Wednesday 31 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's so cold there's a proper frost this morning.  I'm trying to pluck up the courage to make a trip to the shed to get what I need for the day out of the freezer.  Brrrr.

Yesterday was a funny old day.  I didn't feel great (I cancelled tuition which is unusual) which might have been the effect of lack of sleep but I'm not sure.  I went all cold, shivery and achey and even with the heating up and my fleece over me, I was not great.  Beth was round and confirmed that the house was warm.  Anyway, by late afternoon I was feeling better and I did have quite a long snooze which must have helped.  Today I feel fine again so just one of those things, I guess.

I did my early morning shop but we never got to the allotment so that's on the list for Thursday.

Today I don't have a lot planned until tuition but there's plenty of little stuff to do so I shall get on and do it!  Tidying, making . . . all that sort of stuff.  Hopefully, I will be staying warm and will stay feeling well.

Have a good day, whatever you have planned.

Tuesday 30 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  I'm up at stupid o'clock which doesn't happen all that much nowadays.  I know most folk would consider my usual half past five-ish as way too early but it's not, not for me anyway.  Before four thirty definitely is!
I have no idea why.  There's nothing on my mind, I have as clear a conscience as most folk and there's nothing outstanding that needs to be done by yesterday.
Ah, well, I won't waste the time, I'll get on with some stuff.

I've just peeked out and it's c-c-cold!  There's a breeze too which makes a frost unlikely but intensifies the brrrrr-factor.  The heating is on and I am all wrapped up in fleece dressing gown and slippers.

The journey home yesterday morning was very pleasant.  No hold-ups and no problems, made even nicer by the fact that Beth was driving, not me!
(for new readers, Beth is my daughter and Alex is my grandson)
Once home, I set to and made some nice tomato and lentil soup for lunch while Beth sorted out some stuff.  After lunch (very tasty), Beth crafted while I planned.

It was nice to get back to tuition and even nicer to deliver a lesson that went really well and that I want to use a couple more times this week.  A bit of planning economy never went amiss, did it?  The biggest advantage about a one-to-one situation is that one can go at the right pace, recap as needed, continually check understanding and add extra examples that target any difficulties with understanding, all without worrying about holding other students up.  It's really very satisfying.

On to today.  As I'm awake, I will do an early shop when Morrisons open at seven, update my finances as it is almost the end of the month and get the planning done, both tuition and food.  I could make the lunchtime soup as well.  All that will give me a good start.  Beth arrives at around ten and we might (depending on weather) give the allotment a bit of attention.  The replacement asparagus arrived yesterday, looking much healthier than the plants we were sent at the start of the year so we're hoping they have a better chance of survival.
I guess we will also start giving the plot its autumn haircut and get it ready for winter.  I know one can grow through the winter and we intend to overwinter some runner beans this year but most of it will be covered over.

It's going to be a fairly busy day so maybe it is just as well I'm having such an early start!  :-)

Monday 29 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  How did the weekend go for you?  Hopefully it was a good time.

It was round here.  Beth and I spent the morning in, crafting (we brought some stuff with us) and  planning stuff, before popping out just before lunch to find the restaurant we wanted to have dinner in and to book a table.  It was easy to find and looked very pleasant.  We located a small Tesco so we indulged in a few goodies plus a bag of stuff for Alex - students can always do with a few basics like tinned fruit, soup, etc.

After lunch we went off to UEA (MUCH easier to find in the daylight than in the dark when it's raining)and I see why he is so happy there.  He took some photos for me and I'll post some when he sends them over.  t can now 'see' where he is in my mind's eye when I think of him.

Then it was off for dinner.  We went to the Queen's Head in Hethersett because they have an arrangement with Travelodge.  Ten per cent off is not to be sniffed it, is it?  It wasn't a posh place but it was cheerful, friendly and very accommodating.  It's also disability friendly - I saw several people in wheelchairs and another customer who was obviously autistic and very happy with his meal.

I won't embarrass myself by revealing what I had but, suffice it to say, it wasn't totally Slimming World compliant and this morning I have a grumbling tum, but, oh, it was worth it.  Extremely good value too; I was expecting the bill to be more, even without the 10% off.  We will be back there!

We're hanging around until ten in order to let the morning traffic settle and then we will be off back to mine.  I have some planning to look over and Beth will be doing some more crafting.  Holiday week is over for me but hers has just started.

We'll be back.  With Alex having his home here for a few years to come, there's every reason to come again and to do more exploring than this time.  It will be great.

Sunday 28 October 2018


Good morning, everyone, and many thanks for all the comments yesterday.

We're warm and cosy in a small, basic but fairly comfortable room in the Cringleford Travelodge.  It was a good journey up, stopping off at a friend's place on the way.  We all went to Thornham Walks for an hour or so and it was chilly but what a delightful place for strolling.  Here's a link for more info.
I'm really sorry I didn't take my camera.  One of the many delightful things was that when a tree falls (or is blown over), on of the staff gets going and carves the wood into something - there was a huge Old Man of the Trees, a dragon, snakes, other creatures, all very organically derived if you know what I mean, and eminently suitable for clambering over and using ones imagination!

Then it was on to find our bed for the night.  We drove over to UEA to find Alex and after driving around to find an eating place, we gave up and went back to Al's room where he treated us to Domino's Pizzas.  Not exactly Slimming World compatible but, not having had a pizza for a year or so, it was very delicious and we enjoyed the food and the family company very much indeed.  Also there was enough left over for Alex today too.

We've decided not to go into Norwich this morning but to stay around here, chat, plan and just chill.  We're meeting Al in the afternoon and, after a look around the uni, we are going for a nice (hopefully) dinner out at a recommended place, the Queen's Head at Hethersett.  Strangers Hall won't go away and, as Al informed us that he has converted to a four year course ending with a Masters, there will be plenty more opportunities to enjoy the delights of the city centre.

I'm looking forward to dinner.  The menu looks quite helpful and delicious

Saturday 27 October 2018

Extra bit

I've just discovered that the padded jacket I got two sizes smaller than I needed in Morrisons a while ago now fits and it is luvverley and warm.  Three cheers!


Good morning, everyone, and brrrrrr.  It's lovely and clear out there with no frost that I can see but there's such a bite in the air.  Even more do I wish I had a warm winter coat.

First of all, I just want to thank you for the lovely, encouraging comments you have made.  It does make a difference and they have been a real boost.  So many thanks.

Do you like this?

It's a doll's jumper (obviously) that I made earlier and all it needs is some sequin decorations to sparkle it up a little bit.  It should fit an 18" doll, I hope, although the pattern may need to be 'refined' a bit.  I'm quite pleased with it though.

Apart from that yesterday, I had a lovely chat with my friend over a coffee (black, of course) before heading home to find that Beth wasn't able to come.  A shame, but never mind, we'll be off together this afternoon.

This morning will be quite busy, getting ready for off.  I do like to leave the place as tidy as possible so that I come home to a pleasant welcome from my home.  At the moment, I have a few crafting projects laid out so they will need to be dealt with.  Fortunately, the kitchen is OK.

Well, I'd better get started, especially if I want to get to Matalan at nine to look for a coat (fingers crossed).  I'm not sure I will be able to post anything tomorrow but, if I can't, I'll be back some time on Monday.

Have a great day and stay warm.

Friday 26 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.   I've just nipped out to the freezer for the day's needs and brrr, there's a bit of a chill in the air this morning.  I was glad to get back inside again

Yesterday was a day that made the bank manager turn pale!!  I bought several Sainsbury's items, all one size smaller than I am right now.  You see, I don't need any more clothes right now but in a month I will (there's confidence for you) so there's no point in getting my current size.  Unfortunately, I didn't find a coat.  They had some but I didn't like them.  I might go back to Matalan and take another look there.
I also bought a few glossy mags and saw a new Gervase Phinn book which I am being very determined about and saving it until I go away.

After that I went to Hobbycraft and enjoyed myself there as well.  No, I didn't need anything apart from some needles for sewing up knitting but I didn't let that stop me, dear me, no!  I now have to knit something else Aran as well as the hoodie so I must look for my Aran patterns as they seem to have vanished.

The afternoon was quieter.  I did some washing and some knitting and it was all very pleasant.

Then it was off to Slimming World and I was very happy with the pound and a half I have shed since last Thursday, all the more so because last weekend was - er - indulgent!  Well, if my dad will keep wine in the fridge and seemingly endless supplies of crisps and biscuits in the pantry, not to mention the fruit and nut mixture on the side, what do you expect?
It was an enjoyable evening and next week is taster week so I've got to find something to make to take in that is SW compatible.  I will have to search through my SW Christmas books and see if I can find anything there.

Today is a sociable day.  I'm off to Mel's for coffee and then Beth is round for lunch as it's her birthday.  She's finally hit the big four oh, bless her!  Then I have to do a bit of ironing and packing for tomorrow.  Perhaps I can fit a Matalan trip in or perhaps I will leave it until tomorrow morning.  I'll see how it goes.
Have a great day.

Thursday 25 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Brrr - it's chilly out there this morning.  I opened the front door to pop a can in the recycling box and closed it again as quickly as I could.  Definitely shivery.  Still, if it means a gloriously sunny day, I'll take it!

Yesterday was another recuperative sort of day (that sounds better than 'lazy', doesn't it?).  I did some cooking, making some tuna potato cakes out of leftovers which are now in the freezer for a quick and simple meal or two another time and I've developed a toastie that is very SW friendly (and tastes great).

I took a parcel to the post office for Beth.

I sat and read and knitted and caught up with recorded telly (and had a few snoozes).

In the evening I went out for a quick and productive meeting.

Today is a bit busier.  My cleaner comes this morning (instead of the usual Friday) and I think I might take a trip over to Sainsburys in order to give her a clear run of the place.  I read somewhere that they are having a 25% off deal on clothes for a few days so I will go and look.  I still don't have a warm padded coat/jacket for the very cold days and I do need one, the old one now falling off me - you could fit two of me into it almost.  Maybe they will have something that's not too expensive.  Also I need to get next size down jeans.  May as well take advantage of 25% off.

After that the day is free until SW meeting time and I think I will get next week's planning done so it's not on my mind over the weekend.  I want to enjoy our little jaunt to Norwich and I won't so much if I am thinking about what I haven't done.

Well, the kettle has boiled so I need my coffee and then I need to do a quick tidy of the place so my lovely cleaner has a clear run and doesn't waste cleaning time tidying up after me.  Have a great day!

Wednesday 24 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It was another sunny day yesterday.  Long may it last.

Thank you so much for the link to the Wool Warehouse, Busybusybeejay.  I've just spent a happy half hour looking through.  Definitely one to go to when searching for yarn!

Yesterday went more or less as planned - lazily!  I'm getting on really well with my knitting (front and back done and onto the first sleeve) but the healthy exercise is taking a back seat.  Never mind, it could be a lot worse!  Beth and I had a pleasant time in the evening, the dinner I cooked went down really well and we made lots of plans for the weekend.  It was great.

Today I have a few bits and bobs to do.  I have to post a parcel and I have a short meeting with someone early evening but apart from that the rest of the day is free.  I'm really enjoying this lazy week although it doesn't give me all that much to write about in here.

I hope things are going well for us all.  Have a great day.

Tuesday 23 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

It was a lovely drive home yesterday, all bright and sunny and extremely colourful although I was very glad of my new prescription sunglasses in the low sun.  I go to my parents in the afternoon and drive into the autumn/winter sun and I come home in the morning and again drive into the sun!

My mum has always been an excellent needlewoman.  She learnt as a youngster, as almost all girls of her generation did, and by the time I and then my brothers came along, she was making all our outer wear one way or another.  Later on she went to tailoring classes and made many a beautiful suit or coat.  A favourite maxi-coat of mine when I was at college was mum-made.
Sadly, she no longer sews and she has very kindly lent Beth and me her lovely sewing machine.  It's quite old now (as sewing machines go) but was top class when it was bought and is still a good machine so we are thrilled to bits.  I brought it home with me yesterday and at bedtime went to sleep reading the manual.  Very dry and not that easy to understand beyond the basics.

Did anyone watch Doctor Who on Sunday evening?  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought it carried a powerful message.  I'm impressed by this new series.  I can now follow the story again without having to rewatch half a dozen times before it all makes sense.

Back to yesterday, you may remember I bought some rather lovely Boho Spirit yarn last week and am knitting a jumper with it.  I looked at some of the free downloadable patterns on their site and printed off this one, a rather nice and not too difficult Aran hoodie pattern.

I ordered some Aran yarn from Deramores yesterday, going for the natural cream Aran in the end although I was very tempted by an attractive lavender shade.  So that's my next project.

Today there's still nothing in the diary.  Great.  I will  do some crafting and some ironing, I might garden for a bit and I must cook a vegetarian dinner for me and Beth.  I think it's going to be a pleasant day!
I hope yours is too.

Monday 22 October 2018


Good morning, everyone!

Yesterday was glorious - sunny and breeze free and, in the sun, warm.  It's supposed to start getting colder this week which is only to be expected really.

It was a pottering sort of day.  I seemed to be busy all the time but it was all low key stuff.  I made meals, did a bit of sorting out and some washing, drying and ironing. 

Today, after breakfast, I will be driving home and then the day's my own.  No tuition this week as it's half term and I've decided to keep it clear.  In fact, I don't think I have anything in my diary at all this week which suits me down to the ground.  In reality, I have a lot of gardening to catch up on and I want to do some sewing and general crafting stuff as well as getting my swimming schedule back on track again and I must be ready for next weekend and two nights in Norwich.

I think it's going to be a very pleasant week, don't you?

Sunday 21 October 2018


Another gorgeous day here.  The sun is shining, there's no wind and there's a lovely Autumnal feel to the air.  I hope I can find time for a walk at some point; that would be lovely.

Have a great day.

Saturday 20 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.
A quick one today as I overslept.  I can't remember the last time I slept until half past seven - I must have needed it!

Yesterday went well.  A good journey although a bit slow at times, and the sun was shining for all it is worth.  It's jolly chilly this morning so I'm hoping that means another sunny day.

I hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you are doing.

Friday 19 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday, sunny and colourful with a beautiful sunset.  Very cheering.

I got some washing done and just have a bit of ironing to do this morning which won't take very long at all.  I did quite a lot of knitting but am finding I have to be careful as the yarn splits rather easily and I have a few slight 'loops' so I think what I am doing will be the back!  I can hook the loops through and some are so slight I can snip them but all the same, it's a bit careless and because the yarn is just slightly 'fluffy' it doesn't undo all that well.

At SW I found I had lost the holiday weight and another pound as well so it was four pounds off.  I was happy with that!

When I was out on Wednesday, at the Blue Egg shop, they had some Advent candles and it took me right back.  When I first started teaching, every Christmas, I had an advent candle in the classroom and each morning, after register, we would have a time when I lit the candle, we learnt or practised one of the songs for the Christmas Show and, on Mondays when there was more candle to burn, I also read them a Christmas story of some kind.  It was such a happy time.

As I am looking for some new personal traditions to start, I think this will be one of them - an Advent candle.  I also think I will do the Advent thing in here too, as I did two or three years ago, with links to some of my favourite Christmas music.

Today I have plenty to do.  Housework again, a bit of ironing, some shopping and so on - just ordinary little things, nothing major.  I'm looking forward to it.
I hope to be able to post over the weekend but, if I don't, please don't worry - I will be back!

Thursday 18 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

First of all, before I forget, here's a couple of links to Stranger's Hall (not 'house', sorry).

Yesterday was all go but everything slotted in nicely.
The first thing was the hearing aid check.  I had a couple of niggles about my new aids which they managed to sort for me and once that was over I popped to the market to look on the rather good haberdashery stall.  Oh, dear, that had the Christmas fabric in.  How can a girl resist? 

Once that was done, I drove straight over to Val's and we went, first of all, to Blake House craft centre where I invested in some more fabric although this time I know what I am doing with it, unlike the market fabric, and then some yarn and a pattern for a jumper for me.  The style is simple - a crew neck with raglan sleeves (I prefer raglan to dropped shoulder for fit) and the yarn is lovely.  It's called Boho Spirit, a man-made fibre, and, conveniently, knits up as double knitting.  When I've done enough to show, I'll post a photo.
Here's a link to the site.
(I've just looked at the site and there's a free download pattern for a gorgeous Aran hoodie that I want, need and crave.  So I have printed it off!)

Then we drove on to the Blue Egg centre which isn't a craft centre but it does have a few interesting shops plus a play bard round the back and a most delicious looking restaurant where I had a Tuscan bean soup that ticked all the right boxes with me.  It was piping hot, flavoursome, packed with goodness and didn't compromise my SW plan in the slightest.  It kept me satisfied until dinner time.

Then it was home, sweet home, for tuition and finally, as an extra and unexpected treat, Beth turned up for an hour for a chat and to pick up some stuff. 
It was such a lovely day.

Today is the only day this week that I have a clear page in my diary (apart from a little bit of tuition) and I intend to make the most of it by being 'lazy' and staying in.  I washed the new fabric yesterday and it dried overnight so I have that to iron.  I do have some tidying to do and the house has been sadly neglected this week.  I shall knit and sew and plan for the little bit of tuition and generally chill before weigh in at the SW club this evening (fingers crossed).

Wednesday 17 October 2018


Good morning.  After a very damp start, things cheered up again yesterday and it was both sunny and mild by the afternoon.  Very autumnal and colourful.

Just before 9:30 I set off for the bus stop where lots of people were already waiting.  'Oh, good,' thought I, ' there must be one on the way.  Dear me, no, there hadn't been one for at least half an hour and I waited another forty minutes before deciding to go back and take the car or I'd not make it in time.

Thankfully, I was in time - just.  Now I have two shiny new pairs of glasses plus the older pairs that would do at a pinch as my sight hadn't changed all that much.

After tuition, Beth turned up for supper and we booked two nights of cheap accommodation (Travelodge) fairly close to the Uni Alex goes to.  So we're off on a Norwich jolly the weekend after this coming one.  I'm turning into a right gadabout!

One place we really want to visit is Strangers Hall, a Tudor merchant's house used as a museum of local history.  It looks absolutely fascinating but is only open on Wednesdays and . . . Sundays!  Perfect.  There are lots of other fascinating places too, packed with interest, so I can see myself coming back a good few times.
And it will be lovely to spend some time with Beth.

Today is another jolly.  AFter popping back into town (by car) for a hearing aid check, I'm off to a friends.  Together we are off to Blake House Craft Centre to browse round 'And Sew On' and I want to find a pattern and some yarn in the lovely wool shop to make something for myself.
Then we're off to the Blue Egg, another centre, for lunch and, most likely, more spending.  I've never been there before so am really looking forward to it.

Then it will be home for tuition!  So a busy day but quite a pleasant one.

Tuesday 16 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After a very damp start yesterday, it all dried up but remained dull and a bit chilly all day.  There was lots of standing water on the roads as I drove home but I had no hold ups and made good time.

Clearing everything away took ages and by the time I'd finished, I really wasn't ready for a swim so I walked to the shop, which was pleasant.  There were more tomatoes ripe on the plants so I'm glad I didn't pull them up before my holiday.  The ones in the pots have given up but the ones in the ground are still going on so I guess the allotment ones are the same and I must go and check on them later on today.

It was great to be getting back to tuition again and it all seemed to go very well.  There's only this week and then it is half term so that's another week off.  I'm sure the students appreciate that as much as I do.  :-)

Today there's still no time for swimming, now will there be tomorrow.  I must make up on this over half term.  However, I'm doing loads more walking around than I used to so that will have to do, won't it?  I have an appointment with the optician to pick up my new glasses first thing, I need to look over my tuition plans and there's some more washing to get done and dusted.  Amazing how quickly it builds up, isn't it?  I ought to plan my food for the next week too.

This evening Beth is round for supper and I am looking forward to having a good chat with her.  So all in all, a very nice day.
I hope the sun shines.  :-)

Monday 15 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

I shall be driving back home today after ten days away.  It'll be lovely to get back to my own space again, even if there will be a fair old bit of tidying away to do from my holiday.  It's back to what scaffolds my days (tuition) for four days and then it's half term and I have decided not to offer tuition over this half term break.  The 11+ is all done and dusted and there's really no need.

I was a bit naughty yesterday, went on Amazon and searched out some old second hand SW recipe books based around Christmas and 'festive' meals after seeing one at the club I visited on Saturday morning.  Christmas will be different this year due to circumstances and I will have more time on my own so I want to do things just for me, including some different festive meal prep that won't do too much damage to the eating plan.  All being well, I should be fairly close to my current target by then so it's important to me.  So I'm hoping these books will give me some good ideas and I can spoil myself a bit without harming my conscience too much.

Once I'm home today, after unpacking, etc, I will look over my planning for today's tuition and, hopefully, look over tomorrow's as well.  Then I am wondering if I will have time for a swim.  I 'need' one and this last weekend has been pretty static after an active week so not great.  If I don't have swimming time, I will take the longer route all round the block and back again or maybe I can head off into the country for half an hour's walk.  That would be nice, assuming it isn't raining like it was yesterday.

Right, well, I'd better sort out my stuff and get the last of my things packed and ready to load before breakfast. 
Have a lovely day, whatever you have planned.

Sunday 14 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.
Yesterday went well.  No more foody blips. 

The book I won in the raffle was a Slimming World curry recipes book and it looks really good.  I need some time to read through carefully and then I am sure they will start appearing on my weekly planning.  It was worth going to club for that alone.

Today looks like being a usual Sunday although I do have to sort out all my stuff and get most of it in the car ready for tomorrow.  All the washing and ironing is done now, which is nice.  I won't have to face that tomorrow after the journey.

Have a great day, whatever you are doing.

Saturday 13 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

Waking up in my parents' spare room feels odd after a week of lakeside views!  I've been spoilt, haven't I?  Never mind, I have a comfy bed, a coffee beside me and the laptop on a pillow.  Very relaxing and idle.

Yesterday turned out very pleasant.  I'd packed just about everything the afternoon before so it was just a case of re-checking everywhere, finishing off and getting the car from the car park to the apartment parking slots to load up.

I left at around ten and it was a very easy drive back on a pleasant, sunny, breezy autumnal day.  I did as I had planned and detoured to Wimpole Hall, a National Trust properly north of Royston.  Last time I was there at the beginning of June, I strolled around the gardens and woodlands so this time I headed straight to the house and had a good look round. 

Wimpole Hall is not a 'magnificent' property but it is interesting and it is very friendly both in the way it is run and in the way it's set out.  There's plenty of information available both in written form and from various people who pounce (nicely) as you enter a room to give you the story of that room.

I particularly like the 'below stairs' part of the property although it's not complete.  They have a fantastic housekeeper's room set out and a beautiful dry good storage room with amazing fitted drawers and chests for things like cloves, tea, etc.  It must have smelled most appetising when it was used.

It also has a library that was a proper library.  The books look used and read and, according to the info available, it is quite famous and special in certain circles.  I'd love to have been able to browse but, of course, they are not to be handled by 'the public'.

After destroying the week's healthy eating with a disgracefully tasty lunch, I finished the journey and now I am here for the weekend.  I rather went bananas (but not with bananas, unfortunately) but I've already mentioned that SW has a conveniently early Saturday morning meeting round here.  I'm off there for 8:30 to discover the worst and draw the proverbial line!

Apart from that, it's the usual Saturday stuff.  I got a lot of both Mum and Dad's and my washing done yesterday afternoon so I just have to finish that and then iron what needs to be ironed. 

After all your encouragement, those of you who commented, I did come home with some new stuff.  I got a hooded long cardigan thingy which is quite thick and will be toasty warm when it gets colder, a new swimming cossie I had my eye on all week and one of those macs that fold up really small and fit in a little bag.  I needed the last because my old one was so huge on me and Alex needed one so I gave that to him (bit big but over a jacket, fine) and have been looking out for another.  I'm pleased with them all and know I'll use them.

Have a great weekend.  I might not post tomorrow, it all depends.  If I don't, I will be back on Monday, for sure.

Friday 12 October 2018


I wrote this yesterday evening but couldn't get it up this morning - sorry.

Good morning.  The holiday is over, I just have to load the car and have a last walk around before heading off.
I'm really quite sad.  It has been a splendid holiday, perhaps the best one I have had in recent years.  The apartment was lovely, the weather has been fantastic and I'm really sorry it is all over.
I expect I shall be back again at some point.

I'm popping off to my parents' for the weekend but I think that on the way I will detour (again) to Wimpole Hall.  Last time I did the woods and gardens, this time I will look round the hall itself.

And tomorrow morning I will discover the damage, weight wise, as there's a Saturday morning club not far from my parents.  I'm hoping it won't be too bad.  It's been a very active holiday with plenty of walking and swimming and I do feel energised.  We will see.

ps - I did stop off at Wimpole and had a good nosey round house.  It's a very friendly place, both in atmosphere and in people.

Thursday 11 October 2018

An early morning walk - photo special

Scenic route to the village centre yesterday.

Through the village centre

And the usual route back.

I will miss this!


Good morning!  Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, the best day of the week so far.

Admittedly, it didn't start off all that well with such an early awakening but after I'd blogged, etc, I was feeling chilly so went back to bed and woke up again two hours later.  So that sorted that out.

It was a wonderfully sunny morning and I will post some photos separately.

Swimming was great - all two hours of it - and despite what I said yesterday, I went for another saunter in the afternoon and found myself right at the edge of the village.

Colditz or what!!   Fortunately, I doubt anyone actually wants to escape!  I followed the pathway round for a while before heading back into the centre again.

Then, to cap it all, the steak I had for dinner was delicious.  They aren't always, are they, but this one was great.  I've eaten so well this week I shudder to think of how much I have put on but it's been worth it!

Today is the Last Full Day.  So sad.  I will stick with my routine of a scenic walk to the shop and back, breakfast, swimming, lunch, walk and dinner but I expect I will start packing and get as much as I can to the car so that tomorrow morning is easier.  

I'm not sure today will be such heavenly weather but you never know.  Yesterday was a perfect day out of summer.  Bright, sunny, warm but not hot and not in the least bit humid.  You don't get many as good as that in October usually.  I really have been incredibly lucky with the weather this week.

Wednesday 10 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't yesterday gorgeous.  Sunny all day and getting warmer as the day progressed.  The evening felt chilly but, as this is October, it's hardly surprising.  It's stupidly early at the moment and the skies are wonderfully clear and sparkly so it should be a good day.

I'm sticking to my daily routine quite well.  Out by eight for a short walk and to do any shopping that needs doing for the day ahead.  Home for breakfast and to prepare lunch.  Swimming at ten, then home for a shower, etc, and lunch.  Then a longer walk before dinner.  Really lovely!

Two mishaps happened yesterday.  The first one was that an hour into my swim I realised I still had my watch on!  Thankfully, it survived but I will try not to test its waterproofness again!

The other one was that my camera went on strike.  System error, it shouted at me, and the zoom wouldn't work and the lens wouldn't open.  Grrrr.  I know it's quite old now but even so. . .
It took me a while to think of googling but when I did there were a variety of  suggestions, some of which involved opening it up (not a chance).  The most practical one was to turn it on, hold it with the lens facing downward and give it a few firm but gentle slaps on the back.  Guess what - it worked!  So I was able to take some photos yesterday after all.

I'm feeling quite weary today so might not go for a walk this afternoon.  Nothing to do with waking so early although that will hit later on, I am sure.  Just weary.  I'll see how I feel when the time comes.  If it's as warm as they say it is going to be, I might stroll down to the beach, grab a chair and read and relax.

Two more days to go.

Tuesday 9 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Yesterday's weather was sunny but not that warm.  Not a problem, that's what jackets are for!  Today is supposed to be warmer but we will see.

Another lovely day yesterday except that I rather 'lost it' with the food in the evening.  All the exercise making me more hungry, I expect.  Never mind, I'm on holiday and I enjoyed myself!  :-)

I went the long way round to the shop for my paper, along the beach.  It was quite deserted and really peaceful.  The calm before the storm because it was 'change-over day', so by nine there was hustle-bustle as people got their cars, packed, etc.

The pool was pretty empty.  You are able to have a last swim on leaving day but I wouldn't fancy it as there would be nowhere to shower and do my hair - and you don't want to see my hair before it is 'done', believe me!  I suspect most feel the same and I also suspect that most parents are so tired they just want to get home.

So, a comparatively empty pool and a comparatively empty village - until my afternoon walk.  By that time the new guests were arriving so the roads were crammed with cars - looking for their chalet, unpacking at their chalet or taking their car back to the car park.  It really is the only time when you realise quite how busy and people-packed the village is.  I used my map and stuck to the cycle and walk ways as much as possible for a very pleasant walk.
A few photos.  No squirrels though - they were scuttling about too quickly yesterday.  I think all the cars made them wary.

Today will be more or less the same.  Little walk, good swim, slightly longer walk.   What a boring life - not!!!

Monday 8 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Day four here (if you count Friday as day 1) and nearly half way through my holiday.  Yesterday was gorgeously sunny and certainly milder than Saturday although I wouldn't call it hot in any way.  I gather today will be warmer and Wednesday will be positively summer-like during the day.  Bring it on!

I took some photos of the apartment.  They're not all that good and the light is poor but you can get the idea.

From the door down to the main living area.

First on the left is the loo.  A good size with an automatic fan and lights.

Next off to the left is the bathroom with a lovely, good sized shower at the end.

Then the little kitchen which is as big as in some houses and very sensibly set out although it would be too small for two to use together.

Finally, the main area.  It's a very good space and my only complaint is that there's no really comfortable chair with a high back.  The chairs are fine, not uncomfortable, but you can't lean right back in them.  Behind the curtains is a full width window with a door opening to the balcony and that view over the lake.

Yesterday the action started with a swim.  I wasn't the only one keen to get started; when I got there a bit early there was a queue waiting for it to open but once we all trooped in, everyone seemed to disappear, presumably to grab their favourite seating place!  I like to sit just by the steps into the pool to see all the action!
The pool didn't get busy until the first wave machine session.  When the jungle drums sound a minute's warning, everyone materialises to enjoy the fun!  I swam and splashed around for an hour before getting out to people-watch/read for a while.  An advantage of this is that I almost dry off.  There are no private showers so I get dressed and come back to the apartment to shower, wash my hair and so on in comfort, so getting dry beside the pool works well.

After that, I had my lunch  (home made veg soup and delicious!) and then set off for the day's walk.  Yesterday I took the 'inner' path around the village (which takes around 45 minutes at my pace with all the stopping and looking).  It was very pleasant with other walkers and cyclists and now and again where were little paths beside the lake.  The squirrels were very busy gathering and burying their winter store of nuts, almost oblivious of passers by although they did seem to keep one eye on us all, just in case.

On the way back there had obviously been a bit of breeze as there were some fresh chestnuts on the ground.  It doesn't take long before the squirrels and birds get to them!  So I foraged about six nice looking nuts and, when home, looked up how to cook them.  I washed them, cut crosses in the harder outer skin and tossed them on the tray my veg were roasting on for about half an hour and, wow, they were so delicious.  I shall do the same today, just as a snack, I think.
There are so many chestnut trees all over the village.  Lucky wildlife!

Today is more of the same only I will really try to remember my camera!  I've planned my afternoon walk which will be around the Country Club area of the village, where I stayed in June, and I might treat myself to a coffee at the Forester's Inn if I remember to take some money with me.

And I will take some photos if I remember my camera!

I really am having a lovely time!

Sunday 7 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.   After a rotten, rainy, chilly day yesterday, the skies are clear, the stars are winking at me and brrrr - so I predict that today will be a lovely autumnal day.

The rain didn't keep me in though.  Before breakfast I walked to the shop for a paper, had breakfast, went for a lovely swim, came home, showered and did my hair, had lunch, then went for a wandering walk.  I had the map of the village with me so, brolly aloft, I explored.  Walking in the rain when you are properly clothed and shod and the paths are good is lovely and it was great to see that the rain didn't spoil families having a lovely time.  I didn't take my camera with me but I will today.

I slept well!!!

Today I can't quite do the same because I want to be at the pool by ten when it opens and that's when the shop opens too but for the rest of the week that will be the pattern of my days - short walk, good swim, longer walk.

After my swim yesterday I wandered around the shops for a while.  I was very tempted by something in the clothes shop and might go back for another look today.  You see, for most of my adult life I have only been able to browse on the sidelines really, seeing nice things but never buying because of my size.  But now, I am realising, I can, I really can.  It is slowly sinking in.  It would be lovely to get something here, just one thing, because I will get the size that is marginally too small right now (but wearable) so that when I get to target I can still wear it.

Well, I may not have today's paper but I do have most of yesterday's to read so I will refresh my coffee and relax'  It is only just starting to get light so I can't sit on the balcony but I have hopes of having lunch out there.  How decadent is that, eh?

Saturday 6 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  I've just stepped out onto my private balcony (show off?  Moi?) and at the moment it is cool and dry but the stars can't be seen so it must be cloudy and rain is forecast for today so - well, we will see.

It was a good journey.  Busy but always moving with just one holdup for road works.  When I arrived, I was able to unload the car right away, get it back to the car park (close by), walk back and unpack, none of which took all that long.

It may be in a different part of the village but my apartment this time is pretty identical to the one last time, albeit with a different view.

Nice, isn't it!  There's loads of water birds around and very noisy they are too.  There was also a swarm of ladybirds on the white outer walls but if it rains I guess they will stay away.  What I didn't notice last time was that there's an abundance of sweet chestnut trees around.  I might do a bit of foraging, if the many squirrels don't get there first.  Must look up how to cook them - I always get vacu-packed ones.

I went shopping, totally forgetting my vouchers but never mind, I will need to get meat, etc, so I can use them then.  I was going to have a swim but everyone seemed to be heading for the pool so I strolled around instead and then went 'home' for a coffee and then to make dinner.

I shall definitely have a swim this morning.  The pool opens at ten and if the pattern is anything like last time, it's families with littlies there early and the teens and young adults (who take up all the water space playing ball games) turn up much later on.  I'm about five minute's meander away from the pool which is great.

Then, weather permitting, I will go on a little stroll around.  That, with the swimming, should help to counter-balance any gastronomic indulgences I may enjoy.

It's going to be fun!

Friday 5 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday turned out very misty for the whole morning before the sun broke through and cheered up the rest of the day.  It's too early to actually tell what today is like but the forecast is fine for today, rainy tomorrow and then fine for the rest of my holiday.  Sounds good to me and I have packed my new boots, just in case!

The appointment with my GP was most satisfactory.  He was very pleased with my blood pressure readings (as I am too) as they are all within what he said was the normal range.  I was counting 135 or below as normal which is what my monitor indicates but he said below 140 was fine.  Even better, he prescribed an extra month of each of my two meds so that I can keep some up at Mum and Dad's.  I remember them when it's a scheduled visit but if I were called up for an emergency, I can't be sure I would remember to pack them - I forgot last time and it was a concern but no longer.

Then it was home to a long list of Things To Do and I just worked my way through them.  Apart from the stuff in the fridge, I am now all packed and ready for off, I wrapped and posted a parcel, did my bit of shopping, picked up my prescription, got the guest room finished and ready and generally pootled around purposefully.  :-)

So today should be pretty easy.  I have the route worked out.  I have all the paperwork.  Next time I do an entry, I will (should) be there.

Sooze, if you're reading this, have a great time away, enjoy yourselves and don't be too good, OK?

Edited at 10:41 to add that I forgot to say - three pounds off this week and I now have my one stone off award and shiny sticker.  Yay!

Thursday 4 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's a beautiful clear night out there but not particularly cold.  Every day is now a dressing gown and slippers day and they are on my list of Things To Pack.

Yesterday was busy, as I expected.  I got quite a lot of stuff tidied up, found some stuff and generally make a whole load more mess getting things out to pack.  Temporary mess, obviously!

I'm now feeling incredibly organised.  While sorting out paperwork on my desk, I found the notebook I took with me to Center Parcs in June and guess what I found inside - a list (surprise!!) entitled 'What to take next time' noting what I should take and what I don't need to take.  So now I know.

I also found the vouchers they sent me because I booked another holiday after the last one so the first £25 of shopping I do will be free.  Got to love a free dinner (or several).

Today I have an early appointment with my GP for a meds review and then the day's free for packing, sorting, organising, washing stuff, ironing and so on.  I don't even have my bit of tutoring as the mum has cancelled which is rather good timing!
I really don't want there to be a mad rush tomorrow morning and, by the looks of it, there won't be.  Three cheers!

I also have to pop into school to pick something up so I will use it to get my bit of exercise.  A bit of walking is better than no walking at all, isn't it?

And this evening it's weigh in at Slimming World.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday 3 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.

It feels a bit manic in my home right now with things scattered around in heaps for noting and packing!  It's organised chaos but chaos all the same.  I will have to do something about it before tuition as I need the table!

I got my swim yesterday.  Forty five minutes in a pool that was, initially, quite busy but by the time I was half way through it was more or less empty because people were leaving to go to work.  I was home before nine; there early morning swims are great because they don't cut into the day at all really.

Once home I sort of pottered doing this, that and the other.  The parcel arrived.  I tutored a bit.  Then I popped round to Beth's for a chat.  It was a very pleasant day.

Today is exciting.  After nine, I am getting the bus into town to pick up my new, all singing, all dancing hearing aids.  As I think I said last week, technology has moved on considerably in the eight years since my last new aids and these represent a big change for me.  Back to behind the ear ones (better sound both in volume and in clarity) but small, almost invisible behind the ear bits and no ear moulds.  I've never had a pair that don't require having my ear plugged with plastic stuff to make an ear mould before.  All programmed to various settings including live music, recorded music, wind noise, Santa coming down the chimney, goodness knows what else.  And no more batteries bleeping at me as these are rechargeable.  That's the bit I am doubtful of - batteries = security.
We will see!

While I am in town, I will be looking for more of those Harry Potter socks (presents) and I will have another good nosey around M&S too.  Why not, as I am there.

Then it will be home, James, to more holiday organising but no planning as it is all done and dusted for the week.  I want to sort out the freezer, decide which tins and packets I want to take with me (not too many though) and lay out all the clothes, etc, I want to take in the guest room which is all ready for my lovely house minder.

A busy day but a very pleasant one.

Tuesday 2 October 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Brr, it wasn't half cold yesterday and

Yesterday went well even though I didn't get my swim.  I did get a brisk walk in the fresh sunshine though, which was lovely.

Later on I sorted out my accounts for September.  I do like to keep a fairly tight grip on where I am.  I don't know to the last penny what I have in my account, but I have a fair idea, enough to be sure of not going into the red at any point and also which regular payments have gone and which are still to go out.

 I'm having an early swim today because I have to stay in during the day to receive a parcel.  It's quite good because I will be able to get lots of sorting and packing done, not to mention changing, washing, etc, my sheets which should have been done last Friday really.

So that, with a bit of planning and tuition, is my day.  It's a day that sounds easy but which will be full of things to do, I suspect.  Should be good.  I hope yours is too.

Monday 1 October 2018


Good morning, everyone and a pinch and a punch to you for the first day of a new month.  October has started.  I like October.  Two of my favourite people have birthdays this month, the clocks go back so the evenings get darker.  I love drawing the curtains to shut out the night - it gives me a warm, cosy feeling.  It's the month when the garden and the allotment get their winter haircut, the sun shines and the trees look glorious!

Yesterday was a very quiet day.  I read, cooked for us all, went for a short walk and generally chilled.  Strictly has started, of course, and no surprise who was eliminated.  I'm sorry because Anton is my favourite Strictly dancers, but he didn't really get a chance to show his comic ability with a partner who, by all accounts, is a lovely person but who really couldn't dance for toffee.

Today it's home straight after breakfast to unpack, get some washing in and out on the line, check over my planning and then, maybe, pop off to the gym for a swim.  I'd like that.  This week is going to be a busy week with various appointments scattered about plus getting ready for a self catering holiday, making final arrangements with my lovely house minder so the odd swim dropped in here and there would be very nice indeed.

I think I need a coffee so I will stop rambling on and get the day started.  May you all have a great day, whatever you do.