Thursday 23 December 2010

Thursday evening (almost)

It's dark, anyway - that makes it evening for me.

Mum and Dad are here after a pretty simple and straightforward journey that took longer than usual because they got caught up with a marriage cortege that seemed to take for ever to get from the church to the reception! Cold day for a wedding - I bet the bride and her bridesmaids were cold.

What isn't done won't get done now. I'm shutting down and taking a break - apart from the cooking and clearing and washing up and . . . stuff!

Look out - here comes Christmas!

Photo: A local lady (her daughter was one of my year 4 pupils once upon a time) has set up a private business as a florist and, as I like to support local businesses when I can, I asked her to make me a couple of candle arrangements for Christmas. She brought them round today, the photos are the results and I'm so pleased with them. I will definitely be using her again!
Look for Inspire Floristry on Facebook.

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