Friday 17 December 2010

Friday morning

. . . and the last day of this term. Not a snow day, unless something very dramatic happens between now and about seven o'clock, which it won't! Thank goodness.

Why do green vegetables smell so bad after a time? I have just opened the fridge door and was knocked over backward by the escaping pong. After a search, I found a few very old sprouts and some manky cabbage hiding under a bag of potatoes (which are also getting a bit old, but not pongy, thank goodness). To my shame, they (the sprouts and cabbage) are beyond redemption and are now in an old carrier bag, sitting outside the front door until I leave for school, when they will see the inside of the bin! Phew!

I'd love to say I have planned some truly meaningful activities for the littlies, that will stretch them intellectually and socially, and enable them to make some outstanding progress, but the truth is that the most challenging things they will meet today are their performance of 'When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney' and the Christmas quiz, specially devised for tired little minds.
Sample question:
What do children hang up on Christmas Eve?
1. Their coat
2. Their PE bag
3. A picture of their pet
4. A stocking

See what I mean!

It's jolly cold outside. It's freezing hard and the roads will be slippery after all the rain yesterday. If you go out, please be careful!

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