Saturday 11 December 2010

Saturday morning

It feels really weird, coming downstairs to a very tidy and spacious living room. I suppose that speaks volumes for my housewifely 'skills', but usually my rooms is a 'working room', so there's stuff out and about. Not today thought, it all looks super. Until you walk into the kitchen, that is. Another less than perfect trait I have is that I don't have this urge to get the kitchen perfect before I go to bed. On the contrary, I consider the time much more profitably used in sleeping., It's mornings when I can hustle and bustle and get things done. So now the dishwasher is humming away merrily with its first load, and by about nine the kitchen will be good again.

The rest of today will be a mixture of stuff - washing and ironing is a priority, of course, as is finding some crafty stuff for the children to do. They really aren't going to be fit for much and we do have a writing activity for them in the mornings, so gentle craft stuff is ideal for the afternoons. The other major thing will be making some more cards as I find I am short of the home made variety, also, if time some little bags for the children's gifts. I always make books marks and pop in some sweets and a few party poppers, so these little bags will be just right!

I may have DG with me too. DD has been poorly and it depends on how she's feeling really. Hopefully she's a lot better how.

Better go and check the dishwasher, I suppose!

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