Monday 31 March 2014


There's not a lot of time this morning so this is just to say it's been a lovely weekend with lots of kitchen fun!  Hope today is just as good.

Sunday 30 March 2014


I woke at my usual time (just before 4:00) to find that, of course, it was just around 5:00.  Nice to have a lie in!!!
It can't be cold outside: the bedroom window is open and there is no chill in the room.  Yesterday was lovely and sunny but not quite warm enough to sit out comfortably.  It wasn't helped by quite a breeze most of the time.  So I didn't get my snooze in the sun but never mind, there will be plenty of those before the year is over.

I had a good day.  In the morning I made bread and biscuits (for my friends to take with me while they are away for the weekend) and then later on I had a bash at Jack's 'Car-brie-nara' which was very nice indeed.  The only change I would make would be to add some value grated 'not Parmesan' for extra cheesiness.  The recipe is online here.

Also I found a recipe for no kneed bread which takes around 20 to 24 hours so, of course, I couldn't resist that, just to have a go.  It's now right at the end of the process, in the oven, so I will know how it has worked in - ooooh, about half an hour or so.  It started off more as a batter than a dough and, after standing all day and all night, made a very, very soft dough, quite difficult to handle.  Given that I use Thermione for kneading anyway, I'm not sure it is worth the effort but I will reserve final judgement until after the acid test - eating it.  It's supposed to taste wonderful and have an open, artisan-y texture.  Watch this space.

Later on I made the first in a few batches of soda bread for my friend, Al, who is coming to stay and who can't have yeast.  I love soda bread so needed to get it into the freezer fast or one of the two loaves would have disappeared.

Today I'm having a go at Jack's diet cola chicken which is simple and sounds scrummy.  I'll do cheg for Beth and we will have it with a salad and, hopefully, some delicious, fresh bread!  If it doesn't work I guess we will have soda bread instead, so we can't lose, can we?

I also want to try her crackerbread which is basically flour, water and salt.  If it works (and it ought to) then I shall make a pile for Al.

Happy days.  Just a shame about the planning!!

Saturday 29 March 2014


Good morning!
I'm up early but feeling weary and achey so will probably go back to sleep at some point this morning.  No complaints there!  Isn't that what Saturdays are for?

I slept jolly well after a lovely Indian takeaway treat from my friends.We had all sorts of creamy delicious sauce-y things which probably provided all the calories we would need for the next week but I don;t care, it was absolutely delicious.  There's enough left over to provide me with another good meal, maybe even two, especially if I pad it out with extra veg.

It's a bits and bobs day today.  I have to make bread as I'm nearly out of frozen loaves and I want to make some more of those biscuits I posted about in TsRs.  For lunch I will try a Jack recipe, 'car-brie-nara' as I have all the ingredients.  I have to think about lunch (or dinner) tomorrow.  And there's the ubiquitous planning too, although that won't be such a hassle as last week of term planning is always a bit minimal.  What's the betting OFSTED will decide to turn up!?

The other thing I want to do is tackle another cupboard or set of drawers in my increasingly organised bedroom.  I'm feeling good about the way that is all going and am developing a touch of ruthlessness in my old age.

Right, well, enough pondering.  I'm off to get the dough on, empty the dishwasher and generally get started on 'things'.  Better early than late!

Friday 28 March 2014


. . . and here we are at the end of the week.  Today and one more week to go and it will be the Easter break.  Never was a break more eagerly anticipated.  It's going to be a good week: I have two friends staying and then when they go, another friend is coming.  I'm going to enjoy that!

Yesterday was a good 'un.  I don't call myself a good PE teacher but I do enjoy the dance lessons and the children do too.  They were marching like soldiers yesterday and doing a very good job of staying on the beat.  We also had fun finding things that worked by turning (Maths, a starting point for quarter, half and three quarter turns and recognising right angles - something I didn't do until secondary, but there you go - standards have fallen so much since then, haven't they?) and in the afternoon we did that old favourite, making a model of a Victorian rocking horse using card and a paper plate.  Bless them, they were so happy to be allowed to take them home and more than one little chap proclaimed that it was going to be a mothers' day present (or a granny present, in one case).  Lucky ladies!  The girls, however, wanted to keep their creations!  Maybe they were sensibly remembering that they've already made a gift.

Thankfully, the rain cleared up and playtimes were all outside and on the field.  Great happiness all round.  The children are so good: they wait patiently while the teacher on duty makes a judgement on whether the field is dry enough and, if the response is positive, they all go charging on with cheers of delight.  What a shame they lose that enthusiasm as they get older and 'grow up'.

So it was a good day with plenty of smiles and cheer.  One of the better ones over these last weeks.  I feel happy!

Today is SEN day.  And then it's the weekend . . .

Thursday 27 March 2014


Morning all.  No frost this morning but everything is wet after rain.  I do feel sorry for the children.  They love it when they are allowed on the school field but when it has rained they have to stay on the playground which is somewhat limited in space.

We had a treat yesterday.  Evening staff meeting was exchanged for a quick AOB at lunchtime.  Excellent!  I wasn't home any earlier but I did get a lot done which was good.  So Word Workshop is ready, Reading Revelry is ready, maths is ready, PE is ready and I only have to sort out the afternoon activities.  It feels good.

I know I always get like this at this stage in the term but I have to say it - seven more teaching days to go and then there's a glorious fortnight of not having to go into school.  There will be loads of work, of course, including starting in on the old end of year reports, but it will be easier and gentler and less pressured.

This Easter my project is to start working through some of the many recipes I want to try from 'A Girl Called Jack'.  I've made a list but, oh, there are so many . . .   I'll let you know how it all goes.

On Sunday I had a go at making gnocci which was - er - half successful.  They ended up too solid, so I have to work on that one.  Any excuse to try again, eh?

The kettle has boiled and my soul is crying out for coffee so I will go and satisfy it.  Have a super day!

Wednesday 26 March 2014


. . . and I have slept in, slept in for me that is.  Thank goodness I prepared everything after school yesterday as there wasn't a lot of marking to do.  Nine hours sleep feels good!

It's frosty outside again as it has been a fair few times recently.  As that tends to imply a clear sky and a sunny day to come, that's good!  Yesterday was an exception as it was raining but it had cleared up by playtime so the children got their outdoor games.

Today is a whole day teaching followed by a staff meeting and then a friend coming back to spend a few more days with me.  All very good so hopefully nothing will happen to spoil it all.  Fingers crossed!

Edited to add - the biscuits are still delicious!

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Easy peasy biccies

Teachers everywhere (primary ones, anyway) will sympathise.  Ends of terms can be very expensive, what with little gifts, etc.  Christmas, Easter, end of their time with you, all need to be marked in some way.

At easter I usually buy them a creme egg and they have a wee unit of work that involves making an open box for their egg - starting with nets, moving on to creating the best net, decorating, adding flaps, etc . . .

But this year have you seen the price of creme eggs?  Buying 28 of them is just not on.  So this year we are making Easter biscuits (topped with a wee candy coated egg).

So the search was on for a recipe.  I found one but, of course, no teacher worth his or her salt would try this with the children without testing it first.  So I just have.

Nice?  Well, let's say that I must remember to leave some for my colleague to taste tomorrow.  And I'm going to post it in TsRs because it's a goodie.  Dead easy, minimal ingredients and very tasty.

er . . . must just pop back into the kitchen to . . . er . . . do something or other.


Yup, it's still all working.    Very nice too.

We had an extra staff meeting yesterday.  It was all about How To Do The Register - electronically!  We all have new laptops on which to do so, mainly because we take our normal ones home from time to time and if we were then ill . . .

I suspect that the office staff will soon be able to write a book entitled '101 ways to cock up electronic registration' as they make good out mistakes.  It looks easy enough, goodness knows, but . . .

Today's the day!

Monday 24 March 2014

Happy Monday

I'm back.  It could have been sorted so much faster if Virgin hadn't messed me around but I guess these things are not only sent to try us but also to teach us and I have learnt quite how much I was using social media stuff.

I remember it was tricky going cold turkey with caffeine when I did Living Below The Line last year but I kept going and most of my coffee now is decaf.  I wonder if I can alter my social networking habits in the same way?

We will see.

Thank you very, very much to lovely Beth and Alex who came round here before four to sit in until I got home.  I'm glad you did because I gather the technician arrived before the time slot - by a few minutes.  Love you both!


I must start by singing praises to my new addition to Handy Andy.  It’s an ‘air fry’ ring, easily available, and it doesn’t half make scrummy chips from a potato and a very little bit of oil.  It’s nice to be able to eat chips with a reasonably clear conscience!
You see, I peeled too much potato for my soup on Saturday so had to use the rest up somehow.  It wasn’t deliberate, I assure you, but it might well be from now on!  if you have a halogen oven, it might be worth thinking about getting one – cheaper than buying an air fryer.

Isn’t the weather ‘interesting’ at the moment.  Deceptively warm days (warm in the sun anyway) but with a real nip to the air in the shade and early morning frosts.  We even had a bit of sleet and then hail on Saturday.  It’s more wintry than winter was and, I suppose, fairly typically March, in like a lion and out like a lamb.

Yesterday I had some fun making pasta.  I had intended to make it on Saturday but I had the left over spuds so didn’t need to.  I had some with the rest of the stir fry (much better with the added garlic and ginger) and some in the soup and I shall have the rest tonight with yet another recipe I found in Good Food – smoky bacon and tomato spaghetti.  It’s in an article entitled ‘feed 4 for £30 and I thought ‘everyone’s jumping on the Jack bandwagon’ but actually it was five main meal recipes for £30, not a whole week’s eating.  This one jumped up and cried ‘make me, make me’ so I will!  It’s got my favourites – bacon, smoked paprika and tomato – and it’s dead easy and open to tweaking.  I’ll let you know!

Now it is Monday lunchtime and I have time to post three blog entries at once.  Overkill?  Well, yes, maybe.  Sorry!!

Written on Sunday

Well, as I have often said – the best laid plans, etc . . .

I trundled optimistically into school, accessing via the local library as one can, only to find a fire door closed and I didn’t have the code.  Darn it!!  It was such a good idea too!  Still, you lucky (!) readers will have three offerings to read tomorrow – one written yesterday, this one and tomorrow’s.  Hopefully that will make up for the silence just a little bit!
(and those of you who don’t have the foggiest what I’m on about – scroll back to ‘Written on Saturday)

As mentioned yesterday, I made some soup and it was truly delicious so I’ve blogged about it on Teacher’s Recipes – or rather, I have written it out and will be blogging it tomorrow.  I need to remember to say that it comes from April’s copy of Good Food with a few tweaks, the biggest of which was the roasting.  I LOVE roasted veg soup!

I also made the stir fry using some turkey ‘steak’ I had left over.  It was OK but lacking in a certain oomph which surprised and puzzled me until, reading through the recipe, I realised I had forgotten the ginger and garlic.  Doh!!!  I only ate half yesterday so today I will gently saute the missing ingredients and add them today: that should make a big difference!  After that I might blog about it, depending!

With all this extra time I find I have I’ve actually started to read through Jack’s book ‘A Girl Called Jack’ instead of simply dipping in.  Oh, there are so many frugal, easy, delicious sounding recipes I want to try in there!  When I’ve finished this I shall snuggle in my most comfortable chair and continue reading.  Normally I use little post-its in a recipe book to mark the recipes I might try but I can’t with this one, it would be bristling like a colourful hedgehog!  With the holiday coming up I will have the time to make some of them.  Great!

The days are longer, the air is warmer (a bit), the sun is shining and Julia’s hens are laying again!  Yesterday I resumed my visits to pick up my dozen eggs, as fresh as could possibly be, laid in the last few days.  Bacon and mushroom omelette for brekky, I think!  With parsley.

Yesterday George cut back my parsley.  You may possibly recall that last year I bought a tray of rather dried up, sad looking parsley plants for £1.  I gave some to Beth and planted the rest around the edge of the veg bed and they grew amazingly.  With the warm winter we have had they didn’t die back at all.  Now I know that second year parsley seeds rather quickly (can one use parsley seeds?) but it seems a bit silly to dig it all up while it’s looking healthy so I nipped all the usable bits off the stems, washed and dried them, placed them in a poly bag straight into the freezer.  I’ve done this before: what happens is that the frozen leaves become extremely friable and shatter, giving you instant chopped parsley.

If what’s left in the soil doesn’t send up any new growth, well, never mind, not a problem.  I have plenty to see me out!

Written on Saturday

I can be very dim at times!

In this misery that is ‘No Internet Connection at Home’ I have missed writing my blog and, from kindly comments received, others have missed reading it.
I’ve even posted a few holding messages regarding why there’s no blog, posting on my school laptop at school and using the school connection.


So why has it taken me nearly two weeks to realise that I could write my blog at home, save it on my memory stick and then post it at school?  See – I can be very dim at times.

So, while I’m connection-less at home, that’s what I will do.  The same goes for Teacher’s Recipes.  In fact, I’m trying a stir fry this evening and, should it be as tasty as it sounds, I will be posting about it on Monday.  Later today I will be popping into school, starting up my laptop and blogging.  Yay!!! 

So – what have I been up to?  Well, work has been extremely stressful (which is one reason for the dimness, I suspect) and I’m finding things very difficult.  It’s hard to teach when one is close to tears some of the time but, thankfully, one copes!!!  To balance that I have a very dear friend staying for a while and when she goes I have another very dear friend coming to stay. Lovely!
And then it’s the Easter holiday and time to – er – start writing the end of year reports (deep sighs).

I’m finding that suddenly I have more time.  A LOT more time.  For the first time in ages the ironing board will be empty this evening and the washing will all be done.  I'm reading books (well, kindle books, anyway) and keeping on top of the mess.  It’s made me realise quite how much time I spend sitting in front of the monitor and when I am reconnected I need to discipline myself rather more.  It’s all rather addictive isn’t it?

Ah, well – must get the ironing board out now, telly on (nice Saturday cookery programmes) and in between sheets and hankies I will be roasting some veg for soup for tomorrow.  The lovely weather calls for fruits and salads so I must go shopping too.  The window is open, the broccoli has been picked and I need to get going!

Friday 14 March 2014


Hi.  It's horrible without my broadband connection at home.  I'm typing this all in a hurry over lunch time.

I checked today with my service provider to find that there's a 'known fault' which should be repaired by this evening.  I will believe it when it happens.

It's been quite a week but it's nearly over now and there's a hopefully sunny weekend ahead.  Have a good one, everybody!

Thursday 13 March 2014


Writing in great haste to let you know I don't have an internet connection at home at the moment so blogs won't be every day.  I'll be back!

Tuesday 11 March 2014


Despite the sun, yesterday was pretty chilly.  I'd gone to school with no tights and wearing summer sandal and my toes were decidedly chilly to it's back into winter gear today, especually as it is dull and gloomy right now.

The school dinner system is all a-changing.  I have mentioned before that I eat my dinner with the children in the hall in return for a free meal.  Well, that's changed and there's a sticking point.  I don't mind the rule about actively supporting the children, monitoring the lining up (I do - that's why I sit where I sit), encouraging clean plates, etc.  I do all of that.  No, what is stopping me from using this system is that we have to remain in the hall for a full half hour.  I'm afraid I don't have a full half hour to spare over the lunch break, I eat for 15 to 20 mins and then I'm back in the classroom, working.  Ah well, it was good while it lasted.

I muttered yesterday about RE on Wednesday.  However, l;ater on inspiration struck and I now have the lesson more or less planned out and most of the resources made including a cute power point presentation.  They're using iPads which should bring a bit of merit (use of ICT) and there's a 'go outside' section so let's very much hope it doesn't rain - pleeeease, no rain!

A long day today.  I won't be home until nine.  I reckon a thirteen and a half hour day is a bit much.  Tomorrow is not so bad as the appointments are straight after school so it's more like normal time home but intensive stuff!  

I'm glad I slept well last night!

Monday 10 March 2014


It's been a muddle of a weekend.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous - warm and sunny - but I've been stuck indoors finishing off these reports.  The good news is that they're done!  I've also had some fun in the kitchen.

The other week I bought myself a halogen air-fry attachment but hadn't used it.  Yesterday I tried making chips with it and mmmm, they were really good!  I shall fry my morning bacon today and then it will need a good wash, but I'm glad I bought it.

I made a couple of tea loaves using dried cranberries with the weight made up with value dried fruit soaked in fruit tea (strawberry and raspberry) instead of normal tea and it's made an absolutely delicious loaf.  I've posted the recipe on TsRs.  Definitely one to do again, exploring different fruit tea flavours.  Perhaps one with ginger might be nice.

What I didn't manage to do was plan the lesson in which I am being observed.  It's RE, observed on Wednesday and I don't normally do RE, my Tuesday cover does, so it will have to be a one-off.  I'm still not quite sure what to do but I have got a few ideas.  I just need time to develop them and time is something I don't have, but never mind!  I'll get there.

It's a heavy week.  Two consultation evenings, it is our turn to take family assembly this week and a lesson observation on Wednesday.  Ho hum . . .

Sunday 9 March 2014


I've just peeked out and it has obviously been a very chilly night but the air smells fresh and clean and exciting.  It was a beautiful early spring day yesterday and I hope today will be the same.  I just love throwing open the windows and freshening the house (especially after making leek and potato soup!!!).  It won't be long before we are sitting out in the garden, I think.

Yesterday was good.  I got some of those reports written and should finish the rest today.  Beth and I went off to Apples and Pears, a small local farm shop.  It was a bit of a blast from the past for both of us as we used to use it when Beth and Dave were little - brilliant value, it was.  You could get 'trugs' full of local produce, veg and fruit.  Then it closed and it was only this last week or so that I realised it was open as I don't drive out that way very much at all nowadays.
It was a bit of a trial run really but we were pleased with what we got for the price we got it at so I guess we'll be doing it again.  Most of what we got we split between us, always a good way to go, and I think it will continue.

I realised that the purple sprouting broccoli in the garden needed cutting so I got a piece of chicken out of the freezer and had a sort of chicken and mushroom stir fry with the broccoli and some mash and it was really very tasty indeed.  It's nothing unusual but what I did was fry some bacon, then add the chicken sliced up, some yellow pepper and a sliced mushroom, then poured in a glug of white wine and reduced it down, then finally a splot (good word, that) of philly and the tiny bit of cream left from two weeks ago (so it shouldn't have been good but it was, both taste and smell, so I wasn't going to waste it) and some white pepper - the bacon added enough salt.  When the philly had melted into the sauce I added some chopped parsley from the garden.  Dead easy.  With it I had the purple sprouting broccoli which I had steamed and which was absolutely delicious and some nice creamed (the rest of the cream) mash.
It was scrummy so I think I will bung it into TsRs.

Today it's just me so I pulled a leek and made leek and potato soup with home made chicken stock.  Usually I have to use vegetable stock because of Beth but, I have to admit, chicken stock does impart a delicious flavour.  I couldn't decide between the leek soup and a tomato soup made with passata from last year's tomato crop but the leeks won in the end.  The passata won't go away.

Thinking of frugality (sort of), on Friday evening I had an Indian takeaway and ordered more than usual because it was 25% off if you ordered more than £20s worth.  I ate rather too much Friday night, another goodly portion yesterday and froze down three good portions for another time.  It satisfied my craving too.  Not cheap really but not bad for a take away treat.

I have beside me at the moment the latest copy of Delicious.  I think I would buy it from principle anyway because its March issue really IS for March, not for April, something that annoys me immensely with most other monthly magazines.  Delicious has had a 'makeover' and I'm not sure about that.  Some of it seems to be 'dumbed down' but it does have some good recipes, one of which is a smoked haddock and leek pithivier.  Ignoramus that I am, I looked up 'pithivier' thinking that it was affectation to call what looks like a pie a pithivier and I have to confess that they are right - a tinless pie is called a pithivier.  Anyway, it looks nice and I might make it when a friend comes round for lunch next Saturday.  What I also like is that in the ingredient section it says 'three medium leeks, green part discarded or kept for stock . . .'  A shame it mentions discarding, but it's on the right track.

Better get going, I suppose.  There's breakfast to make, hair to wash and dry and a mound of washing, not to mention those reports.  Not exactly a day of rest but I will get plenty done, that's for sure.

Saturday 8 March 2014


Oh, I was so tired yesterday.  So tired that I went o bed at around 7:30, having fallen asleep in front of the telly.  I woke at half five this morning feeling a whole load better so I must have needed that sleep very much.  It was lovely to stay in bed and carry on reading Orwell's 1984, this month's book for a little Facebook reading group I belong to.  I first read this book when I was a teenager, for English study and I don't think I've read it since, although I remember a lot of it very clearly.

I managed to get loads done yesterday.  OK so I worked through, taking half an hour to eat lunch, but it was necessary and although there's still a huge long list of outstanding stuff, I'm glad to have got some of it done and dusted (for now).

It's going to be a working weekend too as it is consultation evenings next week and the reports have to be ready.  I am thankful that the marking is all up to date, more or less, so no worries about that!  This term I have been getting the children to stick their own work into their books themselves and, as they get older and more 'proficient', more work is being done straight into their books too.  It makes a big difference.

Right - off I go to put the bread on, put the coffee on and make breakfast.  Something eggy, I think.  If beth and Alex come round I think I will make lunch not dinner - soup and then muffins with home made cream and jam.  Yum!

Have a good day!

Friday 7 March 2014


Just a quick one as I have rather a lot to do.

Hasn't the weather been wonderful?  I was on playground duty yesterday pm and it was almost spring like.  The children were taking off their coats and having a marvellous time.  Long may it continue.

Friday today - SEN day.  Thank goodness it is nearly the weekend.  Yay!

Thursday 6 March 2014


The mornings are rapidly getting lighter, aren't they.  It was lightening up at six this morning which was nice.

Yesterday was good.  I quite enjoy observing (but not being observed) and the work and planning scrutinies weren't too onerous at all as everything was more or less in place.  I had time to get all the paperword finished and gave feedback to the teacher so that's now all done and dusted.  Phew.

Today is a full day with my class, thank goodness.  I'm looking forward to it very much indeed.
And now I must go as it's nearly time to leave for school.  Have a good day!

Wednesday 5 March 2014


Apologies for the silence yesterday.  I was tired and rushed.

Like yesterday morning, it is cold and frosty today.  When I looked at last year's planning I remember that next Monday we had an inter-schools conference and it snowed hard all day.  I doubt there's much chance of that this year, even if the nights have turned cold.

We plough on.  Today is a monitoring day for me - well, from playtime onward anyway.  I have to observe a lesson and do a work and planning scrutiny.  So exciting!!!!!  Then, after school, it is staff meeting and we have been given time to write the reports for Consultation Evenings which are next week.  It's not enough, of course, but it's better than before so no complaints and many thanks (genuine thanks, not sarcastic ones).

It'a been embarrassing in school.  The change of hair style has caused a bit of a sensation and there have been a lot of comments - all nice, I hasten to add.  The look on my littlies faces when they came in on Monday was a picture but the long line of parents staring in through the window was not so funny.  The sensation has died down now, thank goodness, so maybe we can get on with life.  I don't like being the centle of attention, can't cope with it at all.

One disadvantage of having short hair rather than the long mane tied back in a pony tail is that it's going to need washing more often, because it gets combed and brushed more often.  So I'd better get going as it's still taking me quite a time to dry and style it - it doesn't fall straight without a lot of help!!!

Monday 3 March 2014


Good morning.  It's a wet and dull start to the day here.  The BBC weather forecast says that by 7:00 it should be sunny (or what passes for sunny at that time).  Can't see that happening but I would be glad to be proved wrong!

Yesterday was quite a day, one way and another.  I set to and made the lemon mousse which was wonderful (it's now on the 'make it again' list) and prepared everything for a roast chicken dinner.  I went up to bathe and wash/dry my hair and when I came down, Beth wasn't here (and she should have been).  I was puzzled but all was revealed when I looked on Facebook.  On the way over she had been crashed into and was back at home dealing with insurance stuff.  It wasn't a bad crash, no-one was hurt, it was totally and absolutely not her fault and in the afternoon her car was collected for repair and she got a hired car to use, all part of the insurance provision.  But not a nice thing to happen, a real shock and it could have been a lot worse.

So I set to and made the dinner, then packed it all into containers and made my way over to Beth's and we ate our Sunday dinner there instead of here.  I made the most of the opportunity to play with the kittens who are now at the eat, play, sleep, eat, play, sleep stage.  What a life.  They are very sweet and extremely sociable and you can't sit down without one or more climbing onto your lap for a cuddle.

It's school in about an hour so I had better set to and get sorted and ready.

Sunday 2 March 2014


Good morning.  Welcome to a rather damp Sunday morning here.  It's obviously been raining and the sky is overcast.  In contrast, yesterday was lovely with quite a lot of sun.  George was able to come and work his magic with the old garden, digging up a couple of stumps which have been looking  ery boring and messy.

I had fun in the kitchen, making bread, English muffins (gorgeous) and cream in Thermione.  Dead easy it was too.  I have posted the muffin and cream recipes in Teacher's recipes in case anyone's interested.

Now I have cream to use up.  Successful cream and - er - cream that I accidentally made with salted butter.  I think I will make a nice deep omelette/quichy thing for Beth today - that will use some of the salty cream anyway.  The other - well I think lemon mousse sounds just the ticket and I have an easy recipe.

Apart from that I have washing and drying or I won't have much to wear tomorrow.  Better get going!!

Edited later on to add that the lemon mousse is delicious and an absolute doddle so please do pop over to Teacher's Recipes if you're interested.  Many thanks to Penny.

Saturday 1 March 2014


Welcome to March.  Pinch and punch, as the saying goes.  In like a lion and out like a lamb as another saying states.  I don't know about lions, perhaps it ought to be polar bear or penguin this time as it feels pretty icy out there at the moment.

Whatever the animal, it is now March and it is also the weekend.  Lovely!  Apart from planning, I intend to be pretty lazy.  I have bread to make and Sunday lunch to prepare (roast chicken) and washing and ironing; but apart from that I shatt take it east as I'm feeling more than a little bit worn out.

Interviews are interesting experiences.  Yesterday was the first time I have been involved in interviewing for a teaching member of staff whether senior or not.  It was certainly very different from interviewing for TA/LSA posts in some ways and much the same in other ways.  I feel we have got a good'un which is a most satisfying feeling!

You would think that sitting and talking all day would be an easy thing but it isn't, I was worn out by the end of the day and very glad to have to go home early and meet the hairdresser.  No I have had my long mane chopped off; it is a shoulder length bob with lots of layering.  I like it very, very much and have sent off for some of the 'straightening fluid' that she used.  My big worry is that I won't be able to reproduce the effect when next I wash and dry my hair but I will face that when I come to it!
The bread is ready but not started off, the coffee is on and I am feeling tired so I might go up for a bit more sleep.  After all, it IS Saturday!