Friday 27 May 2011

Friday evening

The visit to the farm shop earlier was an absolute pleasure. I'm sure it's not the best farm shop in the world, but it was still lovely. Strawberries picked that day from their greenhouses (the PYO aren't ready yet). Frozen fruit and veg to scoop into poly bags and have weighed, including some broad beans that look absolutely wonderful. Rhubarb, which has now been stewed with some sugar and some strawberries, one of the world's best flavour combinations. Some bramley apples that are half way to becoming apple mint jelly now. Some organic lamb mince that is slowly thawing in the fridge, destined for lamb and apricot meatballs. Some extra large, fresh eggs, less than half the price of those in the shops - bring your own egg box!

I could have spent a lot more - there was some nice looking cheese, for a start, but there's a limit to how much I can store and use without either over-eating or having to throw out. I'll be back there again though.

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