Tuesday 3 May 2011


It's back to school now. Properly back to school, I mean, into the usual curriculum stuff which, this half term, is rather good and interesting for the children. It's always a good sign when the teacher is looking forward to the work!

Yesterday was a very pleasant day and I do feel thoroughly rested now. I was very bad in the evening and tried out a web site called Just Eat, which has local takeaways under a sort of 'umbrella' and where you can order and pay online and then they deliver (assuming the order is over a certain amount). I went Indian and it was jolly tasty so I guess I will be using them again. It was interesting to note that quite a posh local place is listed there so I'll give that a go at some point.

Better get started, I suppose. The work is planned, the breakfast is last night's leftovers - weird but rather tasty - and I need to iron something reasonably neat to wear. Have a good day!

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