Saturday 28 May 2011

Saturday morning

Here I am, nice and early, enjoying the silence, with two guests sleeping sweetly upstairs, the bread in the bread maker has about half an hour to go so is making the house smell wonderful, the next batch of natural yogurt is made and cooling, five portions of Jamie's beef in ale sit in the fridge chilling before being taken to the freezer having cooked wonderfully in the slow cooker and the sugar has been added to the apple juice that dripped out of the jelly bag overnight and it all now awaits my attention before becoming apple mint jelly. And once that's made I will have to eat lots and lots of roast lamb to use it up! Oh, the hardship!

It's great having the time to do these things but, as always, I feel held back by the fact that I am just cooking for one most of the time. It's kinda frustrating. Maybe I'm in the wrong job - maybe I should set up a local meal maker company!! Chelmsford Casseroles sounds good!

This morning I have a few chores and some fun planned. I must make the lamb mince (bought yesterday) into lamb and apricot meatballs as planned, I must make the apple and mint jelly, I have a kitchen to get back in order afterwards and some washing to do. But that aside, DG has brought his Wii Monopoly with him and we're all going to have a game before walking round to the Flyer for some lunch. Should be a lot of fun.

And I have three reports to write. :0)

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