Wednesday 29 December 2010

Wednesday: evening

I really wasn't looking forward to the drive to Braintree. Apart from the weather, the only times I've ever driven in Braintree, I've got lost good and proper. Most people seem to have a great sense of direction. They know that they're heading the right way (or not) even when they have deviated somewhat. Me - I have absolutely no idea. I could be heading south and truly feel I was heading north. So, what with this and that, I was feeling pretty stressed this morning. So I did feel a right wally when it turned out to be one of the easiest drives I have ever done, fog or no fog.

The rest of the day has been taken up with looking after DG (as much as he needs looking after nowadays) and playing with the cats. A very easy day indeed. So why have I slept twice already and why am I ready for bed at six forty-five?

That's it really. A bit of a nothing day in a way, but I have been able to rest and that's not such a bad thing. Also, as I am sleeping in the same room and a very noisy Tonkinese, being able to take out my hearing aids and not hear much at all has a distinct advantage. Indie may not sleep well - I reckon I will!

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