Monday 31 July 2023

Monday, 31-07-23

Morning, everyone.    The sun emerged a few moment ago, looked around, didn't like what it saw and went away again - and I suspect that's how today is going to be!  Flippin' Gulf Stream!

A few garden updates.

A very odd cucumber indeed but it will probably taste fine. 

LIttle Runt is evidently appreciating the replant and the missing soil doesn't seem to be bothering him in the slightest!

And, seeing as Heir is nurturing several babies at the moment, Spare is coming to the fore with two that will be beauties in a few days.
Maybe I can use three courgette plants after all.  I gave away five last week, which is nice.

The tomatoes need sun though and I'm worried about blight with all this dampness.  

Today feels a bit busy although it isn't really.  I need to do my end of month finances although I already know it has been a heavy month what with new glasses, boiler service, a couple of annual subscriptions, etc.  Must try to be careful through August.

Also, I have two fitness classes today, Family Circuits and Personal Training.  The former is what I pulled out of last week because Lindsey had to use the Studio and had too many 'bodies'; today should be OK inside or out.
Personal training has moved from Wed to Mon through August.

So, what with them and all the usual stuff, the day feels a bit full so I'd better go and get started, I guess. 
Do you have a bust day today or do you have space for some R&R.  Whichever it is, enjoy it all!  xx

Sunday 30 July 2023

Sunday, 30-07-23

Good morning, everyone.  It's not exactly a sunny Sunday but it isn't bad and I reckon the sun isn't too far away - for a while anyway.  Rain is expected later on - which should save me needing to water.  

This weekend is very quiet.  I didn't do anything much out of the way yesterday and I won't today either.  In fact, the only remotely 'exciting' thing is a drive to the GP surgery to drop off the BP readings because I am not sure I have the right email address - these things change, don't they?  Mind you, it hasn't bounced back - yet - so fingers crossed.

Those who read my other blog will know I'm basing my meals for the week on recipes from the collection of Pinch of Nom books.  This is involving me in a bit more kitchen time than I usually need but I enjoy cooking at my simple level so it is no penance and I'm really enjoying what I've made so far.

And that's it really so I will love you and leave you with my hopes that, whatever is on the list for today, you have a wonderful time and enjoy pretty much every moment.

Saturday 29 July 2023

Saturday, 29-07-23

Morning, one and all.  It is Saturday, the start of the weekend and, if you have employment, I hope you are able to enjoy a couple of days off - and if you teach, forget about the classroom and the books and the mess in the cupboards and the long term planning, assessment preparation, record sheets, reading through the new class' profiles, etc, etc, etc, and just chill!
After all, it is the weekend!

As always, Slimming World was a goodie, although my results were disappointing - I wasn't the only one though.  Maybe the scales were taking a holiday too.  :-)
It's never a problem nowadays and I have some lovely meals planned for this week so that's good.

For much of the rest of the day I felt really tired (I had woken up stupidly early) and, in fact, had a couple of shut-eyes through the day.  I pottered, did housework, a bit of weeding, etc, etc, etc., and went to bed very early after falling asleep in my chair.  It was worth it; things seem a lot brighter this morning.  :-)

Today starts, as always, with an online SET class at 8:30 and the diary is empty.  I have to send off a scan of the BP results for 'Nurse Karen' (that's what it says on the sheet and, fingers crossed, it won't show any causes for concern) and I need to get on with more weeding and dead heading.   Nothing too onerous.

I've now cut the first cucumber and, obviously, had a taste.  Very nice without a hint of bitterness.  I was happy to take a couple of courgettes for the Slimmer of the Week hamper yesterday and there's a couple more on the say including the first from Little Runt.  I've also picked a few tomatoes and they are so delicious!

Cherie - I have just watched your tour of your lovely garden on YouTube and it is absolutely fantastic.  

Well, better go, there's only an hour until my SET class.  Have a lovely Saturday, everyone.  See you tomorrow.  xx

Friday 28 July 2023

Friday, 28-07-23

 Good morning, everyone.

Instead of a garden photo, I said I'd take a photo of the granny hexagons so here it is.  I think they are just so very pretty and really easy too.  I wish I knew someone who was having a baby - then I could make a nice shawl!

Yesterday was really good.
I started with the SET class followed by breakfast and the old BP measurement before setting out to Val's, collecting a tankful of petrol as I went.  I'd hoped to stave this expense off until Tuesday but didn't want to take the risk.  Oh, well, it's only a few days.

Once at Val's, we had a quick chat before setting off for the Blue Egg where we shared a ginormous and most delicious chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich.  You've heard of doorstep slices - well these pretty much defined the term and there's no way I could have ploughed my way through the whole lot, I'd have had to bring half home.  It was absolutely delicious though and, with more that substantial filling, kept me going until the evening.
Then we went around the barn, enjoying looking at all the goods on offer.  I just bought a few essentials but could have spent a fortune!

Then we headed off for the butcher Val uses which is right out in the sticks.  I can see why she uses it - a proper old fashioned place that cuts your meat while you wait.  I wanted some chicken thighs and, as they didn't have any, one of the butchers cheerfully cut the drums from off some legs so I got my thighs.  He'd have skinned and boned them too but I wanted them just as they came.
I also treated myself to some bacon (looked really good so fingers crossed) and a lamb kebab which was a bit naughty but it looked so good.
What with that and what I already have in the freezer, I don't think I will need to buy any meat through August, which is good.

Once home, I got the chilli con carne on for dinner and then chilled.  A good day.

It's still dark-ish outside but, after a wet day for most of yesterday, it's forecast to me much nicer today.  I'm off to Slimming World first, then I need to do just a little bit of tidying up for the cleaners and the rest of the day is my own.  Nice.

Take care, everyone, and I hope your day is as lovely as I hope mine is.  xx

Thursday 27 July 2023

Thursday, 27-07-23

Aren't courgette flowers beautiful? 

Morning, everyone, and welcome to a damp and slightly chilly Thursday morning.  The rain started early evening yesterday and, while it is dry at the moment, it doesn't look very encouraging.

I felt like I got a lot done yesterday - all the washing, drying and ironing for a start so that's all done and dusted until next week!

Circuits was great.  There were four of us and Lindsey took it all outside so it was very pleasant.  I was tired but energised afterwards which is always a good sign.

The blood pressure thingy is going fine.  No alarming numbers coming up so last weeks readings and the first day of home measuring must really have been white coat stuff.  Perhaps getting back to proper exercise classes this week has also helped.  Who knows?  Anyway, I think they will be happy with what they see and not need to 'call me back' (unless the blood tests show anything).

Today looks busy but it's all fun stuff.
First of all, it is a SET class online.
No chat with Chris.  They're home from their holiday but, unfortunately, came home poorly.  Bless her, she's really not feeling well enough for an online chat so we've left it until next week.
I'm driving over to Val's for lunch though, and we're going to the Blue Egg, a sort of barn/garden centre close to where she lives.  I'm looking forward to that.  Then she's taking me to the butcher she uses - I've been looking for a decent butcher so I have a Little List and we will see.  It's out in the sticks somewhere but not too far from home.
And when I get home, I need to catch up on the final of Sewing Bee.  I have no idea of the results at the moment.

It's the sort of day where it really doesn't matter if it rains which is probably just as well.

Stay well, everyone.  xx

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Wednesday, 26-07-23

 Good morning, everyone.  Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on the Granny square top.  So very kind and very much appreciated.  xx

Coming on, isn't it?  I'm going to have an overabundance of cucumber - this one is pretty much ready to pick but I won't for a few days because I still have some shop bought cucumber in the fridge.  You can just see the end of another one and there's two more snapping at their heels on t'other plant.

I looked up cucumber recipes. 

I could quick pickle some and I'm having salad for lunch so will do just that.  My Nanna always served cucumber in vinegar (malt, in them there days) with sugar and salt, much to my parent's disgust as they preferred their cucumber fresh sliced.  We kids enjoyed it a lot though.

I also found a 'Greek Salad' on BBC Good Food.  It has the cucumber, tomatoes. red onion, olives and feta with oregano and extra virgin olive oil.  Nice!

Have you noticed how the nights are starting to draw in?  Round here, it is now pitch black by nine thirty and I'm drawing all the curtains again.  I suppose it does the same every year, and every year I am a bit surprised.  

I trotted off to Groove yesterday morning and had a really good time.  It's the only one of Lindsey's classes that is continuing at its usual venue, the St Andrew's Church Hall.  There were some different faces there (all classes are running on an ad-hoc basis through the summer) and I recognised one of them - I had her two boys in Y1 and she used to come and help for a short time each week.
She didn't recognise me though - not because I was forgotten but for the usual reason nowadays - I'm slim and my hair is short instead of long!  I suppose I do look very different.
We had an enjoyable five minutes chatting about her boys, now young men and married with families.  I love it when that happens.

The rest of the day passed as days do with housework, bit of gardening, etc, etc, etc.  I popped round to Beth's with three courgettes and the embroidery thread she wanted and had a quick chat but she was very busy so I didn't stay long.

Today is very similar.  Small Group Circuits first and then home for the usual.  There's a load of darks to wash, dry and iron so fingers crossed for the weather.  And I have discovered a new-to-me granny square - no, granny hexagon - which is quite pretty.  What could I make with hexagons though?

Have a lovely day, everyone.  Enjoy life  😎

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Tuesday, 25-07-23

 Morning, everyone.

No garden photo today.

Lindsey posted this on Facebook and I think it is lovely and so very true.

Sharing it round.

Family circuits didn't happen yesterday - well, it did but not for me.  I knew how many would be there and I know how many Lindsey's studio is insured for.  It was going to be out in the garden where there are no restrictions but an hour before, down came the rain in torrents so I offered to pull out.  It wasn't really one that could be delivered online.  I gather it went well but the studio was pretty crowded.  Maybe next week.

I had my PT fix later on anyway and, as always, it was brilliant.

The rain put the clappers on drying clothes outside too - grrrr.  I did two loads, one for the tumble dryer and the other load is still in the machine, lazy me.  I'll have to give it another, short wash this morning.

I finished the granny square top - tunic, really.  Apologies for the bad light and I did give it all a steam press after taking the photo.  I'm actually quite pleased with it.

Didn't do that weeding though - it was either raining or drizzling or looking as if it was going to start raining or drizzling.

Today, I have Groove first thing and later on I am popping over to Beth's with some embroidery thread she needs.  The rest of the list is things I didn't do yesterday - weeding, washing, ironing, etc.  Just an ordinary day.

How's the weather your way?  xx

Monday 24 July 2023

Monday, 24-07-23

Morning, everyone.  So another Monday rolls around, the first one of the summer holidays around here and I feel that little bubble of excitement that I think every teacher, no matter how long retired, must have experienced at some time or other.

(I don't really count the weekend - that happens, holiday or not)

Here you go - Little Runt in his new home.  It's the biggest pot I had left and it's not huge but the best I can do.  Annoyingly, I didn't have quite enough soil so I will have to see if I can find just a small bag of something in Morrisons.  The compost bin stuff isn't rotted enough yet.

Does anyone use one of those compost accelerator bin thingies that's supposed to turn kitchen peelings, etc, into compost pretty quickly?  Are they worth the money and space?
(not that it would help in this situation, I just wondered).

Anyway, Little Runt is looking very happy after drooping a bit yesterday - must remove that yellow leaf though.

After my mutterings about the weather yesterday, out came the sunshine and it was a beautiful day, warm and with a gentle breeze.  The heated fleece is now folded away back in the cupboard again.

I spent a lot of yesterday working on the crochet top which I think I have now finished.  It's OK and I might wear it, you never know.  

Today feels busy although it isn't really.
I have two Lindsey classes.  One is my personal training which has changed from Wednesday to Monday over the summer holidays and the other is a new initiative, Family Circuits.
Running for the next four weeks and for parents and children (as well as singles), it will have a different vibe to the usual circuits.  She did an ad hoc one several weeks ago and it was so good.  The children enjoyed themselves immensely as did the adults - well, I did anyway.
I might not go to them all, I'll see how it goes.

I really must get out my trowel and do some serious weeding after this rain.  The beds are beginning to look an utter disgrace.  

Finally, I have some washing to do, probably three loads, so I'll get my bedding changed and washed at the same time.

Just a usual Monday but with that little ripple of happiness.  So lovely.
How about you?  xx

Sunday 23 July 2023

Sunday, 23-07-23

 Morning, everyone.  Happy Sunday to us all.  It's dull and damp right now, although the forecast does not predict more rain.  We shall see.

Three garden photos and, frankly, I am baffled, especially by the third.

Remember I planted four yellow courgette seeds and three germinated and grew (eventually).

This is the first-born, the biggest and strongest and the one that stayed in the raised bed.  Plenty of soil and room.  I'm really happy with how it is going and I've picked and enjoyed several so far.

Here's the spare, the next up and the next in size.  I popped that in a decent sized pot, stood that on another pot for height and it is also doing great.  I will be cutting the first courgette for lunch today.

And here's number three, the one I nearly threw out because I didn't need three.
What on earth???
In a small pot, shoved in a corner, it seems to be thriving on neglect.  I meant to give it a chance in a larger pot but forgot and it seems determined to prove itself.  Three little courgettes growing and, if I do nothing else in the next few days, I MUST find that larger pot and give it a better chance.  After all, who doesn't love a survivor?

After a reasonable morning yesterday, around midday the wind got up, it started feeling really chilly and down came the rain in cats and dogs.  It was so cold, I went up, changed into warmer things and dug out my electric fleece to snuggle under because I was NOT going to turn on the central heating, not in July!
Oddly, despite the rain and the gloom, the solar panels kept on exporting power to the grid - well, I thought it was odd, but I wasn't complaining!
It still feels a bit chilly this morning so I've got out my oodie which is working its usual cosy magic.  And, as I'm not going out, I may very well keep it on all day unless the weather changes.

At the moment, I'm working on a granny square top for myself.  I don't have a pattern so it's all a bit try and undo, especially the sleeves.  I'm on the fourth version and I think I've found a way now (and I have remembered to write down what I'm doing because  - well, one does need two sleeves!).  It's keeping my fingers busy anyway, and is using up some more leftover yarn although I have needed to buy some more white.
No photo yet and maybe not at all if it doesn't work out all that well.  :-)

I gave in and picked the not quite ripe tomatoes and have reinstated the tomato-bowl-on-the-kitchen-window-sill where they can do the rest of their ripening.  It's a small bowl at the moment but it will be replaced by a larger one soon, I have no doubt.  Not that this weather is helping them along much.

Today, I'm not going out at all (unless a miracle happens and the sun shines) but I might stir my stumps and get that poor courgette into a nicer home.  I really ought to.  I don't need that many courgettes but Beth loves courgettes and there's neighbours and the Slimmer of the Week hamper at Slimming World, so they won't go to waste.  Better dig out some healthy courgette recipes too.  Fritters, quiches . . .

Ok, enough rambling.  I need to get on with my meal plans for the next week or so, there's a cupboard to sort out, a courgette to deal with and sundry other bits and bobs.
What's the weather like your way at the moment?

All the best and have a great Sunday.  xx

Saturday 22 July 2023

Saturday, 22-07-23

 Good morning, everyone.  It's dull and cool but no rain and I gather we might miss the worst of the predicted downpour this weekend - which is a bit of a shame because we really need some rain.
Thank you for your kind words about my weight loss, etc.  They made me feel very happy.

The courgettes are now in and looking very happy (tasting good too) and the cucumbers are coming on.  That's all I have this year apart from the herbs, etc.

It was a pleasant day yesterday.  SW group was, as always, great fun.  A number of regulars were not there this week and it will be thus through the summer.  Despite this, nearly fifty came to be weighed and a good twenty or so stayed for the second part - you don't HAVE to stay but a lot do.  In a way, the second half, when well led, is more important than the first half with news, updates and lots of group support.  And we had a target - that's always such a celebratory time.

The blood pressure monitor arrived and I checked it out.  Easy peasy and it showed a perfectly normal reading for my age so that was good.  I'll start the regular readings today.

It's a bit strict.
You shouldn't use it within half an hour of exercising, eating, smoking (not that I have that problem), or coffee/tea/caffeinated drinks or when you need the loo (Mind you - who would prioritise BP reading over the loo?  Not me!)
Always use the same arm.
Wear loose fitting clothes.
Rest for five minutes before taking the reading (any excuse, eh?)
Be relaxed and comfortable
Have your arm supported and at heart height, keep relaxed, feet flat on the floor.
And if sorting all that doesn't raise your BP, go ahead and take a reading!

I can see I will have to time things very carefully this week.

I have SET online in about quarter of an hour so I'd better finish this off and get ready.  Lindsey is back from holiday and the summer programme starts today.  
The school summer holidays have started round here and I still feel that surge of excitement, relief and freedom that use to come the moment the last child left the classroom for the last time.
It's such a lovely feeling!
Have a good day, everyone, and stay safe.  xx

Friday 21 July 2023

Friday, 21-07-23

 Morning, everyone.  It's not that warm outside but the sun is shining.  Lovely!

The 'dead' bay.  Lovely, isn't it?

In other news, I'm picking courgettes and tomatoes (just a few but there's lots of colour showing now) and I reckon a week to cucumber picking.

And I have one tiny little cluster of blueberries too.

The 'review of medical condition' yesterday had mixed results.  The nurse was absolutely lovely and things have changed a lot.  Last time I had a f2f review, I was about six stone heavier than I am now, for a start, and if today's weigh is accurate, I'm looking forward to the SW weigh in tomorrow.
She took an armful of blood for various standard tests - cholesterol, liver, kidney, etc.  That's new - before, I have always had to go somewhere else, make an appointment, etc.

Unfortunately, the blood pressure is still higher than it should be but, three cheers, they no longer do these twenty four hour hooked up to a monitor, check every half hour things, much to my relief.  Oh, no, she said, they were not popular and they didn't really work anyway!  I could have told them that first bit.  :-)  Anyway, I've got to do a seven day am and pm check and send her the results.  I have a machine somewhere but I can't find it (I've tidied is up somewhere) so I have ordered another one from Amazon that should be here today or tomorrow.
Just as long as I don't have to do a twenty four hour thing, I'm happy!

After that, I had breakfast and then did my fortnightly shop.  I think I'm pretty well set up now.  It might possibly be the last time I buy cucumber or tomatoes for a while.  Exciting thought.

The evening do was lovely.  So many old friends there.  It was so nice to catch up with people although there were an awful lot of new faces too, who have joined the school after I retired.  It was a bit emotional one way and another..

Today starts with Slimming World and then the day is my own so I might go to Hylands and have a nice walk around there, depending on what the weather does or I might tackle the garden with a dustpan and brush to get the leaves up.  Or I might do both or neither.  We will see.

Nice and gentle.

Thursday 20 July 2023

Thursday, 20-07-23

 Good morning, everyone.  No sun again this morning but fingers crossed.  We got some yesterday but we also got a bit of rain.  It's a bit variable right now.

Definitely time to start picking - they're at the point where if you blink, you miss them grow a cm or so..  Woo hoo!

The main event of yesterday was the opticians, of course.  Don't I live a wildly exciting life!!  I got a pre-registration opthalmic-wotsit - qualified but doing his first year under supervision a bit like what used to be called a probationary year for teachers or the houseman role for doctors.  Did I mind, they asked?

Well, of course I didn't.  He was rather slow and tended to double check things but he was very thorough and very nice and spend ages taking a careful look at my 'freckle'.
Quite a while ago, before retirement, they had found a something at the back of my right eye and sent me off to the eye department of the local hospital group for investigations.  It turned out to be 'nothing to worry about' but advised me to have regular checks when I had my eyes tested.
Anyway, as I said, he spent ages checking and I was starting to get a bit concerned but he was just 'making sure' - experience for him, I expect, as well as checking for me.  And it is still absolutely fine.

Yes, I needed a new prescription and decided to splash out on new frames too; naughty of me really because there's nothing wrong with my current ones but there you go.  So there's two new pairs in the making (normals and tinted) and I pick them up in a fortnight or so.  Then I can discard my spare ones and the ones I am wearing right now can be the spares.  Just in case, you understand . . .

Today, I'm in a bit of a rush because I'm due at the surgery first thing to have a 'review of my medical condition' (eg, have my blood pressure measured, etc) with the nurse.  
Then it is an ordinary day until this evening when I am off to school for a farewell do for Natalie, the current head, who is moving onward and upward.  She has been an absolutely brilliant head and will be sorely missed.

And that is that for today so I will get this off and then I need to get ready - I'd rather have time the other end of being ready than before - if that makes sense.

Take care, have a great day and enjoy whatever you have scheduled.  xx

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Wednesday, 19-07-23

 Morning, everyone.

These are for Ali - this is what I do with my cucumbers. Very rough and ready but it keeps them up.  I only do it because Dad did, I have no idea if it is the 'right' thing to do or not.

Yesterday was a really pleasant day.  I got my other things done and now the car is booked in for MOT and service nxt month.  I did one more load of washing and chilled quite a lot.  A 'me' day!

Today, I'm due in town early for an eye test and health check - which will mean new glasses.  These two months are going to be expensive.  New glasses, car stuff, NT and RHS subscriptions - and a naughty holiday to pay for by the end of August.  Oh, well . . . 

I'll keep it short this morning so I get everything done before I need to go into town.  After the opticians, I will take a little stroll around town, I think, before coming home.  Then it is the usual stuff.

Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Tuesday, 18-07-23

 Good morning, everyone.  The sun is still shining and, while yesterday the Beeb predicted a bit of rain, today it is saying sunny intervals and a gentle breeze.  We still need rain but it sounds good, nonetheless.

Two garden photos . . .

This is number two courgette, the one in a pot.  Quite apart from the fact that it is earning it's space in terms of veg, I think it just looks really good there as a sculptural sort of plant.  I really must try this one again next year, assuming the seeds play ball again.

By the way, I cut two courgettes from plant no. 1 on Sunday and had them sliced and spray fried - delicious!

This does my heart good.
The sungolds are starting to ripen.  This was Dad's all time favourite tomato and he always had several plants on the go.  I just have the one but it's looking very productive.

There are other plants ripening too but two of them have blossom end rot which is annoying.  I'm sure I am not overwatering them - I've been very careful about that - but I have read up about it on the RHS site and it suggests irregular watering so maybe I should water little and often a bit more consistently.
It also suggests calcium deficiency but says is is very rare for potting soils to lack calcium.
So, from now on, unless it is actually raining (or has been raining), it's watering late morning and a bit early evening for me (or, rather, for the tomatoes!).  

Can you advise anything else?

And here endeth today's lesson!

I ploughed through my list of Things to Do yesterday, having decided to move the two things that required me to go out to today.
So I . . .
Changed the sheets
Did three loads of whites/lights (that does include the sheets and the kitchen cloths as well as clothes and towels).
Dried them all outside.
Did all the ironing and got it all put away - three cheers!
Emailed the National Trust re changing my payment.
Audited the chest freezer - which didn't take very long but I am glad to have an up to date list now.  There's no need to do the upright one because there's not much left in it although I think now I can more some of that over to the chest freezer.  I'm on track to have that empty by Autumn.
Did a bit of weeding, etc.

A good day's pottering, I think.

Today is another empty day apart from those two things I need to go out for.  I need to work on the food/meal plans for next week and I have one load of darks to wash although they could wait - there's not loads.
So maybe I will go out for a walk this afternoon - that would be nice.  What do you like to do when the diary is empty - or is that an unknown thing?
Have a great day.  xx

Monday 17 July 2023

Monday, 17-07-23

 Morning, everyone.

Well, I did it.

My first Race for Life medal!  Maybe not my last though?

I had a great time.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, not to windy.  Organisation was absolutely brilliant .  There were thousands of people milling round, a number of events taking place and goodness knows how many cars to park but there seemed to be no confusion, no muddle and everyone seemed to know what they were doing, when and where.  Pretty impressive.

It was quite emotional really, especially reading all the 'I'm racing for . . . ' messages on people's backs.

And I gather we all raised quite a lot of money which is what it was about - raising money to enable more research into cures and better treatments.
So many, many thanks to all my sponsors who have so generously supported the work of Cancer Research UK.  

Lindsey was leading the warm up from the platform - that's her on the left.

And here's Benny, Jen's lovely cocker poodle, who did the walk with us.

It was a very attractive walk through pleasant countryside.  I really ought to make much more use of Hylands Park.  I hardly ever go there.

Oh, my, I was tired by the time I got home and my stupid ankle was twinging somewhat.  This morning I'm a bit stiff and a bit sore but nothing a few Shimmy Shippets won't sort out and all the Snippets Lindsey has posted there are available at any time, all year, so I have plenty of choice and no excuses.  😊

Today there's absolutely nothing in the diary but I have a few things on a list - a real list today, not just a mental one, so I don't forget anything.

1.  do another load of washing and finish that ironing
2.  Phone the National Trust to get my 25% discount - I haven't done this in previous years but I think the time has come.  They're had a decade of extra money from me and I was glad to support the work but . . .
3.  Audit the chest freezer.  It's in good order so really won't take long but I'm starting to forget what's there so it's about time to get it sorted.
4.  (should be number 1 really and will be done first)  change the sheets on my bed

But first - another coffee.  :-)
Have a super day, everyone, and be safe.  xx

Sunday 16 July 2023

Sunday, 16-07-23

Morning, everyone!  As forecast, yesterday was changeable.  We had sun, we had cloud, we had rain and, most of all, we had wind which dried my washing ib less than two hours!  Today looks really pleasant (three cheers) through the morning and afternoon and maybe a bit damp in the evening.  No complaints here. 

Very first of all, Suze and Annabeth, thank you so very much for your donations.  Everyone has been so very generous and I'm very grateful to you all.  xxx

The self defence course was very, very good.  As hoped, it was about getting yourself out of trouble, and he started by going over principles such as walking in a state of alert, reading the signs around you, trusting your instincts about a situating, how to hold your car keys, parking so you can drive away quickly, locking your car, etc, etc.  He also went over whet one can and can't do and remain within the law.
Then he taught us strategies for breaking away, should things get difficult.  As he said (and as I said yesterday) the aim was to get away as quickly as possible.
Anyway, it was very good and very informative and I'm glad I went.

For the rest of the day I did the usual stuff including a load of washing that dried extremely quickly (but not the ironing), some meal prep, and some crochet.  It would have been a nice day for sitting out but it was just too windy for comfort.

Today, of course, is the Race for Life.  I think everything is ready apart from filling my water bottle, although I had a panic because I couldn't find my safety pins.  I know I have a big tin full, inherited from Mum, but could I find it anywhere?  So annoying.  Fortunately, I managed to find four which I think is all I need.  I have my number and my letter and I know where to park and where the Slimming World gazebo will be.  I have a couple of apples, my fold up mac, the last bits of a loo roll and sun protection (I can hope).
I think that is about it!

When I get home and have had my lunch, I have a small pile of ironing to do and then I think I will just chill.

So that's today.  I will try and take some photos to share tomorrow.  Have a great Sunday, everyone.  xx

Saturday 15 July 2023

Saturday, 15-07-23

 Good morning, one and all.  It looks a bit doubtful out there at the moment.  A bit dull but with a few breaks i8n the cloud that might mean a nicer day.  Beeb is sitting on the fence by saying strong winds and rain but showing some sunny intervals too.  To be honest, I am more interested in tomorrow - and that looks promising at the moment.

This is courgette number two - the spare, if you like, the second that came up and the one that, as you can see, I popped into a biggish pot in case.  When I tried one in a pot last year, it sulked and died on me.  However, this one is looking so much happier so we will see.

Well, the weather certainly did turn around yesterday.  When I left for SW, it was dull.  At the end of Group it was starting to rain, by the time I changed before leaving to pick Diane up for lunch, it felt so cold I put on a T shirt, a jumper AND a jacket - and was only just warm enough, and pretty much the rest of the day it rained, hard for a few hours and then intermittently.  Great for the garden, just what was needed.

I say this every week, I know, but SW group was great.  We're still in the 'replacement' venue after our usual hall was flooded after that really cold spell but, at long, long last, the council is doing the necessary with the local community centre (the plasterers were in the other day) so by the end of August we should be back in there.  Just as well really because the church needs their hall back then to start a playgroup/pre-school something or other!
It will be a lot better for me as I can then walk, and there's loads and loads of car parking spaces - parking has been a bit of a headache for the hall we are using.

After breakfast (I have breakfast after group), I changed and set off to Diane's.  We ended up going to The Green Dragon which is halfway between Black Notley and Great Leighs on the old London Road (Do you know it, Suze?).  I've never been there but it was really very, very nice indeed.  Short staffed, admittedly, but that was fine as Diane and I had no shortage of conversation and we ended up staying there for nearly three hours - over two and a half anyway.
The poor young lady who was left on her own was so lovely, so cheerful despite some rude people having a go at her when it really wasn't her fault, and so polite that we gave her a special tip (to cheer her up, maybe) with some appreciative words.  I bet she went back to her work thinking 'What lovely old dears';  at least I hope the 'lovely' and 'dears' bit, maybe not so much the 'old' - even if we are!!
Anyway, we will be going back there.  The food was good and the decor, atmosphere, etc, was also just what we liked.

On to today and this morning I am off to Lindsey's for a self defence class.  Geared at women and run by a police officer, I think, there are ten of us doing it and, while I don't intend to get myself into dodgy situations and would run like hell as a first reaction, I think it will be helpful to learn some tips and strategies.  It should be both helpful and useful, I think.

And that's about it.  I want to get everything ready for tomorrow - I need to find some safety pins for my number, for a start, and pack my fold up raincoat (in case!).  If the rain holds off, I'd also like to do some weeding and cut my little patch of 'grass' (aka weeds) at the front.

Did you have much rain yesterday?  Today?
Have a great day, everyone.  xx

Friday 14 July 2023

Friday, 14-07-23

Good morning, everyone.  There's been a bit of a change in the weather and this morning is dull and quite cool - I will be wearing a jacket or cardigan to SW this morning, that's for sure.

The confused dahlia has finally started flowering - you can see what I mean about random pink and white petals, can't you?  There's just one flower at the moment but there are plenty of buds so it won't be long.

Yesterday was really quite busy, on and off.  I'm counting 'fruit picking' and 'cuppa with friend' as busy, you see!

It was so lovely at Lathcoats.  Wandering up and down the rows, picking first some strawberries and then loads and loads of raspberries, enough to keep me going for a while plus a whole pile in the freezer too.  Raspberries freeze so very well.  It won't be long before some other produce is ready too.  They have rows of dwarf beans, for example, so I am wondering if they are part of the PYO.
I also got a few needed bits and bobs from the farm shop and treated myself to some luscious looking peaches and nectarines - wo of each.  Yum.

When I got home again, I made breakfast and then got the house cleaner friendly for today.  Occasionally, I leave it until Friday morning but I prefer to have it in order by Thursday evening really.

In the afternoon, I whizzed off to school for the meeting and then over to Julia's for the best cuppa I have had in a long while and some fruit as a snack.  It was really lovely.

And that was yesterday's 'busyness'

Today starts with Slimming World and then I will only be home for a short time before I go out again, to my friend, Diane's, as we're going out somewhere for lunch.  I don't know where so it feels a real treat.
By the time I get home, the cleaners may well have done their usual and the house will be shiny clean.

And that, pretty much, is today.  I don't care about the weather; it's going to be a goodie anyway.
Take care, everyone, stay safe and enjoy your day.  xx

Thursday 13 July 2023

Thursday, 13-07-23


Two photos today because I'll be picking just a tiny bit on Sunday, probably - a nice way of celebrating doing the Race for Life.

Morning, everyone!  It's mild and sunny and I'm full of the joys of summer.  A bit different from yesterday when I started the day fighting a migraine.  What I get is visual disturbances and if I can take some pain killers, sit down and close my eyes (and, maybe doze off), that seems to knock it on the head although it leaves a muggy feeling for a while.  I'm lucky - Mum used to be sick, not able to stand and they knocked her out for days.

Anyway, it's good that I didn't have much to do yesterday morning, isn't it?  Later on, when I could see them properly, I managed to go through the paperwork and get it all onto a memory stick for the evening meeting.  I dithered about going to personal training but decided it might help wake me up a bit and I was right.  I felt loads and loads better by the end of the hour and a good natter with Lindsey.

Governors' meeting was excellent and there was a full house.  Loads to get through but we managed to only go a few minutes over time.  Afterwards, we cracked open a bottle as it's the last time Natalie, the head, will be with us; she's moving on at the end of the term.  She will still be around as she is not working for our academy trust, but there's a new head of school so it will be nice to get to know her.  We will so miss Natalie though - she has been a superb head.

Yesterday, today was virtually empty.  How things change!

I'm off fruit picking first thing and then, this afternoon, I'm back in school for a meeting followed by a whizz to Julia's house for a cuppa and a chat and to hand over her birthday gift and card.
The evening is free so that will be nice too - I need to catch up on last night's Sewing Bee.

Well - I have social media responsibilities to fulfil before my bath and drive over to Lathcoats so I will love you and leave you with hopes that you have a lovely day, whatever you have planned.  xx

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Wednesday, 12-07-23


It's looking so pretty underneath the kitchen window at the moment.

Good morning, everyone.  The rain really didn't last very long yesterday, sadly, and it was pretty humid at times.  This morning, it is looking more promising than this time yesterday.

First of all, thank you so much to those who have donated to the work of Cancer Research UK by sponsoring me for Sunday's event.  I'm very grateful to you.  

Groove was really good (again) yesterday.  I found it hard going as I haven't been for three weeks (Lindsey was away one week and last week I didn't go because of the numb bum thing) but pushed on through until the feel-good thing clicked into place as it always does eventually.

Once home, Mel came round at eleven and we had a good old chat over some coffee.  She's doing really well with her Avon business as she puts in a lot of time.  I try to support her by buying a little something each time and I particularly like their hair products.

When she had gone, I decided to drive over to the Riverside precinct, partly to take a look inside the new, much bigger Home Bargains and partly because I had a few things to get.
Home Bargains was just that.  Bigger, a winder range, but just Home Bargains.  I got some cleaning products and toiletries as the prices there are very competitive, but most of the food they have is highly processed and I'm trying to avoid that.

Then I went to HomeSense and managed to find a nice birthday present for a lovely friend.

Finally, I popped into Matalan as there was something specific I wanted.  I got that and then came home.

And that was about it for the day apart from all the usual stuff.

Today, there's nothing in the diary until Personal Training and then the Governors' meeting but I have one load of washing to get done, the usual housework, and a shedload of papers to go through before the meeting.  I did some yesterday but there's more to do.

I still haven't got my sewing machine out and I'm not sure when I will be able to.  Maybe tomorrow?  We will see.
Enjoy today, everyone.  xx

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Tuesday, 11-07-23

  Starting off with a bit of a plug.

This coming Sunday, I'm doing the 5K Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research UK - although, in my case, it is Walk for Life - with others from the local Slimming World groups.
If you feel you could and want to, you can support this by sponsoring me and here's a link to my giving page.
Please don't feel in any way obliged but it would be great if you could and thank you very much.

End of plug.

Morning, everyone.  The promised rain has indeed landed and it's pretty wet outside at the moment.  No complaints from me - the ground really needs a jolly good soaking so I'm hoping it will continue for several hours.

They must have heard me the other day - they're definitely ripening and once some get the idea, it spreads.
Unfortunately, it is also the tomato with blossom end rot so which will win, the ripening or the rot?  You can just cut off the affected part and eat the rest but, obviously, I would rather it wasn't affected at all.

Yesterday was good.  I pottered, did houseworky stuff, sorted out the kitchen which is always the room that takes the most battering so I like to keep on top of it and set off for Circuits with Chris.

It was really good.  As well as us four regulars, there were three 'one-offs', lovely ladies who came along either to see what it was like or because they had some unexpected free time.  Lots of laughs and I managed a minute of plank - woo hoo!!

I was only home a short while before Sharon arrived and now I feel civilised again.  Her cuts always hold their shape well but some annoying sticking out bits develop when it gets to a certain length so they're all tamed again now.

All in all, a really nice day.

Today starts with Groove and, a little while after that, Mel is round delivering Avon orders and she's going to pop in for a coffee and chat.  

The rest of the day is clear but the documentation has landed for the Governors' meeting tomorrow and I need to go through it all and note any queries, challenges, etc.  Brain aching stuff.

Take care, everyone, and have a great day.  cc

Monday 10 July 2023

Monday, 10-07-23

Good morning, one and all.  Welcome to Monday and the start of a new week.  It's taken me ages to get this started as my internet connection has been extremely flaky all weekend.  It's up at the the moment so fingers crossed.

I got round the yarn problem by using the other colours top and bottom.  I'd have preferred it to be all green but needs must and I think it looks fine.  There's the tiniest bit of the green left so it was very close to the bone.
Now I have to line it, which will not be a problem.  I think I've also worked out a doable way to line the other one too to include the top bits.

Yesterday wasn't quite as lazy  me-time as I thought it might be.
I decided to use freezer stuff to make savoury crumbles, a family favourite, for me, Beth and Alex for lunch, the bottoms being a beany mix for Beth and some turkey and veg for me and Alex, both left overs from last Christmas so ready to be used up.  I made a lot of topping so some went into the freezer - I just eyeball the amounts rather than using a recipe.  That took quite a while but was all done and ready for the oven by breakfast time.

I got the washing finished and all the ironing done which was a relief - I dislike having it hanging on nowadays.

It was lovely to catch up with Beth and Alex.  It's been a while since they came over which is my fault not asking them for lunch so must do better.  :-)

I was going over to Pick My Own this morning but decided not to as I still have both strawberries and raspberries left from last Thursday and the few things I want to get from the farm shop can quite easily wait.  I'll probably go on Thursday; the strawberries are easing off but all the raspberries, yellow raspberries and associated types such as loganberries, boysenberries, etc, are flourishing.  It won't be long before the plums start and the sweet corn looks very promising too.

Today is also circuits day, of course.  Chris is coming along again this week so that will be very nice.  I always end up feeling tired gut, at the same time, energised - if that makes sense.
Then I have to rush home because the lovely Sharon will be arriving to sort out my hair which seems to have grown very fast since the last time.  I'll be glad to get it done.

In between, it will be the usual houseworky stuff, as ever, and I might just possibly get the sewing machine out, you never know!!  😊
Today's supposed to be pleasant (it's good and sunny right now) so fingers crossed it lasts because rain is forecast for tomorrow.
Hoping you had a lovely weekend - take care and be happy.  xx

Sunday 9 July 2023

Sunday, 09-07-23


Courgettes can be most attractive in their own sculptural fashion.  This one certainly is and I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Morning, everyone.  It certainly was a hot one yesterday although we didn't get the promised thunder, just a bit of rain.  The ground is still damp now so we must have had some more rain overnight too.  Great.

I ended up shockingly lazy yesterday.  After SET, I did a bit of washing (but not the ironing - bad me!) and a bit of other stuff and then pretty much chilled for the rest of the day and very nice it was too.

Today, Beth and Alex are round for lunch for the first time in ages.  Before then, I have one load of washing to redo as it's been sitting overnight (I was very lazy yesterday) and the ironing.  The rest of the day will take care of itself really - it's going to be a nice one.

Have a lovely Sunday too.  Have you had storms?  xx

Saturday 8 July 2023

Saturday, 08-07-23


This little chap does my heart good every time I walk past.  Six months ago, he was as dead as a doornail - or so it seemed, damaged beyond recall by the two bouts of very cold weather we had.  I nearly tipped him in the brown bin but noticed one tiny green shoot emerging from the bottom of one of the 'dead' bits so I left him.  And just look at him now. This winter he is coming inside, whether it be into the garden room or the house.

Good morning, everyone.  It is a lovely, sunny morning after a hot yesterday and a comfortable overnight.  We might get rain and even a storm later on before the sun breaks out again which would be great for the garden.  At the moment though it is lovely and I'm going to sit out in a while and enjoy the fresh morning air with my Kindle and a coffee.

Yesterday's Slimming World was so good.  It's always good but even better yesterday.  I'm so glad I go to that group - it's lovely.  I got the new magazine too - because I am on the social team, I get one free each time which is really nice.  I read some yesterday but I think I will take it out with that coffee and mark off some likely recipes!

Then I did a bit of a shop trawl finishing off in Sainsbury's because they're the only shop round here that stocks Fage 2% Greek yogurt which is really nice.
Off to Hobbycraft first but it was a bit disappointing really as there was loads of yarn but not really the colours I was after and I got nothing to go with the sunflower bag.  I did get lining for it though so that's good.  Lining that one will be simple, once I have decided on the handles.
I got three balls of yarn - a green acrylic that I thought might go but really didn't in daylight (but I can use it, no problem) and two whites because I'm always using white one way and another and two because one was free so why not?

Then I drove on to Longacres to get some salt pellets for the water softener but they only had big bags that I couldn't lift.  I could have got someone to help but I would need to lift them the other end out of the car so I left it.  I know I can get some from Amazon.

Sainsbury's was more successful.  I trawled the clothes and even tried on a dress but no.  However, I did get that yogurt and stocked up on fruit and salady stuff as I was getting a bit low, so that was good.

Then it was home, James, where the lovely cleaners were just finishing so that was great timing.  I spend the rest of the day just chilling and taking things nice and easy.  Very pleasant.

No, not a Pimms, but a very nice SW friendly substitute - some people can't tell the difference which is interesting.

Today, I have SET online with Lindsey and then a blank diary so another chill out day calls, I think.  I didn't get the sewing machine out and I won't until I have finished the rest of the sunflower bag.  I will go online to LoveCrafts and see what they have.  The original yarn was from Deramores but Deramore no longer exists, sadly, and LoveCrafts seems to have taken over from them.
I didn't get anywhere with cotton yarn either, at Hobbycraft, so I can look for that too.
Fingers crossed.

Happy Saturday, everyone!  xx

Friday 7 July 2023

Friday, 07-07-23


Hurry up, tomatoes . . .

Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to Friday, nearly the weekend.  The sun is shining and, while it is cool right now, hopefully it will warm up a little bit.

First of all, thank you very much for the advice about the squares, bag, etc.  So many comments compared with the usual.  It was extremely helpful, unanimous and much appreciated.  

I did an extra row on the one row sunflowers and it's all going swimmingly.  I'm making a rectangular bag rather than an on the cross one with them although they would make a lovely cushion cover and I'm seriously thinking of getting some more cotton based yarn to make a few cushions for the garden.
There's enough background colour to finish the squares and for a band around the top but I don't think there's enough for a handle  I could use one of the yellows, maybe the darker one, or I could see if I can find a toning dark olive yarn - a band top and bottom (to make it rectangular) might look really good.
Do I feel a trip to Hobbycraft coming along?  :-)

If it does work and I finish a bag (lined), as you lovely people have been so helpful, I will offer it as a giveaway, I think (UK/Ireland only - sorry) - but if it doesn't, I won't.  

I also found a similar design (but not totally the same) called, I think, a ditsy daisy square, pretty if made in pastelly floral colours. 

Apart from working on the crochet, I did the usual necessary homey stuff and Chris and I had a lovely time picking strawberries and raspberries before enjoying a coffee and chat at the Bee Shed.  Very good coffee and even better company!

I experimented with using some gram (chickpea) flour to make some bread, mixed with wholemeal and a bit of white.  In its first mixing I thought it would never work, and it was slow to rise, but the end result was delicious and would have been even nicer had I not forgotten to add the oil so it was rather dry- doh!
I thought I might have another go today and remember the oil this time because it was so yummy!

Today starts with Slimming world and then my house really isn't cleaner friendly so I must spend the time it takes sorting that out.  If I make the dough first, then it can rise while I whizz around and tidy things up.

And then, yes, I'm off to Hobbycraft.  Oh dear.
I don't want to get the sewing machine out until the cleaners have worked their magic, but if I then get it set up, it can stay out until tomorrow evening.  It's about time I did some needlework again anyway.

Have a lovely day, everyone and, again, thank you so much for the help.  xx

Thursday 6 July 2023

Thursday, 06-07-23

 Morning, everyone.  It's lovely and sunny this morning after some rain over that last few days.  The garden looks really happy right now, breathing in the cool morning vibes.  Me too, in fact.  Lovely!

I have a little correction to make to yesterday's blog.  When I read it through, it wasn't fair on Lindsey to imply that the reason why I didn't do Groove on Tuesday was because of Monday's circuits - I was achey, yes, but the main reason is something I feel very silly about and that was that I went to the loo in the middle of the night, made myself stay as sleepy as possible (because if I wake too much I can't get back to sleep) , sat back on the bed carelessly, found just the edge and fell off onto my bum!!  So I now have a sore sit-upon, as we used to call it.
That's so silly, isn't it?  Feel free to laugh - I did!  And so did Lindsey when I told her!

I need some advice, please.  I found some semi suitable coloured DK yarn and had a go at the sunflower granny squares - the hardest bit was remembering what the USA crochet terms were in English.  Anyway - what do you think look best, rows with one round of background or two?

I haven't got enough of that yarn to make a whole bag, but if I can find complementary colours, I could do a pattern of traditionals interspersed with the sunflower (or sunburst, I believe) squares, assuming they come out the same size. 
It's all about using my diminishing but still too large stash of yarn, after all.

I finished the little tote bag.  I don't know about linings or not - I will look and see what I have upstairs and have a ponder although I think probably I won't, unless I tape-line the handle to make it more substantial.
I like it though.

Matt the Plumber came, gave the boiler, etc, the annual once over, proclaimed it all good, presented the bill and left again.  So that's that for another year.  At the moment, the only gas I am using is a couple of hours heating up the water early morning and that's enough for the whole day as the dishwasher is cold feed and if the washing machine can heat water using solar power, if needed.  So it won't get much wear and tear until the heating needs to come on.

I enjoyed personal training although I did have to be careful on the exercise bike and Lindsey avoided certain exercises involving the lower spine (like sit ups).  I never got to Beth's because she actually popped out to take the 'lost' posters down when she had a work break and the sun was shining.   They're done now, that's the main thing.

Today, as it's lovely and sunny, Chris and I are getting our fruit picking in first thing, followed by coffee in the Bee Shed.  That will be nice.

That is the only thing in the diary but I want to change my sheets and there's some other washing too - not loads but enough.  
On the kitchen front, I read that gram flour makes an effective ingredient for bread so I want to have a go at making a mixed wholemeal and gram flour loaf (or rolls) as I have some in the cupboard that ought to be used and I am curious as I'm ringing the changes with my bread flours at the moment and really enjoying the results. 
Has anyone made bread using some gram flour?   What did you think?

Well, I had better go.  I have my Facebook stuff to do, hair to wash, and be ready to leave at 8:45.  Have a great day everyone, whatever your plans.  xx

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Wednesday, 05-07-23

 Good morning, everyone!  After quite a lot of rain yesterday when it felt really quite cold and I wrapped up warm, the sun is shining on a sparkling raindrop world and the forecast is quite good for the first part of the day but indicates rain showers and maybe a bit of storming later on.  We will see.

Courgette 1 continues to thrive, much to my astonishment because I never used to have much luck with yellow courgettes.  The babies are growing painfully slowly at the moment but if you know where to look, you can see them without needing a close up now.
Number two, ion a larger pot, is smaller but equally healthy and also has a bright yellow baby.  Number three is refusing to fade away and die in its small pot so now I am wondering about finding a larger pot to move it into.  
I've never known courgettes grow so well.  I'm baffled!  :-)

Yesterday was a day of cancellations!

I cancelled Groove because I was feeling very achey and hurty, the result of getting back to exercising on Monday after a week off!  Sometimes I know I can push on through but sometimes it feels wiser to desist.  Lindsey always understands and I know I will be fine for personal training this afternoon.

Then I went into school for a monitoring visit, but the person I needed to see was not in school.  To be fair, it was arranged last minute after last week's visit was cancelled and I hadn't received a confirmation.  Not to worry, the time wasn't wasted as I sat down with K who gave me a good update on something else I am involved in.

Later on, I had planned to go over to Beth's to help her go round the neighbourhood taking down 'Peter is Missing' posters that she put up on Sunday but by mid afternoon it was pouring with rain so - yup, we cancelled!

What did I do?  Well, a bit of this, that and the other really.  I got my kitchen sorted out, did some other housework - the usual stuff - and I crocheted granny squares.  The bag I was making only takes thirteen squares although the joining together was a bit of a brain ache until I got the idea and then it all dropped into shape.  I'm now doing the straps and then I need to ponder if a lining is needed.  It depends what I use it for, I think, and if I do it won't be that straight forward.  I'll think about it!
I like the bad though and, yes, it would be nice with a fancier granny square or more imaginative colour design.
And cotton yarn would be perfect.  Oh dear - do I feel a yarn shop coming on.  No - I can't.

< grin >

Today is simpler, I think.  Matt the Plumber is round to service the boiler, etc, so I have to remember to check that the water is off at eight.  It should be anyway but I will make sure.
I need to do some serious dead heading in the back garden so that's on this morning's list too
Later on, it is personal training and after that, early evening, I'll be helping Beth with those posters (assuming it isn't raining again, that is).
And it is Sewing Bee this evening.  Lovely.

Do you like having regular things to punctuate your day or do you prefer a life of unexpecteds?

Have a great day anyway, whatever happens.  xx

Tuesday 4 July 2023

Tuesday, 04-07-23

 Morning, everyone!  We have a bit of rain this morning and it is cool and cloudy.

This is the sungold, the only one I have.  Look at that truss - so many babies there.  Yummy!!

Annoyingly, another of the plants, the super expensive, ultra blight resistant, grafted tomato is showing signs of blossom end rot.  Grrrrr.
Over watering, maybe.  No idea but I will ease off and see.  I may have over watered because the top leaves show a tendency to droop and I've put it down to dehydration.  Maybe that was wrong.

I got Julia's two plants repotted and they are looking nice and comfortable at the moment.  They're not as big as the others but I am sure they will catch up and, if they don't, maybe they will keep fruiting when the others are slowing down.
We will see.

Yesterday turned out well.  Chris and I enjoyed circuits and, after lunch, I picked Alex up to get some of Beth's meds from the chemist and I took the opportunity to pop into the surgery and make an appointment with the nurse for a 'review of my medical condition' - in other words checking my blood pressure!  I've been meaning to do that for ages.

This morning is busy.  It's Groove first and then I have to whizz home, get changed and go into school for that governor's monitoring visit.  At least, I think it is, although I haven't received confirmation so I may just come straight home again.

I'm getting a bit bored with knitting so I found a pattern for a tote bag using granny squares so I'm giving that a go.  I'm just using the bog standard square but, if it works, there are nicer, prettier squares I could use.  We will see.
(I also suspect the yarn isn't right but, again, let's see)

Better go - I have things to do and need to get ready.  Have a lovely day, everyone.  xx