Wednesday 8 December 2010

Wednesday morning

. . . and it's another icy, misty morning with frosty transformation into utter beauty. Walking to school will be lovely! Cold, but lovely!

And then there's the accident book and a report to give. I do feel much better again this morning with discomfort only in the arm that seemed to 'click out' of joint a little bit. Goodness knows what happened, I have no medical knowledge, but I'm glad that it clicked 'in' again.

Today is another nice day - music assembly, rehearsal, hand and foot reindeer, PPA and reading partners. The children will love it. Also due in today are their entries for the Great Year One Make A Christmas Tree Decoration Competition. Should be loadsa fun, very colourful and their creations will be ingenious and blingy!

Go carefully on the icy pavements!

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