Sunday 12 December 2010

Sunday morning

After a very sleepy day yesterday, I rather woke up in the evening and spent some of my time profitably in making 30 little bags to hold my children's gifts. Mum taught me the method when she was last over and it's really very simple and straight forward, just a little bit of sticking and some folding. Maybe I'll take photos of the process at some point so you can see how it works.

While I made the bags I watched a DVD I bought quite a while ago, might even have been last Christmas, called Christmas Cottage. I wouldn't bother, if I was you. Sickly, sentimental, some funny bits and powerful bits, but overall quite a bit rubbish, I thought. I won't watch it again. It reminded me of another 'feel good' film I watched a long time ago called 'A Winter Without Snow'. Now that I did enjoy. Perhaps it was because it was based around a performance of the Messiah, a central theme that would strongly appeal to me at any time. Must look on Amazon and see if it's available - I'd like to watch that again at some point.

Having had such a lazy day yesterday means a very busy day today, so I'd better get going.

I managed to remember to take some photos of the decorations made for the class Christmas tree. Lovely, aren't they?

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