Snails love delphiniums so thank goodness they aren't out and about yet.  I'll keep a close eye on the situation though.

As it was so windy yesterday, I thought it would be a great drying day and pegged out some darks.  Sadly, it wasn't really and the clothes came in rather damp although OK for ironing as long as I aired them properly afterwards - which I did!

SW group was great fun.  It's a really nice group, the Tuesday morning one, very sociable and I've joined the social team by helping to do the weighing.  It's definitely better to walk to a local group than to drive out to the Writtle group (yes, the same Writtle that was in the news over the weekend for a very sad reason).

Today I've got myself into a very energetic time.  I'm meeting Jeff down the allotment at nine thirty so he can do some heavy digging and weeding for us.  I have to be there too so will do my bit - and he's booked for a minimum of three hours.  Eeek!  Beth and I sadly neglected that allotment last year (for various different reasons) so it's going to be in a disgraceful mess but neither of us want to actually hand it on.  I think having Jeff on hand will make all the difference, I really do.

And then I have an hour of personal training - double eeek!  Fortunately, it doesn't actually clash as Lindsey asked if it could change to later on, but it's an extremely energetic day and should work wonders for calorie burning!

So that's my day.  What are your plans for today?

Tuesday 4 February 2020


Good morning, everyone.

The drive home from Dad's was very light on traffic, nothing slow moving or particularly heavy in nature, and it would have been great except for the wet roads and low sun which created a rather disconcerting 'glare', in spite of sunglasses.  As I was driving into the sun on and off (more on than off) all the way, it was a bit of a pain but could have been worse. 

When home, I bustled around to get things sorted out, took in a couple of parcels for Beth that had been lodged behind the bin (as requested) and then fired off a message to Al (grandson) to ask him about a maths problem in a sheet I did with a student last week.  Neither of us could work out how to solve it although we did get an answer by accident.

I had to laugh - Al started off by using all sorts of shorthand I'd never come across and had to slow down considerably.  Bless him, he was very patient with his poor old (slightly) dycalculic mum but we got there in the end.  I was a bit miffed (not with Al, obviously) because the solution involved using simultaneous equations, something that hadn't crossed my mind as this was a Y6 paper and Y6 don't cover them in their curriculum.  It's an online site so I've fired off a question asking how they solve it without simultaneous equations!

Time flew while we were doing this so I was rather late for knitter knatter, darn it!

At tuition, we went through Al's solution and they got it but won't really retain it and I don't intend to cover the concept with them unless there's time towards the end of their sessions with me when I might just possibly light on it briefly as a 'do you remember when . . .' because I think they will enjoy it as maths is a favourite.

And that was the active part of the day over and done.  I walked home, got dinner ready and relaxed with my knitting and my kindle.  A very nice evening it was too.

Today starts off with SW group and ends with tuition and between the two I have housework, washing, ironing and a spot of gardening to be getting on with, weather permitting.
I am also expecting some parcels.  A book of 'skinny' actifry recipes (fingers crossed they really are low calorie and healthy or, at least, adaptable), some shea butter (for making lotion bars, more about that another time), a silicon mould and something else I can't recall right now and can't be bothered to look up!
It should be good.

And now I need to go up and wash my hair.  It should have been done yesterday but I decided to wait until I was home again and it feels yucky!  See you and have a good day!  xx

Monday 3 February 2020


Good morning.  I'm sitting up in bed at Dad's, laptop on a pillow in front of me, wondering if I can be bothered to go down and make coffee.  It seems fine enough outside and today is supposed to be a pleasant day. 

As expected, yesterday was a very pleasant, quiet day.  I didn't get out in the end, which was a shame, but not the end of the world.  I knitted, we chatted, I prepped meals and we watched telly together.

Today it's back to the usual things again.  Once I get home, I'll get unpacked and pop a bit of washing in the machine, check the planning for later - it's already done, I just need to make sure I have everything in order - then I will walk to school for knitter knatter and helping in FS before coming home for tuition.

A usual, normal Monday.  Nice!

Sunday 2 February 2020


Good morning.
There's really not much to write about so this will be a quick one.  Dad is very well at present, which is nice.  We chat a lot and things are going well.

Also going well is the knitting.  I like this yarn and it's knitting up well.  Forgive the bumps and lack of 'flatness', it hasn't been pressed out yet and I need to check the instructions on the ball band before I do so.

Today is more of the same really.  While Dad's out at church, I will prep dinner, etc, and then probably go for a walk around.  Also, I'm making him a chicken curry to freeze in single portions - he likes my curries as they have much more ooomph that the ready meal ones (he says).

Have a good day.  xx

Saturday 1 February 2020


Good morning:  pinch and punch for the first of the month and white rabbits to you all! 

Yesterday went well.  I got all the chores done in the morning before setting out to Dad's and it was an easy journey over with very few holdups.  Even Little Hadham was hold up free and that's virtually unheard of!

Dad seems very well and it was nice to see him again.  We had a good old chat, I did a bit of washing for him and we had a most enjoyable meal at the Millstream.

Today there are few plans.  I need to go to Tesco to fill up with petrol and to get a few bits and bobs and I'll probably go for some sort of walk later on but that's about it.  I guess I'll get a lot of knitting done - that self striping yarn is knitting up really well and the pattern is very straightforward so that's good.

There's not much to write about so I'll keep this short and just wish us all a really pleasant Saturday.