Thursday 30 May 2024

Thursday, 30-05-24

Evening, all.  It's been a funny old day, weather-wise today.  A bit of sun, a lot of cloud, some rain and I swear I saw a flash of lightning this afternoon.  And it has felt quite chilly too.  Not the sort of weather one wants when it's nearly June. 

Never mind, it's been a pleasant and restful day today - I'm still feeling just a bit weary so it's been perfect really.
I had a really nice chat with Chris this morning.  She and Steve are off tomorrow to a sort of Technology Camp - literally a camp, tents and all.  Well, Steve is.  Chris is staying in a little cottage and taking her book and her crafting with her.  Now that's what I call sensible.

I did another load of washing and even got the line set up but when the wash was done the sun had gone and it looked decidedly threatening so it's on the rack to dry overnight.  

That, reading the gas meter and a bit of cleaning, etc, and that's today done and dusted.  I had a few sinus twinges but they've disappeared again so I think things are definitely looking up.  Another good sleep like last night's and I will be right as rain again.

It's looking quite bleak outside as I type this at around seven fifteen.  There's quite a gusty wind and the clouds are low.  I will be closing the bedroom window when I go to bed - I tend to keep it on tilt through the summer but I want to be warm!

You stay warm too, sleep well and have a great day tomorrow.  xx  

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Wednesday, 29-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  It's been another lovely, sunny day round here for which I was grateful.
I had an early personal training session today as Lindsey is now at Stansted - she might actually be on the plane as I type.
Then I came home and at ten joined her online for a Groove session to make up for what I missed yesterday.

I did two loads of washing (and drying and ironing), remade my bed with clean sheets and cleaned and swept downstairs.  And I caught up with Sewing Bee too.  Much better for timing this week.
So quite a busy day and I'm tired now.  I expect I will sleep really well.

As I was hanging the clothes out, I noticed some tiny little moths on the thyme flowers so I took photos, did a Google image search and they are mint moths.  They were literally less than a centimetre from side to side, so tiny and, when seen close up, rather pretty, don't you think.
I've never noticed them before, have you?

Well, time to stop so have a great rest of evening, sleep well and sweet dreams.  xx

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Tuesday, 28-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  Thank you so much for all your kind words today.  I'm still feeling fragile, still taking pain killers but they are now working properly so definitely on the mend.

Let's go back to yesterday.  After driving over to Lindsey's for circuits (which was brilliant), I came home and got things ready for Beth and Alex coming over for lunch after which Beth and I watched Doctor Who from the three Tennant/Tate specials to the end of the Christmas special - something we had planned to do for a while.
We're going to arrange another time for Beth to catch up on the rest as a Mum/Daughter day.  Alex really isn't all that interested.

This is where it gets embarrassing because, really, being unwell is my own fault.  For the past little while I have become aware that after having alcoholic drinks, I'm getting a headache that is very migrainey/sinusy/one sided around my jaw but not dental - and before you laugh, not that kind and not after too much!
I thought - it's been a lovely day, it's a bank holiday, let's finish it off with a few small glasses of sparkly, not a lot, just a bit.  That should be OK.
Well - it wasn't.  So that's what I mean by 'self inflicted' and that's me off alcohol for good, I think.  It's just not worth it.
(I can think of worse things and I'm sure you can too - if I had a list of 'terrible things to have to do without', that would be at the bottom!)

So, today has been spent catching up on sleep and recovering.  I've done nothing really but that's OK.  I'd like to stay up and watch Sewing Bee but I suspect I will be in bed and, hopefully, asleep by then.  I'll watch it on iPlayer tomorrow.
I hope you've all had a lovely couple of days.  Lat me know what's been going on and have a great evening.  xx

Sorry . . .

 . . . for yesterday's non-appearance.  I was hit by a migraine/sinus thingy, not nice, going now and I will be proper back this evening.  

Have a good day.  xx

Sunday 26 May 2024

Sunday evening, 26-05-24

Hello, everyone.  
After a very wet start, the sun came out and, apart from a few short showers, today has been another lovely day so I seized the opportunity to more or less finish off the summer veg planting.

So . . .  facing the back of the house and turning left to right . . .

. . . bottom left corner is a small clump of tayberry - it's never done much but it keeps coming up.  It grows one year and fruits on they previous year's growth so - we will see next year

then three tomato plants - honeycomb, sweet millions and Shirley

then two cucumbers

the big round pot is blueberries and there's some green fruit on it

and finally, I have planted some dwarf bean seeds in the last pot - in hopes really.  You never know . . .
Seven tomatoes in a sort of circle, supported by a Heath Robinson sort of cage structure with the strawberries behind.

The tomatoes are two sungolds, a moneymaker, a gardener's delight, an alicante, a nagina and a Rapunzel.
Autumn fruiting raspberries which haven't done very well in the last few years - maybe they need replacing.

To the right and not photoed are a fig (no edible fruit) and the bay.  Both have been close to death and survived.
Along the other side . . .
two reasonably deep pots in which I have sown some runner beans.  Again, fingers crossed and I will put canes in if/when they come up.  I can fasten them to the fence, if that becomes necessary

then two moneymaker tomatoes, the ones Chris gave me yesterday

then two pots with the last of the soil and I intend to sow some salad leaves in stages

then an empty pot that just looks nice there

and finally, in the distance, two tumbling toms, a red and an orange

I've gone for red/orange round tomatoes this year rather than posh heritage ones because that's what I found in the garden centres.

I emptied the ironing basket and do a bit of housework, cooking, etc, but apart from that, it has been a very pleasant, restful kind of day.  I'm so pleased that the garden is more or less in good nick.  There's a bit more weeding to do but that's not urgent.
So I will love you and leave you and get this live.  I hope your day has been as pleasant as nine.  Take care, stay safe and sleep well.  xx

Saturday 25 May 2024

Saturday evening, 25-05-24

Hi, everyone, and it has been another lovely, warm and sunny day today.

After a slow and easy start, I drove out to a couple of garden centres, just to have a look round really, although I came back with a few bits and bobs including a sun hat of the floppy, flowery, 'I love my garden' vibes kind of thing and another tomato plant, a honeycomb (very like sungold).

I am well off for tomatoes because Chris brought a couple of spares around for me to use if I wanted to - as they would otherwise have been discarded, I was very glad to say 'yes, please and thank you'.

After lunch, Beth came for me and we had a lovely time looking at bedroom furniture for her, flooring, etc.
If you remember, last year I said that Beth had some very exciting news but I couldn't say what it was.  Well, now I can because it is going through and things have been signed.
The news is that she is buying her council flat and, even better, she can pay for it outright, she and Alex, as shared owners, using their inheritance from Mum and Dad who would be so, so pleased that their money was used in this way.
She's also able to do it up a bit and she's starting with her bedroom.  

Then she came back here and we sat in the garden room and a good old natter about this, that and the other.

This evening, I have watched Doctor Who and now I'm unwinding before bedtime.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow which is a shame because it is Ride London round here and a number of local roads are closed from six a.m. to half past three.  A good excuse to stay home and do not very much at all.

Anyway, that's tomorrow.  For now, I will wish you good night, sweet dreams and a wonderful day tomorrow.  xx

Friday 24 May 2024

Friday evening, 24-05-24

Evening, all.  And what a lovely day it has been.  Plenty of sunshine, nice and warm this afternoon and this evening - no complaints from me.

As I was exiting my road to get to SW group (I can walk but I take my car because I drive home a friend who has had a knee replacement op), I was surprised by the lack of school traffic until I remembered that it is report writing day today - teachers get the day 'off' and it is an INSET.  Mind you, it isn't a break - I will never forget those reports.  They took absolutely ages, hard to write and just so tiring.  Even if you knew they would be read maybe twice before either being chucked or filed away, you felt the child deserved the best you could offer and they took for ever to write.  
No more school reports - never, ever again.  
That made me so happy.

After SW, I went to Grenville Nurseries (down the delightfully named Cow Watering Lane) and got some baby tomato plants plus a lupin, a couple of cucumbers and some canes.  Oh, and a parsley plant as well.  No Sungolds, sadly, so I then popped over to Longacres where they had Sungolds.  I must have Sungolds, in memory of my lovely dad.

I spent the afternoon getting everything unto the ground/pots.

They looked a bit droopy but at time of typing, they have perked up considerably.  And I may have a few strawberries to pick on Sunday.  Exciting!

I'm shattered now and expect to get an early night.  How has your day been.  Good, I hope.  Sleep well, everyone.  xx

Thursday 23 May 2024

Thursday evening, 23-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  Have you had a good day?
Round here today was a bit more interesting to write about.

First of all, I always like the 23rd because that's the day by Teacher's Pension goes in for the next month and I have a clear idea of finances for the rest of this month as well as what's available next month - OPK, I could work it out but it's easier to wait until the 23rd.
It's a little bit short until the end of this month but when you consider I have paid for three coach jollies, a carpet clean AND my share of our holiday to Center Parcs in October, I really don't feel too bad about it.

I did Lindsey's SET class which was, as usual, really good before Chris came over and we took our coffees into the garden room.  While we were there the sun came out; it wasn't particularly warm but it WAS sunny and bright.

After Chris had gone, Diane turked up and we drove off to Gr Waltham to The Stores for lunch.  We both had a salad bowl and it was delicious.  Then we came back here, had coffee in the garden room (which really earned its space today) and arranged our next get together.

And then I got an unexpected text from Hire-a-Hubby Ray who was in the area so he came here, looked around, asked questions, measured up and will send me a quote for the decorating.
And finally, Jen came round and picked up the key for the SW hall which I have been holding on to this week while she has been away.

And the sun shone all day . . .

They're neither of them perfect but I'll be picking them soon, won't I?  Lovely jubbly!!

Night, everyone.  See you again tomorrow evening.  xx

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Wednesday, 22-05-24

 Good evening, one and all.  It started very wet this morning, dried up later on and the sun came out but now it's raining again and feels a bit cold so the oodie is on and doing its job well.

I enjoyed Sewing Bee although I felt the pattern challenge was a tough starter.  So many buttonholes and so much overstitching!  No-one actually finished but there were some shockingly amateur mistakes.  I know - they are amateurs anyway and would have been nervous as well.
Did anyone else wince when that button hole ripped . . . oh, dear!

However, I can already see some front runners, not that it means much at this stage.  One bad week and it can all change.

Today has been another day where things have just ticked over nicely.  I went to circuits this morning, having missed Monday and I knew the others already so that was very nice.  It was a good class, loads of energy today.

Back home, I did some paperwork and some housework before heading back to Shimmy Studio for my personal training session which was also great.

By the time I got home, it was time to make dinner and now I'm chilling.  So nothing terribly exciting to tell you about really, sorry.  Just nice, ordinary stuff.
Night, everyone, sweet dreams.  xx

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Tuesday evening, 22-04-25

Hello again, everyone.  It's been a thoroughly damp old day here today.  Have you had rain too or has our sunshine got up and migrated your way?

It started off OK - dull but dry - and Chris and I enjoyed our walk to Groove and back again without getting at all damp but the rain started soon after and it really hasn't let up all day.  It felt rather cold too although the heating didn't come on because I've turned it off now.  I just wrapped up and it was fine.

I felt a bit lacking in energy today so I got the housework done and then pretty much chilled for the rest of the day.  You know - reading, knitting, that sort of thing.

Thanks very much for your help with ideas for the day trip bag.  I've not got a nice list of Useful Things to keep in it to make preparations easier.  Much appreciated.

Sewing Bee starts this evening!  However, it doesn't start until nine o'clock so the question is, can I stay awake?  I don't HAVE to; it's on iPlayer and I'm recording it too but I would like to.  Fingers crossed.
Are you watching it too?

Night, all.  Stay warm and have a great night's sleep.  See you tomorrow evening.  xx

Monday 20 May 2024

Monday evening, 20-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  Another gloriously sunny day and I really hope it has spread to you today.  It's been wall to wall sunshine and so delightfully warm too.

Well, I now have a lovely clean carpet running pretty much right through the house.  It wasn't without its drawbacks beforehand though.

I had just arrived at Lindsey's house and, like the others, waiting in my car until she had finished a short online thingy she does for the council each Monday.  I decided to check my phone and there was a message from the company telling me that Simon would be with me in seventeen minutes (fifteen by the time I got the message).
So I started the engine and drove home again, changed and waited.  Their tracker said he was here but he wasn't.  So I fired off a message and got a reply that they had goofed up (not quite their words but that's what it means) and he would be with me at ten fifteen.
Well, by that time there was absolutely no point in going back to Lindsey's again so I replied that he could come asap, given that I had missed the class and was home.
Bless him, he was very apologetic - he hadn't been told ten fifteen, or so he said.

There were two of them so they made quick work of it and the first thing Simon said was 'You didn't need to move the furniture . . .)  Aaarrgghh!  Never mind, it did make me have a really good clear up and now everything is doubly clean.  I just need to do the dusting and polishing and that's the housework done.
I think some of the things I took upstairs will stay upstairs for now.  It all looks so very nice and uncluttered in the living room.  Much easier to clean too.

And Lindsey can fit me into the Wednesday circuits class.  Cheers!

I celebrated by putting another load of washing in and then popping out to do a bit of retail whotsit.

The main thing I wanted was a bag in Dunelm that I saw yesterday.  I got it because I am putting together a 'One Day Jolly' bag with things like a few poly bags, spare socks, loo roll, a compartment for shoes, water, bit of cash, that sort of thing - something that I can keep stocked so I don't have a fuss the day before a day out.
Any ideas as to what could go into it, all you clever and practical people?

This is it.  It's nice and roomy and semi waterproof inside - and not too heavy.
Obviously, it's not very robust but it doesn't need to be.

Having said the above, the  next trip is to the RAH for Swan Lake so I won't really need it.  Never mind.

I did another load of washing which dried quickly and is now all done and ironed and I got everything back into the right place one the carpet felt dry again.  I think the 'cleaning product' smell has now gone so we're all back to normal.

And, finally, Hire-A-Hubby Ray got back to me.  He's going to pop round at some point to look at what I want doing and quote for it.
It's all go, isn't it?

And look what I noticed this evening when I was putting the rotary line away.  Woo hoo!

Right, well, I am going to recline and relax now.  My back's aching a bit but not in an 'oh, dear, what have I done' sort of way, just in a 'time to sit down' way.  So I will.
Sleep well, everyone, and sweet dreams.

Sunday 19 May 2024

Sunday evening, 19-05-24

Good evening, everyone and hasn't it been a beautiful late spring/early summer day?  It certainly has here anyway.  Warm sunshine and not a hint of any dampness whatsoever.  Lovely!

Mind you, it has been a busy day round here.
It started off with getting Sunday lunch ready.  I like to prep everything good and early and today I had a turkey drumstick to slow roast so, as soon as the solar panels were creating, into the oven it went.

I decided to get some washing done, partly because it was such a lovely day and also partly because I won't be able to do anything mush tomorrow.  So I got two loads washed, line dried, ironed and put away.  Yay!!

Over midday, I picked Beth up and we went to the Clock Tower precinct because she wanted to look at some stuff in Dunelm.  I treated her to a drink there - she had a fizzy and I had a black coffee and it was very nice.  Great value too.

I came home, got my Sunday lunch cooked and tidied up in the kitchen before finishing off the ironing and then started to get downstairs ready for the carpet cleaner tomorrow morning.  I also took the opportunity to give the place a good hoovering too. 

 The extension part is now almost clear except for the table.  They are going to clean around the sideboards!

So looking one way . . . 
. . . and the other to my telly/knitting/ reading/snoozing corner.
Again, the telly table stays there and the chair and small table will be pushed into . . .
. . . this space which is the original living room before the extension was built.

(I was standing in the same place, pretty much, to take these photos.)

Then, half way through, everything will have to be moved from here back into the above space.  It's going to be a busy day!!

Inspired by the moment, I fired off an email to Ray, my Hire a Hubby, asking if he would come and give me a quote for decorating.
It would be nice to get that done this year, I think, and good for the house too.

And now I am really tired.  Bet I sleep well, especially as my conscience is clear knowing that everything is as ready as it can be right now.  I'll catch up on a bit of telly, do some knitting and then meander upstairs, avoiding looking in the blue room as some of the downstairs stuff is in there too.
Sleep well and I hope your day has been as satisfying as mine has.  xx

Saturday 18 May 2024

Saturday evening, 18-05-24

Evening, all.  How's your day gone today?  It's been really nice and sunny here, despite a damp start.  

I dithered about doing the online SET class but, in the end, I did and was really glad that I did.
Lindsey was doing another pop up shop so I drove over there and had a good nosey round but there wasn't anything I wanted to buy this time.  I gather it has raised around £1,000.
I did some housework, a bit of gardening, some cooking . . . the usual sort of thing.

And I watched Doctor Who - I am really enjoying the new season.  It's different but, I think, good different.
And Sewing Bee starts next week - could life hold more . . .  😊

Have a great evening, everyone, and sleep well.  xx

Friday 17 May 2024

Friday evening, 17-05-24

Good evening, one and all.  
Today we seem to be back with the pleasant, warm, sunny weather.  It's been lovely all day, the perfect day for a drive out to a country pub and a really nice lunch.

So - the day started with Slimming World as it always does on Friday.  Jen is away on holiday so Jenny, who took the group yesterday evening, brought the hall keys round to me yesterday evening and I gave them to Cara who took today's group this morning.  I now have them again to give back to Jen when she comes home from holiday.
Cara was lovely - it can't be easy covering someone else's group but she was really good.

Then I came home and did a few chores before my friend picked me up for lunch.  We went to a little pub restaurant the other side of Danbury called the Hurdlemakers' Arms;  I've never heard of the place before but it was absolutely delightful and lovely grub.  I brought some of it home and finished it off for dinner so it was a very easy day, food-wise.
Definitely, I must go there again and take some photos.

And that was that really - it was past four when my friend dropped me off and I just sat and read, knitted and watched telly.  A nice day out of the usual stuff.

I really MUST do some gardening tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it isn't wet.

Has your day been good too?
Night, everyone.  Sweet dreams.

Thursday 16 May 2024

Thursday evening, 16-05-24

Evening, all.  It's been another day of drizzle and a few spells of sunshine today and definitely on the cool side of things.
Despite that, I popped out to take a few photos of my plants which seem to be relishing the longer days and slightly warmer temperatures.  So here we go . . .

There's more out so I had to take another photo . . .
The strawberries were so poor last year, I intended digging them out and replacing them.  I am glad I didn't; they are laden this year.
Look at those.

Most of my back garden plants in the raised beds were thoroughly disturbed when the bed walls were repaired.  I reckon it has done them good.
The fig loses its leaves each Autumn but back they come again.
The bay bush was dead two years ago.  Obviously it had other ideas though.
Last year, I had four or five flowers.  This year there are fourteen - they got disturbed by the repairs too.
Thyme flowers are so pretty, aren't they.

And finally, every garden has its messy corner, I am sure.  Here's mine and I rather like it - it makes it look like a real garden!!

I did SET online first thing and then, after breakfast, I decided to go shopping - a house keeping sort of shopping, nothing exciting.  I was planning on going to Sainsbury's on Saturday but it's quite a full day and tomorrow is out too so, really, today was the only option unless I wanted to go Sunday.
It was one of those bigger shops when you seem to need other stuff apart from food - washing products, cleaning stuff, etc.  Not your every week sort of stuff although I had some of that too.  The bill was ouch but next week should be a lot less.  Swings and roundabouts!

I did splash out on something - these.  I have trainers and I have some open toed sandals but wanted something sunny-casual.  These are nice and should go well with everything really.  And only a tenner.

Then it was home sweet home to put everything away and get on with a bit of housework and cupboard sorting.  There's always at least one cupboard that seems to get itself in a right tangle while you're not looking, isn't there?

Oh, and while I was shopping, Chris and Steve arrived back after their cruise so I exchanged a few messages with her - she had a great time, she said, and I am looking forward to hearing all about it on Tuesday as we walk down to Groove.

Well, it is getting late (for me) so I will love you, leave you and wish you a good night's sleep with sweet dreams.  xx

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Wednesday evening, 15-5-24

Hi, everyone, good evening.  The day started out dull and damp and finished off warm and sunny and very cheering indeed.  Lovely!

It was another busy-ish day.
I sorted out most of upstairs and looked ruefully into the dumpi  - er, I mean smallest bedroom.  I need to tackle it very soon, it's an absolute disgrace.  I must Make a Plan!

Then I went online.  I've been intending to get the main carpet properly cleaned.  It's really grubby in places.  All of the bottom floor except the kitchen and the loo has this carpet which also goes up the stairs and along the (small) landing and, honestly, it's a proper disgrace.
So I went online, did some trawling around, discussed needs and possibilities with a few places and have a company booked to come and do the deed next Monday which is a great relief.  I know it will never look brand new again and there's no way I can justify replacing, nor is it necessary, it so a good old clean should work wonders.  At least I will know it is clean . . . whatever it looks like.

I also discussed some dates for school visits online.

I had an early (for me) lunch because personal training was earlier than usual.  As always - most enjoyable, hard work, and now I'm feeling healthily tired.
It was earlier because at the usual time I was due online for some training.  Quite heavy stuff based around the Governing Body's responsibilities in suspensions and permanent exclusions.    By the time that was done, it was time to make dinner and now I'm typing this!

I feel it has been a day where I achieved a lot one way and another.  I also know I'm going to sleep well and it won't be that long before I disappear upstairs - a couple of hours should do it.
Has your day been a satisfying one?
Goodnight, everyone, and sleep well.  xx

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Tuesday evening, 14-05-24

Evening, everyone!

I woke up this morning to a pretty wet world, as I guess many of us here in the UK did.  I'm glad I didn't change the duvet over as it feels a lot fresher this morning - not fresh enough to wonder about an hour of heating on, just in comparison.  Good for the garden, for sure.

It was Groove this morning but I didn't fancy getting damp so I took the car for once.   I'm so glad I did because it really wasn't very nice.  Groove was though; it is great to feel warm straight away instead of doing the first half with extra layers on.  Despite today's rain, it is definitely warming up.

The rest of the day passed as days usually do.  I made some social arrangements with friends, did some housework, some kitchen work, looked at my lengthening shopping list with mild disbelief, checked the bank account (more there than I thought which is odd but time will tell) and the rain kept falling.  To be fair, it cleared up briefly and there was even a hint of sunshine but it was a case of blink and you miss it.

And this evening is more of the same.  Can't complain, I love an easy life.  
Have you had the rain too?
Night, everyone, sleep well and may tomorrow be a lovely day for you.  xx

Monday 13 May 2024

Monday evening, 13-05-24

Evening, everyone.
No pretty lights overnight - I did look when I woke for the loo but no luck,  Not to worry.

It's been a nice day, weather wise, although as the day went on, the sunshine became more hazy.   It's still sort of sunny but the sky is not blue, it's a bit murky.
Lindsey did circuits out in her garden and it was really lovely; we're hoping we can have many more before the year starts to close down again.  I was very careful and the back did protest a bit once or twice but Lindsey does encourage us to adapt when needed or ask her for advice, so things never get too intense.  It feels fine now so obviously no more damage done.

Once home, it was breakfast and then housework.  I decided to make the last of the fine weather to do my bedding as well so I can feel the housework fairy patting me on the back!  😇

Then, for me, a biggie.
Sharon (my lovely hairdresser) has been out of circulation for a while.  Her husband has been very unwell and passed away a couple of weeks ago.  While it wasn't a complete surprise, that's hardly the point so she's taken time out.
The problem is that my hair was four plus weeks plus over the usual six weeks before appointments so I asked friend Chris about her hairdresser who works from home and, long story short, she (Hayley) gave me an appointment as a one off.

So, very nervously, I set off to Hayley's home and, about an hour and quarter later, returned home feeling very happy.  Quite apart from the removal of ten weeks' growth - a lot when one has short hair anyway - but she did a really good job and, if Sharon decides not to return to work for a while), I have a safety net, so to speak.
And, just for once, I didn't have to clear up my hair trimmings afterwards.  Bonus!

I took a few flower photos . . . which one should I use as a header banner???

Now it is time to slow down and get ready for bed.  Nice fresh sheets and clean pjs.  What more could a girl ask for?
Sleep well, everyone, and have a great day tomorrow.  xx

Sunday 12 May 2024

Sunday evening, 12-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  Phew, wasn't it a scorcher today.  So warm that when I jung out a load of washing, it was dry and ready to come back in half an hour later.  So I managed to get all my washing done, dried, ironed and ready to put away when I go up later in.  That used much of the day but I'm really glad to get it done.
I didn't do much else apart from the usual daily stuff but I'm feeling tired now, all the same.
It was just a normal Sunday, albeit pretty warm.  Normal is good, it really is.

Have you had a good Sunday too?  xx

Saturday 11 May 2024

Saturday evening, 11-05-24

Good evening, everyone.
I had a rotten night's sleep last night.  I woke before midnight and couldn't get back to sleep.  Outside was the show of the decade and I had no idea . . . I turned the lights on and read for ages.  Aaaarrrggghhh.
We might get some more Northern Lights overnight, they say - fingers crossed.

I did finally get to sleep but today has been a bit of a dozy day.  I did a bit of housework, some cooking, some reading, I watched the new Doctor Who.  Just a quiet Saturday really.  

It was lovely and warm and sunny though.  A perfect day from the weather point of view.   It's due to change soon but fingers are crossed for tomorrow at least.

I'm not watching Eurovision, it's really not my thing.  I will find something else to enjoy instead and try to stay awake until it gets dark.
Fingers crossed.

Did you catch the show and did you get any good photos?  xx

Friday 10 May 2024

Friday evening, 10-05-24

 Good evening, everyone.  It's been another really lovely day, more summer than spring really.  I've even started watering some of the pots.

It was nice to be back at SW group this morning after missing last week.  Then I came home, had breakfast and gave my bedroom another good going over.  After lunch, I just chilled in the garden room - and fell asleep!  Those chairs are obviously a good choice.

As the day went on, the back became more and more comfortable so I'm glad I took it carefully.  I just have to decide whether to do the SET class online tomorrow morning but I will decide that when the time comes!

After yesterday's garden photos, one more.  The herbs are doing great!
The grass-like one in the middle is - well - ornamental grass.  And the variegated leafy one at the back right is just a bush.  I don't have loads of herbs, just rosemary, oregano, chives, sage, thyme, mint and, not on the photos, bay.  All very useful though.

You've probably seen this many times but it made me laugh so very much this afternoon, I thought I would share it. 

Given that every primary teacher is a science teacher by default - I totally agree.  

Right, well, time to shut up shop and get this sent, I think  Have you had good weather too?  
Sleep well, everyone, and pleasant dreams.  xx

Thursday 9 May 2024

Thursday evening, 09-05-24

Evening, all.  It's been another beautifully sunny day - I'm really hoping this continues.

I had some time before SET began so I decided to change my sheets and turn the mattress.
Big mistake.
Ping said my back and ouch said me!!  No SET class and a lot of hobbling later, it is easing somewhat now and I'm not taking any pain killers, which is good.

I managed to get most of upstairs cleaned, certainty all the bits that show, but SET and gardening went by the board, sadly.  
Not to worry, I'm sure it will continue to ease off and be loads better tomorrow morning.

Before that happened, I went out into the garden and took a few photos because things are starting to look colourful and flowery.  Hope you like them.
And sweet dreams, one and all.  xx

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Wednesday evening, 08-05-24

Good evening, everyone! 

In yesterday's comments, Janette asked why a garden room.  It's not the sort of thing they have in Australia.  Poor love, I bombarded her with pretty much an essay and then thought it more appropriate to a blog than a comment reply to I have copied and pasted it at the end.

Several of you mentioned that you thought coloured cushions might look nice and I agree but pattern might be an issue.

This is the pattern on the furniture and I think another flowery something might look mismatched in the wrong way - unless I find something that looks very similar but in colour and even then, not sure.  If I had gone for the grey striped covers, chintzy flowery cushions would look nice but the other way round?  Not so sure.

I am planning to make some bunting to go across the window.  The bifolds open outward so that wouldn't be an issue.  Perhaps that would give a pop of colour and maybe be echoed by a few pictures or a vase.  Or make cushion covers (it's not hard, after all) that echo the bunting colours.
Oh, I don't know.

What I do know is that it won't be this month anyway, probably not even this summer.  I've waited years for this so another wait to really know what I want and get it won't hurt.
And I can have lots of fun trawling the shops and online, like I did for the furniture.

Today has been a gentle sort of day.  I chilled for much of the morning, breakfasting in the garden room.  I should have done upstairs housework really but I have more time than usual tomorrow so I'll do it then.
I popped over to Beth and Alex's to wish Alex a Happy Birthday and give him his card and gift.
And then it was personal training with Lindsey which was most enjoyable.

So, really, a pretty normal day apart from the birthday.

I'm now chilling and gradually relaxing into a sleepy state.  Lovely.
How was your day?  xx

Here's what I said in my reply:
I already have a ground floor extension across the back of the house and I did consider a conservatory but . . .
It would cut down light to the living/dining area quite significantly.
There's raised brick beds in the garden which would need to be dismantled and I didn't want to lose one of them.
I'd still need to replace the garden shed anyway because it was getting very bedraggled (the garden room is actually two rooms, the main part and a shed part for garden tools, freezer, etc).
I rather fancied a little relaxation area away from the house, quite separate from it - it is so nice to have a separate bolthole that is different
The way the room flows means that when I am sitting with friend for coffee, we have our backs to the garden (changing that round would look weird) and it is really nice to sit out and enjoy the garden while chatting and enjoying a coffee or two, whatever the weather.
If I fancy using it as, say, an exercise room, the chairs can push to the walls and I can move out my cycle, balance ball, weights, etc - it can be multi functional.
Finally, while there's no plumbing out to the shed, there is power and there is heating and, if push came to shove and it was really necessary, someone could sleep on a camp bed there - they'd have to come in to use the loo but there's paving and the loo isn't so far away

So there are several reasons and, as I said, I did consider a conservatory for a while but, over the years, changed my mind. It helped that on the programme 'My Flat Pack Home' someone did a garden room and it really appealed.

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Tuesday evening, 07-05-24

Hello, everyone.  How has your day been.  I woke here to sunshine and it has been another lovely, much appreciated after yesterday.  It has also felt quite bust, especially the morning.

It started, as usual on Tuesday, with Groove class.  It felt a but odd walking down without Chris who is currently away on holiday but it was a really pleasant walk in the sunshine.  Groove itself was great, as always, and the walk back was also pleasant.

When I got home, I set to sorting out the garden room.  It is now clean and the other stuff has been taken out.
I know you've seen this, more or less, but I took another photo once it was all done and dusted (literally!).

It's so nice now it's all complete.  I sat out there to have my breakfast, feeling very happy.

Then I did the downstairs housework - it didn't get done yesterday and it didn't get done much last week either so it took a bit longer than usual but that was OK.  What with that, the exercise class and the walk, I'm up to 11K steps so I'm happy with that.

What I'm not so happy about - well, not exactly unhappy, just that I will have to be careful, is finances.  What with shelling out for three booked coach trips, a new block of personal training sessions, the holiday in October and Alex's birthday present (for tomorrow) - oh, and the deposit for next year's Fitness and Fun weekend at Five Lakes - what I have left is looking a bit depleted.
However, after listing all that above, it's not surprising, is it, and I don't think I will need to take anything from savings, just be very, very, very careful - and I can do that.  What I am fairly sure is that I won't have any leftovers to move into savings on the 31st.   😄
(that little circular rug will just have to wait!!)

It has been a very pleasant day though, really nice.  Tomorrow, the weather looks promising - the rest of the week, in fact - so that's good.

Have a good night, everyone.  Sleep well and sweet dreams.  xx

Monday 6 May 2024

Monday evening, 06-05-24

Hi, everyone.  Hopefully back into a routine now, fingers crossed.

After an early night Saturday, I woke rather early but that was OK because I needed to wash my hair as well as getting a roast dinner prepped before popping off to Circuits.

Circuits was great.  Most of us were there and one lady had brought her three boys as well (they've come before) so it was good fun.  I took over the bags with my donations for the pop up shop in a couple of weeks - I was glad to get them off my hands.

Once home and after breakfast, I got the dinner started and when Beth and Alex arrived, it was well on the way.  Doesn't the house smell good when a roast is in the oven!!

Beth and Alex helped me dismantle my old and very battered computer chair which is now in the bin and then we went online and on-phone and we now have a Center Parcs holiday booked for October.  Just a Monday to Friday - adding on the weekend made it horrendously expensive.  As is our wont, we paid the lot and I've sent my share over to Beth so that is all done and dusted.

I wasn't expecting the garden room furniture to come until later but while B and A were still here, there was a knock at the door and there it was, accompanied by two very obliging men who unpacked it all and took away all the packaging.
I had been so concerned that either it wasn't what I thought it would be - buying online can be a bit - er - unsure - or that I just didn't like it in reality but no, it was just exactly what I had hoped.

And here it all is, in situ.  The chair on the left is a rocker and the thing in the corner on the right is a foot stool but it will double as an extra seat, if needed.  And they are so comfortable.
I'm so pleased.

I rather think a circular mat might look nice, don't you?  And I 'need' some plain grey cushions . . .

Anyway, I have to move out the wooden chairs and little table and the floor is a state after this afternoon's activity so that's a chore for tomorrow.
So quite a good day, despite the rain and the fact that it felt like Sunday all day!

How did your Bank Holiday Monday go (if you had one, of course)?  xx

Sunday 5 May 2024

Sunday evening, 05-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  Trying to get back into a routine again.

Today was what I would call semi-chilled.  It's been lovely and sunny and quite warm too but it's now feeling a bit chilly and the faithful oodie is back on again!

I popped to Morrisons as I've invited Beth and Alex over tomorrow and needed to get a few things and I forgot to mention that the day before I paid for two of my pending coach trips.  I think I also didn't mention (or did I?) that I have booked to go and see Oliver next January.  Nice.

Because it was so lovely and I had a rapidly filling washing basket, I did a couple of loads that dried really quickly on the line and is not ironed and ready to take up and put away.  That's sorted that for a few days.
So the evening is nice and free and I'll probably have an early night.

Tomorrow is exciting.
It starts with Lindsey's circuit class.
Beth and Alex are over for lunch.
And late afternoon/early evening, my conservatory furniture is being delivered.   That, I think, completes the garden room unless I want to make some bunting or other decorative stuff.

Sleep well, everyone, and have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday.  Fingers crossed for sunshine.  xx

Sunday morning, 05-05-24

Morning, everyone.  So sorry about missing blogs and this should definitely have been posted last night but . . .

Wasn't the weather lovely yesterday.  Beautifully sunny and definitely warmer, even out of the sun.  The big event yesterday was the reason I didn't post this yesterday.

Beth, her friend, Carlin, Alex and I had dinner at the Giggling Squid.  It's been a long time a-coming.  Carlin promised to take us out for a meal a year ago as a sort of 'thank you' for helping get a hall ready for his Mum's funeral wake while Beth said she wanted to take me and Alex out for a birthday meal.  The year passed and now and again it was mentioned but Beth and Carlin in particular are very busy people nowadays.
Anyway, last night was the night.  I've heard a lot about the place from Beth who really loves going there so I was really looking forward to it and I was not disappointed, not at all.   We had a really lovely time - great food and good company.  And, for me, no bill.  What more could a girl want, eh.

We had some prawn crackers to start with followed by spring rolls and a sweet chilli dipping sauce.  My mains was sticky chicken and coconut rice and it was so, so delicious.  And, bad me, I had the loveliest lychee martini too - I love lychee liqueur.

I was so tired when I got home that I decided to leave this until this morning.

The sun is shining again and I so hope it remains this way tomorrow too, seeing as it is Bank Holiday Monday.  
Have a lovely Sunday, everyone, and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  xx

Friday 3 May 2024

Thursday evening, 03-05-24

Good evening, everyone.  Well, it has been a very idle and restful day.  I've done a bit of work in the kitchen but mostly it has been about resting and, from time to time, snoozing (not that often).
I got a few organisational bits and bobs sorted out and invited Beth and Alex over for Monday lunch as it's a bank holiday.
It's been a good day for staying in as it has rained pretty much the whole time.  Not nice.

There isn't much else to say really.  I'm feeling surprisingly weary, given the lack of exercise during the day, and I expect I'm going to sleep well.  Hope so anyway!

Has your day been good?  I do hope so.  Sleep well.  xx

Thursday 2 May 2024

Thursday, 02-05-24

   Hi, all.  Sorry, the busy week has caught up with me and I'm shattered.  Bed time calls.  I'm sure I will sleep really well and I hope you do too.  xx

Wednesday evening, 01-05-24

 . . . well, Thursday morning, actually!  Sorry.  I was so very tired after the evening meeting.

Yesterday turned out to be quite a full day.  I decided to get my first May shop done and dusted as I was totally out of cheese and I thought I may as well do the full shop as just get one item!  As always, it was mostly fresh stuff with a few bits and bobs for the freezer.

When that was all sorted and put away, I started making dinner as I'd decided to swap meals round, given I had to be at a meeting at six.

Later on, I started reading through the paperwork for the meeting.  I was just going through the previous minutes when I read something to the effect that the Clerk had reminded us that we had agreed to do one training course/thingy per term and - guess what - I hadn't.

So I logged into the Governor Hub, went to the online training section and chose one that said two hours and which I thought I could get done reasonably within that time.
It was good although I did know much of it already so part of it was just ticking boxes but at least I did my bit.  And at the meeting we were told about a couple of online courses coming up that I think I would like to do too, so that's me sorted.  Cheers.
(And no, not everyone had done some training so I needn't have worried really but I'm glad it's done).

Then I whizzed off to personal training, the first of the new block so Lindsey had introduced a few new things - and I am aching a bit this morning!!

And then the meeting.  It was good and the Clerk is really adept at keeping us all on track and to time so they always finish by eight o'clock or soon after.  We're a jolly bunch so, despite serious things to discuss, we manage to have a laugh and a joke too.  I enjoy going.
Note to self - after sending this, go to Governor Hub and get those two training sessions booked in!

Now it is Thursday, the old Premium Bonds have given me a bit of cash, not loads and it's always reinvested but every little helps, doesn't it and I have another busy day.  I'll tell you about that this evening.

In the meanwhile, I hope you've had a good night's sleep and some pleasant dreams.  Take care and stay safe.  xx